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    Hawthorn VIC
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    Anonymous sex, gloryholes, used condoms, dark rooms.... Toilets.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    White,VGL,Smooth guy
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    Like guys to film when they're in my asshole.
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    Cum in my ass pussy

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  1. OCT 19th...Door unlocked ass up taking all cummers... Hawthorn.
  2. Door unlocked, ass up all weekend...Masks cool...Abuse hole, load it and go.
  3. Hawthorn. Double vaxxed ass up for all loads... Abuse my hole, cum in it and go.
  4. More loads please...
  5. Door unlocked, vaxed ass up in Hawthorn for all loads. Pump and dump during COVID. Other bottoms welcome...
  6. Door unlocked, vaxed ass up in darkened room taking all loads. In Hawthorn. Others bottoms welcome for tops to swap holes.
  7. Door unlocked, vaxed ass up in darkened room in Hawthorn. Cum and use my hole...
  8. Door unlocked, double vaxed ass up for all loads. Everyone know of Sniffies? sniffies.com/join/5f361d6cae2bea2298509de0
  9. Door unlocked...double vaxed (No such thing as fully vaxed) hole available for all loads. Hawthorn. I try again... 😞
  10. Got three yesterday...so there is hope.... 🙂
  11. Door unlocked 17-19th in Hawthorn. Double vaxed, smooth hole available for all loads. Other bottoms welcome. Like when tops swap holes...
  12. Does anyone actually hook up in Mel from this site? I know we're locked but no communication from here at all. Got three masked loads today BTW.
  13. Door unlocked, smooth, double vaxed ass up for all loads. Like to eat smooth ass pussy and load it too or can bottom with me. Masks are cool.
  14. Two loads in. Double vaxed ass pussy available for loads all day. Door unlocked ass up. Cum in me...
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