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  1. NLbear

    best bareback hookup sites?

    They have introduced new status options about a week ago, including PrEP. Haven't checked what they all are. I just use the blank in that field.
  2. I have two top fuckbuddies who take pride in making me having an anal orgasm and make me cum handsfree by just fucking me. That is why they are my fuckbuddies! Although I love the feeling of just getting fucked, having an orgasm by just getting fucked is an added bonus.
  3. Express yourself


    I know what.jpg

    daddys boy.jpg

    its not going to suck itself.jpg

    whose jizz.jpg

  4. NLbear

    Taking cock after you cum

    It depends. I'm always hard when I'm getting fucked. I'm careful not to touch my dick then. I know when I jerk off I may be done after I cum. Not always but there is a chance. However, when the top makes me cum handsfree from just fucking me I just get hornier and don't want it to stop. I had tops who made me cum multiple times that way.
  5. Miamibboii https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/raw-bareback-anonymous-37987621 This is a complete part to my Anon Cumdump that I walked in at a hotel he was ass up ready for raw dick. Met the hot fucker on Bbrts. Wanted to take raw loads all night at a hotel well I was around so I was willing to complete the task at hand . Video comes with a cumshot I loaded that manhole reall good
  6. bostontrad https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/hung-grindr-guy-breeds-me-in-stairwell-of-office-37719171 This guy had fucked me before and I wanted to take a video this time. We had both just finished at the gym. I told him to meet me by my office building. We found a tucked away corner in the stairwell and he went to town on my ass. This is why I always pack lube and p*pp*rs in my gym bag - you never know when you'll need them.
  7. NLbear

    a hole is a cunt

    I used to be put off when guys called my hole a 'cunt' or a 'pussy'. Reminded me too much of the female organ. But I got used to it an no longer care, they can call it what they want. I prefer 'hole' though. One guy kept saying he loved my "tight wet cunt" and I liked it 😉
  8. Last weekend a guy I had seen twice before contacted me asking if I wanted to be tag teamed. He had planned a gangbang in his hometown but the bottom had cancelled. So I was a substitute but I didn't care 😉 Brought two buddies. Average guys with average dicks but they knew how to use them. Some spit roast but mostly watching (recovering) and waiting for their turn with a few breaks but keeping me pretty busy. Showed me all corners of the bed. Three loads from one of the guys and two each from him and his other buddy. Was pretty exhausted and all fucked out when they left!
  9. As all GoT fans know Winter is Coming......



    1. arseontap


      My cock flexed as soon as I saw this. Trust me I could get this man warm :) FUCK ME PLEASE! Actually I would go frostbite on the hands and feet for his cock and loads lol

    2. NLbear


      You'd have to beat me to it 😉 

    3. arseontap


      I've seen your arse in the pics. There's no competition man lol. 😍

  10. sexualdeviant11 https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/late-night-officer-load-38234531 This dude lives around the corner from me. Wanted me to come over and get fucked, of course I said yes. During our conversation he mentioned he was an officer so I had him put on the uniform and wait for me. Enjoy and comment! I love reading your comments. Shoot me a message if you want to drop a load or just a note.
  11. NLbear

    German Horse Market

    Dp a search here for "Ficksturenmarkt" and you will be surprised how many entries there are on this event 😉
  12. Do you really need all that stuff for a cumdump weekend at a hotel?



  13. Nice cockring 😉 



  14. Sorry, it didn't when I watched it.

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