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    Slim skinny built 46yo total bottom slut, loves cock and cum, loves to submit to and be Used like a slur by my Tops.
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    Gangbangs, daddy tops, wired fuck sessions, long hot sessions.

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  1. 4anyone2use

    My night as a Cum Dump

    OMG. Saturday 2 December 2017, what a night, I came to the realisation that I truely am one greedy insatiable total pig slut who absolutely loves to be Fucked and Used like a whore. I met up with my new friend and fuck buddy at his place at 4.30pm for a Wired fuck session, he fucked me senseless with his 8 1/2 inches of thick uncut cock in just about every position you could think of in a marathon session that lasted 6 1/2 hours, only stopping because I totally wore him out ?. I left his place at 10.30pm, still horny as all hell and wanting more cock. I then went to Sydney Sauna on Oxford st at 10.45pm, where I got completely naked, set myself up in one of the downstairs Cubicles, got on all fours, arse lubed up and in the air ready to take on anyone who wanted to fuck me ?. I stayed there all night until 11.30am Sunday morning and ended up having my arse fucked and Used by a total of 12 guys, 10 of these dumped their loads deep in my hungry hole and only 2 wore condoms, it was so fucking hot, got a few massive cocks too, including a big black cock, I sucked at least 7 cocks which was a bonus as all I really wanted was to be fucked? I was so fucking horny, I couldn’t get enough. I left the Sauna at 11.30am, but was still so horny, so quickly headed to the Pleasure Lounge just up the road, went into one of the cubicles took my pants off and bent over the bench where I ended up being Fucked by another 5 guys who all dumped their loads in me. By this time it was 1.30pm, my arse had been well and truly used and abused, so I decided to head home feeling tired happy and totally satisfied, having spent the last 21 hours being a total slut and loving every minute of it, never had that many guys fuck me in one 24 hour period before, a total of 18 guys fucked my arse, dumping 16 cum loads inside me and 7 cocks in my mouth. Very satisfied little slut here, who will definitely be doing this again very soon ?
  2. 4anyone2use

    Being tag team fucked and bred by 2 brothers 18/11/17.

    Was fucking hot, having a repeat performance in a few weeks, these guys were fucking awesome, hung thick cocks, one 8.5 cut, the other 9 uncut, they fucked my face and arse repeatedly for 6 hours, I took their multiple loads down my throat, and up my arse, was verbally abused, treated like a total whore, spat on, pissed on, double penetrated and fucking loved it ?
  3. 4anyone2use

    Being tag team fucked and bred by 2 brothers 18/11/17.

    This will be a wired tag team session, I can’t wait to totally submit to both these daddy brothers and let them Use me any way they want. Afterwards I’m going to head to straight to Sydney Sauna in oxford st and take on all comers, I’m such a pig slut cumdump ?
  4. Having one of my biggest fantasies come true on Saturday 18/11/17. I am hooking up with 2 daddy type brothers, who will be tag team fucking using and breeding me. I’m such a greedy insatiable pig bottom slut, that once they are finished going through me I would love to be Used by more Tops. Willing to take on all comers, please message me here if you want to have a go too.
  5. Slim built 48yo Total bottom Cumdump slut, seeking to get wired and gangbang bred by 3-5 Tops. Any Tops keen for a hot wired wild breeding gangbang of an eager to please little fuck slut, hit me up, once I have the numbers, I'll book a hotel room. Guaranteed cumdump slut here, just gagging for it.
  6. 4anyone2use

    Cumdump bottom slut wants breeding

    Postponed due to Family Emergency will reschedule for later date. Sorry for any inconvenience
  7. 4anyone2use

    Cumdump bottom slut wants breeding

    Just confirming I will be here taking loads this Friday 14/7. Know of 7 guys definitely coming to fuck and use me already, hope to take on a lot more.
  8. Skinny bottom slut cumdump will be at Sydney Sauna, oxford st, Friday 14/7 from 4-11pm looking to be fucked and Used and to take as many loads as I can get. I will be blindfolded, my bf will cover my body in permanent marker with Cumdump, Fuck slut, Spit on me, Use me, Trash etc I love to suck, be fucked, be spat on, be verbally abused, be treated like a slut, swallow and have cumloads blown in my face or deep inside my hole, submit to my Tops, be spitroasted and much more. Come fuck and use me if you're free, guaranteed slut willing to take on all comers. 4anyone2use squirt dot org profile
  9. Hey guys, I'm a slim skinny fair skinned 46yo total bottom slut,I love to suck cocks, swallow cum loads and have my tight hairy little arse fucked senseless. I'm keen to be gang bang fucked raw and used like a total whore by a group of masculine top guys for their pleasure and mine. Would love to totally submit and be Used, will swallow and or take your loads up my hole, you can spit on me, piss on me whatever you like I'll be up for it. I especially like daddy and bear type Tops. Keen for one Friday night as soon as possible, can't host but willing to come to you. Please hit this slut boy up, I want it so bad.
  10. Slim skinny built fair skinned 46yo total bottom slut will be here Friday 20/11 from 9.30pm being Whored out by Daddy Bear Top, this slut loves to be Fucked and Used, will take on all comers, loves to swallow and have cum loads blown over his face, loves to be seeded.Come use his eager holes.

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