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  1. About five years ago, I hooked up with a guy on Craigslist for mutual oral. I'd always been a top when it came to anal sex. I got to his house and we sucked on each other for a little bit. Then he pulled out some poppers, sniffed them, and offered me some. I'd been with guys who'd done poppers numerous times but never done them myself. I don't know why this time was different, but I sniffed them... and got pretty high. The next thing I know, we were on the floor and he was sliding his cock into me. It hurt like hell at first, but I loved it. I didn't know he was bareback until he came and pull
  2. Whenever I try to upload a pic, I get a message saying the file is too large. All my files are simple screen caps from my webcam. Not sure how to make them smaller. Any ideas?
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