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  1. Nowadays I only have sex with fuckbuddies. We have a connection (and as @hntnhole said here and many times elsewhere on this forum that is better sex) and we kiss a lot. We may not become life partners but we are sexual partners for a while. But in the days when I was still a bubblebutt youngster it was all about cock. And cock. And more cock. I could not be into the guy but I could very well be into his cock. I didn't want those guys to kiss me. Just fuck me and get the job done. Shoot your load in my ass and go. I very much prefer the way I have sex now. Quality over quantity.
  2. The next story COULD be a spin-off of course...... What goes on in the quarters where all the sexy footmen stay? LOL
  3. I have been reading the story from when it began in July last year. The characters have almost become family and I enjoyed it immensely. I think one final chapter is a nice end to the story. Everyone has found his partner (while still enjoying sex with others). I do feel we have come to the end. Prolonging the story just for the sake of it would spoil that. It would be like a popular TV show that runs on an on by popular demand while the number of viewers drops. I'm sure this will dissapoint many readers here. BUT! I can't wait for your next story!!!
  4. At that time I already had found Tom of Finland. But things really took off when internet entered our lives. Bumped into The Hun. Lots of stuff to fantasize about when I discovered it! That kid was really getting it. Searched for similar and then I found Etienne and others. My right hand worked overtime 😉 But there are plenty of good artists now too. Patrick Fillion and his colleagues at Class Comics for instance.
  5. I think it's a natural process when you're maturing. It's the same for me. I'm more after quality fucks than quantity these days. And more with guys I know rather than random fucks. The number of fuckbuddies was reduced dramatically during the pandemic, even though I was vaxxed to the max. It has picked somewhat but nowhere near the pre-pandemic numbers. While I was putting my ass up practically every night for about anyone who was interested when I was a lot younger I'm more selective now. So a lot less sex but enough to keep my hole happy. And longer sessions instead of quick pump and dumps. Suits me.
  6. Young(er) muscle stud with a solid very thick 7" pumped three loads in my ass. We played for a long time. Love it when he picked up pace and his balls were slapping my ass. Heaven! Told him to come back anytime. (Preferably totday LOL)!
  7. What do you get out of this? Is it dominating another top? You know you can't fuck him if he's strictly a top too? I would focus on masculine bottoms. There must be plenty around?
  8. The fact he was up for it says enough. He likes it. And the more you suck him the more experienced you become.
  9. What holds you back? Having sex with a guy (getting fucked) or have something in your ass altogether? Something else?
  10. Have you two watched porn together before? If you have do that again. Select a video with lots of cocksucking scenes. Ask him if he ever had this done to him. If he has ask him how it was. If he hasn't, has he fantisized about having it done? You could say you always wanted to try sucking cock. Depending on his reaction take it from there. You may find he's not into it at all (or not with you, his best friend) or he may go along.
  11. No. But my experience is very different here in NL. When I was a lot younger and cruised the park at night there sometimes were cops patrolling the area. But they were only looking for gay bashers. They left the guys cruising alone. Well, I sure felt "safe" with them around while I was holding on to a tree getting my ass banged 😉 But a number of years I had a gay cop as a neighbor. I have told about him here at the time. Let's say he "interviewed" my hole many times!
  12. He would be good as the middle guy in a sandwich
  13. I see I have some work to do.....
  14. Happens regularly. Grocery store or supermarket. Muscular sexy studs unaware they are showing a bubble butt in their tight shorts or a well packed crotch. If I don't get caught staring I'll feast my eyes. If I do get caught I just give a friendly smile and move on but I'll make sure I bump into them again in a different aisle 😉
  15. There's too small and too big. You do want to feel something when a guy is fucking you.... But, the biggest one I ever had was > 9" Rond 1: amazing! Round 2: great! Round 3: fucking cum already!!
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