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    Big dicks, thick dicks, average dicks, as long as they shoot their load in my ass
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    Hung tops and chemistry. And i am a greedy bottom. I like some fun too!

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  1. Zackybro101 A bit commercial but hot bubble butt raw fuck [think before following links] https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/kyle-s-bubble-butt-muscled-white-jock-ass-gets-fucked-by-bbc-44641441
  2. condom to bareback [think before following links] https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/very-first-anonymous-fuck-44588381 There is sound, but not very good. I apologize. This young guy hit me up on a sex site. Told him to come over and I would be ready and waiting. He is half my age and the youngest guy I've ever been with. Had a great time!
  3. Anyone going this year? I had booked a vacation earlier this year and it's coming up in a while but not sure if it's going to happen under the current circumstances. I have read somewhere that GC is one of the least affected (Corona) areas in Spain but you never know what will happen in a few weeks from now.
  4. Same here. I prefer butch men. But if I am bent over, a top unloads in my ass and someone else takes his place I am not turning around to see if he matches my preference.
  5. On Monday the guys who didn't "score" during the weekend. Wednesday for the midweek fuck and Friday after work to start the weekend 😉
  6. I never thought bottoms would be so picky (in general).
  7. I have been contacted by tops (sort of 'out of my league') who have been around for years. Now they suddenly want to fuck. Looks like now any hole will do to dump their load and they no longer are so picky. I only have sex now with a 'quarantine buddy' so I tell them to come back when things are safer. I will very likely never hear from them again.
  8. Just saw your new avatar. I guess that is your nephew at his first day back at school after the lockdown?

    1. DarkroomTaker


      Yes, he is called Justin Sidde. The new one is my other nephew Jack Meioff

    2. NLbear


      Tell Jack Meioff he doesn't need underwear

    3. DarkroomTaker


      Yeah he agrees, jack says pull them down with your teeth...

  9. I want that shirt. Oh....and I wouldn't have a problem being his bitch too.



  10. Why did you have to ask for rainchecks from all of them? And did you explain?
  11. I don't like to get my cock sucked when we just start. Don't get me wrong, I love the feeling. But a good cock sucker can get me off within minutes and I don't want to lose the horny vibe just yet. It's ok after the top has cum although I prefer to wait blowing mine until after round two 😉
  12. Can't remember. I was watching my first gay video ever in an AVS when the clerk entered and shoved his cock in my face. I think I was too horny to think anything at all and I just copied what I had been watching on the screen.
  13. Tbh I find it kinda hot. Even if you know the guy but he wears a face mask it makes it more like anon. But if it bothers you give him one of these to wear [think before following links] http://www.ajaxx63.com/face-masks.html

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