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    piss smoke raw poz fucks
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    dirty sleazy poz pig. love smoke sex, piss, leather, rubber gear, humiliation, poppers, chems
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    other dirty sleazy poz pigs

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  1. Where are you . Wanna swap diseased loads ? 

  2. stopped them 20 years ago, will never re-use them. why should I use a condom when I can fuck bare?
  3. wann bekomm ich mal deine Viren?

    1. mjkuhl


      Nach mir.  Ich bin dran.

    2. jizz70


      hab genug Drecksviren für 2

  4. Love your poz cock man. Would definitely let you get inside this neg ass and spray your AIDS

    1. jizz70


      fuck yes that's what my poz cock is here for. love to share

    2. poshtoxiccock


      Give me toxic cum :) 

  5. thanks for the follow, so want to get sleazy as fuck with you

  6. I’m your cumdump, use me please

  7. Hi what area are you from

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. kangar0


      Hi, I will be in Switzerland in October 

    3. LoadsTaken


      My family is originally from Switzerland! Still have some relatives there and some cool family history....!

    4. LoadsTaken


      Tried to PM you...but you can't receive them...so hit me up...I'll fill you in!

  8. Thanks for following me here and please let me know if you hear of any poz conversion parties. I'm happy to travel to an event

  9. thanks for the following sexy!

  10. Please knock up and Impregnante my tight neg hole!!!!

    afternoon for me to come over and you force and stealth Impregnante my neg guts completely full of your hot poz cum and your hot toxic piss I would show up and you will have a completely full bladder needing to piss so bad that you can barely hold it in until you get hard and demand me to strip and assume the position and I face down ass up and you start to work your hung thick cock into my neg tight hole and work completely balls deep so your up in my guts and grab my hips and hold me tight against you and tell me that you have a big surprise for me and I have no choice but to take it and to get ready because here it comes and just as it starts to blast into my guts you tell me that you really had to pee when I showed up and can't hold it anymore and are already peeing inside me and you have a completely full bladder and hope that my guts can handle it all and I have no choice but to take it all because you can't stop now then when done you start to fuck my neg tight hole and when you start to feel the pressure building to need to cum soon you will tell me that you are getting ready to cum soon and I will begin to beg you to please pull out and please don't cum inside me because I'm not on the pill and will get pregnate then once you can't hold back no longer as you make one last thrust going completely balls deep and hold me there you tell me your going to cum and to get ready because here it comes then as the first squirt is shooting straight up my guts you tell me that I have no choice but to take it your already cumming and when your only halfway through shooting your huge load you tell me oh yeah and your also poz and have a very high viral load and you shoot huge loads and that your huge poz load will mix with all of your hot toxic piss and will insure that I'm impregnated with your poz babies then slowly pull out and demand me to leave?

  11. fully agree, only a raw fuck is a real fuck, no condoms ever here
  12. jizz70

    ff / fuck party

    and I'll add mine :-)
  13. that's what I always expect from the bottoms I fuck
  14. same here, agree fully to that
  15. love it when the bottom begs loud to get the gift, and then he'll hear dirty poz talk from me

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