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  1. Gay Guest House

    Great story. How was the rest of your stay? Been to Provincetown twice when I was in the US (years ago) and had a great time on both occasions. Stayed at The Boatslip and The Ranch (which no longer exists I believe).
  2. A warning guys. Looks like Xtube has a security problem. The last few days I already noticed I suddenly got pop-ups which looked like system messages from my PC (blank) and loads of pop-up ads from Xtube, the ones where you are chasing new pop-ups all over your screen to click them away. I never had that before with Xtube. Today I get warnings from Norton Antivirus (Symantec) telling me it is blocking attacks when I accessed Xtube for a virus called "JSCoinminer downlad 10." I had to shut off the security notification because they popped up every 10 seconds. Googling it it seems to be a vicious Trojan infection trying to steal personal data and makes your PC sluggish. In my case Norton blocked it but should it have installed itself on your PC there are pages as well how to remove it. Hopefully Xtube gets their security updated. I'll wait for a few days before trying to access it again.
  3. outdoor cruising still a thing?

    Here the police wasn't the problem. They were actually always polite if you accidentally ran into them. They always told you to leave because of the danger of getting molested by gay bashers. That's why they sometimes patrolled there. You wouldn't be arrested for being in a cruising area, the law here is different here. So you just pretended to leave, wait for them to go and then return If I did notice a group of guys who didn't look very "safe" I just hid in the bushes or the castle ruins for a while until they were gone. The bashers never came alone and you could hear them coming from a mile away.
  4. What do u wear as daily underwear

    I think I mentioned this before. When in jeans I always go commando. Also in shorts in the summer. Just love the feeling of the material rubbing my ass and crotch (and show a bulge). Or I wear a jock. However, at work I wear boxer briefs. After a few embarrassing moments in the past where I tented in front of an audience I thought I better wear underwear to keep my junk in place
  5. outdoor cruising still a thing?

    There is no cruising area where I live now. But when I lived in the "big city" I was one of those guys who could be found in the park several nights a week. Dangerous at times but oh so exciting. Not with my bare ass bent over waiting but making the rounds looking for tops to fuck me (or suck dicks). Loved that game of cruising and men seeking out men for sex and then disappear in the bushes or between the trees seeing if they would follow. At first I would only "signal" guys I liked but soon -and certainly when it wasn't busy- any guy. Get fucked or suck and after that back to doing the rounds for the next one. I could spend hours there until it was clear it was just me left in the park or my lust was satisfied. Sometimes you realised you where there alone or scored just one guy. Sometimes there were more than you could handle, certainly between 2am-3am when the bars had closed and guys were horny and wanted to dump a load before going home. But yeah, this was before online dating.
  6. Nipples

    My nipples are still quite small but they have become slightly bigger and more sensitive over the years. I love having them sucked but when squeezed they are starting to hurt very quickly. I do know some tops who want me to suck them (foreplay) or squeeze their nips hard when they are fucking.
  7. Exactly. I prefer long fucks. Love the feeling of the top using my hole. But in the end it's his decision if he wants to go for a quick fuck or wants to go for a longer session.
  8. Having a day off. It's cold. Let's see if I can help out those in need and offer them a warm place.....:grin:


    beefy butt3.jpg

    1. LockedJonson


      Fuck! I want that butt!

    2. RotzBBengel


      Dinner's ready! ;) One of the most perfectly rounded bubble butts I've ever seen... :drool:

    3. LockedJonson
  9. Sucking while getting fucked

    What if another bottom joins? He can take turns on your holes while you suck each other....
  10. Xtube Gloryhole collection

    Two from user richandglory https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/sharing-connections-29443811 Sharing Connections My buddy from " Reconnecting..." came back for a share-the-cock session with me and RLeon! We share everything, and cocks are no different! I love sliding that wet, sticky, boi-butt-flavored meat into my mouth after it blasts delicious cum up his hole! https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/buttloaded-boi-32348352 Buttloaded Boi Getting RedBone in the shack is always a crowd-pleaser (and a hole pleaser too!) but getting him AND RLeon in the shack for a buttfucking, bone-blowing, fuckhole-felching session is beyond HOT! Sucking our asses off his cock is awesome, but slurping his load from my boi’s hole is stupefying! Fuck I love men!
  11. Ever been in this position?




    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. RotzBBengel


      But what about you, @NLbear ? Ever done it like that yourself?

      Must be fuckin' hot for sure to get used like that, never really being able to see who's been breeding your holes... :drool:

    3. RotzBBengel


      Six or seven years ago, while away on holiday, I found this small, remote park restroom with only one trough-like urinal and two stalls that actually had a gloryhole drilled through the partition. As things turned out, the gloryhole was quite busy and so I stayed for the rest of the afternoon... ;)


      The restroom wasn't all that far from a soccer field and a basketball court, which made me wonder how many teenage boys had given or received their first blowjob through that very hole over the years...


      Needless to say, the thought of a young gay boy kneeling on the dirty restroom floor, waiting for total strangers to shove their big dripping mancocks throught that hole looking to get serviced, turns me on tremendously. Especially if the kid is accompanied by his father/grandfather/uncle/older brother or cousin...:grin:


    4. NLbear


      Unfortunately not Rotz.....! Like in Germany stalls in NL tend to be either closed or the partitions are so low there is little room underneath and to do anything.

  12. By: monkstown25 https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/another-business-trip-with-slutty-daddy-part-2-32868902 Another business trip with slutty daddy. Part 2
  13. That's a VERY nice cock you show NL!

    1. NLbear


      Thank you Dane! I may be a bottom but I am very happy with my dick :D

    2. Dane


      And you should be, you have all the reason to be happy with it!

  14. POLL: What is YOUR DICK SIZE???

    Mine is a thick 7" (see pic) but that doesn't really matter as a bottom. I consider myself a bottom and not a versatile bottom as I only top very occasionally. Guys (usually younger guys looking for a Daddy) hit me up and want me to fuck them. Those are the ones who don't read profiles and just look at pics ;-)

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