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  1. Anonymous loads

    Yes! This reminds me of similar experience. Years ago when I was living in a bigger city I went to a bathhouse regularly. Pretty busy on weekends but slow on weekdays. I didn't know at first it was so slow during the week. First time I went during the week I was disappointed. Hardly any action but the attendant was hot. He fucked me in a room when the only two other guys were playing in the jacuzzi. When I wanted to leave after a while he just said: "Stay". I hung around until the other two had left an hour later and he fucked me again. Told me he worked on Tuesday and Wednesday. Needless to say I returned many times when he was working. Always told me to stay. He was worth hanging around. Always got at least one load from him, sometimes two if he got the chance. Never hooked up with him outside the BH. But I did know his name
  2. School's out, Daddy is in....


    Oh Daddy gif.gif

    1. jaybird


      i wanna eat that boys ass after daddy fucks'n'breeds it :>


  3. Bring it on. NEXT!


    open hole.jpg

    1. mjkuhl


      Just the way I want to be waiting for the next cock to make me feel used.

    2. NLbear


      Let's find some tops and they can take turns fucking our holes.

  4. By: CosmoLover https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/stairwell-bareback-fuck-32414862 Stairwell Bareback Fuck This 40-something dude suggested the spot in Royal Place Mall downtown, but later found out that the reason he was shaking so much was because he was so nervous: "1st time in a stairwell fucking and 1st time filming ever." His face was fucking beautiful. We had a nice make-out after we stopped shooting. Was scary hearing traffic and pedestrian noise on the other side of the doorway... so worth it!
  5. When your top/bottom can't perform.

    Erection problems can happen but if a top wants to hook up with me I expect his dick to go into my ass and I expect that's his purpose too. If he knows he may have problems getting hard then take a blue pill before the meet. That takes some time (an hour?) to kick in so do it upfront. I love sucking a guy but after half an hour I at least need to see some response in his equipment or I take it it's not going to work. So be prepared. Don't expect me to provide viagra/kamagra/cialis and then wait for an hour for it to rise to the occasion. I prepare my hole so you prepare your dick.
  6. Sucking with condoms

    No way. I will tolerate a guy fucking me with a condom if I am really into him but no way will I suck a condom dick.
  7. All fucked out after the weekend!



    1. jaybird


      oh i think there's room for more :>

  8. Busy fucktastic weekend! Started Friday afternoon when I was browsing the hook-up site and got a hit by a young guy who wanted a blowjob from a "Daddy". Wasn't exactly what I was looking for but it wasn't busy and I guess he hit me up because I was close to him. With hardly anyone else online I told him to come over in an hour. Cleaned out (just in case...). A blowjob it was. Guy was quite cute but nervous as hell. He had a nice dick though and it only took a few minutes for him to cum. He thanked me and nervously asked if it would be OK to contact me again? (anytime buddy!). While I was sucking him I had heard the unmistaken sound of an incoming message so went to check after the young guy had left. Message from a guy who was on my 'friends' list. Said he was back in town for work and wanted to have some fun with my 'hot hole' before heading back home. Couldn't remember what he looked like and how it had been but I must have saved him on my list for a reason. Said he could meet after work around 5pm. Fine, come on over. When I opened the door it all came back. Guy in his 40s, big dick and multi-cummer. How could I have forgotten! It must have been two years ago. Aggressive fucker and had pumped a few loads in my ass. He didn't disappoint now. He left around 7pm after pounding my hole until he said his balls were drained and he had to go home. Left me with a sore hole and two loads. Thought it wise to give my hole a rest instead of looking for more on Friday night as I had planned originally. Saturday night I got a text from my regular FB who I usually meet on Sunday afternoon. Said he was bored out of his mind and horny. Was I busy? Never for you. Came over early. He was horny alright. God, that guy knows how to use a hole, love the sexy fucker! Long fuck with one load in my ass then nursed his dick back to life and was rewarded with another down my throat. Thought he would cancel Sunday afternoon after this but he said "see you tomorrow". Then asked if I would mind him bringing a buddy? He only did that once before. Can't say no to that. Was tired after that and went to bed with a book. Another text message: "fuck?" The Polish (beefy 30s) guy who wants to fuck after going out drinking on Saturday night with his straight colleagues. Had totally forgotten about him. Halfway or almost drunk of course, as usual. Sometimes I think he needs the alcohol to give him the courage to text me. He wasn't so drunk he couldn't get it up though. Fucked two loads in my ass in an hour and then rolled over and fell asleep. Didn't wake him up. I am not a fan of guys sleeping over but this has happened before. I was up early and let him sleep in a bit. I told him again he doesn't need to wait another week (a mid week fuck would be nice for a change....). He just nodded and smiled. Not sure if he understood what I said. His English isn't very good. Early Sunday afternoon (the Polish guy had left a few hours before) my FB showed up with his buddy after texting first asking if I was ready. Fit 50s or even close to 60s guy. Said he heard about me from his friend and had asked if he could join some time. Both didn't waste any time. He said he wanted to enjoy my hole as much as possible but he'd be done once he came so he wanted to postpone that as much as he could. What followed was a fucking marathon I haven't had for a long time . Fit Daddy said he would start to "open that hole for his buddy" (not that my hole needed that after Saturday night...). His dick isn't as big and thick as my FB's but he fucked like forever until FB took over for a while and planted his first load. "Daddy" took over again and continued fucking. Damn that guy had stamina. FB took over again and dumped another load. Then Fit guy again switching from hard to slow fucks. This time spit roast with me sucking FB who all the time was telling his buddy to "fuck that hole Paul!" and "Fuck the whore". Never heard him so verbal before. FB pushed his friend out of the way and pounded my ass doggy for what was like 10 hard minutes before he shot again and collapsed on my back. Daddy told him "get off him, I need to cum". Rammed his dick balls deep and started pounding so hard I practically begged him to cum. He kept fucking and fucking and fucking. My hole was sore and I didn't think I could take much more. When he finally came he yelled so hard the neighbors must have heard him. They left soon after that. Paul said he hoped to meet again some time. FB was his usual friendly self again. When I looked at the clock I saw we'd been at it for more than three hours. I was all fucked out and didn't think I could take a dick ever again. No doubt one of the best experiences I had in the last few years! Texted my FB saying it had been great and we should do this again. Got a smiley back with a "Sure, some time". Teaser.
  9. how many loads can you swallow?

    I suppose you mean one right after the other? That would be in a group setting with many cocks. Most loads go in my ass when in a group. Sucked off guys and swallowed too but usually not one right after the other. Only had once or twice that one guy pumped a load in my throat and another immediately followed while I was still swallowing the previous load. Both times that was when I was being spit roasted. So not very often. I did feel like a total cum slut when that happened though. Two loads while I was being fucked as well
  10. I'm a bottom and as I get older I thought it would become more and more difficult for me. More so for a bottom than a top (enough younger guys who love an experienced top Daddy?) I know that 10 years ago I thought my sex life would be over 10 years down the road. It isn't to my own surprise. Sure, not as often as in the past but still more than enough to keep me satisfied. Even some younger guys who want my Daddy ass or who want me to suck them off although most are >35. Sure, plenty of younger guys who contact me and then don't show up (maybe they get off on leading on an older guy drooling over their young dick?) but I had some repeats with guys in their 20s, some even a bit younger (18+). Don't 'retire'. Depends on where you live of course. But I had plenty of dick last weekend (oral and anal) from guys in their 20s, 30s and 40s. That doesn't happen every weekend but then again I don't feel like cleaning out every single day as I did when I was younger ;-). Certainly as a top you have plenty of fun years ahead of you.
  11. By: U2ill4me (skip the dark middle part) https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/insatiable-boipussy-returns-32377332 Insatiable Boipussy Returns When daddy is away, the piggy twink will play! And oh he did play....again, and again, and again... I love fucking sloppy 4ths! Who doesn't?!?!?!
  12. By: barefuckeramsterdam https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/saved-my-cum-for-months-pumped-it-in-a-hot-fuckbuddy-32382862 Saved my cum for months, pumped it in a hot fuckbuddy All the occasional wanks i saved up my cum. Kept it in my freezer. Waiting for a good occasion to defrost it. And pump it in a guy. A Norwegian cumhungry fuckbuddy was the lucky one.
  13. By: pupvino https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/bravo-delta-part-1-31031011 Bravo Delta, part 1 🐷 Finally got this beautiful man alone. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/bravo-delta-part-2-31031081 Bravo Delta, part 2 🐷 Part two of a fantasy come true
  14. Cum in mouth or ass?

    Cum in my ass is preferred but I won't say no if he wants to dump his load in my mouth.

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