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    Poz guys with lots of cum
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    I have never used a condom and never will. I only bb and love to know if the guy is poz and even better if he wants to be. 4 years a go I did a slam with a friends poz blood. It was so hot. It is hard meeting guys in a small town that are into bb sex let alone poz, but I keep looking.
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    My goal is to be poz by New Years

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  1. Did you accomplish your goal of becumming poz but the new year?

  2. when I top the feeling of me shooting in a btm as it fills his ass and surrounds mt dick. as a btm the first explosion into my ass
  3. fuck, if a hot 19 year old were to call me and wanted me to be the first guy to fuck him or even if I wasn't the first I would do it in a sec. no tests just dump what ever I have in him.I would assume a 19 year old would not say that they are taking raw loads
  4. for me it depends on where I meet the guy, if it is on here or bbrt I don't say anything I assume that they are on a bb hook up site cum stays in. In the past picking up guys at a bar I still bb but go slow at first to see if they react to my dick in their ass, if none (and so far there has been none) I am the one that says I am ready to cum and always it has stayed in. When I party now I have 2 house rules 1st as soon as you come in get naked, even if we don't fuck all have to be naked, 2nd cum stays in the ass when you get fucked.
  5. I know just what you mean..my only dream and wish is to have him fuck and breed me
  6. I btm as much as I top. The way I feel is that I love taking loads in my ass and as a btm if some wants to fuck and fill me I take it. I don't consider that chasing, just a good btm. My feeling is bb bottoms take loads poz or neg does not matter the load is the only thing
  7. I think that question is so funny. When I am asked I think clean as showered and of course I showered so I say yes. I told this to me poz fuck buddies and now they same thing the btm thinks 1 thing top thinks other. btm gets a poz load and feels great about it
  8. Oh my god.  I have never been so excited.  last night I connected with a hot poz pig that as agreed to fill my veins with his poz blood, as much as I want.

    1. LoadsNeeded


      Awesome man! Good luck! Hope you achieve your goal. Being POZ is incredible...I'm proud. I'm hooking up with a HVL POZ Black Top later this week...he's gonna give me my first slam and fill me repeatedly with his POZ cum! He said he is even willing to give me a blood slam when we do round 2 on the poinT! 

    2. horny4bb


      he will keep giving me his blood till he knows I am poz.  

  9. Thanks for the follow 

  10. I would give anything to be fucked by Sean Storm do you know if he is poz?
  11. You are a hot looking guy. thanks for the pics

  12. your ass is to hot I could fuck that for days

  13. I agree with you 100% a true bb btm should welcome any load and not complain. Just say thank you and may I have another.

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