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Found 230 results

  1. Gay Guest House

    True story from this past summer. I was staying at a guest house in Provincetown in June. I’d stayed in the same guesthouse a few times, and booked a room that had an outside entrance off the deck. Easier than walking through the guesthouse every time. June is pre-season, so there are a lot of guys around, but town isn’t overly busy. My first full day turned out to be pouring rain, and I was feeling disappointed and horny. I chatted with a few guests downstairs while I grabbed some yogurt and juice, then headed to Joe’s Coffee for a breakfast sandwich. All the while I had my apps open and was cruising. A few familiar faces from years past were on, and one older guy I’d chatted with at the guesthouse that morning. He didn’t really hold my attention (out of shape, and didn’t give off a lot of energy), though he quickly sent 3 messages on Scruff after I left. I heard from a few guys in varying states of readiness to play. Most were still “waking up” and wouldn't be available for awhile. I decided to hit the gym for an hour. As I was leaving the gym, it was still raining. One of the guys I’d chatted online said he was ready to meet if I could host. I checked out his pics. Mid40s with an average, lean body, dark hair and nice beard, and an impressive looking cock. I told him where to find me. He told me to have just a jockstrap on when he arrived. About 15 minutes later, I saw him coming up the steps onto the deck. I took a quick hit of poppers to get me going, just as he showed up at my door. He was easily 15 years older than in his pics, his skin weathered and his beard longer and stragglier than I like. I hesitated and was about to say I didn't think it was going to happen when he pulled out his cock. It was an easy 7 inches, swollen with a nice head and thick shaft, and a silver cockring at its base. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. With a hand on back on my head, he fed me his cock. After a couple minutes, he fed me a hit of poppers, and pushed his dick back into my mouth. Now my blood was pumping and I started sucking him voraciously. He leaned over my back, driving his dick all the way into my mouth so I choked, and pushed two wet fingers into my hole. He repositioned himself so he had better access to my ass, turning my head to the side and pushing me down on all fours on the floor. He had me take a long hit of poppers, and began working 3 fingers into my ass. My piggish side was being activated, and I was offering both holes for him to use. He was stretching my ass with his fingers, probing deep and pushing his fingers apart to relax The sphincter. “Get on the bed, on your back, ass hanging off the edge.” I assumed the position, taking a moment to take two long drags of poppers. I held those drags in my lungs, leaned back on the bed and brought my knees to my chest, letting the chems absorb slowly, and exhaled just as he stepped up to my exposed hole. I felt the warmth of his cock pushing against my hole as the rush of the poppers hit me. I felt his hot shaft pushing inside my prepped hole, stretching it wider than his fingers did. I felt that hardness slide all the way inside, and he held it there as we both groaned. He began fucking me with his raw cock, long, deep strokes that had me moaning. His balls slapped my ass and I could hear the bed squeaking with his deep thrusts. I was caught up in the moment, grunting as this stranger pounded my open hole. He grabbed by ankles and pushed my legs wider apart, watching his own cock pierce my ass. He fucked me for awhile, pulling out just a few times to dive back in again and make me groan with the girthy penetration. I fuck’n loved it! “Where do you want this load?” ”In my ass!” He kept pumping away, that thick dick feeling amazing inside me. He thrust a little faster, then harder, and he rolled his head back when his thrusts became really hard, deliberate, and he paused at the end of each thrusts for a moment. He kinda grunted and gasped a few times in these pump-and-hold combinations. I knew I was being bred! He quickly pulled out, and I could feel some of his cum around my hole. He wiped off his cock on a towel, then dressed, said thanks, and walked back out onto the deck in the rain. He didn’t bother asking me if I wanted to cum. I laid on the bed for a few minutes, feeling my really wet hole and coming down from the fuck haze I’d been in. I stroked my dick, but was still super horny and knew I was a long ways from coming on my own. After a few minutes, I threw on a loose pair of shorts, grabbed by phone, and headed down to the common room to see if there were any snacks. I saw a dozen more messages, with 2 new ones on BBRTS (which had been silent all morning). Sure enough, it was the older guy staying in my guesthouse; he’d figured out my profile based on distance and description (I only show my ass in the public profile). He’d unlocked his pics, and sent his room number. I was still feeling poppered up and horny, and he actually had a really hot looking cock. Without thinking much more about it, I walked up the other set of stairs and started looking for his room number. I found it on the third floor, where is was feeling stuffy and hot, despite the rainy weather. His door was actually open, and he was sitting in a chair inside. Seeing me, he started rubbing his crotch. He stood up, pushed a bottle of poppers under my nose, and told me to whiff (he’d obviously read by profile). As my head started to swim again, I just dropped the baggy shorts, got on all fours on his bed, and offered my ass. I heard him fumbling in a drawer, and then the pumping sound of a lube bottle. Shortly thereafter, his fingers probed my hole, seemingly to find the target, and then he slid inside. It was a rough fuck — the type you get when someone finally gets the piece of ass he’s been wanting. I felt like a total pig, and he was reaping the benefits of it. He pounded away at my hole, and I started getting verbal to egg him on. Finally I told him, “I want your load in my ass.” He bred me pretty quickly after that. I could hear him panting heavy, and I was reminded how out of shape this guy was. He was holding onto my hips as he plugged away until he unloaded. I didn’t stick around, but pulled on my shorts, thanked him, and walked back across the guest house in just my shorts. My ass was totally wet, and I was feeling both piggish and kinda hot walking by a few other guests after having been bred by both guys. If you’ve enjoyed reading about my rainy day breedings, let me know by clicking on the blue heart, leave me an upgrade, and I’ll know to keep pigging out and posting for you.
  2. In Denver this Sat Dec 9th

    Hit me up if you like what you see...Bottom looking to get bred. Will be at a Hotel near DT. Cheers!
  3. Pig in Denver 12/16

    I will be in Denver on December 16th looking to take cock and get my pig hole loaded. I can host at my hotel of Speer and Zuni. I would love to find some local poz toxic guys to dump a few loads in my neg hole.
  4. Heading to Vegas on Sunday the 10th and staying until early afternoon on the 12th. Looking for locals and visitors looking to dump a load. All loads accepted. Staying at Days Inn behind NYNY. I will message with room number when I check in. Anon preferred and will bring blindfold to use if requested.
  5. Taking a business trip to San Fran — first time in the city! Unfortunately it is a Sunday - Thursday trip, so I’ll miss the usual weekend action. What can people tell me about Eros and 442 Parties? Are they bareback? And how’s the scene Sunday - Thursday? also, any bars with a hot back room? Thanks, fellas!
  6. Pig in Vegas 11/30-12/5

    I will be in Vegas for a week and looking to take cock and get my pig hole loaded. I can host at my hotel on the strip for anon fuck and go. I would love to find some local poz toxic guys to dump a few loads in my neg hole.
  7. Looking for tops that need a hole to fill with cum...I'm staying at the Metro Inn in S.Mpls..door open and I'm face down and waiting....hmu for room number!
  8. Hosting a walk in scene tonight in Minneapolis. Room will be dark, and door open and ass up. All I need before hand is a dick pic, which I'm sure won't be hard to come by lol Messages me here or bbrt for directions. Same screen name.
  9. Looking for an experienced, kinky dominant top who knows how to offer a neg hole for anon (ab)use including proper preparation to avoid resistance by the pimp or his "guests". Own supplies available, too. Interested? Then drop me a note. By the way, I had to update the e-mail address. Your messages went into nirvana... sorry! . Interested? Then drop me a note... Marc
  10. Abilene

    Looking for Abilene men to walk in, pump and dump me in my hotel for the next couple nights. No cock or load refused!
  11. Black total bareback bottom. Looking to take a big raw dick. Looking to get deep fucked and flooded. Raw Dick Pics would be appreciated at the time of initial response and if there's an attraction, I'll gladly reply with mine. Also into anonymous face down, ass up role play scenes - let me know if you are too. Tops who can shoot multiple loads are HOTT AS FUKK 🖒🖒 Hosting in Knox-Henderson area.
  12. Bursting to Unload

    After taking a random load at lunchtime I realised I hadn't cum for a few days and my balls were aching, so I looked around on Bbrts for a willing and local bottom. It is all very well having a cummy hole, but if I am not careful I am prone to forgetting to top for ages until like today I am really just bursting. My favourite bottoms are pre-loaded and slutty, but I got chatting to a student bottom in a local halls of residence who looked like he had a lovely ass, who said he would be ready shortly to take a quick load, so I walked over and met him in the lobby. It was kinda funny as he had to sign me in, take me up in a lift to one of those student dorm places, but thankfully had his own room. As soon as we got inside he stripped down and got to work sucking my cock, giving me a really great blowjob, which was made better when, having told him I had been fucked earlier that day, he slid a finger into my hole, playing with the cum that was still oozing out of my hole. This was seriously edging me, so I quickly flipped him around and pushed in. Thoughtfully he had pre-lubed his hole with some nice gel or something so I could slide right in, balls-deep. He also had lovely "real" American poppers which helped me not to unload too fast. I tried to give him a nice longish fuck but as I had already been fucked and he had blown me so well, there was only so long I could last. I wasn't surprised when, before long, I shot a huge load into his ass. I couldn't honestly remember the last time I bred a guy, and would have to check my blog to determine as much, but in any event I think he got a good week's worth. Then I went back to my office and picked up some packing tape on the way home, which was such a lame excuse for being out and around but hey, better than nothing.
  13. Random Lunchtime Breeding

    Today, a guy who has fucked me twice before, hit me up on Scruff to say that two bottom guys he fucks both cancelled on him, so he needed my hole. I quickly cleaned up and he arrived at 12.30 and it was a true pump and dump, fuck and go. He gave me a huge three day load, the third I have taken off him so far
  14. Last night a guy I had met sometime earlier at a friend's birthday messaged me on Scruff and asked if I was up for a fuck. He want a door-on-latch-ass-up-in-a-jock situation, which I was happy to do, as frankly, I couldn't actually remember meeting him socially, so I saw this as a potential anonymous load, which is very hot for me. While he was on his way over, a neighbour who likes fucking in groups texted me to ask if I was playing. He is a mid 50s muscle guy with a huge nine inch cock, which is nearly as big as my boyfriend's. This guy only likes groups and never meets me if I am by myself, so I asked the Scuff guy if he minded a small group. He replied he was fine with a group, as long as he got my hole first. So at the appropriate time I waited ass up on my bed, the door on the latch. The Scruff guy arrived first, rimmed me, got my hole really wet and pushed in. His cock was amazingly thick, and we were both really getting off on the anonymity of the session, especially as the Scruff guy didn't even both removing his pants, he just unzipped, pulled out his cock, and shoved it in. As the Scruff guy was going at it, the neighbour arrived and pulled out his nine inches. The Scruff guy went kinda wild, and started sucking the neighbour while he fucked me. He was so turned on I knew he wouldn't last long, and indeed he blew a huge load in my ass within minutes. The neighbour didn't miss a beat. As the Scruff guy pulled out he pushed right in, and pounded my ass, exploding deep in my hole. Each then literally tucked his cock back into his trousers, said thanks, letting themselves out. My boyfriend got home about 30 minutes later, and I took him right upstairs. We cuddled for a bit, then he pushed on and gave me a really long hard fuck and really got off on my pre-loaded hole. Oh course he didn't ask me who's cum it was He just loves using cum as lube and going second, third or even seventh in my ass. He was also particularly happy I had made him this huge Thai feast for dinner, so after we fucked, took the dog out everything was ready to go. It's nice to be able to look after him properly.
  15. Stuck at the office and horny as fuck. Hoping to get my cunt pounded full of cum on my lunch break. tall beefy ginger, lots of tatts, furry hole in need of cum. No load refused... only have about an hour to get my guts flooded. Pump and dump appreciates.
  16. taking anon loads

    Ill be taking anon loads in east London close to London Fields park today from 7 pm, you can easily find me on bbrts as englishbear
  17. I was incredibly horny after work last Friday afternoon and decided to get a hotel room and see what happened. Unfortunately I live in an area where it is common to have to drive 30 minutes to get a load, which can be torture for a cum dump like me, so every once in a while I get a hotel room in a bigger city and take as many anonymous loads as possible. This past Friday I decided to get a cheap hotel room in a smaller city that was just 45 minutes away. Because my decision was last minute, and because I was exceptionally horny, I had the idea of trying my hand at setting up a makeshift glory hole in my hotel room. All I wanted was raw cock and cum, I didn't care to see the men behind the cock, so I grabbed an old blanket, some wall hooks, a jockstrap, and poppers and went to the hotel. Hanging the blanket across the doorway into the bathroom of my hotel room, I posted an advertisement on Craigslist advising I was a visitor taking raw loads through a glory hole in a hotel room. To get the address and room number all I asked for was a dick pic. It is now Sunday night. I'm resting back at home after having taken 43 loads in two nights from 40 different guys. My usual was to suck each man's dick until it was rock hard, and then I would turn around, present my ass, and take each cock raw. Everyone of the guys who stepped through my hotel room door went balls deep, and each shot his load into my ass, after which I sucked each cock clean, never wasting a drop of cum. The biggest cock I took was a huge nine by six incher which pounded me so hard he actually fucked so much cum from other guys out of my ass, so that by the time he shot his load the cum squirting out of my ass had formed a puddle of cum on the floor. This city is in a conservative area in which more than one man isn't comfortable with his sexuality. I'm guessing this is what made my glory hole so popular: it was in a private hotel room where there was no reception desk to observe the comings and goings of the guests and visitors, making the experience totally anonymous. It helped I was a visitor to the city, and I didn't ask for a face pic. My ass contained so much cum that, as I walked, a steady stream of drops of cum fell to the floor as I walked about. In addition, cum also soaked through my pants, leaving a wet stain on my seat. The experience left me feeling like a true cum dump. I should add I really like to fast for trips like this so I never have to clean out other than the initial cleaning. This weekend resulted in the single greatest number of cum loads I've taken in one weekend to date. was the most amount of loads I have taken in a weekend to date, and at 25, I have quite a bit of experience. In all honesty I'm shocked that it happened in that particular city, which leaves me a bit annoyed it never occurred to me to try it before now. In any event I guess there is always a ton of cum to be found if you figure out the best way to get it. "If you build it, they will cum." lol
  18. load used as ff lube

    Last night my boyfriend invited a guy round off Recon to fist me, but first my boyfriend fucked me while this guy watched and came in my ass, then the random guy fucked me, and then added crisco and j-lube to the mix, and started fisting me. He pushed in first while I was on all fours and i was able to take his big bear paw, after that my boyfriend and him took turns fisting the load deeper into me for a couple of hours, I have not been fisted for a while so today I am really feeling it!
  19. Vegas this weekend.

    What’s up guys. This is my first time posting my own post here. I’m Coming to Vegas in the first time in a long time this tomorrow until Monday. I’m planning to be used as a cum dump all weekend but I want to check out the bookstores and bathhouse. Which bookstore and bathhouse is the best and what times are the best to go and get loaded. Looking to beat my record of 60+ in one weekend. If anyone is in Vegas let me know if you’re down to breed me. I have a post on BBRT, A4A and Craisglist. Posting one now on Squirt and Craigslist. Check in is at 3pm staying at a Days Inn of the stip since another guy here told me it’s a good place to host. Will be face down ass up door unlocked. Will be my first time getting gang bang in years as well. Any advance? Last time I was gang banged was in San Diego buy 20 or so military guys and in New Orleans by 6 BBC. I have bottles of lube, poppers and 5 hour energy ready to stay up late and take load all night (I don’t pnp).
  20. Four More Loads in Munich

    Last night Friday I arranged to meet a PrEP'd-up young German guy who was very much my type: skinny, tattooed bearded and very hung. He warned me that he was not a quick draw and liked long sessions, and that he could shoot more than once. Sounded great to me. He came to my hotel at 8.45 and was much shorter than I expected making me feel huge at 6.2, but very cute. I dropped my towel and got on all fours on the bed as we had agreed. I could hear him stripping off his clothes behind me, then felt his beard on my ass cheeks and his tongue in my hole, he rimmed me really well and sucked on my hole, then suddenly stood up and pushed his cock all the way in. I had not seen or felt his cock before and was really taken aback by the length and girth. I do love it when a skinny little guy has a big fat cock. He then started to pound my ass really well, pinning me down to the bed until he announced shortly after that he was "I'm ready to cum," blowing a huge load into my ass. What happened next was amazing. He remained balls deep inside me, his cock remaining rock hard as he whispered in my ear that he had no intention of stopping and could keep going like this for hours. Which he did. During the next two hours he fucked me every which way using his first load as lube. This was a totally natural fuck, no lube apart from his load, no poppers and just intense raw fucking. He came in me a further two times until finally we were just so hot and sticky we called it a night. He showered and went home promising a repeat on Monday After he left I showered and checked my phone. The guy from the night before was in the lobby on the off chance so he came up and pulled out his thick Egyptian cock. I am not sure he could tell how much I had been fucked already but I guess he must have known as my ass lips were quite puffy and I was full of the first guy's cum. Just as he had the night before, he started pile-driving my ass, giving me my fourth load of the night. Afterwards he showered, thanked me, we shook hands and he left. I passed out on the bed with a sore and dripping hole.
  21. Hungry insatiable bottom taking all loads when I'm in DC November 4-5. Check out my party on bbrt. Well over 100 guys signed up so far!
  22. 1st Munich Load

    Tonight I got off work in Munich on a business trip and headed back to my hotel, I chatted to a couple of guys on Growlr, one told me I was too thin as he only fucked chubby guys, BUT the second guy said he wanted a blowjob, he came up to the hotel and I was amazed how short he was, maybe 5.3, I am 6.2 so I really felt HUGE, anyway once I got his cock out it grew in my mouth to an impressive 8 or 9 " and thick. To my surprise he flipped me over and stated pushing into my hole and then started pile driving my ass raw. I was a bit nervous as I hadn't cleaned out after work and this little guy with his big fat cock settled in for a lengthy raw fuck, after about a half hour of serious pounding he announced he was cumming inside and blasted a huge load into my hole. As he got dressed he told me he was an Egyptian dentist who moved to Germany after the Arab Spring. He thanked me and left then texted me to say "I am all clean and disease free last tested in July"
  23. I was at work today when a random hot cubby guy hot me up on Growlr, saying he was local and felt like bottoming. He was very much my type of bottom guy: slim and quite pretty, so I invited him to meet me at my office, where, once he arrived, I took him downstairs. He immediately got me really hard, then I fucked him over the meeting room table. As his profile said PrEP he didn't ask for a condom, he just spat on his fingers, lubed his hole, and guided my raw cock into his ass. As I fucked him he said "Give me your seed," so I busted a weeks worth of cum into his guts. Afterwards he mentioned he was visiting from Austria. I'm not sure how long he'll be here, but I hope to blow another load in his ass tomorrow.
  24. I stopped at a video arcade on the side of the interstate recently for some fun. The last time I was there, a piggish bear sucked me and then fingered my ass while a hot black trucker throat fucked me until we both came. This time, I had condoms and I was ready for a man to cum inside of me. There were only three guys in the booth area, but I only needed one. He wasn't attractive nor was he in shape. His cock was average at best. I've listened to so many sissy hypno tracks, I didn't care. I sucked on his cock and got it as hard as he could go. I put a condom on him and told him I wanted him to be the first one to cum inside my ass. He was much smaller than my dildos and I took him easily. He put his hands on my hips and began pounding my boi pussy. His thighs slapped against my ass harder and faster until I felt him tense up. I couldn't tell he came. There was no warming sensation in his cock, just a full condom when he slid out. I finished myself off holding his full condom. It wasn't glorious and it wasn't who I wanted, but he did the job... I've finally had a man cum inside of me.
  25. Will be heading to AtlanTa in a few (should be there by noon) and will be staying at the Cheshire motor inn taking anon loads. Cum dump a load deep in my cheatin cumhole! 🐷

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