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  1. thanks for the follow mate! 

  2. always wanted to be with 2 guys that are related to each other...
  3. Noticed ozpills doesn't take Visa anymore as payment, where do others get there little blue pills from?
  4. Will be up next weekend, looking for a furry dad to seed on the Sunday....
  5. Always wanted to breed a dad/son, ideally dad in his 60s, son in his 40s.
  6. so who got loads, and how many, and who deposited theirs?
  7. Will be in Sydney the weekend of 22 & 23 April... may have some free time Saturday arvo, possibly Sunday as well. Wondering who'd be up for a breeding? Must be around Surry Hills area. Furry dads to the front of the queue.
  8. Make slight detour to Griifth, get some country seed on the way through.
  9. Staying just south of Port Mac mid-Feb 2017... looking for bottoms.. prefer hairy n mature but not set in stone.
  10. If ya driving between Sydney and Melbourne during the festive season, break up your journey, live kinda halfway... break up your journey and get a load into ya, or down my thraot, or both.. rememebr, stop, revive, survive!
  11. Will be in Sydney Saturday 1 August.. thinking of hitting 357 during towel free to seed some arses in dark room... any takers???
  12. Meeting a guy there Sunday of Easter weekend, after I do him, more than likely will be keen on seeding some more arses before then return train that night.. what's it like for BB action? Heard mainly pretty boys only go there? Rather the more mature, fit, hairy kind! Kinda don't want to go there (contact will only go there) and don't want to spend another $25 odd to go to another venue!
  13. very few aussies on those sites.. plus beastforum seems to be mostly bi orientated...

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