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  1. For some time I have a younger fuckbud. When we met he said he was a total top and nothing got in his ass. A few months ago he admitted that he had sex with his best friend and he had bottomed for the guy. "But he is the only one getting in my ass". Sure. Until a while ago he and another of my fuckbuds came over to tag team me. The other guy has one of the thickest dicks I ever had and in the heat of the moment he couldn't resist. Had to try it. So I had the pleasure of watching him taking that beercan cock. And he loved it. So much for being a total top 😉
  2. I remember once years ago when I was traveling to the UK for business. Had a hookup in my hotel. Next day when I was at the office and went to lunch with my colleagues I bumped into him in the office restaurant. We both didn't let on that we knew each other but after work and back at my hotel I did find a message from him if I wanted another go 😉 And we did.
  3. hi men,


    i like your profile and would like to meet you and gif you my TOXIC load inside you r asshole if you like??


    hug Harry

  4. My interpretation of a slap on my ass after the fuck has always been that is a Thank You for a good fuck.
  5. I don't cruise online often anymore but last night I was horny as fuck. Regular Friday fuckbud was away and none of the other ones were available or in the mood. Plenty of flakes and rejections but I finally hit the jackpot with a couple from the UK staying at a hotel. An early 40s vers guy and a mid 50s top. "Warned" me they only fucked raw (no problem!) but were "safe" (whatever that meant). Went over and stumbled out of the hotel almost two hours later with 5 loads and jelly cramped legs. A bit of chitchat first but came down to business quickly. Vers guy pretty hairy bearish guy with sizeable cock and stamina. The top a slim smooth guy (not really my type). Not as well endowed as his mate but thick cock and big hairy balls. Vers went straight for my hole when I was on my knees ass up sucking the Top. Had to give up blowing the Top as Vers pounded the hell out of me for a long time and finally shot his load. Top was next. Equally aggressive fucker but took less time cumming. Then Vers guy again while his friend sat back and watched and occasionally fucked my throat a bit to stay hard. Vers fucked again for a long time (made me shoot my load in the process). Top pounded a 2nd load in me and then the Vers guy again for a final fuck. Aggressive in bed but really nice guys. Said they were here for the (long) weekend and might be up for a repeat.
  6. Isn't it great to have a young muscle top like that? One of my fuckbuds is the same, although not as big in the cock department as yours, but I feel so lucky when he pumps my hole and leaves one or two loads. He loves to top older guys but bottoms for a guy his own age.
  7. TheCarnivore [think before following links] [think before following links] https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/-polla-grande-9-fucks-me-real-good-37899611 I'd just gotten home from work and got a message from this big 9" Latin American stud asking if the GH was open. FUCK YES! Once I saw that sweet dick through the GH, I knew EXACTLY how this hook-up was going to go! After NOT getting fucked for five years, I absolutely had to get that big cock inside me pumping out a load of sperm! DIOS MIO! ¡Qué increíble polla grande! "oh yeah! Fuck that ass!" The feeling of that huge dick fucking me, throbbing and cumming in me was AMAZING! His latest is not a breeding video but look at the straight studs incredible ass while getting a load sucked out of him [think before following links] [think before following links] https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/lindo-3-dios-mio-42965531 You should see Lindo 2 when BlackNmild thought he was gonna' poke that fine ass! NOT until I get to at least TASTE that beautiful hetero hole! I mean DAMN guys! :) By suggestion of a fan, included is the view a sperm donor sees when cumming to my glory hole shed for a blowjob.
  8. [think before following links] http://www.rough-stock.com/RoughStock.html
  9. Videopak35 [think before following links] [think before following links] https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/late-night-powerfuck-40241801 I love to serve my ass up to anon total tops, and loved the way this alpha controlled me with his cock and rode til satisfied [think before following links] https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/hot-anon-top-leaves-me-dripping-42966231 Met this dude online and went crazy for his piledriving fuck style and alpha attitude. He has a perfect ass and big juicy dickmeat. After he cums my hole the cum just leaks out...
  10. If you feel a bit awkward they saw you having sex I take it you never had sex with your friends and/or they never saw you having sex before? The fact that some started beating off tells me they found it hot. Some may have even been jealous you were the one getting those loads. Did they say anything afterwards?
  11. Yes, the two biggest problems I experienced there as well. No way to get some fresh air at night and the roaches. I stay somewhere else and (sometimes) visit during the day. Plus the place was usually dead after the day visitors left.
  12. I've had a few young tops who, after a very hot and satisfying fuck, thought that if they bacame a regular I'd support them financially. Think again. As soon as that topic was brought up they were never invited back again. Regardless how good they were as a top. I may be seen as a Daddy but I am not a Sugar Daddy.
  13. Nothing against vers guys, they can have fun both ways. Sometimes I wish I was more like that. But I am a bottom. I have a few regulars but sometimes I will look for sex online. I am not going to search for vers guys tbh. I look for tops so at least we are clear on that. If that doesn't work I'll search for vers tops. Only if that doesn't work either I'll look for vers guys. But it will have to be clear from the beginning I am the one bottoming, not him. And I am not going to magically turn into a top for him. He can look for cock elsewhere after he has bred me.
  14. NLbear


    I don't like shaved pubes at all. It looks so....unnatural. But I do prefer it trimmed a bit. I don't like a lot of hair sticking up my nose when I suck him. But that is just a preference.

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