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  1. Looking to get into some hot group action with other likeminded pigs in the NCR before the summer weather passes.
  2. Would love to take your extra thick cock in my cunt. I have learned to control my sphincter and enjoy giving a big-cock top a squeeze to let him know i can be loose or i can tighten my hole for him and milk his load into my hungry hole.
  3. hello...we are in singapore..open to almsot all...except scat and blood...

    1. BBdaddybear


      😉.  In North America here

  4. Would love to share my huge double dildo with you. Would be so hot to sit in a two-sided sling and rocking back and forth for a hot night at the baths and only taking breaks when tops want to breed one of is or both of us. Love when I’m sharing my dildo and we gobble each side until our ass lips meet and kiss. Preferably wet cum-soaked kisses.
  5. Perhaps we should have a club of bottoms who are able to take those exceptionally well-endowed tops. My largest was 11“ on an early 20s Italian stud. Late 90s and with a condom. I don’t know where he found a condom to fit. He wanted me in a suit and had me drop my trousers and bent me over a sawhorse and i loved the sensation of the thick monster reeming my innards. I’ve had a couple of other large 9 and 8.5 “ cocks, but they are too few around for my taste. I believe being into fisting and using my 20“ double dildo (which i can get all but 5“ into my ass and passed the second sphincter ) makes it possible to take those huge cocks with confidence. But gentleness to begin is very important. Plus making out and getting all horned up will make the experience much better for both the bottom and the top.
  6. Next trip to Montreal, i hope you’ll take my ass and use it like you owned it find91
  7. We will have to head to Montreal when they reopen. Which I’m certain will be before our one little bathhouse in Ottawa reopens...if ever.
  8. lol. What’s a horse fair? What’s a sex camp? And i thought I’d heard it all...
  9. I was stating it was 2 am when i posted the notice. We were already playing. We ended up being 6 guys. Was very piggy
  10. Turn over your phone to him and let him pick your next playmates...
  11. The first time i barebacked as a bottom was with a sweet black man. We had chatted for a long time on gay.com and on Squirt. I was 47 and had started to explore my gay side for only five years. He was (is) a nice professional man and when we finally agreed to meet, the passion was intense and letting him fuck me bare just seemed natural. And you need to understand that this was so out of character for me and my comfort zone. HIV Emerging in the early 80s was the reason I never had a gay experience when I was young. Despite becoming aware at the age of 16 that I found some of my high school football teammates to be hot. Over the years my sweet first barebacker and I would hook up occasionally, but he was fundamentally bi and really kept hoping to find a relationship with a woman. I hope that black men here and who are reading all these strings will not be offended that a bunch of white guys are objectifying them. For me the is no doubt there is a deep fundamental attraction to a black man that hits many of my criteria as a hot and sexy looking man.
  12. Mmmmm. One more reason for daddy to visit SF when border and health restrictions are lifted
  13. How do you expect to connect when your bbrt account doesn’t really exist? Daddy loves to breed pigs
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