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    Asian bottom here. 5'11", 180lbs, 34" waist, 6" uncut. Not into w/s, scat, pain, blood or other weird stuff. STD free here.
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    I'm into: Kissing, Groping, Making out, Sucking, Getting sucked, Getting rimmed, Getting fucked and pretty much all other bottomish things. Love gloryholes, anonymous fucking, public sex, gangbangs, and video.

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  1. Z92435

    Pozzing The Ginger

    Sir, You say that you love making horny slutty faggots learn how to be a good cumwhore that surrender to your will to be wreck fucked and cummed in by strangers. Would you be interested in blindfold one boy, using either a discarded condom or some leftover strangers puddle of cum found in the booth that you finger or possibly gathering enough to get squirted up his open boycunt, even maybe forcefully shoving a shard of tina inside to melt try with the loads- finally, you can forcibly spread his exposed raw boypussy against a gloryhole... If you allow, a camera is placed underneath the gloryhole to video the entire event, showing off his exposed raw boypussy along with each one of the bareback nasty cocks invited to rip into his raw boypussy, fuck nonstop until they'd be spurting thick sperm wads inside that open boycunt? This is my raw boypussy. Always wanted to be owned and trained by a top to be his gloryhole bareback fag boypussy to whore out or share
  2. Where are you 

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    2. poshtoxiccock


      I can’t get anyone here and just ignored 

      inneed you 

    3. Z92435


      You like sharing and whoring out a fag's raw boypussy to let few horny random strangers bareback fucking it through a gloryhole to make him full of unknown loads from studs whose face he didn't see?

    4. poshtoxiccock



      you know anyone who would stay as long as with me 

  3. Z92435

    Exhibitionist Barebacker

    Dude, Always wanted to be forced into letting few aanonymous guys raw gloryhole fuck my raw boypussy to cum inside, then possibly get forcibly put in the fuck bench, sling, or open door showing my legs tied to arms and raw boypussy exposed and shown off to all men... Tell me: When you let all 44 faceless perverts stab their bareback cocks inside to fuck your boycunt until spurting, it feels as awesome having each cock wrecking your faggot cummy boypussy as I think? If that's the case, then I gotta get my raw boypussy publicly raw fucked and seeded by lots of horny men....
  4. Z92435

    What is your Ultimate Sexual Fantasy?

    I wish I was owned by a sadistic enough top master that he love this thought: I go to somewhere like an adult bookstore or porn theater, spreading my raw boypussy against a gloryhole like jap wants, and getting forcibly filled with anonymous cocks and thick sperm wads inside my raw boypussy... Want to meet my top, get on my back with my legs up and spread to the sides, basically showing off my exposed raw boypussy to him. Feel his mouth and tongue jabbing inside my raw cummy boypussy... When I feel an unexpected anon cock stabbing in my raw boypussy, my top's cock stuffs my mouth while he's command is I must offer my raw boypussy to serve this faceless pervert.... I milk that raw shaft nonstop until feel him spurting. My top master force my raw boypussy to serve two or three more anonymous cocks who he's having jizz inside my horny fag sleazy boycunt... When I get fucked by the next cock, my top lets me see the guy who's horned up enough to plow my raw boycunt... Either he's got the door open, or possibly I realize he's placed me on a bench or stool- My raw boypussy is desperately horny and positioned to be shown off to all men... My top forces the next anonymous cock inside my raw boypussy, his tongue swirling around my sensitive hard nipples, I whimper and squeal loudly while some horny random stranger's bare cock's pumping in and out of my mouth and another horny real man's bareback cock's raw wreck fucking my raw boycunt... I'm forced into just keep letting these men use and fucking me. After everyone's satisfied and leaves, my top make me count how many marks on my ass... Then, sliding my raw cummy boypussy down a stranger's bareback cock in the theater or dark maze, my top pulls my legs back, and I get double fucked by one after another horny real men....
  5. Hey how are you? amazing ass:-) and profile indeed



    1. Z92435


      Thanks. Just sent you a message. 

    2. cardoc49


      you are welcome - sorry didnt get any message

  6. ☣ Fuckin' Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Please keep sharing your pix & adventures. Wood love to breed your cumholez. Thanks for the Reps, & following me too. xox

    1. Z92435


      You want to fuck my raw boypussy until cumming inside? I been so horny, I'm almost desperate for cocks and cum inside...

  7. Woof! You are so hot, bro

  8. Thanks for the follow.


  9. Thanks for following me

  10. Thanks for the follow, i am gonna follow you - hope we meet some time

  11. Thanks for the follow, pig!

  12. Thanks for following!!

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    2. Gayasian


      I message you on skype just now

    3. trshaverx


      its says messaging unavailable! no message!

    4. Gayasian


      weird. maybe try kik?

  13. Thanks for following me! Wish you were closer.

  14. Woof. You're probably used to getting this, but this Asian bottom would love to have you use and abuse both my holes. You like having raw boypussy walls spasm to milk your shaft nonstop?

  15. Woof. That big cock looks amazing, bro. If you enjoy having it being milked by raw boypussy walls, I'm totally one of the Asian bottoms who'd like to squeal and whimper for you while serving that amazing dick, until you'd spurted deep inside my hole. 

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