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  1. NLbear

    Throat fucking

    I love to suck but not to the point where he forces me on his dick and I can't breath anymore. Struggling to get some air takes the fun out of it for me. If it gets too much use your teeth 😉
  2. clothes on or off?



    muscle butt.jpg


    1. Bear2128
    2. chipygmalion80


      holy fuck!  DAMN man.  you got ass!  like the tease with clothes on but like the bare ass in position for stuffing my face in deep and then my bare dick!

  3. I got 12 notifications this time.
  4. NLbear

    Slutty clothes for bottoms

  5. NLbear

    Solo travels

    If you're going to Spain for a sex holiday you will meet plenty of guys. Couples and singles. This goes in Gran Canaria in summer/winter or Sitges (and Barcelona) in summer. Stay at a gay or gay friendly hotel or resort. I was in a gay friendly hotel in GC just a few weeks ago and 90% of the guests were gay men.
  6. You never know what he's hiding





    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. NLbear


      The full balls but especially that mushroom head Dane! Would love to feel that popping in.

    3. Dane


      I agree NL, that mushroom head is in a class of its own 😍

    4. chipygmalion80


      hot damn.  and you took that pic in a stall :)  you got a package to stuff some holes with!

  7. a_d https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/muscle-jock-fuck-session-33676832 Regular buddy (who has been featured in previous movies) comes by to fuck me good till he cums in me. Enough said. A third came by to film the action, so thanks for that! Sorry for the bad aspect ratio though, oops. Hope you like!
  8. appetizer


    addicted kitchen.jpg

    1. chipygmalion80


      lol.  hot buns to served right to the table.  whoever is taking this pics is one lucky man!

  9. NLbear

    Can’t suck enough

    You could do worse...... 😉
  10. Three loads last night. First two from a buddy I hadn't seen in weeks. Rough sweaty session. Pounded two loads in me and made me cum handsfree doing so. Not an hour later my other buddy with a thick 9.5" (love his dick!). He usually only cums once but takes an hour of constant fucking doing so. Orgasms #2 + 3 for me 😉 Glad I have the day off today! Tempted to respond to a younger guy asking for a blowjob though...
  11. I thought Jaybird was just really busy after seeing 300+ notifications 😉 But I wouldn't turn off notifications alltogether. Probably just a system glitch?
  12. NLbear

    Is “insatiable” a bad word?

    I have an insatiable top buddy. He always tries to cum yet another time even though he knows it's probably not going to happen. I won't stop him trying though 😉
  13. NLbear

    Just curious.

    This night is one I remember vividly. I had been taking more than one load in one night but it was always with single guys when I was cruising the park at night since I was 17. My very first time with multiple guys in one session if I remember correctly was the first time I went on vacation to a gay clothing optional resort in Gran Canaria. I was in my 20s then and was actually scared as hell not knowing what to expect from a resort like that. This is pre-internet, something you can hardly imagine now, the only thing I knew about it was what I had read in the Gay Times, a UK magazine, and those reviews were not very explicit. But it was exciting being nude around other guys and getting an all-over suntan. And after a few days you get to know the other guests around the pool and when you met them in the evening bumping into each other at bars and clubs. I hit it off with with 4 guys from the UK. They were a bunch of very outgoing best mates (not two couples) and we went out together at night. After a drunken night at the bars I ended up in one of their bungalows for a "night cap". Must have been around 4 or 5am. I had been slutting in dark rooms that night and already had a few loads in me. Can't really remember how it started but at one point I was sucking one the guys. One thing led to another and I got banged by all four guys. They were probably vers but I was the "cute Dutch guy with the hot arse". Can't remember how many loads I got, likely just four, all being intoxicated, but I remember waking up in my own bed in the morning and feeling ashamed. Couldn't really believe what I had done and felt like a real slut (not that I wasn't one in the park...). It was more about facing them that day. What would they think? Well, they thought they had had a good time. When I got to the pool one of them yelled "hey, there's the little cum slut!" All eyes around the pool were on me and I thought I'd die. But they all laughed it away and things were like normal although I could see other guests looking (leering?) at me. We had a repeat session before they had to leave two days later. Not so drunk this time and longer. My nickname at the resort was "Dutch cum slut" by then (they obviously had blabbed to the other guests) and I had no problem getting laid in the following week 😉 Mostly singles or couples though. I went back the next year LOL.
  14. Smile for the camera....



    1. kevy1109
    2. pozboy


      I can feel that exploding in my ass!

    3. ronnie4u


      O.M.G. !   you could be my Daddy anytime - will OBEY and Service you !    :)

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