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  1. Average here, but I get a lot of compliments because my cock curves up pretty sharp and I’m pretty thick. I like to hammer the bottoms prostate to watch him in pleasure. I seem to get bottoms to cum easy.
  2. I’m vers and my husband is a bottom. I can’t think of the last time I fucked him and didn’t have my hole full of someone else’s load. Maybe 5-6 years
  3. I’ll be there... probably swapping loads day and night like every year. Can’t wait!
  4. Thanks. My guess is I probably bred 300-400 guys when I worked at the arcade
  5. Strictly a BJ to climax 500-750 guys over 20 yrs of my sex life. I worked in a porn shop with an arcade for 2.5 yrs lol. I gave excellent customer service. 😉
  6. I shoot huge high pressure loads. Nothing beats the look and reaction when a bottom experiences that.
  7. I up the hospitality. I have lube, poppers, weed, cock rings a few toys. Anything to keep their interest and pleasure up. If they want to fuck for 2 mins the have what they need to blow and go. If they fuck for 30 mins we won’t need breaks for anything. A lot depends on the vibe of the guy. If he’s shy I keep it simple so he doesn’t get overwhelmed and leave. More experienced guys that take the lead I cheer them on.
  8. Getting my nuts rubbed after I unload. After the session and we are relaxed I love to have my nuts gently rubbed and massaged. Doing it right can also get me brewing another load quick. I have my regular buds trained on this.
  9. There’s a lot of variables to this. Condition of my hole and the type of cock and load shot. If I’m loose it’s definitely not as noticeable to feel the throbbing. If he’s thick I can usually still feel it. There’s a difference if he stops while in orgasm or keeps pounding. A lot depends on dick and load because most guys don’t shoot hard but ooze. I don’t usually feel the temp as the friction makes everything warm. If he’s a shooter then sometimes I can feel it depend on depth and angle. The thicker the cock the more I feel his pulsating. I shoot high pressure big loads. I have an average leng
  10. At IML a few years back I went to a bb party one of the evenings. I was a bit buzzed and horny as fuck. I can’t remember for sure but I think I put my bare dick in about 20-25 guys that night. I’ll never forget at the end I was sobering up and I remember how different each guys ass felt. I bred 4 guys and took 4 loads. I had about 15 guys dick me through the evening It was one of the best parties I’ve been to to this day. I’ve still never seen so many guys breeding each other in person.
  11. I can usually tell if it’s Just a casual low key fuck. Occasionally I need to ask if they did cum because it was so boring I missed it. I’m into vocal fucking so usually not an issue when we’re engaged in a hot vocal session.
  12. I only bb but when I bring a guy home from the bar and they request it a condom, I don’t want to be anti safe and risk losing a hole to cum in. So I have some “prepared’ (tip snipped off) in my nightstand. I can’t remember the last time I bagged a load.
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