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    Fisting & Slamming. Watersports & CP. Rubber & Leather. Sounding & Electro. Dildos & Restraint. Breath Exchange & Breath Control. Kissing & Stroking. Pumping & Toys. Rimming & Nipple Play. Fucking & Sucking. Booty Bumps & Poppers. Good sex is controlled by hormones .... fantastic, climatic, memorable, earth shattering sex is sharpened by the brain
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Versatile Top
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    Experienced, adventurous and talented fister ... but with a whole lot more interests. Chem friendly & sleazy. Looking for intelligent guys who like long playtimes with relaxed breaks.
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    Wouldn't you like to know?
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    Fistee & Fuckee - young, slim, talented, eager, good kisser. BB only. Chems & Poppers. A guy who wants to go to the next level! No hole too big; no hole too small. A guy who likes to suck and likes to rim. A good long session with breaks. BB only. No scat. No puke.

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    1. cumdumpinmesa87


      Cum out to Az and fuck me

  4. Fistulike666

    First fisting experience?

    Totally agree with that .... I just wanted to know and experience what the guys I was fisting were feeling. OMG ... AWESOME. So now I'll fist whoever comes my way with a decent inviting hole, fuck them and get my first load off ... THEN ... its my turn in the sling. And so it goes, sometimes all night, sometimes with some nice chems it'll be all weekend. Just so need to feel that fist and arm inside me!
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