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  1. When you're still hard after a hard day at work



  2. Will he get the job?

    Office - job interview.jpg

    job application.jpg

  3. NLbear

    "Breeding" if not Poz?

    Agree with Orion and Ocelot. Breeding is cumming in a guy. Has nothing to do with poz or neg.
  4. By: AirMaxBBttm https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/hung-uk-scally-fucks-me-hard-in-front-of-hotel-room-window-35364231 Load number 4 of my Liverpool trip! I was staying on the 7th floor of the Mercure hotel and just had an astonishing view! I just had to make a video right in front of the window haha. I found a local scally lad that was more than happy to shoot a clip with me haha. So we did! He had a very nice thick cock and was really fucking me hard, loved it!!! And of course he shot his cumload deep in my raw ass normally I’m not this noisy haha but it I really felt like disturbing the neighbors XD
  5. The few seconds before he motions you to come over and suck his dick


    mensroom cruising.jpg

    1. Dane


      Ahh, the bliss of cruising the urinals 😋

  6. Hit the jackpot with my new virile FB. He's been banging me a few times this week. Last night he made me cum minutes after he started fucking me. Went on to fuck three loads in me in total. Managed to make me shoot again in the last round. Every muscle hurt after he was done and my hole was pretty sore from the constant pounding (him going for his 3rd) but love his stamina.
  7. service station



    1. ronnie4u


      OMG !  HUGE and Beautiful !  :)

  8. Sports challenge...


    wanna play.jpg

  9. NLbear


    Fetish is not really my thing so will be there before that week starts, leaving on September 30.
  10. So do I buddy....


    I clean up well.jpg

    1. RotzBBengel


      yeah, me too... *slurp*

  11. Uhm....nice shorts?




    1. ronnie4u


      HOT !  HOT !  Love your whole profile !  :P

  12. Trying to keep up with my new fuckbuddy's sex drive. He's been over almost every night this week. Two loads in one hour after work yesterday and if he didn't have an appointment he would have gone for #3. Today's a national holiday and most have a day off. It's just 10am now and just got a text from him he's horny. Again. Looks like I have my day filled. My hole too. Guess I hit the jackpot with him but it's been a while since I had to clean out every day....
  13. By: sexualdeviant11 https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/taking-a-pounding-from-a-black-stud-35167741 TAKING A POUNDING FROM A BLACK STUD New video. Some of you have asked if is am ok, I am, nothing to worry about. Hope you enjoy. Please comment, I really do love reading them and the main reason I do this. Gonna be in Seattle 9/13/2018 night If you are interested in breeding my hole. Hit me up.
  14. NLbear

    Whats your Favorite Bears, Cubs or Otters

    If I had to make a choice between the 3 of them I'd say cub.

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