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  1. Is anyone going to trough next weekend. I am flying in from Adelaide and hope to take as many loads as possible in 12 hours
  2. Yeah - me too - I let the top decide what he wants to do - happy to do protected or raw.
  3. It’s prob the best opportunity in Melbourne at SOP party - it’s pretty piggy - but you know - no guarantees
  4. Next one is Good Friday and then 24th May
  5. Reminder - Club 80 are hosting Nud on Sunday of Australia Day weekend from 9pm. I’ll be in town taking loads!!! Australia Day Long Weekend PartySUNDAY 27th JAN
  6. HQ is re-opening on the weekend of Sept 29 under the new name of Trade. Woof Club have a party there Sept 29 http://www.woofclub.com/syd-next  Barcode are having a party there Sept 30  http://clubbarcode.com.au/  Trade has new owners and new staff and renovations!
  7. Flights and accommodation booked for grand final weekend - will be looking to take loads for sure
  8. I’m in Melbourne this week W 13 - S16 June staying at Gatehouse - will def be checking out NÜD this Friday night for some breeding action. Any tips?
  9. If you’re on Twitter check out @hardonlondon - when I’ve been in London these are the best nights ever! Also check out @fetishpig for some inspiration. This is a great resource too: https://www.patroc.com/gay/london/cruising.html Good Luck

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