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    Fisting & Slamming. Watersports & CP. Rubber & Leather. Sounding & Electro. Dildos & Restraint. Breath Exchange & Breath Control. Kissing & Stroking. Pumping & Toys. Rimming & Nipple Play. Fucking & Sucking. Booty Bumps & Poppers. Good sex is controlled by hormones .... fantastic, climatic, memorable, earth shattering sex is sharpened by the brain
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Experienced, adventurous and talented fister ... but with a whole lot more interests. Chem friendly & sleazy. Looking for intelligent guys who like long playtimes with relaxed breaks.
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    Wouldn't you like to know?
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    Fistee & Fuckee - young, slim, talented, eager, good kisser. BB only. Chems & Poppers. A guy who wants to go to the next level! No hole too big; no hole too small. A guy who likes to suck and likes to rim. A good long session with breaks. BB only. No scat. No puke.

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  1. Wow ... you're certainly full of ambition. Hopefully, soon you'll be full of all sorts of other things too. Would love to give you a helping hand along the way and plenty of juices to lubricate your different parts. Good luck my friend xx
  2. Thank you for the rep!!Ā :P:2thumbs:xx

    1. ronetbus


      My pleasure, stud

  3. He Sexy ... thanks for the reps xx:*:drool::Pxx

    1. bugchaser73


      No problem horny fuckeršŸ·šŸ˜ˆ

  4. Hi Sexy. Thanks for the rep and the follow! xx:):P:)xx

    1. mdog9000


      no problem my ass hasn't scene any action in over a year so think its nearly virgin tight lol x

    2. 1deviantlad


      So it deffo needs some action to get it loose again ;@))

  5. Thanks for the rep Michael xx:P:drool:xx

  6. I could give you a beautiful rosebud too if you would like it! xx

  7. Hi Karl ... you seem to be a "no holes refused" sort of guy

  8. Hey fistulike666 and am willing to give myself over to you and let you do anything you like with me ;@))

  9. I'd love to look after your nutsack ... show it what it is capable of, keeping on training Ā it Ā more and more so that you'd be proud to share it with the whole world!!

    1. fucknfeedme


      I would love to turn over complete control and have you do as you please with my nuts and holes. Woof

  10. Hiya ... thanks for the rep! xx:drool:;)xx

  11. Wish you were closer!!! Ā Love my nutts worked!!!

    1. Fistulike666


      Would love to squeeze and milk the juices out of your nice round pair of Florida oranges!

    2. makemesqueal


      Yea, so would I! Ā Need anything and fast. Ā Be bred and fucking work the balls as you do!

  12. Thanks for the rep! Seems like you'd appreciate someĀ full-on attention!Ā :2thumbs::drool::P

    1. BBJONNY


      always up for some fun...and am in UK :)

  13. Hi Randy .. thanks for the rep. Any thoughts on whether you'd like to join in with a bit of CBT?

    1. RandyCubby


      I like a paddle used on my nutsack (and a little titwhip on my tits).

    2. Fistulike666


      ... both are available in the playroom for horny guys like you!

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