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    Dominance runs naturally in my blood, I was always a bit bossy boot in my youth, with a seductive smile I could get anything I want. It was fun to be perceived as such an innocent and so shy whilst in reality. I am a MASTER and l am looking for a slave to train, if you are interested just inbox me your email or email me at muscleseancabana @ gmaiI . com
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    Love to be your MASTER and be desired.

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  1. Thank you my breeding servant, did you message me already? You look hot back boy also.


    . what? 

  3. Then what are you waiting for my servant? I'm waiting.
  4. Then what are you waiting for my servant? I'm waiting.
  5. Obedience, transparency, service, devotion, trust. You will be my slut, slave, muse, treasure, and best friend. You're excepted to meets all my needs, to please and serve me. And I will mold you and train you very specifically to do that. And discipline you when needed. I feel a great deal of responsibility towards a submissive and take this seriously. In turn, I will offer you love, care, acknowledgement, protection, guidance, so much more--to include the exploration of your desires.
  6. Have you looked at my profile yet? If not, could you please take a look at it and let me know if you're interested? Send me your email if you are interested, okay?
  7. storymix@yahoo.



    1. storymix


      ???Sorry, I only speak German, I use automatic translation here


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