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  1. Is that M for Meaty?



  2. He found the right motel for tonight's anon sessions


    bun boy.jpg

    1. puphawaii


      free buns and free movies?   SCORE!   😆



  3. NLbear

    What constitutes a boring hookup for you.

    Aren't bottoms allowed to have some fun too while servicing a top? A top blowing a load within 3 minutes and walking out is not my idea of fun. For me sex is a 2-way street.
  4. Thursday afternoon on my day off I was contacted by a young jock. He is a semi-regular. Wanted a blowjob. Shot his load within minutes. Thought he was done but he told me he wasn't and to get back to work. 10 minutes later he pounded a another load in my ass. In and out the door within half an hour 😉 Two hours later a (recent) regular fuckbuddy with one of the thickest dicks I ever had stretched my hole and pumped two loads in me. Four loads from two guys is not bad for a Thursday. Felt the cum slipping out and running down my legs when preparing dinner 😉
  5. The focus at the office was clearly not on getting any work done



    daddy bulge2.jpg

    1. insatiablebot


      What office is this ? Are they hiring 😁 !!!

    2. ronnie4u


      YUMMY HOT !  Lock the door and pull your Huge Dick out - J.O. - Lick / Swallow your Cum load !  MMMMMMMM Oh Yes !  

  6. NLbear

    Any love for TOP son and BTM daddy fun?

    There are a few semi-regular young guys who love to pound my daddy hole. Sometimes I don't hear from them for months and sometimes two weeks in a row. I don't flatter myself. I may be the only willing bare hole available at the time they are horny as fuck, but they seem to enjoy it very much. Love that if they shoot prematurely they are ready to go again in minutes after sucking them 😉
  7. sfbaystudmonkey https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/breeding-the-cum-filled-hole-of-porn-loadwhore-brad-wilde-39082661 I arranged to stop in and load up porn cumslut Brad Wilde's cock-and-cum-loving hole one morning. On my way there, he asked if another horny daddy could join me in breeding him. I said sure, but by the time I arrived, the other daddy had already loaded him and gone. That wasn't the first load he had taken that morning, either. I loved felching, foaming and frothing his sloppy boyhole. I pounded him hard so the lathery loads splashed out then gave him a fresh load, which I'm sure wasn't his last!
  8. Sorry. It was brand new. He must have removed it.
  9. Sometimes the commute to work isn't so bad...



    subway peek.jpg

    subway bulge.jpg

  10. everyinch123 https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/hung-cop-shoots-twice-at-gh-39053641 When I first saw this officer's cock I thought to myself, "He needs a permit to carry that thing." So when he came by the glory hole it became a case for the detectives investigating cum crimes. Enjoy!
  11. Don't you bump into your ex there? Is he still going?
  12. NLbear

    Body hair insecurity

    I'm 50-50. Hairy legs, arms, chest and tummy but smooth in the back, including my butt (except for crack). I do trim my chest hair (a bit) and pubes and sometimes shave my ass crack but nothing else. Don't feel uncomfortable with the amount of hair but I can imagine some are. Even smooth guys who wish they had hair (the opposite)!
  13. youngversatop https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/the-face-of-bliss-38966101 Another video with the men from Threeway throatfucking, only this time you can actually see the buff guy's gorgeous body. I started by sucking the muscled guy's dick while the other guy filmed. It didn't take long before the buff stud was fucking me while I sucked the other guy. They then took turns fucking me and at one point the buff guy was getting fucked while sucking my dick. Before the end, they had double-penetrated and bred me. Be sure to watch my face at the end
  14. XXX-Men: Bare & Beyond James Blond: Pink Eye Fast & Furious Fuckers Gone with the Load The 39 Loads The Rentboy Vanishes The Lord of the Cockrings: The Twin Towers The Lord of the Cockrings II: The Return of the Stud The Randy Rabbit: The Point of no Return
  15. NLbear

    Multiple cummers

    Seven loads seems a lot from one guy. I have a few regulars who always go for round 2 most of the times, sometimes three but that is usually the max. A guy can only cum so often in a limited time.

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