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    "I'll suck yours if you suck mine", were the words that got me down on my knees with a cock in my mouth...

    I was a cocksucker from the start...

    I'll never forget the first time a man came in my mouth...

    I was in the Navy. Living in barracks, 4 beds per room.

    One bed occupied by the cock, one for a guy whoring around town and never home, a vacant bed, and the last for the cocksucker... me...

    The cock entered the room after some heavy liquid courage one night, and stood in front of my bed, unzipping his jeans and told me "suck"...

    The air was filled with sexual tension following a sex discussion and both had admitted being curious being with a guy...

    The sound of my first zipper going down, tock, tock, tock... heavy slow metal ticking... The metal clank as the belt buckle is let free...

    I didn't waste too much time sniffing around and went right at it, I really don't remember anything between zipper to mouthful of hard dick.

    Unknowingly, he had the perfect size dick to suck all night and not get tired, a solid six inch of hard trusting cock seeking pleasure.

    I was very happy to oblige and "suck" as requested.

    That was it, I was a cocksucker, can't take it back.

    after a few minutes of pure pleasure giving, the cock muttered "I'm gonna come" and tried to pull out.

    I was not about to let get go of my first mouthful of come go so easily, I grabbed his ass and pulled him in my mouth, he relaxed and came...

    Instant mouthful, I kid you not, never had this big of a load ever again! My cheeks swelled up like a chipmunk... I did was I wanted to do anyway, I swallowed and swallowed as the cock was getting off.... I really don't remember the taste, but I'll remember the smell until the day I die...

    I've sucked many since, guiltily at first, but I've accepted who I am, I'm out... I'm a cocksucker and I always swallow...

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  1. What's the timeline on these?
  2. One good way to get a straight guy to let you suck his dick is by planting the idea earlier. Let it simmer. The seed of the idea/desire a simple statement on your part, "God I love to suck dick"...it's pretty easy to direct the conversation toward sex with any guy. A comment out of the blue....Watch for reactions and react accordingly, if he has to reposition his dick because it's getting uncomfortable is a pretty good sign to keep pushing lol... Actually no, not pushing, pulling... If he gives you an opening, wedge in slowly, "I just love to give pleasure"...
  3. Pretty good for a story that hasn't been read in 6 years lol...
  4. You're already on your knees, salivating... The hole is right in front of your face... Describe YOUR perfect dick coming through the hole... Mine is a solid 6-7" that you can suck all night, veiny as fuck, uncut... and black as hell...
  5. Interesting topic... Age of consent is rather a new thing in the history of our evolution. In the Roman era, you were an elderly at 25 years old. Did they wait til they were 18 to start having babies? I don't think so. That was 2000 years ago, a blink of an eye. We made laws that goes against our very nature. Is it unnatural and evil for an adult to find a heathy sexually mature teenager attractive and sexually appealing? I advocate that it's perfectly natural, it's all about procreation. An age on a piece of paper is not the right idea, age of consent should be when your body is ready for procreation. A line that I've heard many times in the past would say it all "Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed". You can procreate, you can choose. Gay sex does not have "procreation" written all over it, but it should also follow the same guideline.
  6. I'm out of hearts or whatever reaction it was (envy, comes to mind)... Having a smoke in your honour 😛
  7. I'm trying to come up with what to say... What comes up is, that was hot...
  8. Very hot story, thanks for writing it 🙂
  9. First read, top to bottom, I did not care much for the Prince Albert from hell, but the rest is pretty solid. And now, where will you put the tattoo on your protagonist ?... I've got to find out... More please...
  10. Coming from a hetero background, I really hated the damn rubbers, could not feel anything, loosing my hardon... Jerking off felt better. As my sexual life progressed to becoming a bottom, how could I ask someone to wear something I truly hated? It doesn't feel that much different when you're at the receiving end tbh, sound is annoying as fuck. So yeah... barebacker
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