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    Sheffield, UK
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    bareback sex, blogging, writing, travelling, music
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Horny, HIV+, slutty lad living in York, into fucking bareback with anyone and everyone. Am vers, love taking loads or giving mine to like minded fuck whores.

    Into long chem sessions, quick pump and dumps. I never say no, always take the load in my arse regardless of whoes it is. If you wanna fuck me, just pin me to the wall and stuff your raw cock up me.

    100% bareback, condoms strictly forbidden.

    I write the blog, Confessions Of A Bareback Sauna Slut - check it out by clicking the link in my signature.

    I can accommodate in York, or travel with notice. Go to London, Manchester, Sheffield and Nottingham often - other places as needed.

    My motto is simple - No Condoms, No Fear, No Regrets. Been fucking raw all my life, know the risks and embrace them. Looking to meet up with other guys with the same attitude to fucking.

    Note: I am HIV+, if this is a problem for you, move along. I'm cool with it.
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    Run and write my own online blog. Hours of videos, pictures and confessions of the real life bareback sex i've had and continue to have. Check out the blog link!
  • Looking For
    Cock. Bareback cock. Pure and simple as that. Looking ideally for guys similar to myself. Lads who have unprotected sex with as many different guys as possible, and to hell in a hand cart with the consequences. Guys who are slutty, trashy, filthy minded, perverts... Be you a twink, a cub, a bear or anything inbetween.... so long as you're into bareback and spreading and sharing seed.

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  1. I miss your posts. When are you going to do some updates? Would love to hear about your fucks again 

  2. Quick question guys... I'm sure one of you IT literate pornlovers will know the answer. Porn on sketchysex, fraternity X, and now their new site and my current favourite wank material, is available for streaming only on the sites, and as my internet connection is flaky at best, it means that watching it is difficult. I just! wondered if anyone knew how to download the videos from the sites while using an Android phone? I usually use IDM+ for this, but alas it doesn't work with these 3 sites.. Solutions on the back of a fag packet please....
  3. YES DO IT.. I haven't looked back since my now infamous pozzing on camera...


    1. Read1


      Congrats! Happy gifting!

    2. RawSexPig


      Hot poz pig

  4. I'm back bitches!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. suckerboi


      Seriously missed you being around!

    3. RawSexPig


      Great you were missed

    4. marcsoton


      Not before time either 😈🐷

  5. When are you coming back? Missed your videos and blog

  6. Does anyone have any idea what happened to this sexyass fucker? I’ve searched and searched, but I can’t find any articles about why he might have been imprisoned or for how long. Even his blog is gone now. 😢

  7. Anyone know what happened to Josh? He kinda just disappeared...

    1. cuntspunker


      I was just wondering the same 

    2. yellow750


      Believe he was sent to prison.. Remember finding some articles about him a year or so ago but can't find them now, so not certain of the reason. 

  8. Josh, Where you been man? Like, its been forever since you were on BZ. Dudes like you make visiting BZ fun.

  9. 31/7 - headed to Amsterdam for gay pride barebacking. +447428075778 MSG ME

    1. cuntspunker


      jealous! which places are you hitting for it?

  10. That's right! On Friday 31st July I'm travelling to Amsterdam, Holland for Gay Pride. I'm staying with a friend of mine and aim to take as many loads as possible during my stay. Ill be in Amsterdam from about 7pm local time 31st July, until Tuesday 4th August. If you want to breed me (all are taken, no questions asked), then hit me up. I'm also looking to breed any young fit slutty twinks 18-21yo while I'm there. If you wanna hook up, be sure to get in touch.... joshlandalexxx@gmail.com +447428075778 Josh
  11. AM in Amsterdam for pride this year, would love to give my toxic load to you - and any other slutty young twinks who want it.. email me: joshlandalexxx@gmail.com
  12. Excited to announce that my blog is back - JoshLandaleXXX.com

    1. Greedy Hole

      Greedy Hole

      Great news! You've always been a big inspiration for me :P

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