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    Barebacking, fisting, leather, group fun, breeding parties
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    Mature Daddy Bear who has evolved from a sexual prude to an insatiable cum-hungry sex pig that has a huge sexual appetite. Mild-mannered gentleman in civil society. Raunchy sex pig behind closed doors.
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    Only private stuff for now but fantasize doing raunchy group orgy porn. Planning a video on a ritualized breedind and seeding ceremony -ask for details.
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    Open to most. Tops and vers very appreciated. Younger slutty twinky bottoms to breed are always welcomed.

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  1. I was stating it was 2 am when i posted the notice. We were already playing. We ended up being 6 guys. Was very piggy
  2. Turn over your phone to him and let him pick your next playmates...
  3. The first time i barebacked as a bottom was with a sweet black man. We had chatted for a long time on gay.com and on Squirt. I was 47 and had started to explore my gay side for only five years. He was (is) a nice professional man and when we finally agreed to meet, the passion was intense and letting him fuck me bare just seemed natural. And you need to understand that this was so out of character for me and my comfort zone. HIV Emerging in the early 80s was the reason I never had a gay experience when I was young. Despite becoming aware at the age of 16 that I found some of my high school fo
  4. Mmmmm. One more reason for daddy to visit SF when border and health restrictions are lifted
  5. How do you expect to connect when your bbrt account doesn’t really exist? Daddy loves to breed pigs
  6. Mmmmm. I suggested something similar last week. Would love to produce something like this. Although I’m N. America based i travel to Europe several times a year. (Well i did, until this virus hit)
  7. Would love to organize a sex party/orgy where it is understood that the action is being recorded with the express purpose of dissemination of the images and videos. The necessary releases for public display and hold-harmless would of course need to be signed beforehand. All bareback and all sleezy - posted to a site dedicated to organizing such parties in other cities and countries. Many bathhouses and clubs may very well close permanently. We need to explore other options for cummunial fun and fraternity.
  8. Let you know next visit to your city stud.
  9. I have always prided myself that i can take huge cocks and large toys. A nice forearm in my ass is heaven to feel and see. But i still manage to control my sphincter during the fucking in order milk all the sexy juices from my tops big hose. Would love to see if you could turn me into that “never too loose hoe” you enjoy.
  10. Would be hot to get you that way shinelover.
  11. Would be so hot to play with you two brothers. Both on the same raunchy wavelength.
  12. Since this about fantasy, i would have to select men that i fantasized about in my days before I ever had any experience with men. I have a very clear memory of a man in a movie that I saw when I was 17-years old. I only saw the movie once. I never checked out who the actor was. So i just did a Google search because I have never forgotten the title of the movie. I was kind of surprised of who was the actor I lusted after. The movie was « Mandingo » and it turns out the actor was Ken Norton; yes the boxer. His role was that of a black slave seduced by his master’s wife. I think th
  13. I have way more fun hunting and playing with another bottom. We are patient and enjoy pleasuring each other until tops show up. And i love to be hunting with hot young bottoms...they are definitely great cock bait. I love it when one of my hot FB turns to a top stud and looks at him and says “fuck my daddy”!
  14. Guys often say they like to grab my chesthair by the fistful as the action gets heated.
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