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  1. Sorry...Saunas still closed :(. Ass up door unlocked in Hawthorn all weekend....
  2. Looks like we're getting unlocked so...thought I'd head to Bay City Sauna for the lunch time special ($20 from 12pm-1) and swap loads all day. Bee losing faith in this site for actual hook ups so thought I'd try one last time.
  3. Yummy pussy. Cum take loads with me...
  4. I always stay at Metro Aspire near UTS. No key card for elevator so can get guys to just cum up to room for anon pump and dumps....
  5. Smooth ass up for use in Hawthorn all day and night. All loads taken. Masks on...makes it more anon... :)
  6. Come on guys...Anyone actually hook up from this site? I'll be at Bay City Sauna from noon (Lunch time special) in dark room swapping loads. Let me know you're cumming....
  7. Cum hole up in darkened room in Hawthorn this morning. Bay City Sauna dark room from noon.
  8. Me and 20 year old Asian twink taking loads from 11am today. Door unlocked...asses up for all cum.
  9. Door unlocked, smooth hole up in darkened room in Hawthorn. Wet later.
  10. Door unlocked, smooth ass up in Hawthorn for all loads...Cum and go.
  11. keen for it, anytime. use me, breed me, do what you want

  12. Door unlocked ass up in Hawthorn. Guys come in and use my hole, cum in it and go... Three cumming now.
  13. Will be in darkened room at Bay City Sauna from noon today taking all loads....
  14. Door unlocked, ass up for loads in Hawthorn. Wet later...want to go preloaded.
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