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    piss smoke raw poz fucks
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    dirty sleazy poz pig. love smoke sex, piss, leather, rubber gear, humiliation, poppers, chems
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    other dirty sleazy poz pigs

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  1. same here, agree fully to that
  2. love it when the bottom begs loud to get the gift, and then he'll hear dirty poz talk from me
  3. no way, perfect attitude. never used condoms and soon got converted, now proud and poz and love to share
  4. Make me a poz pig... I’m the pig part just desperately lacking and craving the poz part.

  5. I absolutely agree. As a top I expect from my bottoms to accept my load inside.. will never pull out before cumming
  6. come fuck my neg ass 

  7. Why can't you take messages?

    1. jizz70
    2. Leatherman667


      Tried to send you a private message, and it said 'Jizz70 cannot take messages'.

  8. condoms or no condoms?

    I fully agree to that. only NO condoms should be allowed
  9. Hey fellow poz bud -- thanks for the follow

  10. would love to impregnate your hole by my massive unmedicated poz meat

    1. gaynevets


      I'd love to be filled with toxic swimmers!

  11. level 6 here too for more than 10 years poz and proud, love to share and take any seed only raw
  12. im getting mixed up now know been chatting on realtime u same guy pop over to hastings 

  13. Tx for following me

  14. I would gladly take your POZ piss, cock and cum - use me as you would please!

  15. Thanks for the follow...always happy to be followed by a fellow pig. 

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