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  1. Same here. Just an icon of a page (like MS-Word) which brings me back to the Forums.
  2. Larry Kramer dies at age 84. 'Faggots" was one of the first gay novels I read and it made a huge impression. Below an article in The Guardian [think before following links] https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2020/may/27/larry-kramer-death-activist-gay-rights
  3. Most important thing is that the top gets what he wants and needs. I don't touch my cock when I'm being fucked but I do love it when a top makes me cum handsfree by just fucking me. And I usually cum every time I have sex. I am so used to it that somehow the session doesn't feel complete when he hasn't made me cum too. And all of my regulars love to see me cumming. Maybe it confirms their skill as a top?
  4. Yes. Vids show as new but then the comments are from 10 years ago.
  5. When guys ask questions when the answer is already clearly in my profile I just say "read my profile" or I don't reply at all anymore. On the other hand there are also guys who have little to nothing in their profile. The say they want to hook up with someone close to their location, without bothering to say where that location is.
  6. I am in a similir situation as @PG1961Canada , locked in at home since mid March, working from home and only leave the house for a quick dash at 8am to buy groceries once a week. The only persons I talk to face to face are the girls at the supermarket. Not even friends or relatives. I have pre-existing conditions so I am very careful. I have been keeping in touch with regular fuck buddies by phone or text. So when it appeared a trusted one of them is in the exact same situation as I am we agreed we are not at risk getting together and recently we did. After more than two months isolated at home (and now with the approval of the Dutch government) we have been fucking like bunnies. I won't do hookups with other regulars and he doesn't either. It's just a sexual relationship but it does create a special bond.
  7. It's not that BZ mails are going to my junk mail folder because they aren't. Just saw another example where I got a notification for a reply to a thread I am following. It was actually a reply to a response someone posted just a little bit earlier. I did not get a notification for that earlier entry. So it looks like some are getting through and some are not, even for the same thread. It doesn't bother me too much but it is something I noticed and thought I'd report here so you are aware.
  8. You can say that again...



    1. Captool


      That needs being filled nicely!

  9. I seem to get a lot less email notifictions from threads I am following. Is that possible? When go to Unread Content I see replies to threads I am actively following for whoch I did not get a notifcation.
  10. Unexpected news from the RIVM, the organization of virus experts which advises the Dutch government (which follows all their advice) said that singles can have ONE sex buddy. They admit that singles are in need of physical contact too. It is allowed under certain conditions, such as agreeing not to see other people and thus be exclusive and stick to the general restriction rules that currently are in place etc. WELL! Good! I have one!
  11. He needs help deciding what to wear for his 1st time back to the gym after lockdown







    1. justsexnowatl


      I'd have trouble deciding too if I looked that hot no matter what I chose!! grrrrrr

  12. mohsen1st (Melbourne) [think before following links] https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/licking-sucking-nipple-play-fucking-breeding-hot-part-1-43901891 he made sure I'm ready so he could blow his load into me, I'm super sensitive to my nipple and he knew it with an added finger to please my butthole too. I got a nice load in me, but then we flipped and I blew mine into him. (Part 1) [think before following links] https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/licking-sucking-nipple-play-fucking-breeding-hot-part-2-43904551 Now it's my turn to blow my load in him. I needed more stimulation so asked him to squeeze my nipples. (Part 2)
  13. I had planned a vacation to Gran Canaria in June. The hotel informed me I'd better reschedule. So I moved flight and hotel to September. Hotel thinks they are open again by then but I'm not sure it will be easy to travel. Things won't be back to "normal" by then I think. I can always reschedule again to January or February, temperatures being what they are about year around on GC.
  14. There are plenty of "popper training" videos on Xtube

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