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    piss smoke raw poz fucks
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    dirty sleazy poz pig. love smoke sex, piss, leather, rubber gear, humiliation, poppers, chems
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    other dirty sleazy poz pigs

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  1. Fucking love the pic.....into cock and ball torture,fisting,raw sex,piss,rubber leather,dirty jocks,poppers Chems ,drugs and smoke sex....fucking love dirty pig sex.....

  2. Hey there!  Big smoke fetish here...hit me up!

  3. Hell! Love all your stuff! Hit me up I NEED your load if possible

  4. You have a magnificent profile BBro.  Would love to shotgun you Marlboro reds….  Perhaps on a Train?  SBB? 

  5. Hey sup man can you please help me out and poz me ?

  6. Beautiful profile daddy. If only we’re closer so you can poz me 

  7. Please poz me man 

  8. Hey sup man will pay for your flight to the USA if you can come poz me up want to get into Chem sex and end up poz please help me out 

  9. Hey man please poz me want to get partied and pozzed so badly text me will fly you out to me 732-895-6493

  10. Hey man please poz me want to get partied and pozzed so badly 

  11. Hey man are u located in the US? Hard to find bros that like skin gear. I got a bunch

    1. jizz70


      sorry Switzerland here, Europeans love skin geaer



      Shame. So do I man. Hard to find locals into it

  12. How u man 

    1. jizz70


      horny for a good poz fuck

    2. 1nOnlyCumDump4All


      U n me both when ur ready man my neg hole is waiting (929) 473-0424

  13. I like your pic with bleachers and rangers, especially because they are white. I'll gear up in the evening in the same style and look to get some loads. 

  14. I need your poz seed. I wish we can share our poz fluids my bro. Very hot Skin

  15. Hey bro I will help get you to the USA so you can poz me do you have a messenger to send you a message ?

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