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Found 257 results

  1. Random Greek Tourist

    On Sunday a random Greek Tourist contacted me on Growlr, he was very hair and nicely hung, young guy with a nice beard, like a big cub. He came over to fuck me, and after I sucked him hard he pushed in raw, then pulled out and started playing with my hole with his fingers. Soon, he had four fingers in my hole. He reached the lube off the counter and started pushing his fingers in more and more, while alternating his cock. Soon he had his fist in my hole, then his cock, then his fist, which continued until he shot his cum into my guts. Then he showered, said thanks and left. I never did find out his name.
  2. Yesterday I guy who I have been chatting to on growlr came over to fuck me, he is Italian, skinny, long haired and a chef, 24 yers old, and hung like a donkey. He comes to where I work and we kiss, hes gets really hard so I suck him, deep throat him and sniff poppers, then turn around so he can fuck me, he starts roughly fingering my hole with his fingers, and is actually really quite rough, then abruptly gets a condom out of his shoulder bag, rolls it on and pushes in. He is really thick so it feels good and after ten minutes of pounding he gasps and unloads. as he pulls out, he realises that the condom has simply vanished and he totally freaks out, I run into the bathroom and push out into the toilet bowl and what comes out is scraps of condom, a huge wad of spunk and some blood. The guy is still freaking, and says, but it is ok as I dont have anything......... I tell him its fine and after he cleans up a bit in the bathroom, we kiss deeply, and I tell him how amazing he is and send him my number.
  3. Yesterday I fucked an American Student who lives in a halls of residence not far from my office, this is the second time I fucked him, hes friendly, a ten minute walk away and cum hungry which is all good. I had had a stressful day and emptying my balls into his ass felt good before I went back to the office.
  4. shot my load

    Yesterday, after a few days of trying I finally shot my load into a very hot Italian chaser. I had been chatting to him on scruff, and his profile said he was 100% bottom and undetectable. I met him on a street corner in the west end and we walked back to his room around the corner, He had a very fit slim toned body, a lightly furry ass and a very big cock, which was thick. we kissed and he sucked my cock until I was hard and I pushed into him with him on his back, just using a little spit. I stopped to ask him if he had any lube, but he said he wanted me to fuck him without any, so I put a bit more spit on his hole and pushed back in. I knew with his hole quite dray and with lots of friction, I wouldn't last long, and soon shot a weeks worth of cum into him. He asked me to stay in him so I kept fucking him and kissing him until he shot a huge load onto his stomach. Afterwards I cleaned up and said thanks, if he wants to meet again, I might as hes very local to meetings I have in the west end, and giving him a second load would be good.
  5. Visiting need to breed

    Visiting Melbourne for couple of weeks and keen to take anon cocks balls deep
  6. Pimped-Out at Lunchtime

    Today this building security guy I know had an empty flat. He asked me to take his load as well as that of his friend, about whom he wouldn't tell me much. I agreed, arriving at the flat at 1:15. The two of them tagged teamed my hole, the security guard breeding me first, then his friend, a hot young Asian guy with a nice thick seven inch cock. Then the security guard pushed his BBC back in and gave me his second load after a really rough fucking. Afterwards I was high as fuck on real poppers and dripping cum.
  7. Two Blowjobs

    Office blowjob: Today after a week on antibiotics (my second since Christmas) I was bored in my office and got chatting to a guy visiting London form Glasgow. A classic daddy type with a nice long beard and stylish greying hair and a thick 7.5 uncut cock. He came to the office and I took him back in the kitchen and sucked him to completion and swallowed his four day load which i can still taste in my mouth. Second Blowjob: A guy I fucked with a few times messaged me last night on scruff, hes young, in his 20s and like a cute furry bear cub, he had just left the local swimming pool and was walking very close to my house, Sadly I didnt have a clean and ready hole, as I had just got in form work so I offered him a blowjob. He arrived literally two minutes later. I let him into the hallway and we briefly kissed before I got on my knees and took his hardening cock in my mouth. hes lovely and thick with big balls, and he quickly grew to his full 7-8 inches. I gave him lots of attention, licking his head and deep throating his shaft, then I started licking his balls, and he announced he was going to cum, so I quickly got the head of his cock in my mouth and swallowed his huge load. He always cums a lot which I love. He then pushed his cock back in his pants and pulled up his trousers, said thanks and explained he was late for a dinner party and headed off. Hopefully next time he messages I will be ready to get fucked, hes only fucked me once before which was amazing as that thick cock feels so good!
  8. Anonymous or gangbang

    I am visiting soon and I don't know what my best chances are for as many loads as I can get in 2 days
  9. Seeking total bareback, big dick tops living in (or visiting) the Dallas (Oaklawn) area who are interested in stopping by my place, coming in through my unlocked front door to find me face down in a pillow and my raw hole pointed up and completely exposed and ready to take a rock hard anonymous bareback dick deep inside it. I'd like to be well fucked!! Hard and deep for as long as you wanted. Deep stroke my hole to build up pressure in your balls in preparation for its impending forced injection into my raw, open guts. You can flood my hole without notice or warning of any kind. It is unnecessary to ask for approval or agreement to the acceptance of a raw seed deposit. You'd be welcome to drop your load however and whenever and without consent. After which, no strings, no obligations, no worries, only to leave my satisfied with an ass full of your cum. Let me know if any of you bareback fukkr's want me take your anonymous raw load in my ass. Hosting in Dallas, Oaklawn area.
  10. Recently I have been messaging with another member here, and he asked when I accepted I was a total sub. Here is my answer: Realization and acceptance came over time, but especially after after two incidents. One was a hookup via an online chat, where I went to the top's house and found there was another guy there, too. He was hot, hung, muscular and black. The host shot his load in me pretty quickly, the black guy took his place and did not let up for an hour. Verbal, a bit rough, and totally into my ass. When I left my entire butt felt used, inside and out, and I had very distinct tingling sensation that I had never had before. Both cheeks felt warm, somehow. The other time was the first time at an outdoor cruising area. Five guys fucked me, with three giving me loads. They were lined up, one after another, with another one holding me up the entire time. He didn't fuck me, even though I asked several times. Just kept whispering in my ear how much I wanted it, making me admit I did, say how good it felt, and especially when the guys came, got me to acknowledge that. Also talked and encouraged the tops, commenting on "the slut" and "his cummy hole." Walking down the street after, I had the same used-ass feeling, but this time with the loads dripping down my balls and leg. It was a bit of a walk home, I was shirtless and my pants hanging low, all rumpled and stained some. I got a few looks from others as I walked by, and one group had a laugh that was obviously at my expense. I felt shame, a bit of humiliation, but also was quite aroused. I knew I would do it again. My dick got hard, and I jerked off once I was home. It was an incredibly intense orgasm. Still one of my hottest experiences ever.
  11. Today my firm was setting up a trade fair. The building was packed with people and my growlr went "ping". It was a guy, Spanish, in his 50s, asking for sex. I had no idea what he looked like as in his pic he was wearing big shades. I met him in the second floor men's toilets. We loitered by the urinals until the room was empty then ducked into a stall with a good door - one where someone on the outside couldn't see under. I sat on the toilet and he pulled out his nice thin eight inch cock, semi hard, which quickly got harder once in my mouth. I gave him some serious, very quiet cock worship until he tried to pull out as he was about to cum, but naturally I pulled the full length of his cock into my throat so he had no choice but to cum directly into my mouth and throat. As I felt his cock thicken and pulsate, he shot a huge load. I quickly swallowed it all, licked his cock clean and said thanks. After he quietly exited the stall, I waited a few minutes and then returned to work.
  12. Yesterday was hot 40oC was sat naked at home all day on breeding.zone, Grindr, BBRT, Squirt and ads on Craigslist. Posted asking anon guys to come load my ass no load refused status not an issue. posted Craig list add st 9:30am 4 emails almost immediately. All looking to dump a load in me. I told them door was open. I was in jock blindfolded bend over on floor waiting. Then one after the other they turned up some slapped me, some pissed on me all fucked me. Two were small one was really big. Took them all and there loads. Last one was average size while fucking was on his phone telling his mates to come over, he gave them have my address and 15 mins later heard boots on the floor and zips undoing. next thing I know have a cock in my mouth and ass couldn’t tell how many times they swapped. In the end there was a massive puddle of cum on the floor swallowed 3 loads many more in my ass. Loved it!!!
  13. This Wednesday I decided to join Craigslist and posted an add looking for guys who wanted a blowjob or who wanted to fuck, adding anonymous was okay. I also posted a picture of my hairy ass in a jock. I received a stream of responses, mostly, I guessed, from closeted men who liked hairy guys. The first guy with whom I met was a stocky, muscular total bloke, a biker. He walked in to my place in full bike gear, removed his helmet and gloves and pulled out a thick eight inch cock. I worshiped it for him, licked his balls, deep throated him, and played with his foreskin until he shot his load in my mouth. Tucking his cock back in his biking gear, he said thanks and left. It was a totally hot. Truly a perfect hookup. Shortly after another guy stopped by. He was not really my type, but as he had made the effort to walk over to my place, I sucked him to completion. An hour later my boyfriend got home and fucked a huge load into me which made it a three load day, but the following morning I awoke at 7.30 AM by a message on Scruff from a guy saying he needed to cum before he went to work and asking me if I would take his load raw. It also turned out he had recently moved only two streets away from my place. He was a top, likes fucking bears and has a thick cock and only tops raw. Also turned out he was a vocal guy, in his late 20s, muscular, dirty blonde with ginger scruff. HOT. So I jumped out of bed, douched and let him in. Without any ceremony he pushed into my ass, repeatedly called me 'Cumdump', breeding me post haste. Afterwards he thanked me and went off to work. Random, fast and very very hot. Later in the day he texted me, saying he wanted to make this a regular event. With this much success, I'm going to subscribe to Craigslist.
  14. First week of the year

    So it s New years eve, I am with family and we are celebrating the new year coming and each of us has to think about a good resolution for the 2018. I have started these vacations around 20th December and since then I only jerked off on porn or when chatting with people. It has been long time, after all, since I was locked and could enjoy my dick. I decided to give a look around and start the new year in the best way for a fag, taking some cocks and loads. 2-02-2018 11:00 am This morning I receive a video from my master... he met my actual boyfriend and fucked his mouth while taping with his phone. The video makes me so fucking horny but I don't jerk off, I instead put ads on a local dating site called bakeca. I am for all, a slut and a sub slave to fuck. Around 11, a guy tells me to contact him on Grindr. The profile says that it is a couple but I chat only with the top. He has a nice dick, around 19 cm, not fat but good enough. He promise to be rough.and wants me to pick him up with the car and fuck me at noon in the countryside. I go for it. Once arrived he puts a hand on my neck, his dick is hard and out of his trousers. He opens the door, I can see a prostitute in the end of the street waiting for a client and is the last thing I see outside. He is slim, around 27 yo and he knows how to fuck a throat... I didn't eat so I didn't throw up but he fucked me so deep and rough I had difficulties later to talk and swallow. He keeps fucking my throat and he is also verbal, I am sure the prostitute could hear and see everything. My throat was sore and tears started running out when he decided it was time to fuck me. He moved around the car, opened my door and pulled my trousers down. I was without underwear and he spit on my hole and entered with one stroke. I wanted to yell but I didn't want him to slow down... I felt a real slut and I loved it. The guy didn't asked about condoms and even if I was clean or not. He just kept fucking my ass and after solid 15 minutes of no-stop pumping he growled and yelled dumping a big load inside me. With that load I drove him home and I checked online Grindr and the mail box. 17:30 I kept chatting during the day but unfortunately in my area no one wants to move and no one can host. They just talk and jerk off never dating for real. I missed a lot of guys for that reason. I found a guy who wants to date around 5:30 pm, he can host when his bf is away. I go there and he is a chubby guy with a small dick but I decided that the first week of the year I should be a real whore so I say yes. I suck him and he sucks me a bit. He liked my big dick but I tell him I will never give him my load, I promised it to my bf and so it will be. He is pissed of that and he puts me on my knees, jerk off and cum quickly. I swallow his load and start cleaning his dick. The last drop was secured in my stomach and I was moving to get up but he stops me to tell that he needs to pee and he asks if I want it. My answer: mouth open and eye contact. he gives me a nice stream of piss and I swallow it with pleasure. He doesn't ask my dick again but said it "goodbye" with a last stroke. I leave, the load from the morning is till in my ass. I go home, undress and in the toilet I squirt it out and tape it: it was HUGE and DEEP. I don't clean myself to enjoy that juice dripping down my legs while I have dinner with my parents, unaware of having such a slut at their table. 3-1-18 16:00 It is the last day in Italy and thinking about yesterday I decide to have more. I spend the whole day chatting and I find a married man, willing to pick me up and go in the countryside to get sucked. I say yes and I go there to suck him. He wanted to fuck me but with a condom. It was a nice fuck, inside the car. No one was around and we are having fun. He doesn't cum inside the condom, instead he wants to finish in my mouth. We go out, I kneel and suck him. I ask if he wants to tape the action and he accepts. So I have this vid of me, swallowing his load. I squeeze his dick and he is surprised I take it till the last drop and my answer is "didn't I deserve it?". We laugh and he drives me home. 19:00 Near the cemetery there is a cruising area. Mostly is for couple who go there to fuck but I am alone and after I park my car, I open all the app I have. I manage to find a guy who wants to get sucked. I invite him in my car, he puts down his trousers and offers me his dick,bended downward, 17 cm x 3. nice one and clean. I start worshipping his dick, rubbing it on my face before start sucking it. I go for 15 minutes until my neck was hurting and also my lips were proved. I thought I was not good enough for him when he start growling and gives me his load. He tells me to keep going and I go on for 10-12 minutes more praying in my head to receive that second load asap, I am tired. The second load comes eventually and goes directly in my stomach. 4-1-18 Flying and chatting. I arrived in the late evening at home and I met my bf. I promised him my load but he also war really horny. The first thing we do is having a shower together where he fucks me without condom, lube or spit. He gives me his first load. I don't squirt it out, we dress and go out for a walk. The sun is gone, few lights and we are in the park. I start sucking him in the woods and I make him really horny. We go back at my place where we fuck each other. I cum in his mouth and he swallows it, He gives me a second load in my ass, using the previous one as lube. We sleep together. 5-1-18 Adult cinema, I go there to say hello to my master. A dick comes out from a glory hole and I don't waste time, I kneel, suck and swallow. few minutes later I am ready to go out for dinner with my master. We came back and at my place my master receives a message from a couple of friends. He can't stay but the two guys will come to have fun with me. The first guy comes and cums quickly. He managed to make a video. The second guy turned out to be a regular really into deep throat. I tell him I just ate but that makes him even more horny. He puts me on the bed, belly up and start fucking my throat deep and hard. His cock is 17 cm but fat, around 5-6 cm of diameter. Puke runs on each side of my mouth as he keeps fucking. He gives me small breaks to breath and then deep again. One my stomac was empty again, he filled up with his load. I spent the rest of the evening cleaning the mess. 6-1-18 Chatting and dating. It's Saturday and it's easy to find horny people in my city. One guy, 35, yo comes to fuck me but he doesn't want to give me his load. I am pissed but the ride was good. 7-1-18 I chat with a guy who wants me to suck him so bad: he saw me several times at the glory holes and wants me to suck him remaining anonymous. He asks me to go in a glory hole in the local club but it is not possible for me so I promise him: "you find me blindfolded, kneeling, door open and phone taping. you can remain anonymous but have to tape just your dick in my mouth" he accepts and comes. His dick smelled good, I feel he's nor totally hard, he is hairy and he's not a big one but he gives me his load and I thank him. Later I find his vid on my phone. I am proud to drive these guys so crazy. This way ends my first week of the year. My app to keep track of my kinky life this yeas says 8 loads swallowed 3 loads taken deep in my ass 1 piss
  15. A top who fucked me late last year suggested he pimp out my hole this Saturday and put up a 'No Load Refused' advertisement on BBRTs. As is typical for London, eight guys said they were coming but only three, (including the host) showed. I put on a white jock and got on all fours and took the first load from a hung ginger guy, then licked his cock clean. Then I took the load of a hairy daddy type, followed by the load of our host. His load was promptly followed by a second load from the ginger guy, and a lot more fucking from the other two tops, topped with a second load from the host. I left at 2:00 AM with five big loads inside, keeping them in all night.
  16. Anon Loads

    I am no idea how many different men have fucked me in my life. My best guess of different men is somewhere between 1,500 and 2,500. What % of guys who fucked you, you didn't know their name before or after getting fucked by them. Heck, I've had regulars fuck me for years and I still don't know their name.
  17. Understand that my question isn't about random sex with strangers. That I'm all up for. But although I've embraced the BB scene (read: become a total slut), I still like to see the guy. And that's not to say he has to be fit; often, quite the opposite is hotter. But for me, I'd far rather lie in a sling, seeing all the guys using me and the guys watching. Maybe I'm just a very visual person, but the turn on comes from seeing their face as they fuck me/cum inside me. Spitting in my mouth. The occasional rough slap. I don't get any of that in a darkroom, at least not to the same extent. Plus, I can use the visuals for later wanking/lesser fucks. Thoughts?
  18. I've got to say I'm pretty frustrated with the men in my area. I don't get alot of chances to have fun what with work and kids taking most of my time so the only time I really get to play are days during the week I'm off work and the kids are at school. I can't tell how many times I've been on Grindr or A4A and have been talking to someone who act like they want to breed me only to have them flake out. I'm pretty clear about what I want and at first they seem eager then nothing. Not really sure what I have to do to get people to follow through and fill me up. Any suggestions on things to try?
  19. True story from Dec. 23rd holiday party. My partner Shane and I went to a friend’s holiday party. It’s a semi-annual event, and always one of the best parties of the year. This year there were around 70 guys attending. There was a small catering team handling the food and bar. My favorite was the blonde waiter; when we chatted, he shared he was a senior in a nursing program and was thinking about PA school next year. The bartender was a muscular guy, shaved head, in his late 30s or early 40s; he was pouring the drinks pretty heavy. I chatted briefly with another waiter, this one a bit shy with dark, thick hair and glasses who was also finishing college, and looking a bit overwhelmed by all the men. There was a really mishmash of guests, ranging from late 20s through early 60s, with the majority in their 40s and 50s. A good cross-section of fit and outgoing gentlemen. I knew about half of the guys from other social events, and a few from prior seasons in Ptown. A few close friends were attending, and I was mingling throughout the night. Shane and I crossed paths now and agin in the house — a 3600 sq. Ft. Home built along the edge of conservation land, so it was nice and private. There was a constant level of flirting and sexual energy in the group; not ususual for one of these parties. Men were casually chatting, rubbing one another’s chest, and breaking the touch-barrier by laying a hand on someone new’s shoulder or around their waist. The buzz in the house was lively as guys moved from room to room, and occasionally out to the chillly patio, during the evening. Around 10 p.m. some guys began to take their leave. I’d chatted with my friends, made some new acquaintances, and even exchanged a couple nice kisses with some new handsome guys. Shane introduced me to a tall, lean red head named Eric, and I chatted with the handsome ginger for a bit before needing to visit the bartender again. There’d also been a slow migration of some guys to the upper floor, which had a walkway and small seating area that overlooked the living room. Guys were hanging out up there, and then disappearing down the hallway. I wasn’t in a hurry to wander upstairs, and was enjoying the conversations still happening on the main floor. Around 10:45 the main floor was growing pretty thin. The last of my close friends that were still hanging around were saying goodbyes. The main floor was littered with empty food plates, wine glasses, and cups. I peeked into the front living room and saw a guy sitting on the couch with another kneeling at his feet blowing him. In the kitchen, three guys were in a tight embrace exploring one another’s bodies under their winter clothing. I decided to wander upstairs and see what was happening there. The master bedroom was at the end of the upstairs hallway, past several other closed doors. The hall was quiet, and there wasn’t much noise coming from those closed rooms. The master bedroom door was opne, but the room was dark. With about 6 feet left to the hallway, I could begin to hear the happy murmurs of men in the dark. There were about 25 guys in the bedroom, a large space with 2 levels — the lower level had a king size bed in the center of the floor looking out a wall of glass into the woods. Behind the bed was a low wall with steps on either side that went to the upper level. Guys were everywhere. From the upper level, I could see a group of 7 guys active on the bed, with one guy laying spread eagle and another laying on top of him. Two other guys were on all fours at opposite sides of the bed being fucked from behind. Around me were small groups of naked men sucking, and I spied what looked like a metal framework in the corner opposite the hallway. I stripped, tossed my clothes behind a chair, and started to wander the upper level to see who was there and where I might join in. The bedroom was filled with happy moans and groans of men sharing sexual intimacy. There were random bottles of poppers and lube floating around, and I took a quick hit of poppers to get myself going; my dick was already rock hard, my favorite leather cockring hugging it tight at the base. My friend Matthew was laying on a blanket on the floor, holding his legs in the air as someone I hadn’t spoken to tonight started penetrating his hole. Three guys were on their knees in the middle of a group of 6 or 7, hungrily sucking one cock after another. The frame I saw in the corner was for a sling, but the sling was empty at the moment — I didn’t think that would last very long. My eyes were adjusting to the darkness, just a few candles punctuating small areas of the room, and casting most of the bodies as silhouettes until you got up close. I picked up a bottle of poppers and took a second hit as one of the guys kneeling reached out and touched my cock; I slipped it into his mouth and enjoyed a nice blowjob before he moved back to the guy on my right. I wandered down to the lower level by the bed. The sounds here were more intense — skin slapping against skin, and short grunts, moans, and gasps as men were being fucked in the near darkness. I had to get close to make out faces. To my surprise, the adorable blonde waiter was bent over the edge of the bed being fucked by one of the hosts. The host leaned over as I got close, and made out with me while he kept fucking the boy. There was a bottle of lube and some poppers laying nearby on the bed, and I reached underneath to feel the host’s bare cock sliding in and out of the boy’s hole. I stepped around and knelt on the bed, taking a hit of poppers, sharing one with the boy, and pushed my cock into his mouth to spit roast him. I looked at the other pairs fucking on the bed, and realized it was Shane laying spread eagle on one side of the bed with the red head plowing into his hole. I felt the thrill that goes through me when I see Shane being fucked by someone. He was grunting over and over as Eric delivered thrust after thrust, his body weight pressing Shane into the mattress. The muscly bartender was standing at the other edge of the bed, stroking slowly as he watched two other guys fucking near him; he occasionally reached over and touched Eric’s ass and ran his hand up along his spine. I decided to walk up top and see if there was an available ass ready to be fucked. My friend Matthew was now in the sling with a couple guys standing near, but no one stepping up. I quickly lubed my cock, stepped up to Matthew’s waiting hole, and started to push in. He and I smiled to each other for a second, then he took two long hits of poppers knowing what was coming, and then the fuck started. His ass was incredible warm wrapped around my dick, and I felt the smooth skin rubbing against my cock as I pumped in and out of his hole. I fucked him with long strokes, purposely trying to have my balls slap against his ass. He started jacking himself, and I picked up the pace as he starting moaning. I went from long and deep strokes, to a more moderate pace, letting the sling begin to do some of the work as it swung forward and back, pulling his hole away from my cock, and then plunging back to impale him again. Matthew was groaning loudly, which totally turns me on, and I started a power fuck, slamming his ass hard as I pulled back against the chairs holding the sling. Matthew and I locked eyes, him grunting and snarling like someone who loves his ass used hard. My pelvic bone was starting to hurt I was fucking him so hard, pulling back on the chains to bring his hole back to me. Matthew grunted and then asked for a break. I stepped back, and helped him up, his lightly furred chest drenched in sweat, and he was gasping a bit. We stood there making out for a few minutes, then he went downstairs for water. I washed off my cock in the shower (I think that’s always polite after fucking someone’s ass), and wandered back toward the bed. There were at least 10 guys on or around the bed, and the energy had become primal. Shane and the blonde waiter was laying on their backs along the bottom end of the bed, with a third guy on all fours beside them. All three were being fucked. Shane was taking the bartender’s big cock, his moans conveying how hot the fuck was. The blonde was giving it up for a silver fox, and the third was impaled on the host’s cock. This is where everything just begins to become a pagent of smells, sounds, and feelings. I jumped onto the bed, and there were others that followed. The next 40 minutes was a circus of mystery cocks slipping in and out of willing holes as tops moved around the bed regularly, I fucked a cute otter at the edge of the bed while watching Shane take the silver fox in his ass, and another guy push his cock into Shane’s mouth. I was just thinking of breeding the otter when someone came up behind me and pushed into my ass. I became distracted by the mystery cock inside me, and the incredibly warm feeling of the otter’s hole. I thrusted forward to bury myself deep, feeling the dick in my slide out to his head; and then pushed back onto the cock behind me while giving the otter a moment of relief. I was caught up in the amazing slippery feelings on my cock and in my ass. There was a rotation on the bed, and I lost my otter hole only to find the blonde waiter sniffing poppers with his legs spread wide. I didn’t waste time taking that beautiful hole, watching the expressions on his face as I began to pump in and out of him raw. A suddenly loud grunting / growling sound was off to my left, and I could make out (through the tangle of bodies) a bearded guy from Connecticutt pumping his load into Shane’s ass. My poppered up blonde was cradling his knees in his arms, lifting his ass up for my cock. I pounded him, shifting my stance a few times to reach different angles in his hole. He vacillated between low moans and quick whimpers as he took another cock in him. I made out with a guy next to me who then asked for a turn with the blonde. I gave myself a quick respite for some water, then returned to the bed. The redhead Eric was back at Shane’s ass, holding his legs wide while he pumped away at the hungry hole. Shane was moaning, and after a few minutes I heard him ask for Eric’s load. The redhead pumped with determination; I could hear their bodies slapping against one another, and felt it in the bed itself. Finally Eric unloaded into Shane, still pumping away to push his load deep inside. I felt someone fingering my hole, but he was a bit too tentative to keep my attention. Meanwhile, the otter was available again, and he presented his hole to me. I decided this was where I was going to finish for the night. I made out with the handsome otter, letting my hardon tease against his hole for a moment before pushing back inside. We found a quick rhythm and made out while I fucked his ass. I felt the urge building inside me to shoot. I looked up and saw one of the hosts bending Shane over the edge of the bed and positioning his cock to enter my partner. “Are you gonna breed me?” The otter asked. ”Fuck yeah!” I grunted. He looked at me with cocklust in his eyes, and I knew I was going to tag his ass. I let the urge build, my cock aching to release, “OH YEAH~” and I let my cum flood the adorable otter in front of me. He started grunting, and I saw his own cum shoot across his chest and hit his chin. 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    So, I was driving from Longview, Tx. Down to Victoria, Tx. The other day ! I was tired asf and knew I needed a nap, but was horny asf! I pulled over to a cheap motel 6 in the corner of state hwy6 and i10(Katy freeway) I checked into my room and took a nice long shower! Got myself all cleaned up and was cruising Grindr while soakin! I knew I wanted to take some dick but I was so damn tired! I figured, what the hell! I took all my belongings out to the truck and parked it furthest point away from my room! Went back in and popped half an Ambien sleeping pill I had pulled from my bag! I was bout to nap really good! I opened up Grindr and I started hitting up some sexy tops in the area! Most were flakes and didn’t have much to offer! I found about 6 that I liked as far as conversation, pictures, dick pic, etc! I knew I wanted them to fuck me! So I sent them all the room number and told them that I was going to be asleep! My hotel room door would be unlocked but rigged so it stay shot ! It would allowed them to push it and open so they could go in and out as they please! Then they could cum and go! well I literally remember hitting send and dozing off! I slightly woke up when I felt a warm hand on my ass! Then my basketball shorts being pulled down past my legs as I lay there! The ambien has me asleep enough to where my body was motionless, but cognitively I was aware of what was about to happen! I could feel warm spit drizzle into the crack of my butt as I a smooth lubed up dick head began to rub against my hole!! I was in a state of euphoria at this point as I feel the elongated firm pressure of his throbbing dick slowly insert itself inside me! I was frozen, could not move! Could do nothing physical to stop him, yet he made his way in as if not to wake me! At this point I am loving the pleasure of this mans dick when he starts to pick up the pace, thrusting in and out ! I could feel his dick hitting every edge of my man cunt! Then suddenly , I hear his phone ring! He stops in his tracks and answers it! (Whispering)”hello?? Ya! He’s here! He sleepin man ! Just turn off the car and y’all come in! The door unlocked! Room 229! Aight! !” Then he hung up the phone and kept on thrusting!at this point I’m still dozing in and out of sleep and I here the door open! I hear foot steps and about 2-3 more guys walk in! They all whisper and kinda gather on other end of the room based on where and how far their voices were! The first dude just kept fucking till he thrust so deep into me and busted his nut! As I feel his balls empty into me, I already feel a body put pressure in the bed to the side of where I’m sleeping! Here I am, facedown , ass up and not able to move my body! The guy fucking me pulls out and then I feel the next guy mount me good! He eases his dick around my hole, gathering the previous guys cum on my hole to line it up! Then he slowly enters me to the hilt and I’m in a state of ecstasy! This was it! It was the beginning of a night long pleasurable sexcapade of taking loads! A total of three from that group fucked me and unloaded in me that night! After they left the other 5 tops I gave the room to slowly trickled in one after another to come in and fuck! Some alone, and others in groups 2-3! Total that night I felt about 13 guys fuck me raw and unload in my ass! I loved every second of it! And I guess the last guy was kind enough to close my door and lock it up , cause when I woke up, it was shut! Huge puddle of cum where I lay, and my ass was sore as fuck! I loved every moment of what i actually can remember, given I was periodically unconscious thanks to the ambien! Thinking of doing it again in SW HOUSTON! Any B.B. anon tops interested in linkin up?? Kik me:Hbrtn713
  21. Looking to start a monthly meet up in any sauna in HK. All bb fuckers meet, no need to talk. Fuck all night. Interested parties pls send me a message
  22. Yesterday I was contacted by a guy who I know from my old Gym. It must be two years since Ive seen him. When we first met I used t see him working out, and after a while he messaged me on Scruff. I had an office nearby the gym and some lunchtimes he would come to my office and fuck me always with a condom, until the last two times when he would fuck me with a condom, then pull it off last minute,push in raw and breed my hole. I think two years ago I took two of his loads, which at the time was a huge turn on for me, and obviously for him too. Since I last saw him I think he has now got his head around the whole PreP undetectable thing as when he hit me up yesterday, it was on bbrts, and he was inviting me to get fucked raw by him, and a friend. He explained that he had started topping during his lunch hours with a friend who has a central apartment and they enjoyed tag teaming bottom guys together. He asked if he could send my picture to his friend, and I agreed. 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  25. Yesterday I worked form home, but I had a serious contract to finish, but douched on the off chance. A regular texted me and came and busted his last load of the year into my ass at 4.20 before heading off to Canada today, then the local gardener who has fucked me a few times before messaged me on Growlr, and cycled over about 5.00, he is a beautiful tattoed dreadlocked Spanish guy, thin muscly and toned with a lovely thick 7 and the most handsome bearded face, came and fucked me with so much passion, blowing a huge load in me after edging me cock with my hole for about a half hour. After we chatted, and kissed until he got hard again, which led to load number two. Now dripping I posted an add on BBRTS saying "three loads in" and a guy I have been chatting to for ages messaged right back "can I be number 4" he arrived 40 minutes later after asking me to set up a door on latch scene where he came in and found me ass up on the bed. he made me suck him hard and work his cock to full mast, and was quite beary and dominant, then pushed in and gave me load number four, even after the first two cocks he felt thick in my ass. He then got me back sucking him and blew load 5 into my mouth. My boyfriend got home about 20 minutes later and couldnt believe how cummy my hole was, and pushed his huge cock in and gave me load 6. However much cum I have in me for him to use as lube, he is so big that it still is a real challenge even though he fucks me as often as he can I just never get used to it. I do love working from home, six loads in four hours.

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