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  1. I prefer no condoms but if a guy I'm really into wants to use one I let him. Hoping that there will be a next time and he will skip them.
  2. I too must confess that huge dicks make me drool. However, I had tops with really big dicks who were lousy fucks and guys with smaller dicks, around your size, who were skilled tops and fucked me to bottom heaven making me orgasm several times. So from that perspective size doesn't matter. Having said that I recently have a new fuckbud who is 9.5x7" AND is a skilled top. I must admit I am addicted to his dick. He is usually (not always) a one-load-only-guy but loves to make me cum several times (even though the last ones are dry orgasms) before he shoots. He loves to see what his dick can do to his bottoms. But I can say from experience that guys who are not as big as him can do the same to me. It's all in the technique!
  3. NLbear

    Xtube Gloryhole collection

    As much as I would like it @FriendlyBottom it isn't me! I wish....I like his vids because you have the split screen and you can see both in action. Some of the guys visiting have amazing asses! And tasty dicks of course 😉
  4. NLbear

    Xtube Gloryhole collection

    https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/gloryhole-080118-37006851 This is the 2nd visit from this 20yo stud. The first time he sucked me before feeding me his cock and load. He only wanted sucked this time so I of course gave him my best. After seeing his ass in the first vid I had to reach around and get a feel. It's as tight as it looks. WOOF!!
  5. NLbear

    Xtube Gloryhole collection

    Carnivore https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/sweet-summer-sausage-37030591 ME, SUCKING ON A BIG PINK SAUSAGE COCK AND SWEATING MY BALLS OFF! IT'S HOT AS FUCK HERE IN THE SUMMER,BUT THIS HUGE HUNG HANDSOME LOCAL PERVE NEEDED HIS ASSHOLE LICKED AND HIS BIG COCK DRAINED! WE WERE EXPECTING IT TO COOL DOWN WITH A WICKED SUMMER STORM, SO I HAPPILY AGREED! i also wanted to show you how extremely our weather can change here in just a few minutes so i added some security camera footage just for the fuck of it. ENJOY!!!! (and show me your BIG dick if you want a blowjob!)
  6. My newest Fuckbuddy is the biggest one I think. Only met him a few weeks ago and saw him a few times now. He says his dick is 9.5x7 and I gladly believe him. It's like getting a baseball bat up your ass! Met him at a BB party and we have been fucking a few times in private since. It's quite a stretch but I love it. What I love most is he takes his time and makes me orgasm several times by rubbing my prostate with that thing before he cums. By that time I don't care he usually only cums once. I'm spent when he's done.
  7. NLbear

    Dad and Son dilemma

    Hashn't happened yet. They're on vacation.
  8. NLbear

    What Celebrities Awakened Your Desires?

    I seemed to have had a fondness for men in tights at a very young age. My favorite TV series were a French series called Thierry La Fronde about a sort of French Robin Hood and a Dutch TV series "Floris" which launched the career of Rutger Hauer (before he became famous worldwide in Blade Runner) as a knight who fought the bad guys in middle age Holland. I looked them up and realised I must have been about 7-9 at that time. A few years later I watched anything that had Errol Flynn in it swashbuckling his way through a movie in tights. Maybe it explains my love for big bulges LOL!
  9. Great advertising. I want the shirt...


    bust your nut.jpg

  10. NLbear

    Xtube Gloryhole collection

    https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/gloryhole-072418-36866221 The sessions with this hot stud just keep getting better. This one started out as usual with him sliding his big cock through the hole and me working it to rock hardness. After a bit, he asked to see my cock. I slide it through and he strokes it then rubs both cocks together. I was pleasantly surprised when he crouched down and swallowed my cock. He then asked if he could video himself sucking me for his "girlfriend" and later take pix of his cock through the hole to use in my ads
  11. Who posted that? When I click on the link I get an error saying "404 Page Not Found"....
  12. NLbear

    What makes a slut?

    Do you mean how you can show on that DILF club night that you're a slut? Depends. Is it a naked party or dressed? If dressed take care of your outfit. Wear shorts or jeans that emphasize your ass. Maybe low rise to show your jockstrap underneath (if you're into that) or ass crack? Tank top or shirt. There are shirts/tank tops or sleevelss shirts that say SLUT on the front or back or other texts like Greedy Hole, WOOF, HORNY Bastard or DAMN DADDY etc. or similar which will get the message across (see ajaxx63.com for instance). If naked just make eye contact and offer hem your ass! Daddy will take it 😉 Have fun
  13. NLbear

    Dad and Son dilemma

    Thanks guys. Great advice, After reading the replies I realise the dilemma is indeed a moral one coming from what society says is right or wrong. It's me having an issue with it because of that. They are both consenting adults and seem comfortable with it so who am I to judge? If indeed it only started when the son was an adult. I must admit the idea of being tag teamed by them both is hot. I need to let go of the fact that they are dad and son. The suggestion to agree upfront that they won't have sex with each other in front of me is a good one. I'm not sure how I would feel watching that. Then again anything can happen in a threesome and I'll just see how that goes. It wouldn't be the first threesome breaking up because someone suddenly has issues. Usually that wasn't me but it has happened. I'll let know how it went. Won't be until at least two weeks or so from now as the son is still on vacation and the dad is planning to join him there.
  14. NLbear

    Dad and Son dilemma

    I have a dilemma with a dad and son and like your advice. I have a new fuckbuddy who I have been seeing for a few months now. A very horny virile guy close to my age and he keeps me pretty busy in the sack. He has a 24yo son who is also gay. Dad is top, the son is vers. I have only met the son once socially. Hot horny fucker and he hinted he wouldn't mind tag teaming me with his dad. That hasn't happened (yet) but I know it's leading up to it at some point. While the idea of being fucked by both of them is hot as fuck I learned something that puts this in a whole new perspective. Dad admitted he and his son have been tag teaming bottom guys when they are on vacation. Fine, while it's unusual they are both grown men and should do as they please. The son is on vacation at the moment and when he was texting me he let it slip his dad is fucking him. That was something I didn't know. Although they are both adults it's still incest. I asked the dad and he admitted it but said it only happened a few times in the heat of the moment. That's not the impression I got from the son and somehow I think it's a regular thing. It apparently started a few years ago when the son was 20+ and not when he was still a teen but still.... The idea of being tag teamed by both of them is still a major turn on but knowing they have sex together is at the same time a thought that keeps nagging me. What would you advise? Just ignore the incestuous relationship and go ahead? Or draw a line? Or something else? I am very happy with dad as a fuckbuddy. Multicummer who never fails go give me a few loads. But I can't ignore the fact he's fucking his son too, even though the son is a willing partner in that, and an adult who knows what he's doing. Thanks.
  15. NLbear

    Rigid Hard versus Hung

    @ErosWired In the past I have met a few guys with big dicks and most were indeed spongy, not fully hard. But not all of them were/are. I recently met a top with a massive and thick dick and when he gets hard it's rock hard. Disadvantage is I can only get about half of his dick in my mouth when I suck him!

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