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  1. Once or twice. The guy came loads. You know when you douche the arse out and you feel that warm water hit your rectum. It was like that. He's got a reputation for coming a lot. And he did.
  2. There is a always a bit of dirt in sex. That's what makes it fun! I don't get it with my top. He just wont let me lick it off during sex. He has to get over his hang-ups and realize i am totally clean and its all part of benefiting me the bottom. Thanks for the welcome.
  3. I know of a few couples (some who've been together for over 15 years!!!!) who experiment. Sometimes including a third boy or having an arrangement where they can fuck with other men but always come back to each other. Then i know one guy who is dates a business man who travels a lot and he's a total bottom but is seriously a "one boy boy" so he has immense collection of sex toys to keep him happy. I think its incredibly sweet. They're all incredibly satisfied and don't complain about the lack of sex or the wandering eye of the partners. Whereas a lot of my straight buddies who are tied int
  4. i wish my fuck felt the same. I had to get my incredibly drunk to allow me to do that to him. He's so vanilla. Which is really sweet. Sometimes. I have to say, i got even harder licking my buttjuice off of his cock. it tasted of lube actually. Which makes sense as that's what is up there.
  5. has he done any bareback films/if so which ones ???
  6. I've done it once and it tasted amazing. My top was incredibly drunk and i've tried in the past but he's always pushed me away. Anyway this time...mid-way through fucking i got my top to pull out and started sucking his cock. He was so waisted i don't think he noticed what the hell was going on. I've not done it again but i've a major yearning to do it again (and i dont know why!). Do you guys like doing it and why?
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