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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Ex-boyfriend and I didn't use condoms in the relationship but had arrangement to use them outside the relationship. Recently split with boyfriend and I decided to go 100% bb. I've got poz and neg buddies. I enjoy hot raw sessions with new and regular fuck buddies.
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    I enjoy it all: short intense pump and dump play, longer party sessions, indoors and outdoors, 1on1 and group, teen and up, joe-average and bull-built guys.

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  1. out of messages.

  2. Hi love your profile, poz not on meds

  3. Are you coming to Gold edition on August 13th?

  4. Poz, not on Meds, is so sexy and supercharged.

  5. Totally fucking sexy bro

  6. I think poz, not on meds guys are sooo hot.   Will be going to the next Gold Edition @ club 80.

  7. XTube - spreaDNAround - Orgy: Onik! Four loads in one bottom (hotel fuck) This is the same bottom in "Oink: Churring the Butter." This time, 4 tops go to town breeding this hot bottom, who take cock and cum like a champ. I had not intending on videoing this but the 1st bottom in the video told me how hot it was to see me use his cum as lube in the video. So I asked, "Want me to record this?" he said, "yes." So here you go. This bottoms ass was filled with cum. You can see the hotel sheets stained with wet cum. Poor maid:(. Added: 3 days ago http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=j2WzA-G407-
  8. Title: I fuck young horny stranger bareback at mall center By: understallqc URL: http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=YWwc8-G507- Video Details: I fuck young horny stranger bareback at mall center This anon twink wank his dick on the next cabin to me .. I saw him on the floor .. He knocked on my door and i fuck this cute young stranger bareback , i cum deep inside his cute ass .. Runtime: 2:28 Date: 6 hours ago
  9. Treasure Island Media's "Slammed" (scenes 4 through to 8) was shot 59.94 frames per second (FPS). The 59.94 FPS version was released/distributed. If you slow playback to half (i.e. 29.97 FPS) the motion/action is good quality (i.e. very smooth). Shooting porn at 60 FPS is something I'ld like to see catch-on. Sure it results in a larger file (double the number of frames per second) but the quality of slow-motion playback is excellent. Historically video is 29.97 frames per second (FPS) for NTSC (North America) and 25 frames per second (FPS) PAL (Australia, Europe). Digital file formats
  10. I had several boyfriends in my 20s but none that were really comfortable or satisfying – at an emotional level or sexual level. In my early 30s I enjoyed two relationships (boyfriends) that worked out really well. Both relationships lasted about two years. I was single for about 12 months between both relationships. We enjoyed awesome sex in the relationship and outside the relationship. The first relationship started out as fuck-buddies. Over several hookups for sex casual chat revealed also shared an interest in 80s pop music and had a number of friends in common. When we both grew frus
  11. I don't find the cutting and blood at all erotic. There are so many other hot ideas TIM could explore before going for the really niche stuff. Liam Cole demonstrates creativity and imagination by using a variety of locations: London apartment ("Slammed"), park/health/common ("Wild Breed"), leather dance party and a diverse range of sex/cruise clubs ("UK Beef Bangers", "Pounded"). Liam Cole also dares to share a bit more personality of performers. Director Paul Morris' heavy dependence on hotel suites (in my opinion) is the single biggest element taking the shine away from otherwise great sc
  12. Ex-boyfriend...loved it when he'd ccollect random load on his way home from work. He might let me see it slide out. Sometime when we then get more turned on we'd go cruising outdoors to find more for him.
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