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    Midwest United States
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    Blasting loads in poz ass, swallowing poz loads, being tied up and tormented, watersports, verbal, rape fantasy.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    Versatile Top
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    Fit and moderately hairy guy, and new to this after a long relationship ended 2017, so I've finally given myself over to my inner pig. Got on PrEP 5/2/17 so I can start fucking poz guys to blast my neg load in their hot poz ass, and to be dominated by a poz man and forced to swallow his toxic load. I'm a versatile top with fucking, and switch with bondage.
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    None. But I want a sir to take video of me and upload to popular porn sites as part of my due humiliation and degradation.
  • Looking For
    The Background section pretty much covers that.

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