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  1. You know you're in trouble when he asks if you need a ride...


    hop in.jpg

  2. I would suggest doggy. The edge of the bed (or corner as suggested) may work well but that depends on the height of the bed and how tall the top is. Your ass may be positioned too low for the top to fuck you comfortably in a standing position. Maybe kneeling down on the bed, ass up face down, is better. That gives the top several options to penetrate. His legs between yours or not, he can spread his a bit so he is in the best position etc.. And you can indeed put pillows under you to raise your ass more. Missionary is nice as you can see the top's face but for larger guys it may be uncomfortable to be fucked in a missionary postion. Your legs or back may start to hurt if your legs are (kept) above your head (if you even manage) and your concentration goes to your uncomfortable position rather than enjoying the fuck. I am not very tall or large but big enough to prefer doggy. Or lie down on your belly with the top all over your body, but for deeper penetration doggy is better. I think at least 😉
  3. When you come home from vacation after a long day traveling and three hours later a regular is pumping two loads in you. Welcome home!

    1. blackrobe


      Ahh, perfect way to reacclimatize your ass to the hometown seed.

  4. Yesterday while on vacation in Gran Canaria. British musclebear (top) and his bear-ish partner (vers) hammered two loads each in my hole in the afternoon. Great spit roast too. Nice 7"-ish dicks, one really thick. We met at the hotel pool and started chatting. One suddenly said they wanted to fuck me and if I was up for it? And so we went to their room. After that we went out for dinner and then had round three. Another load by each of them. My hole is sore and my jaws ache (from sucking) but I loved it. Usually GC is loaded with horny guys but June is the low season so it's been a bit quiet.
  5. Same here. But then as a bottom 😉 Can't really believe it myself that there are plenty of young(er) guys wanting to fuck me but I take what I can get and am not complaining!
  6. I am a bottom but I am not a sub. I am not submissive in real life and I am not in the bedroom. The Dutch are known for being direct and speak their mind. There is a reason we are called blunt by other nations. That doesn't mean I take control. I am happy to let the top take control. But I will let him (or them) know loud and clear if he does something I don't like. And vice versa so does the top.
  7. I would pack your PrEP in your carry-on and not in your suitcase. Just in case your suitcase gets lost in transit. Loads of people have medication in their carry-on. I don't think customs will even ask what it is if it looks like prescription meds. And in case they do ask you can always say you have diabetes or something. Poland and Hungary are part of the Schengen agreement (Ukraine is not an EU member) so if you don't travel directly to these countries but have a stopover in a different EU country first (like France, Netherlands, Spain for instance, not UK...) you won't even go through customs in those countries.
  8. Yes I do. Not always but my regulars want to see me orgasm. It shows them they can get me off with their dick. There is nothing selfish about it. Sex is a two-way street for me. I do understand there are bottoms who don't care if they cum or not as long as they can make the top cum or see that as their only role, and I appreciate that, but I am not one of those.
  9. You're not selfish. Every gay guy has needs be it top, bottom or vers. Tops can use my hole for their pleasure, I use their cock for mine. And it's great when those two needs come together in the same session 😉
  10. I see a lot of guys saying they sucked cock (or got fucked) for the first time when they were under the age of 10. I really can't believe anyone is aware of what they are doing at that age. You really don't know about/become aware of sexuality until you hit puberty. At least, that is my thinking? I may be totally wrong here but for me at that age a penis was just for pissing and other boys had one for that purpose too. Let alone that I knew something like fucking existed. I may have had a crush on someone (another boy or a school teacher) but wasn't even aware of what that was. Of course that was a different time. I didn't realise a penis was also for something else until I was -maybe- 11 or 12 in the early 70s. I think when you hit puberty and become aware of sexuality is early enough to start "experimenting". I grew up without internet and maybe now boys become exposed to a lot more than then but even then one may wonder if even anything under the age of 13 is not too soon. Even at that age you hardly know what you're doing. My opinion at least.
  11. That's a hot vid. I don't know how you kept the camera so steady!
  12. Men At Play. I love those vids even though it isn't BB.

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