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  1. Anyone interested in rimming. Would you rather the asshole clean or dirty?
  2. (NCPOZTOP) That's what I've encountered w total tops. It's all good. It's a personal preference.
  3. I often get bare fucked by this one guy I met on grindr. He's pretty controlling and likes to put his his feet in my mouth, and likes my face in his ass. All of which I'm happy to do. He fucks me and Completes inside of me. He's pretty controlling and often rough. I don't know if that makes me a sub or not. But we have a good time.
  4. What separates the total bottoms from submissive bottoms Out there. And what makes for a fun time when being a submissive bottom
  5. Stories of submissive bottoms being total slaves for tops. Doing what they do best to please the top and not taking into consideration their own needs.
  6. Does anyone else like stinky feet in their face?
  7. When going Bb what are the best lubes to use. I like Vaseline but it's super messy. Any other recs?
  8. We have all used the term submissive bottoms... But are there submissive tops who totally get off on pleasing their bottoms! And do we call them sub tops or are such tops just referred to as tops that aim to please??!! Sometimes it is kinda nice to be asked what we like (when we bottom) vs what they want!!
  9. Where is the best place to meet guys that wanna fuck raw (w the least amount of flakes)? Bbrt, craig's list, grindr, A4A... etc. I live in a large city but still experience a lot of flakes. I know it's inevitable. I am just curious...
  10. For those who get into the piss scene... Which is better?
  11. Has anyone ever fucked a bottom/stealthed a bottom by using a condom (when he asked) but also used oil based lube in the process....
  12. Bottoms: what's the longest period of time you have carried a load in your ass. Also what's how many loads have you taken without emptying your ass!
  13. Bottoms: Where do u prefer the top to shoot his load... In your mouth so you can enjoy the taste or deep in your ass when he's fucking you??
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