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    sorry no pic in process of updating it
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    I have never used a condom and never will. I only bb and love to know if the guy is poz and even better if he wants to be. 4 years a go I did a slam with a friends poz blood. It was so hot. It is hard meeting guys in a small town that are into bb sex let alone poz, but I keep looking.
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    2 things....poz guys to fuck and fill mu ass and neg young boys that want to become poz

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  1. Thx for the follow Sir!😊

    1. horny4bb


      you are hot as hell to look at.  I am hard just looking at your pics. I would love to have my hard dick in your ass, make you my personal fuck toy and make you do anything I say weather you want or not, you would have no choice. have you taken a poz load yet?

  2. horny4bb

    Been Nailed or Nailed a Porn Star

    I would give anything to be fucked by Sean Storm do you know if he is poz?
  3. You are a hot looking guy. thanks for the pics

  4. your ass is to hot I could fuck that for days

  5. I agree with you 100% a true bb btm should welcome any load and not complain. Just say thank you and may I have another.
  6. Hey pig. We are a German slamcouple.  I am looking for aids breeding. We are without medical.  Let me fill in the aidstrains  and other toxic.  

  7. horny4bb

    Piss up the ass

    Piss in the ass is so hot. One day I had someone piss in me and cum early in the morning and I left it in for over 12 hours
  8. Thanks for the follow!

    1. horny4bb


      no prob you are so hot

  9. I love that you want to be fucked bu homeless guys.  Even though I am mostly a top, a hot fantasy of mine is to get very high and have as many guys fuck me and piss in and on me, but the men have to all be poz or have other STDs.  I want to be blindfolded and filmed.  I would not know what the guys look like till I watch the film. 

  10. Thanks for the follow, sexy brother!

  11. horny4bb

    Piss up the ass

    wow. to keep it in all day till the next morning must have been so hard. so proud of you. I kept it in for 14 hours. It was so hot but there was so much. and full of crystal, I was in a lot of pain at the 14 hour mark. I had to let it out. But it was the best feeling I ever had. I would do it again in a sec
  12. thank you so much for the follow!  

  13. You are so cute. I wish we were closer, I would love to fuck you

  14. Fuck.... you're one hot poz daddy ;). I'd love a good hard breeding off you sometime 😍

    1. horny4bb


      Any time you want:)

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