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  1. Thanks for following me.

  2. Thanks for following 😈

  3. Been more than a week since I had a dick bust in me.  Need a few today.  Who can help?

  4. Hey m8, cheers for the follow..

  5. Fuck! Wish you were closer!

    1. musclefk


      Thanks man.

      Hot ass

  6. Thx for the follow buddy

    1. bottomguysea


      My pl3asure, stud

  7. bottomguysea

    Using other tops cum as lube

    @jockstrappd as we have talked about before, stud, anytime, anywhere!
  8. Horned up as an afternoon fuck's load is drying and pulling my hairy asshole.  Would love a top(s) to wet it back up and add to the cum in my gut.

  9. bottomguysea

    Using other tops cum as lube

    Fresh or frozen cum in the only lube I let my tops use.
  10. Hey sexy man.  When are you tdaveling my way next?  Craving a day with your cock buried in me.

  11. bottomguysea

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Was working in the yard today in just a pair of silkies when a delivery was dropped off. The guy was a hot bearded fucker and when he walked by he stopped and said how sweaty I was and must have been working outside for a while with his growing crotch right by my face. I stood up, took my shorts off right there in the front yard and walked to the back of my house as he followed. He ran his hand down my sweaty back to wet my hole and pushed his cock deep. The zipper from his shorts was cutting up my ass as he plowed hard and fast. Two minutes of hard rough fucking and he was pulling out leaving his load in my hairy cunt. We walked back to the front of the house not saying a word. He got into his truck and drove away. I found my shorts and pulled them up loving the fact that as he would drip out of me the rest of the afternoon, my neighbors would see the wet ass stain in the silkies.
  12. love the image you use for the cover .....love receiving or being underneath.....esp when high

  13. getting obsessed w piss and fisting.  One step away from being owned by a Master.

  14. Thanks for the follow man. I'd love to eat out your loose loaded up hole.

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