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  1. Online: my cock and your ass could be great friends. Want to introduce them? I did 😉
  2. I like to think I can take any size. With the right foreplay though, not when he just rams it in. I have a fuck bud (who I only saw once since Covid started). He's 9.5" (the biggest I ever had) and let's say we play well together 😉 I have refused one which I regretted. I was on vacation a few years ago and there was guy at the pool with a massive bulge. Even soft he was almost bursting out of his speedos. I spent the day around the pool nursing my hole. Had been fucked rough by two guys the night before. Later I saw him online. Very close (same hotel) and his profile pic was of that bulg
  3. Thanks @Spunkinmyarse. I couldn't see the rooms on that page (page not found) but it looks like a luxury hotel. I usually stay at Playa del Sol. While it is not a luxury hotel it is decent enough for me. Service is good, staff is friendly and the rooms are basic but good enough for me. It's an Aparthotel which means you have kitchen facilities in your room (in case you don't want to go out for dinner every single night). Good pool (with plenty of eye candy) and you can put a sunbed in their garden if you want some shade. Guests are a mix of -mostly- older scandinavian straight people and gay m
  4. I always travel with poppers to GC, Hold luggage, not hand luggage and my luggage has never been searched when arriving. And I have been there dozens of times. I always thought the sex shop in Yumbo sells poppers but I may be wrong. While it is true a lot of guys are "saving" themselves for the nightlife and just relax during the day there are plenty who are looking to play during daytime. I used the Planeromeo site for hookups and if you log in during the day you get hit up all the time (depending on your profile of course...). Now, since Planetromeo disabled their "classic" version (in
  5. The hotel I am usually staying in is only 50% or so gay. But I have met guys at the pool and had some hotel room fun. At Basement Studios as a day guest it has happend that guys were sucked around the pool. And it has also happened that guys were fucking on the sunbed next to me. But the crowd at Basement is usually mature. Sometimes very mature. I don't know what happens at other gay resorts where they welcome day guests like Tropical La Zona etc.
  6. Be sure to wear something that emphasizes your best assets (crotch , ass, chest, arms etc). You could go commando and let him have a peek of your ass crack. It may give him ideas...
  7. Really depends on the owner and what he does with it. Could be anything between 6" and 9" but I prefer thick. Skinny cocks don't do much for me. A 6" cock can fuck me to heaven and a 9" could do nothing except feeling stuffed. It's his technique and/or skills that does it. But I would really enjoy meating these two: big and thick. If they know what to do with it.
  8. Me for instance. I already have a chronic disease that requires medication. I can do without another one on top of that.
  9. Have you considered it is not just about you? You may want to become poz but those guys may not want to poz someone and have that on their conscience. Not everyone wants to share his 'gift'. Book a vacation (when that is possible again) to a gay hotspot and get fucked as often as you can.
  10. Not because it was his birthday knowing upfront. I had one guy once who told me afterwards I was his birthday fuck. Felt really flattered when he told me 😉 My birthday is in September and in recent years I take my summer vacation then and go somewhere sunny and warm, Gran Canaria mostly. I have been fucked on my birthday there several times but never told them it was my birthday. I didn't feel the need to tell a random hookup he was pumping his load(s) in a birthday hole.
  11. If you are sincere about this (and I don't doubt that you are) you are going to be very popular! I do agree with others that you need to convince them upfront that it's not about money as plenty will indeed think you are after a sugar daddy. If you can do that I think you will have plenty of daddy asses to pick from. One of my regulars is a guy in his 20s but I met him through a hookup with someone else (older guy wanted to see his 'boy' breed someone else). After that he asked if we could meet without his 'daddy' and he has been banging me for a long time now. I don't know if we would ha
  12. You shouldn't think that everything you read online is the whole truth. Yes there are plenty of bottoms, maybe even the majority here, who just want to please their top. But when I am having sex with a guy I want pleasure too. Call me selfish but when a top is using me to get what he wants I am using him too to get what I want. For me sex is a two way street and we pleasure each other.
  13. Christmas Eve. I am only "seeing" a limited number of fuckbuddies now for the time being but Christmas Eve was like old times with two of them. One fuckbud texted me he needed some after work relief. As he works from home and lives close that was just before 5pm. His usual mojo: fucked a load in and kept hammering my hole until he shot again. In and out the door in 30 mins. When he left I found I had a message from another fuckbud saying he wanted to play. He was over 30 minutes later and got all excited when I told him about my other fuckbud and his 2 loads. We played for 2 hours (with
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