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  1. His boys need some help




    1. ejaculaTe


      where's that family at...? tell him to gather the clan.

  2. He asked if it was big enough...


    11 inches2.jpg

  3. Gran Canaria pdi pride may 2018

    Unfortunately can't make Pride this year (nor Bear Carnival next month). Also hope to go later this year.
  4. Dominance - Questions for Bottoms and Tops

    Difficult to answer. In my daily life I'm not submissive at all. I too much like to be in control of everything. In the bedroom I (usually) consider myself an equal partner of the top. It takes two to tango and I make sure I get as much fun (being the bottom) as the top is having. BUT, I kinda like it when the top takes control and tells me what to do or makes me do things (within my limits) and he gets verbal. That doesn't mean he needs to get all dominant and "degrade" me. I don't think I'm a very submissive bottom as many here state they are. I never let a top do things to me that I absolutely do not want in the heat of the moment. I like fucks (like you describe) where there is no dominance and we both enjoy what we're doing. Those usually are the best fucks. But I don't mind being pushed around a little and told by the top what to do, understanding that this part of the "play", and it turns him on without it becoming a dominant top "using" a bottom only for his own pleasure. I have one fuckbuddy who just wants to get off and uses my hole for that but he is never dominant or degrading. I let him because he's an excellent top and makes sure I get at least one load every week ;-) My other FB is my "equal" and he gets off seeing how what he does with his dick turns me into a total fuck slut. He loves seeing me squirm and begging. He's the one I always look forward to having around. With random guys you sometimes don't know how it will go. Some are lame tops, some turn out out to be very abusive. The latter ones won't get a second chance. Some tops fuck for hours and some dump a load in two minutes. Best is somewhere in between. Guess the same goes for tops. You don't know if the bottom turns out to be a very active one or just lays there like a sack of patatoes. Everyone has a preference. Mine is an equal partner and if he gets a little verbal and pushes me around a bit and tells me what to do without becoming overly dominant I'm a happy bottom!
  5. Best city for a sex vacation?

    In addition to Grindr use the PlanetRomeo.com app and/or site which is very popular all over Europe. It's free although some features are limited to paying members. Plan in advance, create a profile, put up some pics, a travel plan (guys do check who's visiting) and add your hotel (or B&B/Airbnb) as your location. State your nationality in your profile, visiting foreigners are always interesting "new meat"' ;-) It has a profile "safe sex" option for Always, Needs to be discussed, Never or just blank (which is more or less stating you do bare...).
  6. I noticed , in my case, it depends on the browser I'm using. I'm on a Windows PC. When I use IE11 I cannot access chat. I can when I use Chrome.
  7. hidden User Galleries?

    I'm familiar with those so that's not what I meant. But thanks anyway!
  8. hidden User Galleries?

    I was referring to their "Album" which is a button on their profile, next to Activity and so on. You have one. But some users show they have added pics but don't have that Album button. So don't have a clue where they posted their pics.
  9. Sometimes you see a notification that a user has added pics to their User Gallery. But when you look at their profile there is no Gallery on it. I didn't notice anywhere there is an option to set Galleries to "private"? Are those locked and if yes who can see them? Just asking because I wondered why one would have a gallery that nobody can see....?
  10. Limited Reactions?

    From what I noticed there seems to be a limit of (about) 10 Likes per day, maybe running on EST time? Sometimes I run into my limit as well (early morning, 'leftovers' from the previous day?) but then later I am able to 'react' again once it's after 12am EST again.
  11. Bottoms complaining about lack of tops: Fair?

    You've made that point several times hungry_hole and I understand where you're coming from. But I'm simply not interested in topping. Sure, I can slide my dick in a bottom to cum but I have to fuck him first before I shoot my load. And sometimes I do, but not often. I's not me and it's not what I like. If I even have a load to shoot. A good top can get me off just by fucking me. And even if I haven't cum I may not feel like fucking another bottom. I identify myself as a bottom, not vers.
  12. You might be a hooker if...

    If we think that way we could also consider guys on Xtube who only post Premium videos being hookers. After all they sell videos of themselves having sex. I don't think they are. I would limit it to persons you hire for sex with the explicit understanding (for both) you pay them for having sex. Nothing wrong with one guy giving the other a little something if he had a good time and wants to show his appreciation.
  13. Parking spot...




    parking jock gif2.gif

    1. mn6


      woof, what a nice butt

  14. Fancy a snack anyone?

    lunch gif.gif

    prelude gif.gif

    1. jaybird


      i want a snack .. and i wanna be snacked on!  ;>


  15. By: AirMaxBBttm https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/hot-uk-chav-lad-quick-cumdump-33563972 HOT UK CHAV LAD QUICK CUMDUMP I visited Manchester (UK) recently. At some point I ended up walking around in this dodge unfriendly looking neighborhood. Hot chavs and scally ladz everywhere haha (these actually would mug you, my hosting friend informed/warned me) I figured Grindr would be a safer option to fix a fuck haha. After only 5 min a hot chav wrote: "Was wanking over you dr1nking piss this morning" (clearly a fan XD). He said he quickly wanted to breed my ass. He was only 300 meters away haha. This is what happened:

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