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  1. Suppose a major tech company has just developed a smartwatch that can regularly run STI tests and update your test results in real time. Would you be willing to share those results as well as your medical history with potential sex partners? Here's an example of how it might work Upload your real-time results to an app like BarebackRT or Grindr. They won't show your data to anyone unless you consent however your data can be used in the search filters. This could be beneficial to both chasers and non-chasers: A chaser can go to the filters on Grindr and slide the slider for viral load all the way to the 'max' On the other hand a non-chaser can say only show anyone who is negative or undetectable, or on meds etc. So you don't have to go through the data yourself the app could filter out anything that's a no-no, maybe or hell-yes for you (easy as saying show me 18 to 35 year olds, 6' tall, 9 inches and Right now only) On Grindr, if you meet a straight married guy who's a little nervous about fucking you raw you could ease his mind by ticking unlock medical results and history (and you can request his as well), that way he can see all the up-to-date details he wants and assume there's no way to fake the results. Do we need such an app/service or is it taking things too far? It would be really helpful for those of us who still freak out every time we bareback. What are your thoughts on this?
  2. bbicurious

    Whoring: nature or nurture?

    I can relate to that. For the most part I try to be sensible but now and again i have this period where I am so horny I cannot fight my urges. It's as though I have this force driving me to load as many asses as possible and honestly it feels like an out of body experience, as though my mind shut off and my body was in control. Afterwards I feel bad about my behaviour even though I know I'll do it again. I start to inhibit myself and keep myself from indulging in my desires but that craving is always in the back of my mind; when I say no to just going out there and being a total slut it feels as though I am fighting my true nature. There is something hard wired in me to want it raw and have as many guys as possible. I can't even imagine myself ever putting on a condom, it's a bit of a turn off now.
  3. bbicurious

    Whoring: nature or nurture?

    So liking cock - that's nature. But what about liking LOTS of cock, craving it and craving it raw? Tops, bottoms, vers, do you think you were born to be a full time barebacker?
  4. bbicurious

    Letting another guy control who fucks you

    It would be very thrilling to have a bottom I can whore out. It's like you get to control who fucks the bottom but you also control who the top fucks as well. I tried to set this up once but it didn't work out. The best part for me is how sleazy it feels to be the man in the middle, swapping pics back and forth, its even better when the bottom is picky because you have to sell both the top and the bottom to each other. And when you have a cum dump on one side and a generally straight shooter on the other side, you have to do some sweet talking to make it happen, it's like being a pimp except you don't collect your cut after. Even though I don't bottom I find the idea of pleasing an alpha male really appealing and while I probably wouldn't do it myself, it'd be an honor to find him a cum dump who can satisfy him. I think its even hotter for both guys to meet for the first time without ever having any contact with each other, not quite knowing what to expect, its purely physical some real pump and dump action.
  5. My question is really directed towards guys who bareback but still want to look after their health and not take "unnecessary" risks, guys who are not actively bug chasing and guys who are not "no loads refused". How are you preventing those STIs? Is there anything you look out for on a BBRT profile or something? What are some red flags to look out for when arranging a meet? What questions have you found to be useful? Is it realistic to bareback and expect to stay healthy? Any tips you have will be much appreciated I'm asking about general STIs and not really concerned about HIV because there are many threads here on how to prevent and manage HIV. Since condoms don't offer enough protection against STI's transmitted through skin-to-skin contact (syphillis, HPV etc) this will be useful even for guys who play safe sometimes.
  6. When I top, I can definitely feel the difference between fucking raw and fucking with a condom. Fucking raw just feels way better on my dick, just the skin on skin contact alone. Releasing my load inside a guy fills me with this feeling that I am leaving a part of myself inside him and I find myself pushing my load deep inside him. if I found out that he squirted it out, it would insult me because I want my load to be fully absorbed into his body. I feel the strongest bond to the other guy when I am unloading and immediately after, especially when I can feel and see my own cum on my dick, leaking out of his ass before I pull out. For me, topping raw reduces me to my primitive state where my only desire is to deposit my seed inside someone, and accomplishing that is so satisfying. So that's why I like to bareback when I am topping and which is why I am willing to take on the risk. On the other hand, the few times I bottomed (different cocks 8+ inches no reason why it shouldn't rock my world), it didn't feel like anything was happening down there. Maybe my ass is just not sensitive but it felt like it was all about his pleasure and I was just the means to his pleasure, which I was OK with but there was no real physical pleasure from the fuck. even though I haven't bottomed raw, I doubt that I would have been able to tell the difference between a raw and condom dick in my ass. So my question is for guys who bottom raw: What do you get from barebacking that you couldn't get from being fucked with a condom? Do you really feel when a dick is raw inside you, is there a difference in how it feels in your ass? Would you be happy barebacking if the guy pulled out before cumming or is the load very important to you? I hope you can explain to me your experiences and feelings and just what's going on in your mind when you're bottoming raw, thanks

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