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    Group fucks with horny sleazy barebackers
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    Horny fit older guy into NSA great sex. Chem friendly, love saunas for multiple loads and sloppy cum fucks. Hungry hole for outdoors fun, love being bent over fuck tree with a line of guys waiting to fuck the cum out of me or into me
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    Guys any age/ colour who are low on attitude high on having fun. Raw loads, lots and no pullouts . Chem friendly obvs

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  1. It’s been ages due to Covid and winter, and desperately needed to get fucked. So the only option was to go to the heath, as one load was never going to be enough. I was getting horny all afternoon gave myself a proper cleaning and sat on a butt plug to get loose and ready. By the time 8pm came around I was seriously leaking, anticipating a great night and finally, some raw loads. I am about 15 minutes away, lubed up i jumped on my scooter and headed up. I had a pair of loose trousers so could totally step out of them and use them as a rest. Parking up I could see a few cars, so headed off down to the path to the dark room, which is a dark leafy area . As I entered I could see quite a few guys already here. I got to the log, took my trousers off and presented my naked ass to the room. Almost immediately one of the guys peeled off and I could hear him crunching towards me. A hand caressed my ass, and then a finger dawdled over my hole, slipped in and could feel the warm lubed ass, ready, waiting. He shifted behind me, I heard his zip and then he shuffled towards me, I could only look down between my legs to see his jeans. Then I felt his cockhead nudge against my hole, gently probing, the mix of precum and lube leaving a warm trail as he gently slid up and down before hesitating, and slowly pushing in. That first cock head is the best moment, as you feel,your hole open up to the pressure. He slowly pushed in as I accommodated his cock, not big but a nice size, perfect for the first fuck. Once in he stopped and I heard him crack open some poppers, sniff hard twice, and then after a hesitation slowly slid all the way back in. I groaned out loud and arched my back. “ you like that don’t you” he whispered, as he started to pull out and push back in. I milked his cock as he pulled out, opening as he thrust in. He groaned, he wasn’t going to last long. He started to pick up speed and I ramped my hips back to meet his thrusts, his breath grew ragged. I could hear others nearby moving in. He sped up, grasped my hips groaned load and rammed in hard, his cock pulsating up my ass, his juice flooding my guts. It felt so good as he held still, his cock pulsing three or four times, then he leaned forwards, resting a moment and whispering “ great ass you slut”. I put my hand between my legs to feel his balls and cock as he slowly pulled out, and caught a little dribble of cum that I quickly licked up, and then moved my hand back to feel my cummy hole, all warm and sticky, with that fresh fucked smell! He zipped up and pulled away, but barely had he stepped away when I felt a thick finger slip into my hole, deep, mixing the cum in my ass, he took his finger out and pushed in two, cum leaked out, it was a big load. “Smells like a slut”, he said out loud. I murmured in agreement, don’t give me the chat just slip your dick in I thought! And sure enough looking between my legs I saw him slip down his trackie, a pair of muscular legs shifted towards me and a fat mushroom head prodded till it found the right spot. He then thrust in hard, taking my breath away, I arched and pushed back to slam my ass back up to his balls. His cock must have been 8 inches and fat, because it filled me. This guy was riding me hard, pulling out and slamming in, and each time he pulled I sucked at his cock with my ass muscles, and could feel the slimy oozing cum. I slipped my hand underneath to feel his full balls, my fingers sliding either side of his cock to feel it’s slippery hardness. We had a real rhythm, him thrusting in hard as I pushed back, my ass opening each time he thrust in. We kept this up for 10 minutes, his hands caressing my stomach as he leaned forwards, both of us sweating hard. “ I’m cumming” he gasped, “breed me!” . And with one final hard thrust he pinned me, his cock slipping deep and hard, swelling as he held me tight, pumping load after load into me. I clamped down on his cock to keep him inside me and pushed back against his hips. He arched back, nestled in and kept his cock inside me until it started to soften. I moved my hips forwards, held his shaft with my hands as his softening cock slipped out, warm, slick and still meaty. I rested my head on my arm, leaning against the trunk, that was a proper fuck! My ass was open and sloppy, my fingers dipped in, and could feel the looseness and brought my fingers back to my mouth to smell and lick the cum. Stayed there for the next few hours and must have taken another 6-7 cocks and a few more loads. By then I figured it was time to move on to the fuck tree. Got there and it was crowded! About 6 bottoms along, asses pointing out and tops buzzing around, fucking. I joined the far end, dropped my trousers and started to bend out, pushing some cum out, but was too far along. Shuffled along into the middle to get that proper bend, back arched. Reached under my balls to finger and stretch my hole. I could see feet shuffling, and then suddenly a cock nudging my hole. Slick and slippery it glided in and nestled deep a moment, and then started pumping. But a few minutes and out again, my ass empty. A few minutes later same thing. I knew he was loving it as he clearly didn’t want to cum.so off again, and then finally he’s back, settles in and starts to pump, my ass opening up to the warm firm thrusts, the cum leaking out making that beautiful sticky, slappy sound of a well bred hole. He picks up the pace, I thrust back to match his rhythms, his balls slamming into my ass. We are both going faster, then I feel him stiffen and push hard, all the way in. His cock fills out, pulses and he shoots deep and hard inside me. A few seconds of hard pulsing, he sighs, leans forward and rests on me as he cock slowly softens. My hand reaches under my balls to feel his shaft as it slides out, a rush of warm cum into my hands and out. A great night, and time to go home!
  2. Always deep in my hole mingling with the other loads, makes my hole slippery, velvet and warm, but do love to finger it out so tops can see I’m loaded, the idea of tops wanting to fuck my loaded hole makes me super horny, and they know I am a slut. Also get that beautiful cum smell from a seeded hole, guys can smell it and are drawn to it
  3. Agree! Have a few fuck buddies, but ultimately you know their moves. Anonymous sex means every fuck can be different, you never know if you are up for a pump and dump or a long pounding or a slow n’smooth. It’s so sexy when the cock slips in and then finding where you are going to be taken and not knowing. The triggers change you move your ass differently, bend, thrust back as you find their rhythm and intent and push to get the load! Delicious !
  4. Love this place, kneeling on the main fuckpad, arse up waiting for cock, and then feeling it before you see it! Like to be a bit high when I turn up so more slutty and more available
  5. I used to hook up on anon sex sites and meet with guys, really enjoyed it. I became a cumslut when I started going to sex clubs and realised it wasn’t about a man fucking a leaving his load but men, and the more men the more addictive! It’s the mix of knowing that the first cum attracts more so you get more fucks, that you feel better and better when you fill up and the cum is dribbling out, and the reinforcement that others see you as a total slut and drives their sexual energy even higher , every load I have makes the next one even better!
  6. I’m here! Chokulo
  7. Will go to SBN / Vault 139, whichever opens first (not seen much on SBN btw) and go to the naked night, bend over and look to have my ass well filled multiple times, and then celebrate by taking my creamy ass up to the Heath to give those guys a chance to also fuck my cummy hole
  8. Favourite is bent over the fuck tree at the Heath, not knowing or caring who is looking, and loving that moment when you look down, see the feet line up and the first touch of a finger to feel the sloppy cum hole and then the push of the hardening cock deep into my ass
  9. Thanks for the follow, v hot!! Need to get to NYC more often!

  10. At SBN in London once, had probably taken 8-10 loads already and is was towards the end of the session when you had guys leaving. I was so honey I remember squatting to feel my cum filled hole in one of the main areas and letting it dribble out onto my hands and then licking it off. A guy passing saw me, got me up and onto the barrels, called me a slut and power fucked me for about 5 minutes, sloppy sloppy ass and a lot of noise, he groaned loudly before depositing his creamy load, slapped me on the ass and headed off, which drew another few guys, who could see the cum dribbling out as I lent forward and opened my cummy ass again !
  11. When SBN (event in London every Sunday) was running (here’s hoping it comes back soon). I would get there close to opening time. Get myself into a good position and take cock for the next 7 hours, moving around when it quietened down in one spot. Typically would get perhaps 20 -30 fucks, maybe 10 loads+ . Some sundays were better, where you would suddenly get a line of people and 4-5, last time I was there close to closing time probably took 7 loads in about 30’ as people were looking to dump before heading out
  12. Tend to be in more anonymous situations in clubs etc, so show my appreciation by pushing back with his rhythm, groaning and as he comes dialling up the sounds of satisfaction , don’t talk much except to encourage and enjoy
  13. In London the Heath is amazing! The dark room is good for early evenings fun, but the fuck tree can be amazing. Last summer with the sex clubs closed I remember going to the dark room around 8pm and taking about 6 loads, and then heading to the fuck tree around 12pm. By then the tree was covered, had to squeeze in to get my ass outwards, there must have been 50 guys at a time looking to fuck about 10 bottoms. After about 5’ one guy came to try my hole, which was v sloppy by then, realised it was cum filled and kept dipping in and out over the next 10’, a few thrusts then leave, before coming back and pounding me, then holding still as he pushed his cumming cock as far inside as possible, shot his bolts and collapsed on me, before slowly pulling out and I felt that liquid gold feeling of cum dribbling out.
  14. Would always rather be bred, that sloppy feeling you get as the cum dribbles out is the best ever! But happy to get fucked as well, just love that feeling, particularly right at the start, the head that slowly pushes then pops in. It’s best I find when you can’t see them so you don’t know the cock size or shape till it tries to get in. Over a night provided I am getting some loads, guys can feel it and want to fuck sloppy seconds it is always a good night, but really good to end on a du,p
  15. I tend only to go to clubs and saunas as when I have sex I want lots of it. In London pretty much everywhere has bareback sex. The Heath is probably the best, but SBN is where I get most of my loads. Rarely do i leave with fewer than 10 and may have one condom fuck all afternoon.
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