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Found 207 results

  1. I would like to know which hotels & motels in SF are good but also safe for anon scenes in the room, I want to know this info because i will be coming to SF in the future for my work & when not working i want to host some anon scenes in my room. I would like to stay in a place that has easy access but at the same time is safe. Who here has some suggestions or knows from experience which ones are ideal & why. Please be specific as possible also with location etc ?
  2. I stayed at a friend's place for a few days, but most of the time he was at work or away, so I ended-up spending my time chilling out or on Grindr. There were some fit dudes in the area, but from speaking with them I figured bareback was a 'no go'. I noticed a cute young white twink who was a little further away. His profile had bareback written all over it and he was desperate to get loaded up, anytime, anywhere and by anyone. Just from looking at the profile and his pics I knew he was going to be a sleazy bug chaser. So I contacted him, and early in our conversation I brought up the subject and soon after that he was begging to be converted with my strain, saying he was negative, (which I found hard to believe as he had talked about what a cum whore he was) and that he had been taking loads non stop over the last few years. Similarly he didn't quite believe that I was poz. As we continued exchanging messages, several times he verified (as best he could) that I was genuinely positive. I told him the truth, how I had been poz for the last five years and had never taken any meds, although I would need to start treatment fairly soon. Well, it was clear his hole was desperately hungry and twitching for my dick and poz seed, so I told him I would GUARANTEE his conversion if he was willing and understood the risks. Immediately he agreed as he was obsessed with prospects of obtaining my strain. (I made the guarantee knowing I've built up quite a toxic strain over the years, especially as I've traveled for work all over the globe, and I've fucked quite a few holes in different countries, although, truth be told, I've had more loads fucked into my ass overall. I'm a no-questions-asked type of guy when it comes to bottoming, although on BBRTS, I always tend to search for poz tops. Naturally neg tops don't do much for me, but perversely neg bottoms are.) We exchanges several more messages, and eventually he gave me his address. I instructed him to (i) leave the door on the latch, (ii) be on all fours, (iii) wearing his sluttiest jock strap and (iv) place a toothbrush on the bed. I was quite sure he knew exactly what I had planned for his juicy neg hole. It took about 20 minutes to get to his place. Pushing the front door open with ease, I stepped inside and closed it behind me. I reached up under my baseball cap and pulled down the black balaclava hidden beneath it. I walked the length of the ground floor apartment and found the door to the bedroom. On the bed was a smooth hole in the air in a well used cum/lube stained jockstrap and a brand new toothbrush placed just under the waistband. The cum dump had a lean build, appeared to be early to mid twenties, smooth all over with light brown/blond hair and a beefy ass. I unzipped my jeans, releasing my semi hard dick, walked towards the head of the bed, grabbed the cum dumps head and pulled it back, "Open your mouth, pig. The more spit on my dick means the easier it goes in your hole." Not only do I not believe in using rubbers. I also don't believe in using lube either, figuring the bottom doesn't deserve it! He opened his mouth wide, I rammed my dick straight in and as deep as I could. He gagged and recoiled but that just made my dick even harder. Next I ran my hand down his back and the tip of my finger circled his hole. It was nice and dry, I was glad the fucker hadn't pre-lubed before I got there. He continued to work his mouth around my shaft for several minutes, occasionally begging for my poz seed when he came up for air, pleading for it to be deposited deep inside his guts and not down his throat. I moved down and round to his ass, rubbing my sloppy dick over the hole, applying just enough pressure to tease the opening but not penetrate it. "What is it you want, pig?" "I NEED your toxic strain inside my ass, Sir." "Are you sure you want it? It's a really potent, unmedicated bug. It's the greatest gift you could ever hope to receive. But you know what? I'm not sure you really deserve it. But then, the risk and decision is solely yours. There won't be any opportunity to change your mind - once we get started." "I'm desperate for the bug, Sir. I've wanted it for such a long time. Rape your strain into my ass as roughly as you can. No pulling out, and no 'safe word'. As he commited himself, I felt his dick harden in excitement. "Good answer, fuck pig. First, however, I need to prep your hole. I'm gonna brush it so it's nice and bloody, and the strain definitely takes - and quickly. "Yes, Sir. Will it definitely take? You're definitely poz, right? I really hope you are!" "As I said before, pig, I am most definitely poz, and guarantee my strain will sero-convert you. If you still don't believe me, well, you will believe me in about a month. Just wait and see!" I slid the new toothbrush out from under the jock, running my thumb over the clean white dry bristles, rubbing the toothbrush gently over his hole for a few seconds, then grasped the handle firmly as if I were holding a knife, without warning and in one quick movement drove the toothbrush deep into his guts. The stupid fucker squirmed and let out a cry which he muffled by driving his head down into the pillow. I started out with a gentle sawing motion inside his hole, applying more and more pressure, then reverting to a gentle brush, seeing just how much he could take. The more he squirmed the harder my dick got. I withdrew the brush and found it covered in a little blood, I pulled his head back, lifted the blindfold he was wearing off for a second and showed the dumb twink the bloody toothbrush before reinserting it. I continued with the previous brushing method, then started to rotate the brush 360 degrees. Now that was painful, it was clear to see from his muffled screams. My dick was throbbing by that point and dripping with pre-cum. It was time to fuck. It was time for his conversion. I pulled the brush out of his ass as roughly as I could. The bristles were now covered with a large amount of bright red blood. His hole was more than ready! "It burns. It feels like my hole's on fire, Sir." I positioned my dick over the now bloody hole and slid in slowly, I wanted to savour every minute. The blood, earlier spit and pre-cum helped lube my entry. He let out a low moan as each inch passed through his ring. His hole grasped tightly around my shaft and I started to jack hammer his ring, pounding my meat as deeply and roughly as I could. The entire time he begged for my poz jizz. After approximately 15 minutes of continuous fucking, as the sweat dripped from my body and as his blood seeped from his hole, I was ready to shoot my load. "Here it comes, pig. You ready for it? My nasty toxic bug. My pure, potent strain of poz cum. Beg me for it! Beg me, pig! Be the stupid fucker who begged to get pozzed-up." "Please, Sir, poz my hole, I beg you! Convert me! I want your DNA inside of my ass - to be a part of me forever. You will own me, but your seed will destroy my hole." With that my cock pulsed several times, I began grunting and spewed out my three-day load, completely emptying my nuts into the pig's guts. As the last spurts drained into his body, I collapsed on top of him, pinning him to the mattress. Then, whispering into his ear I said "Welcome to the club, AIDS pig. You are now completely fucked. I've just give you one of the nastiest strains of HIV on the planet. You dumb fuckin' whole. I know you're going to come to regret taking my load." I pulled my meat out and wiped my bloody shaft on his bed sheets, cleaned up and was out of there within a few minutes. Later that evening, of course, he messaged me on Grindr thanking me for his conversion. I sensed that he still doubted my status. I told him I wanted to hear from him as soon as he started to get sick with the fuck flu. A few weeks passed and I dropped him a message on Grindr. He answered saying he felt unwell, and suspected it was the fuck flu. My dick hardened and I gloated that I had guaranteed his conversion, and his doubts aside, I was a man of my word. He continued to thank me for my strain, apologising for his initial doubts and how he was hungry for more strains. Another week went by and he hadn't replied to my most recent messages, but I honestly didn't think much about him. Then a week after that he contacted me, telling me that he was so weak from my strain he had had to spend the remainder of his fuck flu in hospital, on an IV drip! When I read as much I instantly got a boner. After all, I suppose if you're going to do a job then you have to do it well, and his this case I did it extremely well. He's a lucky pig to get such a potent strain and he knows it. He tells me that he's started to fuck as many twinks as he can find... apparently good news isn't the only thing to spread fast
  3. I love being bred by men that are ugly/unattractive. My pig hole craves their loads even though I don't even want the men. Looking to chat with other men who are into this same thing. OINK
  4. I am looking for a list or good information for staying in a hotel or motel in Manhattan NY where i can host anon scenes in my room, It needs to be somewhere safe & secure but at the same time has easy enough access for this set up. Can you guys who have this knowledge give me some input & try to be as specific as possible with details etc.
  5. Will be heading to AtlanTa in a few (should be there by noon) and will be staying at the Cheshire motor inn taking anon loads. Cum dump a load deep in my cheatin cumhole! 🐷
  6. I stopped at a video arcade on the side of the interstate recently for some fun. The last time I was there, a piggish bear sucked me and then fingered my ass while a hot black trucker throat fucked me until we both came. This time, I had condoms and I was ready for a man to cum inside of me. There were only three guys in the booth area, but I only needed one. He wasn't attractive nor was he in shape. His cock was average at best. I've listened to so many sissy hypno tracks, I didn't care. I sucked on his cock and got it as hard as he could go. I put a condom on him and told him I wanted him to be the first one to cum inside my ass. He was much smaller than my dildos and I took him easily. He put his hands on my hips and began pounding my boi pussy. His thighs slapped against my ass harder and faster until I felt him tense up. I couldn't tell he came. There was no warming sensation in his cock, just a full condom when he slid out. I finished myself off holding his full condom. It wasn't glorious and it wasn't who I wanted, but he did the job... I've finally had a man cum inside of me.
  7. Beefy ginger with hotest big white butt pink hole looking for guys whole love hole.clean only but stretching eating open holes fuckimh hot m in noho but looking to get group play dates. Total pig no loads refused here too.
  8. Anon Breeding

    I was horny as hell and asked my master to fix me some guys before having a dinner with friends. I received his call around 5 pm and he told me that there was a party nearby: Darkroom completely without lights, for both gay and straight people. We went there, my master unlocked my cock and he gave me condoms. Once inside, I realized that it was really dark, I didn't know where to walk even if I was in that place before, several times. Girls were moaning while being fucked and my master was somewhere nearby. After 5 minutes I felt a hand touching my chest, the guy realized there were no boobs, puled me in a small room, doors open and made me kneel. I could not see anything, I don't even know who was there, I just felt his hand pushing me down and his nice, big cock rubbed on my lips. As soon as I start sucking, he push his dick down my throat... start talking in dutch with other people, I don't understand, keep sucking. Guys answer him, I feel 5 more people in the room, talking, touching, exploring, then my master, he says to all to fuck me with condoms... So the first guy I sucked left my mouth to another guy, and went on my back, I was standing now, bended in a cock and offering my hole, he went inside and I clearly felt his cock, bare, slipping inside me... he fucked for a while and he came inside... then he whispered in my ears something half in dutch, half in english. I understood only two words: "cum" and "hole". He was there with my master, catching guys, pushing them in that room... I was unable to talk with my mater, I had cock after cock to suck and take in my ass... I sucked for sure 5 different cocks, swallowed 3 loads... and I counted 8 cocks fucking me until cumming. Two hours later I went to the toilet, took the phone and checked my hole... it was open, oozing with anonymous load.. I was scared but also horny as hell.... high on cum from I don't know who. Unfortunately I had to leave for the dinner. I went to the dinner... and after the appetizers, I went to the toilet... fingering my hole.. still leaking out cum. Once home I took a shower shaved my balls and dick, my master was coming to lock me again... took the phone again and surprisingly there was still cum to push out... I tried my best to push it all out. Now starts the worst part..getting tested... wait.. getting tested again. I swear... if I stay neg after that, I will pay for prep and will become a anon cumdump...
  9. Hotels For Anon Sessions

    setting up a hotel session in london in mid april. looking for a hotel in central london where the lifts don't require a room key to operate, so that the breeders can get straight to the room. any tips?
  10. ABS Glory Hole

    I went to an ABS in Houston tonight. I was a lucky little slut! The first cock I got was a Tranny cock. She had been fucked several times that night as cum dripped from her ass and down onto her ball sack. I guess she would say it was time she got her rocks off and she shoved her nice cock through the glory hole and I gobbled it up and sucked until she gave me her load directly into my throat. The next two encounters were bbc's that needed to get off. Each guy just walked into the booth, shoved his cock through the hole looking for relief which I gladly provided by giving them a warm wet mouth into which each could unload his cum. So, I'm a happy slut with a belly full of swallowed anon cum. Mmmmmm, so fucking hot to make complete strangers cum!
  11. North Houston Cumdump

    Looking for tips in the North Houston area who are in need of a Cumdump anytime!
  12. San Diego Hook Ups

    Anyone in SD interested in some daytime play? Swap some cum over lunch or meet at a bookstore and suck and fuck? Can't imagine that I'm the only one looking for cock/cum/mouth/ass during daytimes... Would be nice to walk into a bookstore and not be the only one there!
  13. CUMDUMP JOCK TAKING ALL DICKS, ALL LOADS, ALL NIGHT" This is a total ANONYMOUS-NO LOAD REFUSED-NO PULLOUT Fuck PARTY. Masc Latino boy First time visiting Austin Texas. A Birthday fuck cumdump At Holiday Inn Austin town lake {I will email all the Details} TOPS ONLY Bring poppers rawlatinojock bbrt
  14. FELLOW CUMDUMP PIGS and FEEDERS: Looking to start a thread for men that want to exchange their collected loads (their own or from men they've gotten them from) with other guys that want to receive them or swap. I would love to swap or just receive loads from anyone that wants to give them to me. I will inject these loads up my pig cunt and video it and post it on xtube. I'm very serious about this and expect those that send me a message to be serious about this. Thanks and OINKS! Tom
  15. I was having a dry spell. Work was hectic and I simply couldn't arrange to get fucked in the tiny windows of time that I had available, but then I found a nice black guy on Grindr who had just turned 50 and visiting Hawaii. He was on Grindr and was walking distance to my place which is near Waikiki. When we got together we totally hit it off, and I was particularly pleased to connect with a guy who was about my age. His thick, but not too thick beautiful, long black cock initially gave me pause, as I thought my ass would have a hard time accommodating him, as my cunt usually tightens-up after awhile. He did me doggy and I clamped down on his dick, which must have been about seven and a half inches, but to my surprise I took it quite easily, which led me to wonder if all the dick I had taken in the past had permanently stretched and wrecked my hole. What ever the explanation for my ease in accommodating his cock, I power bottomed him, tightening and squeezing my hole, which lead him to flood my hole, silently. Afterwards we chatted a bit, and then I drove him back to his hotel, which I thought to be the gentlemanly thing to do. Especially as he had bred me so well. As I was driving back from Waikiki, I was contacted on Grindr by a black guy in his late 30s. We had been trying to connect for monthly but never could quite get to that point, mostly because he wanted anonymous play, but couldn't host, and my condo is secured, which made an anonymous entrance essentially impossible. This time, however, for whatever reason, he could host, he was totally horned-up, and asked me to come to his place where I was to step into his closet, facing the wall, my ass open to the world - and, perhaps most important to him, I was not to turn around, not to speak, nor to moan. In short, I was to be completely discreet. Naturally I accepted his invitation. Once in position in the closet, I could hear his neighbors through the wall. I had noticed in entering the apartment building, that most of the front doors in the building were, in an effort to mitigate the heavy Hawaiian humidity, open to the local trade winds. Definitely not a place to scream "Cum in my ass." I didn't see his dick but I felt it. It was huge, nine inches and quite thick. Fortunately I had poppers, so I took several hits. Not withstanding the load in my hole, to which I had added some lube, I knew it would be tough, and sure enough, I knew I was in trouble when sensed there simply wasn't enough lube. You know a guy's dick is huge if you get this feeling. But just then my host's dick must have met-up with the cum bank in my ass, causing the first guy's cum to lube the black guy's cock. Next I heard the beautiful squishy sound of raw dick in ass. The guy kept fucking and fucking. He had told me on Grindr that he had a quick cumdump scene in mind, but instead he gave me a prolonged raw fuck, deliberately, in fact, occasionally pausing while on the cusp of an orgasm, just to extend the session. Finally, however, he came, his load gushing deep into my hole. When he pulled out, both his load and that of the other guy plopped-out. I never learned whether or not he figured out that he was fucking in sloppy seconds. In any event, there's nothing like raw black dick. But then I'm a total pig for any raw dick.
  16. Hey, myself and my bttm mate will b visiting London on the 29th Sept, and looking to whore out is ass to willing tops. What him to leave London full of cum. His profile on bbrt is cumpiggy666. It’s tottaly anon, he will Be hooded and waiting from 5pm onwards. More details will be sent closer to the time. No load refused and more than welcome to keep coming back to unload or bring mates to breed his hole. Party listing is on my Bbrt profile, When requesting invites please unlock your pics, help me out and let’s fill is cute ass. Pics of him will be on my profile on Bbrt Northernbttm location is Westminister, just off Vauxhall bridge road, closest tube is Pimlico contact on here and reply nearer the time with details
  17. Sunday May 21 experience my ultimate fantasy in Las Vegas. . Being offered by fuckbuddy as total cumslut, will be blindfolded on bed. Door open and ready for all tops. Donate fresh juice in me withiut limitations and mark my ass after each load. You can also bring "old" loads which you've kept cool and they will be poared into me via mini funnel. If I stop volunteering taking the loads and there are still attendees, I will be forced to take all untill everybody has their change to donate their load! Real rape scen from then! Eventually via the funnel as well, as long as all loads end up in me! Fuckbuddy expects me to take a minimum of 50 fresh loads, but a higher number will be very appreciated by oth him and me. Old loads should be a pt at least. Come and join this ultimate, sleazy gangbang. So far over 70 participants confirmed!! HMU for more info. Party announced at multiple sites.
  18. First time cruising

    What was your first time cruising experience like for you? How did you find out about cruising? What did you do for your first time?
  19. Is it better to get pozzed by someone you know or anon? What are the benefits of each and did you make a conscious choice?
  20. First CumUnion

    I attended my first CumUnion a couple of months ago in Vegas. And let me say it was amazing. I was very nervous and excited so I arrived somewhat early. Not surprisingly at that point in time there weren't too many guys in attendance, so for the most part (initially) I just wandered around, watching the club fill-up, and as I hoped, after a bit of time had passed the management opened the back room, which, when I checked it out, I knew was my kind of spot. In the middle of the room against a wall was a platform stairs that had bedding on it. Leading up to this point I has been too nervous to actually do anything, but as I walked up to the platform a pair of hands grabbed me and bent me over the platform from behind. I never really saw who it was but I am thankful to him. The unknown man slid my towel off my ass, and caressed my cheeks. Somewhat flustered I was about to say something when a bottle or poppers was thrust under my nose. Breathing in deep my head went fuzzy and I ended up just laying in the platform with this stranger behind me groping my ass. "Good boy, here we go," the stranger whispered into my ear as I also heard him spit on my ass and I feel his dick rubbing on my hole. A small moan escapes from my mouth. Mercifully he made me take several deep hits of poppers before he added some additional spit to my hole and thrust into my ass. At first it was quite painful, so naturally I bucked, trying to get up, but he dropped all his weight on my back, holding me still as he pumped slowly in and out of my ass, wordlessly growling his approval. My ass finally opens up and he goes faster, and before I know it I was moaning and screaming like a whore. "Oh, yeah, boy, take my dick! Take my fucking load," he grunted just as I felt him thrust deep before pulling out. Laying on the platform still before I can even move another dick enters my hole. Some other guy who I can't see has started fucking me next. An older gentleman starts playing with my dick as the other guy fucked me, whispering "Get ready boy. You have 's' line forming behind you all ready to breed that ass." I whimpered in response as the second guy continued to fuck me faster and faster, shouting just as he added his load to my ass. Once again as soon as he pulls out another dick is in my ass. That night I lost count of how many guys fucked me and how many loads I had. I could barely walk and cum was dripping out my hole. One of the best experiences I have ever had. Can't wait to do it again.
  21. I'm a bareback bottom who has been 100% bare for over 2 years now, but I've never been a take all loads cumdump. I've recently had some tops hit me up asking for anon (like blindfolded, I never see them). I find the idea really hot but it also makes me nervous. Wondering what opinions other guys (top or bottom) have on anon. Whether they do it? Whether they like it?
  22. Come join the hottest men at the hottest party in LA @ DenLA! Get your presale price tickets now, prices go up day of the event! Ticket price includes: *Open Bar!* *DJ royalty!* *Fierce lighting & sound* *GoGo's & Porn Stars!* *2 Slings, darkrooms, dungeon bed!* *Hot Men!* *Sex!* WWW.DENLAPRESENTS.COM Cum join us at the hottest night of dancing and debauchery in LA. Presale tickets are available online or hard copy at Rough Trade Gear http://www.roughtradegear.com/ LOCATION: 10914 S La Cienega Blvd, Lennox, CA 90304 TIME: 9:30 PM - 2:30 AM Get your tickets soon before it sells out! OPEN BAR! Dance to the sexiest beats in the main room and explore the play spaces throughout, including theme rooms, fuck benches, 2 slings, and a dungeon bed! Gear is encouraged! No basic Street Clothes on the floor: break out your leather, harness, rubber, and assless chaps, singlets, rugby shorts, nicely worn jock or briefs, or just come with a smile. Free clothes check! Smell-patrol in full effect (my nose), no heavy cologne or deodorant, we're all men here. Come dance, drink, and fuck! See you men there! With Love and Sex, Damon
  23. I'll be in Manchester for Pride over the weekend and am hoping to get as many loads as possible - at the sauna, cruising by the canal, groups / parties, hotel meets and wherever else I can get raw cock. Instead of only going for certain guys and restricting what loads I'll take, I've decided to be a total cumslut and take ANY load I'm offered this weekend without question (neg / poz / toxic / unknown). I should add that I am currently neg and not on prep 😇. Anon loads particularly welcome - I plan to wear a hood blindfold and won't ask for face pics. I don't care how old you are or what you look like either, all I'll feel is your raw cock inside me. Ideally I'd like a dom master to arrange as much as possible, coordinate all the tops and make sure I head home with an ass full of cum afterwards. I'll give him full control of my ass for the weekend - he can decide how it should be used, treat it like his toy and invite guys to breed it. I've already lined up a few loads at a group session on Saturday afternoon, and expect to take several more at Basement Sauna on Saturday night. Other venue suggestions welcome, especially cruise nights / clubs with darkrooms I'm not aware of. Anyone here who is up for giving me a load or two over the weekend should get in touch so we can arrange a time/place.
  24. I woke up this past Sunday with that craving, that urge to spread my ass and get rough fucked- that need to get bred. I have to say I love raw sex, it’s the only way I can get off and I love the feeling of becoming a receptacle for my tops' cum; just a hole to be filled and used and dumped into. Being a cumdump for me was as natural as riding a bike. Even when I was in a monogamous relationship I would have my boyfriend fuck his load into me in the morning so I could feel it slide out of my boy-ass on the subway reveling in the private piggishness of my thoughts, while morning commuters read their papers on the way to work. I would have that warm jizz absorbing into me for the better part of the morning the way some take caffeine. But this Sunday I got a call from one of my regular clients. I sometimes escort for extra cash. This guy is older but has a huge uncut cock. He never once asked me about my status but also never tried to use a condom. He’s the kind of guy that likes smaller boyish twinks and loves to hear me beg for his load. I’m 24 but I look really young. I still get carded for a pack of smokes every time and this is usually my biggest hook in the escorting business. A young boy that takes loads for money, and will beg you for your seed. He fucked me hard and good and deposited what would be my first load of the day. I lay there with his cum dripping from my ass, recovering from the poppers - while he got showered. Something snapped in me right then and I was so horny I knew I needed to collect some loads. This Sunday would be dedicated to me taking cum in my ass no matter who the guy was. I was so horned thinking about being used my ass twitched and I fingered out some of my client's cum to taste and wet my palate for more. When I left his place I immediately texted a guy who had been wanting to fuck me. We had chatted on a4a and he was a dirty talking poz guy into giving seed to young boys. He got off on mixing strains and having a willing recipient for his toxic load. He was in his mid forties, thin with some musculature but kind of wasted looking in the face. I’ve always loved poz men. Even when I was neg I would fantasize about them plowing their infected loads in my ass while I looked into their wasted faces knowing I was taking their DNA in me forever. I cabbed it over to his place on 30th street. He answered the door naked and wasted no time pushing me to my knees so I could suck his cock. I was barely in his doorway and the door wasn’t even shut completely but I was being face fucked and gagging on his monster tool. He was definitely not as hot as his pictures but his cock was even bigger than I imagined with really pronounced veins I could feel roughing themselves against my tongue and pulsing in my mouth. His entire body was pretty veiny. I was in poz-pig-boy-heaven sucking his cock as furiously as I could. He kept feeding me poppers and would wait until my sucking became more ravenous before dirty-talking me. “Yeah boy, that’s a good boy. That’s a good fucking mouth. Suck daddy’s cock, choke on it yeah! Tell me where you want this cock! Tell me!” He growled at me. I wanted it in my ass deep and hard. “Please daddy put that cock in my ass!” I said between sucks. “You want it boy? You want that poz cock in your ass? Beg me for it!” As he said this he put the bottle of poppers under my nose and I took a huge whiff. My head was reeling and all I wanted was his toxic cock in my ass. I got up and leaned against the wall with my ass jutting out and spread my cheeks so he could see my hole. “Please daddy fuck me with your big poz cock, I need it in me, fuck me now, plow my ass! Infect me daddy!” He came up from behind me and grabbed my arms pinning behind me. He put his mouth close to my ear: “Tell me again, boy. Tell me what you want.” His cock was right at on my hole ready for penetration. “I want your poz-tool, daddy. I want your fucking AIDS in my ass!” With that he shoved in as hard and fast as he could. I yelled out in pain but he took no mercy and ripped my ass open with his nine inch poz death tool. My ass was surely going to be sore after this. He rammed me each time slamming it all the way in to the hilt then pulling out to the tip and repeating. I couldn’t move all I could do was moan and try to hold on as this poz fucker mutilated my ass. He slowed down for a sec just to put the poppers back under my nose then picked up the pace again thrusting deeper and deeper into me. I fucked my ass back onto his cock and let him have his way with me like the whore I was. He loved it, he knew he had found an amazing cumdump bottom boy and was going to reward me with his poz cum right in my gut. He put his mouth close to my ear and said “I want you to know I’m full blown. I AIDS and I’m going to fuck it into your sweet boy ass.” I was going nuts at that point and he put the poppers under my nose again. Now dizzy from the poppers and so immensely turned-on he threw me to the floor on my back and lifted my legs up on his shoulders. We were still only right passed his apartment door and I’m sure the noise was travelling down the hall. He never left my gaze and I knew he was close. “Fuck me daddy fuck me! Fill me with you AIDS cum, fuck it into me, ram it up my guts, I want to feel it in me!” I yelled in lusty poppered daze. I saw it in his eyes and he smiled this evil devilish smile. “Fuck boy! Here it cums take my fucking poz load you fucking AIDS cum slut!” He shot his poz seed in me with fury fucking as hard as he could sloshing it into my ass, making sure he fucked as much of his cum into my ass as he could. I could feel the froth he was beginning to churn out of my hole. My hole felt amazing, I was over whelmed with popper-lust and begged him to keep fucking it into me. He obliged for as long as he could. When he pulled out I felt some of his cum dribble out. I immediately slid a couple of fingers in to my ass to scoop some up. He was one of those sticky thick cummers; the kind that was almost gelatinous and I took pleasure in licking my fingers clean. He then shoved his cock into my mouth and I sucked ever last drop of his cum from that veiny shaft. He kissed me probing my mouth with his tongue and then told me "Get the fuck out. I’m done with you, you fucking whore. Get the fuck out.” I left with my pants unbuttoned and my shirt off. I finished dressing in the hallway. When I was in the elevator I felt my hole again - it was deliciously sore and cummy. I was all lubed for some more. I headed to the Blue store on 8th Avenue next….
  25. Gonna be in Anaheim this weekend and hoping to take loads all night Saturday and Sunday. Room to myself at Hotel Menage. anon is hot. Pump and dump is hot. Gangbangs are hot... as long as I get as much raw cock as I can, I'm happy. message me if you are in the area and looking for a slutty bottom to breed.

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