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    61 YO cross dresser. I am bi, and want to suck cock and have my sissy pussy fucked. I am a submissive and want to be used. I have been cross dressing for 35 yrs. and love to get all dolled up and enjoy my fem side. I just love to dress in sissy clothes. I am Just a submissive sissy slut, that wants to suck cock, swallows loads, and gets fucked in the ass. I am very perverted and willing to try almost anything. I love everything anal and want my pussy pounded for as long you can pound it. Searching for perverted guys who will fuck me hard. My dream is to be a sissy slut, sucking and being fucked by big cocks. I love spending hours with my toys in my ass. But my toys are not enough. I crave and want a real cock. I want to feel your cock as it pulses, filling my mouth or pussy full of cum. I need ro get my throat used, getting my ass pounded rough and deep; I love being dominated. I’m into cross dressing sissies, kissing, fucking, sucking, rimming, gaping holes, prolapse, cum, piss, fisting pumping, toys, nipple play, and I am wanting to find someone that is willing to make my fantasies cum true.
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    Retired and widowed finally able to become the pig that I have dreamed off. I find getting POX'd very intriguing and very arousing. Not sure I want to become POX'd, but I definitely love bareback sex only.
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    Want a perverted pig like me that enjoys being a nasty pig like me.

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  1. I love playing with my own piss. I get so hot pissing on my face and drinking my own piss. I love soaking my sissy clothes with my hot piss and lay in bed soaking my satin sheets.

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