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    Asian bottom here. 5'11", 180lbs, 34" waist, 6" uncut. Not into w/s, scat, pain, blood or other weird stuff. STD free here.
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    I'm into: Kissing, Groping, Making out, Sucking, Getting sucked, Getting rimmed, Getting fucked and pretty much all other bottomish things. Love gloryholes, anonymous fucking, public sex, gangbangs, and video.

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  1. Woof. You're probably used to getting this, but this Asian bottom would love to have you use and abuse both my holes. You like having raw boypussy walls spasm to milk your shaft nonstop?

  2. Woof. That big cock looks amazing, bro. If you enjoy having it being milked by raw boypussy walls, I'm totally one of the Asian bottoms who'd like to squeal and whimper for you while serving that amazing dick, until you'd spurted deep inside my hole. 

  3. You are such a sexy, handsome stud, no matter if you're top or bottom, bro. Won't lie, I've been watching your Amsterdam gloryhole sucking video, and I'm the most turned on during the end, when you're stroking your fat, curved Puerto Rican cock. 

    Today, I totally let a fat brown dick that looks like yours rub its tip against my boypussy that I spread against the gloryhole... Until the owner just stabbed it roughly against my boycunt and forced it into my raw boycunt. I just rubbed my sensitive nipples to force my raw boypussy walls to spasm and milk that bareback cock fucking me, no matter what... 

    If you're here in SF again, you've gotta gloryhole fuck my raw boycunt good. 

    1. Jackfoster


      so fucking down man, love the gloryholes at SF near folsom. fucking hot.

    2. Z92435


      You speak Spanish? If you do, have you had the chance to go to try mission bookstore when you were here? It's filled with hot latin laborers...

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  5. Hi, thx for the following ;)

  6. Hey thanks for following me! Hope I (won't) corrupt you, lol

  7. What a nice pussy

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  9. Although I've long to be a *true* cum whore, in the sense that my mouth and boy hole are strictly the property of my dom top, for him to use , abuse, share with other fuckers, and even to enhance his profits, I know that I'm not ready for it. But, I've always thought that if I ever could manage to make a long-held fantasy I've had come true, it'd serve as a kind of cum whore training for me. Specifically, my fantasy involves public gloryholes. Back in my college days, I used to love slurping horny random cocks on-campus, especially the times that I realized that it was one of my particularly hot frat boy classmates; whenever I started slurping their bare rods, I couldn't stop myself from taking 'em deeper down my gullet while my lips are stretched around their thickness. Of course, when they cum, I eagerly gulped it down, only leaving a bit in my mouth to taste while I licked their cocks clean. My fantasy, and really my regret, comes from two times when my random hornydawg wanted to be my random horny fucker, but I chickened out when they'd asked me to press my boy hole to the wall. Thus, my rape fantasy is to be forced by a dom sadist top to go through with it: He takes me to a bookstore with gloryholes, where he first makes me slurp strangers' cocks through a gloryhole while he plows me bare until he sperm lubes my hole. Then, while I'm cleaning off his cock, my sadist forcibly presses my cum slicked hole spread against the wall and holds me there, even as I struggle, until the first interested anonymous fucker comes to stab his raw rod deep inside. I should stop struggling against the wall after the first few random rods pump me full of cum. While keeping me spread, my sadist humilates me: Whenever my hole gets dicked good, he make me say aloud that I'm the kind of whore that don't want him to stop fucking, that I wants this anonymous raw cock to keep jabbing my hole, even if meaning I'm letting a unknown stranger's wads spurt in deep. Through it all, there's one cam underneath the wall to film how each and every random raw cock uses my hole until cumming, while my sadist's holding another cam pointed at my face to get my facial expressions and everything I say, my sadist ensures that if I don't obey as his property, this full vid gets released. Finally, after the first few gloryhole fuckers, as I'm being gloryhole fucked, my sadist quietly and randomly unlocks the booth door and opens to show my sluttiness to all the hallway horndogs, up until he choose one or three to join us in the booth to get sucked while watching my gloryhole fuck. I don't get to pull off the wall until my sadist decides he's got enough anonymous fuckers to use me properly.
  10. Hi, thanks for the add here! Great profile as well! :)

  11. Fantasy. What's you current?

    The fantasy involves first meeting a hot sadistic dom top at the bookstore, where he feeds me his fat rod while he rubs my sensitive nipples to make me insatiable for dick, and as other horny dudes put their cock through the gloryhole, he switches back and forth to make me suck some of the gloryhole cock too. When he's rock hard and spit lubed, he just stabs his raw rod deep inside and rape my hole raw rough while he's pushed my face to the gloryhole, and I'm made to suck anonymous horny cock until each one spurts my mouth full. After my dom top use my hole for his pleasure enough to let his sperm wads spray a thick coat over my boypussy walls, I'm pulled off whichever gloryhole cock I'm sucking on, and he makes me repeat after him that true bottoms' holes belong to their top, to be used however the top wants, while he's fingering my cummy ass. Suddenly, he surprisingly flip me about, quickly force spread my cheeks, and press my open boycunt to the gloryhole while I struggle, as he tells me he'll be training me to be a true bottom by passing around my hole. I'm forced to stay pressed up tightly against the wall by his arms, until suddenly an anonymous horny fucker's raw cock slides up my hole. That's when I realize my sadist top's filming my facial expressions with a camera phone and he's also put another one on the floor in front of the gloryhole to video how every raw random cock rapes my pussy until they shoot inside, before the next guy stabs his bare dick deep in my used cunt. As I'm taking the gloryhole fucking, my sadist top's continually rubbing my sensitive, hard nipples to force my uncontrollably quivering and spasming anal walls to tighten and milk every gloryhole fuckers' raw dick until I feel that pulsing which means they're spunk is filling up my ass. Starting with when the first gloryhole guy impaled my raw boypussy, my sadist top's making me describe out loud how it feels to let each anonymous guys gloryhole fuck me raw. While filming how I'm forced to admit I'm such a cock starved whore that I'll let random guys raw gloryhole fuck my hole because my top's ordering it, and since only whores lets guys use their holes simply because their pimp said so, I've become undeniably my sadist top's cock slave. So much so that while the random fucker's bare rod's slamming into my pussy harder and harder, my sadist top films me saying that while I loved to suck gloryhole dick, I've never let myself get gloryhole fucked because I was afraid, but getting my hole used this way feels so good that I don't want it to stop fucking me... even though it means it'll cum up my guts sooner. Hell, as his pumping speeds up, my sadist top makes me loudly state that I'm begging this anonymous cock to cum in me. Then, as expected, while I'm being fucked by the next gloryhole top, my sadist top's feeding me his cock. Then, when he wants to, he actually open the booth door to clearly show everyone how slutty I'm being, even waving in some of the hotter hallway guys to get their dick sucked alongside his, while I'm taking the gloryhole fucks good. As the hallway top gets sucked to fully hard, my sadist top spun me around to let his bare cock to forcefully stretch open my used cunt, while I continue to slurp both my sadist top's rod and the next gloryhole cock. After taking load after load after load, as fresh sperm leak down my legs, my sadist top finally allows me to stop taking raw gloryhole cock, saying he'd picked a number between 12 and 20 which I've reached. In addition, he'll be putting the combined video of me being a pass-around gloryhole cock whore on xtube for all to see. I beg him not to, but all he says is that the video's getting posted whether I like it or not. But, if I follow orders as his whore, get pass-around to whoever he commands, even being blindfolded and sling fucked, he'll minimize how much my face show up and blur out top of my features. That's how I start being made to satisfy the pleasure of tops as a good bottom should. If you want, you can text me at 4152360784
  12. Hell yeah. I always wanted to get forced by a dom top to let lots of horny fuckers use my mouth and hole, filling both until cummy. Particually if it involves gloryholes. Where do I sign up?
  13. Name: Jeffie or Slave Cell: (415) 236-0784 (text only) Times available: Text and see. If available, I can meet you within one hour. Mostly prefer late nights or early morning. Age: 27 Height: 5' 11" Weight: 169 Race: Asian/White mix Want to be trained by a sadistic dom top to be a total bottom: My holes are my top's property to be abused and/or shared how he wanted. Especially if forcing me to realize my longtime fantasy about first being made to suck gloryhole cock while my dom top use and cum lubes my hole. Then, I'm forcibly spread against the wall while I struggle, but as my top wanted it, one after another horny anonymous gloryhole fuckers stab their raw rods deep inside my cummy hole to get milked until they spray their thick wads and sperm coat my pussy walls. All loads and cock taken, will love the conversion if commanded by my dom top to take it.
  14. Awesome tales, dude. You and/or any other hot chem tops on here ever interested in actually using and pimping out a boy's hole sometime? Hit me up by text at 415_236_0784

  15. Quetstions for the bottom boys.....

    what do you crave most? Cock or loads deep in you? The craving I experience is to get used by raw cocks, having horny fuckers just roughly stab themselves deep inside my boypussy. However, once the horny fucker(s) are using my slick hole for their pleasure, while my quivering and spasming cunt walls involuntarily milks their fuck stick, as much as I worry about being pozzed, I fully admit that I can't stop letting raw dick fuck me until their rods starts pulsing whilst their thick sperm wads gets sprayed all over my tender anal walls. So, I guess I get into taking both, even if the insatiable hunger is for raw cock. do you ever feel satisfied or are the cravings insatiable? Depends on if any of the tops have good enough cocksmanship to fuck the cum out of me. Once a top fucks the cum out of me, I begin to stop wanting to take dick after dick. I'm typically somewhat of a cock hungry moderate, since while I do hunger to get used by raw cocks, I'm not normally the "Keep on going! Don't ever stop!!!" type of bottom, possibly because I get concerned about catching something. I will say that, though, once I've taken a good sized booty bump of Tina, I become totally dick starving and just want to get whored out endlessly. how many loads does it take to turn you into an “any cock, any hole, any load” guy? For me, it's not how many loads, but whether or not I've taken a Tina booty bump. Without a bump, I usually get cock drunk enough to take between 4 to 6 dicks before I either get the cum fucked out of me, or I've taken enough dick to get the cautionary senses to activate. However, once I've taken a bump, should my sensitive nipples get rubbed by either myself or a pimping top, my boypussy just endlessly want to get forcibly ripped open as one raw dick roughly stabs itself deep for a good rape breeding, right before another horny fucker takes over. how old were you when you first realized it was about your hole/pussy/cunt and not your cock? Was it innate and there from the beginning or did you learn it over time? Around when I was maybe 11. Before actually trying sex, I always wondered why the bottoms on porn have that utmost bliss look on their face. From there, I started to fuck myself with things around the house. Well, once I felt how good it feels to have a pole thrusting in and out of one's ass, I pretty much confirmed that I was a bottom through and through. The hottest opening line i ever heard was, “i don’t care about my cock.” Do you even think about cumming? Do you have a need to? Yes and no. If it's a normal fuck, I'll want to jerk off to cum after I got filled up by the top. But, if it's a session where I'm taking dick after dick, nothing feels as good as having my sensitive nips rubbed while the top whose cock is up my boycunt gets tightly milked. Feeling waves of pleasure, both from the pumping cock in my boypussy and having my nips tweaked, is much more intensive and long lasting than cumming. when you are home alone, do you play with your hole or your dick? I usually rubs my nips while jerking my dick. If that doesn't do it, I'd have to prepare, and get out the dildoes. are you afraid of how deep your cravings are and the levels you will submit to in an effort to satisfy them? Yes, if I'm not careful, I could easily become one of those Tina addicted bottoms who just want to get used endlessly. Do you tell your friends about your cumdump desires or are those separate and secret? Some friends know, others don't. what would you choose…sucking a hot guy’s huge dick or taking a taking a heavy-set daddy’s load up your ass? Being a bottom, I'd enjoy both. If possible, I'd probably first suck off hot dude, then bend over to get fucked by daddy. Anonymous sesssions or do you prefer to see who is fucking you? Typically, I prefer to know who is fucking me. But, one fantasy I've long had is to fully submit to a sadistic dom top the way that a true bottom should: My holes are his property, ready to be used whichever way that bring my top the most pleasure, particularly by whoever he wishes. Meaning, after using my holes to milk out his loads, my sadist top can easily force me to take other horny fuckers' cock and sperm. A long time fantasy is for the sadist top to make me suck anonymous gloryhole cock while fucking me, then rapidly forcing my cummy hole to spread wide and pressed tightly against the gloryhole wall. And, although I'm struggling to get away, the first anonymous gloryhole cock slides in and starts to raw fuck me good, while sadist top's tweaking my nips and humiliating me for letting anonymous guys raw fuck my boypussy through the gloryhole one after another. Is there anything more important to you than taking loads? Being a good person.

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