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  1. If I don't have to go into the office I don't wear underwear at all and go commando. I love the feeling. I also check out guys on the street when I see them bend over or sitting. Always nice when I see an ass crack. Or when you see a brand of underwear that is typically a "gay brand" like Andrew Christian. 2xist used to be one too but not anymore I think. When I have to go to work I wear tight boxer briefs (I wore briefs in the past). But they come off as soon as I get home. I don't change them until after a day or three. What doesn't get dirty doesn't need changing. I started wearing underwear at work when one time I was going commando and I had to give a presentation in front of an audience. Got a raging boner in my business suit (nerves probably) and it was obvious I wasn't wearing underwear. A bit embarrassing 😉
  2. If you don't want to use them then don't. I have used poppers. Yes, it makes me (even more) horny, but some also leave me with a splitting headache. I do get a high and a rush but that doesn't last very long. Some bottoms say they need them to "open up" their hole because they feel more relaxed. That may be true for some, not so for others. Don't let anyone talk you into using something that you don't want to.
  3. In that case I would suggest you make the reservation by phone and request a smoking room to secure it. They only may have a few and those might be taken when you arrive.
  4. Yesterday I was contacted by a guy I met at a sex party weeks ago, before I went on vacation. He had fucked me there and then dumped a few loads in me when he went home with me afterwards because he wasn't done yet. Quite attractive guy, very nice thick cock and great stamina 😉 Last night we only played for an hour or so but his cock hardly left my hole and he pumped two loads in me. He fucked a load out of me handsfree when he was pounding my ass doggy cumming for the 2nd time. Horny fucker. Just what I needed!
  5. I also came out to my parents when I was 27. I was getting fucked already for 10 years by that time but sex was not a topic that was discussed at home. My mum was upset, my father silent. He finally said they had suspected it. I had never brought any girls home. The topic of me being gay was never brought up again. Told my friends when I was 20 and at college. I had been cruising the park at night for 3 years by then. Wasn't a problem at all. Better even, I suddenly was the "gay friend" and they tried to set me up with other gay boys they or their friends-of-friends knew. At that time though I wasn't looking for a boyfriend but to get as much sex as I could. THAT hasn't changed LOL.
  6. Tbh I'm not really into eating ass myself but love it when a guy goes wild with his tongue and fingers in my hole.
  7. I would agree with those three. But I would add a fourth: up for a round two or even round three.
  8. It's more a question of where did I get my last loads. I'm on vacation in Gran Canaria and met this Italian bear who was staying at the same hotel. Yummy size thick cock, great set of low hanging big balls. For the past 1.5 weeks he has been filling my ass every day, sometimes twice a day. Damn, I had more sex here in 1.5 weeks than in months back at home 😉 He has left now but I'm going home soon too anyway. It was a blast! And an invitation to come see him in Rome 😉
  9. Mmmmm, where to start? And finish? Your preferred size? I think I'll start with 6, then 11 and finish with 4 😉
  10. I had the same problem for a while but that seems to have been fixed. Now however, I can't seem to add pics to a status update on my profile page or in comments on a pic. Plus I can't create a new album anymore. It doesn't give me the option to add pics or to add a new album. I didn't think there was a limit to the number of albums you can create? Not life threatening but a pity nevertheless.
  11. Now that Liam knows what a proper blowjob feels like I think he'll want more....
  12. In groups 5-10 minutes is fine. In a one on one as long as possible. If that doesn't happen then multiple rounds.
  13. I think guys will be all over you....
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