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    Asian bottom here. 5'11", 180lbs, 34" waist, 6" uncut. Not into w/s, scat, pain, blood or other weird stuff. STD free here.
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    Not Applicable
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    I'm into: Kissing, Groping, Making out, Sucking, Getting sucked, Getting rimmed, Getting fucked and pretty much all other bottomish things. Love gloryholes, anonymous fucking, public sex, gangbangs, and video.

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  1. ☣ Fuckin' Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Please keep sharing your pix & adventures. Wood love to breed your cumholez. Thanks for the Reps, & following me too. xox

    1. Z92435


      You want to fuck my raw boypussy until cumming inside? I been so horny, I'm almost desperate for cocks and cum inside...

  2. Woof! You are so hot, bro

  3. Thanks for the follow.


  4. Thanks for following me

  5. Thanks for the follow, i am gonna follow you - hope we meet some time

  6. Thanks for the follow, pig!

  7. Thanks for following!!

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    2. Gayasian


      I message you on skype just now

    3. trshaverx


      its says messaging unavailable! no message!

    4. Gayasian


      weird. maybe try kik?

  8. Thanks for following me! Wish you were closer.

  9. Woof. You're probably used to getting this, but this Asian bottom would love to have you use and abuse both my holes. You like having raw boypussy walls spasm to milk your shaft nonstop?

  10. Woof. That big cock looks amazing, bro. If you enjoy having it being milked by raw boypussy walls, I'm totally one of the Asian bottoms who'd like to squeal and whimper for you while serving that amazing dick, until you'd spurted deep inside my hole. 

  11. You are such a sexy, handsome stud, no matter if you're top or bottom, bro. Won't lie, I've been watching your Amsterdam gloryhole sucking video, and I'm the most turned on during the end, when you're stroking your fat, curved Puerto Rican cock. 

    Today, I totally let a fat brown dick that looks like yours rub its tip against my boypussy that I spread against the gloryhole... Until the owner just stabbed it roughly against my boycunt and forced it into my raw boycunt. I just rubbed my sensitive nipples to force my raw boypussy walls to spasm and milk that bareback cock fucking me, no matter what... 

    If you're here in SF again, you've gotta gloryhole fuck my raw boycunt good. 

    1. Jackfoster


      so fucking down man, love the gloryholes at SF near folsom. fucking hot.

    2. Z92435


      You speak Spanish? If you do, have you had the chance to go to try mission bookstore when you were here? It's filled with hot latin laborers...

  12. Thx for following  ;)

  13. Hi, thx for the following ;)

  14. Hey thanks for following me! Hope I (won't) corrupt you, lol

  15. What a nice pussy

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