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    Fisting & Slamming. Watersports & CP. Rubber & Leather. Sounding & Electro. Dildos & Restraint. Breath Exchange & Breath Control. Kissing & Stroking. Pumping & Toys. Rimming & Nipple Play. Fucking & Sucking. Booty Bumps & Poppers. Good sex is controlled by hormones .... fantastic, climatic, memorable, earth shattering sex is sharpened by the brain
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Experienced, adventurous and talented fister ... but with a whole lot more interests. Chem friendly & sleazy. Looking for intelligent guys who like long playtimes with relaxed breaks.
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    Wouldn't you like to know?
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    Fistee & Fuckee - young, slim, talented, eager, good kisser. BB only. Chems & Poppers. A guy who wants to go to the next level! No hole too big; no hole too small. A guy who likes to suck and likes to rim. A good long session with breaks. BB only. No scat. No puke.

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  1. Monogamous Breeding-is it possible?

    My pleasure xx
  2. Monogamous Breeding-is it possible?

    Hi Zielort, you seem to be a thoughtful guy, so be happy with whatever decision you make ... keeping it under review and, if needs be, change your mind. Unlike some, I'm not looking for premature death or an emaciated body, neither am I a bug collector or a bug distributor; I like sex so much and I love life in this beautiful world. HIV is relatively easy to treat so that life can continue as normal but things are more tricky with HepC and some other things, so these are more the ones to avoid if you can. Don't beat yourself up too much over things otherwise you'll start to get afraid of being who you are. Far from lacking maturity as you suggest, I reckon that the very fact you're raising the questions for yourself means you have a wise head on your shoulders. Good luck to you xx
  3. Monogamous Breeding-is it possible?

    I'm mainly top, say 80%, and have enjoyed sex a lot over the years with many different guys, one-to-one, 3-somes, groups ... the lot. I was apprehensive at first about the dangers of HIV & other STV's so always used condoms. The sex was OK. Then I met and fell in love with a guy (probably lust more than love if I'm honest) who introduced me not only to fisting but also to bareback fucking and other slightly extreme activities. He had an insatiable appetite for my cock and my fists, taking my hot creamy cum almost as quickly as my body made fresh supplies! The transformation in my sex life was amazing. But I knew this guy also fucked around a lot with others at sex clubs and with on-line hookups ... he was so fucking horny and always in demand ... a complete 100% bottom, good-looking, vivacious, experimental. Then I realised, although he hadn't told me, that he was HIV+. What to do? I thought long and hard ... then talked to him. I said I knew he was HIV+ and that it would have been better if he'd told me, especially as he fucked around so much, but I also said that fucking him bareback was what I wanted and that I was OK with the risk of getting HIV. I was prepared to pay the price for us to continue to enjoy the most spectacular sex imaginable. I also at the same time decided that, when acting as a bottom, I would also take loads bareback ... oh, WOW, now my sex life was the best it could be. I had become a complete sexual being. I also tested HIV+ some 12 months later but am I happy, healthy and stabilised on treatment, with a normal life expectancy and a good sex life. We are no longer together, having drifted apart quite naturally, each of us finding different ways of moving on. So, my advice to Zielort is ... only you can make decisions like this for yourself ... do not let anyone take control of your destiny. Decide what YOU want for YOURSELF.
  4. I met this guy on a site to where you can find guys to have sex with. Tomorrow night me and this guy that goes by Silver Daddy is going to pick me up and we're going to find some guys to gangbang me for my first time. I'm hoping to find at least six or more guys with nice size cocks? 

    I have a few posts on this site looking for some guys to come over and pound my ass! I live in a small town an hour from the city. I've had a lot of guys answer my posts wanting to fuck me but they won't come over to my place though. I don't have a ride to meet with them so I don't get much action here. I hope Silver Daddy shows up tomorrow because I need some cock really bad! I have to get fucked several times before I'm satisfied. I'll let you know what happens. 

    1. texmex


      I use to go to this park to find some guys to suck off and get my tight ass fucked. One full moon night I hooked up with this black guy with a 8 inch plus cock and thick too! I met him at the park table where everyone there could see. He pulled out his big hard cock for me to suck. There must have been around six cars there facing at us. I knew that everyone could see me sucking this big thick cock but I didn't care. I sucked his cock like a pro. I showed him how good I can suck cock and everyone watching too! He laid on the table and I took every inch of his cock deep down my throat several times. I was willing to let him fuck me in front of everyone but he didn't want to get caught. 

      He put his cock back in his pants and told me to fallow him to the lake and he would fuck me there. I wanted him to fuck me so I did. Once we got to the lake he pulled out his cock and I started sucking his big hard cock! Once he was good and hard I lube up his cock and I bent over and he pushed his thick hard cock in my tight ass! He grabbed my hips and started slowly fucking me awhile then he fucked me hard and deep. He fucked me for about 10 minutes before he came deep in my tight ass! I loved it so much I wanted him to fuck me again. So I sucked his cock clean and got him hard again. I bent over the car and he pushed his hard cock in my tight ass and fucked me for about another 10 minutes and filled my asshole full of cum for the second time. It was great and I love to find him again one day and fuck him again. 

  5. Hiya ... thanks for following! xx:drool::Pxx

    1. blnslut


      most welcum!! fucking hot

      Ereignisse – 1114.jpg

  6. Hiya .. thanks for following! xx:drool:;)xx

    1. AZRawPig


      Cock and ball's deep session's while riding the RUSH SESSION'S together until We're totally satisfied with our breeding. 

  7. Hi Toy ... thanks for following xx:drool::Pxx

  8. I want to welcome you to my home and then into my slutty hole. I want you to do whatever it takes to make me open widest... waited too long for genuine guy who will give me the biggest damaged hole :) I will do whatever you want....

    1. Fistulike666


      Woof! I love to open up a guy's magic cave and explore the moist dark tunnel

    2. openmyhole


      where are you and when ?

    3. AZRawPig


      My thought's completely. There's an area where all load's can cum together. 

  9. Hi ... thanks for following xx:*:drool:;)xx

    1. rawemobttm


      no prob...too bad you're in uk...i bet we could have fun as you teach me things =)

  10. Always great to reach home to a welcum like this

    Justin and Manny.gif

    1. BBBeard


      thats really a 'gif' coming home and you know there is more ...

    2. easyhole
    3. dive2tp


      I wanna be of service!

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  12. Hi ... thanks for following! Hope you soon get some of that reward you're seeking xx:drool::P

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      Awe thanks hun 😊 me too! 😊

  13. Should I wear these to the Bathhouse?

    Just go for it!
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  15. Hi .... thanks for following  xx:drool::Pxx

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      You are welcome, man ;)

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      You list of interests is just what gets me working in overdrive!

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