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    62 YO cross dresser. I am bi, and want to suck cock and have my sissy pussy fucked. I am a submissive and want to be used. I have been cross dressing for 35 yrs. and love to get all dolled up and enjoy my fem side. I just love to dress in sissy clothes. I am Just a submissive sissy slut, that wants to suck cock, swallows loads, and gets fucked in the ass. I am very perverted and willing to try almost anything. I love everything anal and want my pussy pounded for as long you can pound it. Searching for perverted guys who will fuck me hard. My dream is to be a sissy slut, sucking and being fucked by big cocks. I love spending hours with my toys in my ass. But my toys are not enough. I crave and want a real cock. I want to feel your cock as it pulses, filling my mouth or pussy full of cum. I need ro get my throat used, getting my ass pounded rough and deep; I love being dominated. I’m into cross dressing sissies, kissing, fucking, sucking, rimming, gaping holes, prolapse, cum, piss, fisting pumping, toys, nipple play, and I am wanting to find someone that is willing to make my fantasies cum true.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Retired and widowed finally able to become the pig that I have dreamed off. I find getting POX'd very intriguing and very arousing. Not sure I want to become POX'd, but I definitely love bareback sex only.
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    Want a perverted pig like me that enjoys being a nasty pig like me.

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  1. I'd give you more piggies but ran out of my guota. Love to read more. Can't wait for the necmxt chapter. I would accept you with open arms if you cum to Missouri 

  2. Hey, thanks for the 7 piggies and the like, and the 2 upvotes!   

    ps. never been in Missouri, but now I might have a reason  ; /  ----8

  3. Unfortunately all of us sissies have to go through many purges. But the ultimate thrill and result just enforces what we always knew. We are sissy ❤ faggot sluts that can't resist the cock. After each purge, the desire to becum a sissy faggot slut can not be denied. We can not resist the COCK. We need the COCK. We can not survive without the COCK. The COCK controls us and will always will.
  4. This looks very promising. Never really thought about it. It is something I'd like to try someday. Maybe lying next to someone special. Kissing and playing with each other bodies as we swap chem piss back and forth in a catheter shared by us. Maybe fist each other as we enjoy are piss
  5. I wish you success with your bloodslam. I hope you will be open to trading bloodslams with other interested fags such as me.

  6. Nothing wrong with that. Sounds like the perfect party. Everybody riding your sex machine and playing with each other. Lots of fem sex, methods and blood slamming. What could be better then that.
  7. After I get bloodslammed by my special sissy fem faggot friend this hole will opened again to take all toxic loads. Closed until I receive her special gift and she is apart of me forever. 

    Snapshot 22 (6-24-2015 12-04 PM).png

    1. Bareswapper


      Mmm. Very tasty. Maybe you can share bloodslams after you convert to knock others up and to collect new strains.

  8. Of course it does. We would be here if it didn't make us horny.
  9. Your #1 on my wish list. Spending time with you parting, getting spun up with your sexy fem/CDs/sissy/ trans friends sharing your sex machine. Playing with each other enjoying dirty nasty sissy faggot sex and experiencing and sharing your blood. Every time I think about it I want to make it happen more and more.
  10. I look forward to reading your part 2. It is my number 1 fantasy to be with another sissy enjoying Tina together and sharing cum loads together. Sharing our journey as sissy sisters becoming total sluts for cock, cum and T.
  11. I believe most of us started experimenting with sex with our friends at a early age. With me it was around 10. Alot of backyard tent camping with the neighbor boys. Then with my 13 yr old male cousin when I was 11. 1st cock I ever sucked. We enjoyed playing with other, he taught me learned alot. If we hnew about lube back then, he probably would have fucked me. At 16 a female cousin and her came to visit and I had sex for the first time. It was amazing. We enjoyed each others bodies the whole time she was there. I believe we each understand and know when we are ready for sex. It doesn't matt
  12. Of course a sissy can see a sissy and you are a sexy sissy!


  13. BZ definitely makes me very horny. I do not miss many days without visiting this site. I love reading everyone adventures in bareback sex and total piggy sex. As a sissy faggot this site inspires me to becum a total slut for bareback cock.
  14. I agree with some on this topic. I think we don't have a choice. It is determined at birth. Most of us experimented or learned about sex with a male friend or young male relative. In my case it was a cousin. My dad was in the military and we moved around alot. But every few years we would go see his family when moving to another assignment. During one visit I spent most of my time when my cousin. He was 14 and I was 12. He introduced me about sex. He taught me about mastrabation. But when I saw his big cock for the 1st time something in me knew I liked it. Everyday we had a chace to be alone.
  15. I have never asked anyone to wear a condom and never will. I love the taste of my ass on a cock after it has unloaded in my sissy faggot pussy
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