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  1. Had a friend growing up in NYC. He used to come over for sleep overs. We'd build a tent and played around. Once when I was fifteen we were playing some spring loaded pool game and he came up behind me and pulled down my shorts and stuck his cock in my ass. I kept playing pool while he pumped cum into me. Same year was on a field trip to DC. Went to a bathroom and there was a cock sticking through a hole in the wall. Sucked it then backed up on it. Liked having anon cock in me. He pumped and filled me and I've been doing that ever since.
  2. Doing this scene while COVID around. Just had two masked guys one after the other come into my apartment and into darkened bedroom. Each made me suck them, 8uc and 9c, to get them hard.... One guy likes to eat and suck on my pussy the other stick their tongue in as far as possible then they both fuck me raw and call me a slut while Bareback Cock Whore Hypno from plays in the background. Got three loads yesterday. All used hand sanitizer on way out. I'm the supermarket of cum dumps. Essential...
  3. Two tops cumming at 2pm Aug 2, Sunday. Door unlocked asses up. Hawthorn. More tops and bottoms welcome. Masks required.
  4. Door unlocked ass up scene in Hawthorn. Masks required. Eat my hole load it and go...Other bottoms welcome.
  5. Ass up Aug1-2. Door unlocked cum and go...
  6. I just leave my door unlocked and have my ass up in darkened room. Guy after guy comes in and eats my boi pussy then pumps load into it. Just providing a community relief service. Mask only comes off when their tongue is roaming inside me. Going all weekend in Hawthorn, VIC AUS.
  7. Can host in Hawthorn. Door unlocked, asses up in darkened room. Masked tops and bottoms welcome....
  8. Door unlocked 2 asses up in Hawthorn. Pump and dumps only. Masks encouraged.
  9. Got two loads yesterday from guys in masks...need more today. Can host trav around inner east.... Like to suck on holes too and load them.
  10. I like taking anon loads...nothing surprising there. Lots of guys wearing face masks now. I like it as it feels like they broke into my place and are raping me. Thoughts?
  11. Going July 11-12. Door unlocked ass up for use. Cum and go....
  12. Masks encouraged. Just cocks pumping cum in holes....
  13. Hi Guys, Thanks for all your responses. Glad I wasn't going crazy...well 🙂 Doing group today and tomorrow if interested. Bottoms and tops. Door unlocked asses up scene. Butt buffet for tops to unload in...
  14. Going today and tomorrow...

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