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Found 2 results

  1. New Owner

    The New Owner Part 1 I had moved to the city about two years ago and into a nice duplex. I was now 21, 5' 10", 165#, blond hair, fit and never had trouble getting a date or getting laid whenever I wanted to. The girls went nuts for me and my nice cut 7" cock helped some too. I had a good job and prospects to move upward in the company. My name was Jim. Then the duplex was sold. The new owner moved into the other half of the duplex. He was, I found out, 40, 6', 195#, brown hair and seemed to be very fit and his name was Hank. I was to find out later on that he also was well endowed with a 9" cut fat cock. His moving in did not change the rent, just made it easier to pay since he was just 'next door'. For the next couple of months nothing seemed any different and all went about like normal. Then one Friday night, as I was leaving to go out, I met him coming home with a friend. Hank introduced me to his friend, name of Tom. We talked for a few minutes, about nothing in particular and then I left. For a Friday night, the scene was really dead for some reason and for the first time in quite a while I came home earlier than normal, about 11pm and alone. I made casual notice that the lights were on in my landlords place but really didn't pay any more attention than that. I sat down to watch some TV but there wasn't much on there either. By midnight, I decided I was tired and headed to bed. My bedroom shared a wall with the other half of the duplex. I had just settled down when I could hear sounds coming through the wall. I guess I had never paid any attention to that before. I was kind of curious and got up and put my head closer to the wall as the sounds didn't seem to be a TV. I was startled to hear what seemed to be moans of pleasure. Then I heard a definitely male voice, Tom?, saying how good that felt. "Keep fucking me good." Then I heard Hank saying, "Yeah, your hole feels so good, I love fucking your ass, and I am going to fill you full of my cum." My mind went round and round, as I realized my new landlord must be gay and I didn't know it before. What a mind blower that was. I had really never known anyone gay before, that I knew of anyway. I listened some more and heard Hank saying, "Are you ready? I am going to cum and fill you full. Here it comes." I heard him growl then and knew he must .be cumming and then heard Tom say, "OMG, I am cumming too. Keep pounding my hole. It feels wonderful." Then Hank was telling him that he was such a good cumdump and hoped he would enjoy his gift and Tom saying he had waited too long for it and was enjoying it to the max. I had no idea what that last bit had been about but they apparently were done for the night as I heard no more sounds then and turned in for the night myself.
  2. PARK CRUISE   PART 1 My divorce became final; then, I closed on my new condo. Of course, it was stocked with bits and pieces of furniture I had gathered together from an assortment of thrift stores and second hand shops. I didn’t care though. I had my freedom now.   No longer was I going to deny my sexual awareness and lust for men. Of course, my lust being tempered by the "gay cancer" that was running rampant through the country. Here I am thirty-six years old abandoning a fifteen-year marriage and setting out fresh in a new life. Yes, I had a huge amount of empathy for my ex. She just couldn’t understand how I couldn’t have known I was gay: That was her problem now to contemplate.   I had moved into my condo on Halloween. What a memory that makes. I searched the neighbourhood and found most of the places where I would shop and do business. I commenced to becoming a regular around the neighbourhood and started the hand waving, head bobbing, and just smiling that one does to those who are seen frequently. None of these people knew about my new quest in life which was to find men and have them fuck my mouth and ass.   Even now with my new life I on occasion let the memory of what precipitated my divorce flood into my brain. Len, my ex-wife’s younger brother, had promised to take care of me during the bachelor party for their sister. Len took care of me for sure.   Len was ten years younger than I. He stood eye to eye with me meaning he was 6 feet 3 inches tall, also. Len weighed 190 pounds to my 170. His dark brown eyes always sparkled with mischief as did my green eyes. His dark brown hair contrasted with my Irish red hair. And, that dark brown hair was everywhere on his body. My blondish red hair covered my body as well but it just didn’t make its presence known as well.   Len’s body hair was massive and thick as it covered his body. I was always amazed at how much hair he had and which he loved. Many times, he was told to shave but he always good naturedly would laugh and say he would catch a cold if he did that. I loved to see him during the summer months when he wore very little. I just didn’t realize why I loved seeing him. And, that’s a good thing, too, I suppose.   Well, Len and I went off to the bachelor party. It was held at a hotel that Len had arranged. The festivities went well. At one in the morning, Len and I saw the last of the revellers to their hotel rooms and went to our room. Upon entering, we found one bed and not the two that had been ordered. Len said let’s not get upset and just straighten the situation out when we woke up. That sounded reasonable to me at the moment.   The two of us began taking off our clothes. I admit that I stole a couple of furtive looks at Len. I saw his muscles flex and move as required to take off his clothes. I envied Len his handsome looks and all that dark brown hair that covered his body. We both finished at the same time. We each stood on opposite sides of the bed. Len grinned at me, lifted up the covers, and slid into bed. I stood for just a moment and did the same.   I had hesitated getting into bed as I was in somewhat of a shock at what I had seen. Len was wearing a white Bike jockstrap for underwear. The contrast of that white jock that ran through his dark brown hair was stunning. The huge bulge that I saw in the pouch was almost unnerving. I had not really thought about Len’s cock but had at some time decided that he had a nice cock but that was without any empirical evidence.   We lay there in stillness and silence and let sleep creep into us. My last thoughts were of my wife. I seemed to focus on her. As I dreamily thought of her, I began to get aroused noting that my 8-inch cut cock began to grow. I smiled. If I had been home with her, no doubt she would have found herself impaled on my cock as I rode her to completion. But, that night, there would be no such riding. At least not the riding that I was used to.   Sometime after we had gone to bed, I lazily realized that I was in that state of awareness yet not awake. I was on my left side. I felt a presence behind me pressing up against me. I gently moved backwards spooning my body into this other body. I then felt a hand grasping my cock which was obviously hard. This hand began to move very gently up and down my cock. I whispered a moan. Then, I felt kisses on the back of my neck as my cock was manipulated a little faster. I inhaled a slight breath of air.   I then awoke totally. I felt my neck being kissed but by someone with a stubble. My back pressed against a hairy flat chest as the hair pressed into my skin tickling me. The hand jacking my cock was big. LEN! It was Len who was pressed into my back, kissing me, and jacking my cock. Then, I felt a big pressure against my butt. Len’s cock was hard.   "Len," I whispered.   "Shhhhhhhhhhhhh," he hushed me.   I lay there feeling the kisses continue as Len continued jacking my hard cock. He attempted to move closer grinding his restrained cock into my butt cheeks as he did so.   "Len," I whispered again, "you need to stop."   "Shhhhhhhhhhhh," he hushed me again then said, "I’ve waited a long time for this . . . and so have you. All you have to do is take your hand, put it on mine, and remove my hand from your cock. If you do that, I’ll stop."   I lay there as Len continued to kiss the back of my neck and now began licking it. His hand felt so good as he massaged my cock. I continued to feel Len touching me with his lips, tongue, and hand. My eyes rolled upwards shortly thereafter, and I knew I would not remove Len’s hand.   PART 2 In short time, I was soon moaning quietly as Len continued to arouse me. I caught myself trembling as Len touched me. I pushed backwards into his body and began to reach behind me touching Len. I was conflicted on many levels: brother in-law; another man; arousal at a man’s touch; betrayal of my wife. I thought of these and more but waved them aside and pulled Len closer to me.   Len’s hand left my cock. I felt him fumbling between us. I at last realized he was releasing his cock from his jockstrap. His cock was wet from pre-cum. Len maneuvered his cock between us so that the shaft settled into the crack of my butt cheeks. He pressed hard and moaned deeply as he did so. The feeling was unreal . . . but welcomed. Instinctively, I pushed my butt backwards toward Len’s cock. I had no fight or argument now. I was a willing participant.   Len stepped up the attention and foreplay. His hand was everywhere on my body. He caressed my stomach, touched my nipples, stroked my face, traced my torso from my underarm to my hip, and finally began to pinch and squeeze my nipples before returning to once more begin jacking my fully erect and leaking cock.   I now had a light glaze of sweat covering my body as my libido grew in its intensity. Len no doubt sensed my abandonment of trying to stop him and increased his kissing and licking as well as his hand wandering all over my body raising my sensitivity level ever higher. He also increased his pressing his girthy wet cock into my butt cheeks which I now wanted to feel more of making me to push backwards.   "I’m going to fuck you, Jack. I’m going to fuck your ass so good and fill it with my thick cum load," Len whispered in my ear as he continued to kiss and lick my neck. "You want me to fuck you. Jack, tell me you want me to fuck you and fill your ass with my cum."   I heard the words. I recognized every one of the words. I knew the definition of each word. Yet, in my state of mind and arousal, I couldn’t swear that I even knew English as a language let alone understand what a message spoken in English meant while I was in the midst of such an unknown and totally foreign activity as I was. My mind focused on how my body and psyche were feeling at Len’s touch.   "Jack, I’m going to fuck you and fill your ass with a big load of my cum. Tell me how much you want me to fuck you and fill your ass," Len said almost in a menacingly tone as his hands inflicted sharp but brief points of emphasis by pinching me in several places.   My brain gathered its reasoning power and processed the words I had heard. There was no hesitancy on my part when I said, "Yes, Len. Fuck me. Fuck me now. Fill my ass with your cum load and fuck me some more. Don’t stop fucking me. And, don’t let me stop you."   Len grabbed my right nipple between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed hard as he bit my neck. It hurt like crazy, yet, I restrained myself from yelling. It was a mating ritual I accepted.   Len released me, tossed back the covers raised up off the bed and ripped off his white jock. I stood by the bed and rid myself of my boxers. The two of us looked at each other in the dimmest of light that came in the room from around the curtain. We both were breathing heavily.   Len lowered himself back onto the bed resting on his back. I climbed onto the bed and straddled him as if I had been doing so for years. Somehow, I instinctively sat astride his hips as I moved his cock up from his body and let it rest on my backside. My mind began screaming as I had now touched his cock and knew how massive it felt. I had no clue how my ass could ever take his cock but take it I had to now.   I leaned forward cupping my hands behind Len’s neck. I leaned down and kissed him on the lips. Our tongues met and twirled around each other as we began our quest for completion. Len’s hands roamed all over my body once more sending shivers throughout me. At long last, I felt Len’s hand attempt to reach his cock. I stopped kissing him and pulled myself slightly upright as I moved my hand to my mouth. I dropped a great deal of spit on my fingertips which I moved to my ass wetting it as best as I could.   Len’s cock was taut from being so strained from arousal. Once more I doubted that I would be able to take his cock in my ass. I felt his cock in my hand and moved myself and his cock until at last I felt the sticky pre-cum coated head touching my hole. I held his cock firmly as I moved about adjusting myself. When I thought I was on target, I gritted my teeth and gave a quick backwards jerk of my ass. POP!   To say that I needed to scream and almost passed out is so very much an understatement. Immediately, I tried to move upwards to pull Len’s cock’s head out of my ass, but he had other plans. Len knew what would happen and was prepared to stop me. I was aware of his legs raising up so that his feet were planted on the mattress. At the same time that I was trying to pull off his cock, my hands went to my mouth covering it to stifle the scream I was attempting. This left Len with the leverage he needed.   Len grabbed my hips firmly and pulled me downward onto his blood-engorged mighty phallus of his manhood. The searing and burning pain raced through my body with each additional downward jerk as more and more Len impaled me onto his weapon of ass destruction. The pain was the worst I had ever felt, yet, I began to steel myself to accept it and soon did so. I was weak by the time I accepted the mighty invasion of my ass. I was covered in sweat from agony.   My hands slid away from my mouth and came to rest on Len’s chest as I leaned forward slightly over him. My ass was screaming and on fire. The fire I felt was burning away all that I had denied until now. My eyes were closed as I envisioned myself and re-lived what I had just experienced and tried to focus on what was about to happen.   Len decided to get my attention and did so by flexing his cock that was so adeptly planted in my now willing ass. My head jerked upright, and I gurgled a scream. Len’s commanding hands kept me impaled firmly on his blockbuster whopper. I thrashed about in excruciating pain as pitiful moans and whimpers escaped my lips. My mind was racing at what I was doing yet I could not stop. I didn’t know why but I had to experience this wherever it led.   PART 3 Len began softly and soothingly to talk to me. I heard his words of encouragement as the pain in my ass abated and the burning flickered lower. My head turned to face Len with conflicted eyes still reflecting the pain I had felt. I could just see his face. He was smiling as he now lessened his vise-like grip on my waist.   "See? It’s not that bad now. It’s going to get a lot better, and you’re going to beg me for more," Len whispered as he rubbed my thighs. Each time that he flexed his cock I winced and shook. "I’ve waited a long time for this. All you have to do now is to ride my cock and learn how much you love being fucked by me. And, when I blow my load in your ass, you’re going to have your mind blown away when you realize how much you love that feeling. You’re going to want more—lot’s more. Come on brother in-law; get your ass moving up and down on that big 9 inches of cock of mine. I want to hear that first moan that you make and know you are hooked on my big cock, and I can fuck you any time I want."   What the hell was happening to me? How did I get harpooned with Len’s cock? Why wasn’t I pulling myself up off his turgid cock? Why wasn’t I punching Len? Why had I stifled my screams when my ass was slammed down onto Len’s cock? Why wasn’t I protesting and stopping this? Why had I not fought harder to get away? These questions raced through my mind as I looked down at Len whom I could see from only the small amount of light coming in from around the drapery.   Some strength had returned to me as I had sat listening to Len and pondering my questions. I reached my hands out, and Len took them. I looked at him and then looked down at my own cock in the dim light. It struck me odd that despite being skewered onto a man’s cock my own cock was straining with lust and excitement.   My eyes returned to gaze at Len. Slowly, ever so slowly, I began to raise my ass upwards allowing Len’s gargantuan cock to slide out of my ass in small jerks. Shots of pain returned. Our hands grasped together tightly as an audible gasp escaped my lips. I rose up about 3 or 4 inches before beginning to slide down on Len’s cock again. I was gasping for air by the time I had re-taken all of his cock in my ass. My entire body shook at the sensation.   "Yeah, BJ, that’s the way to do it!" Len excitedly whispered. "Get that ass up higher on my cock this time. I’ll let you know when to start back down. I won’t let you pull off. Just a couple of more full-length strokes and you’ll be a pro at it!"   Again, I raised my body up off Len. This time was a smoother trip. As the head of Len’s cock neared my sphincter, Len told me to stop and slide back down onto his cock. I was panting now as a light coating of sweat had broken out all over my body. I eased myself back down onto Len’s rigid manhood. My heart was pounding in my ears with my excitement. Three, four, five, six times more I raised myself up and lowered myself down spearing my ass with his bloated fat cock. As I lowered myself the sixth time, my brain was swimming in ecstatic sensation of desire. I heard myself moan as each of his nine inches entered me. Len heard my moans also.   PART 4   Len whispered to me, "Good boy. Now start bouncing harder and faster. Make it feel even better." I started to pick up the pace. Up and down I rode his hard rod of steel. He impaled me so deep and I felt so full. His rigid tool was starting to really feel good as my ass opened more and more to his cock. My prostate was being rubbed harder and harder and I was moaning in exstacy now. My own cock was harder than I think it had ever been. I could not fathom the pleasure I was receiving. Len was moaning his pleasure now also. I could literally feel him getting harder and harder now. He was telling me, "take it Jack. Feel how good it is. I just knew you would love this. I'm getting closer to filling your ass full of my hot cum." I did my best to increase my speed even more, rising and falling down. Impaling my ass as deep as possible. I wanted every inch of that pole in me as far as possible. Len was now thrusting up as I came down on him, too, impaling me deep. His hands then grabbed me and another few hard strokes and he jammed upwards as I came down in one final smashing blow and I felt his cock expand and start to throb in me. I could feel his hot cum filling me up and heating my insides and then I erupted also, spewing my cum all over his chest. He ground into me and then rolled us over onto our sides, holding me close and keeping his still throbbing cock in me. We laid there in a pool of our sweat for what seemed like hours, but was really only about 10 minutes and then his cock slowly slid out of me as he went limp. My mind was completely befuddled by what had happened. Then we both fell asleep in each others arms.     PART 5 Several hours later I woke up, the sun shining outside, and my ass on fire. As I came around more, I felt the movement and Len was again in me and slowly fucking me. As I turned my head to look at him, he smiled and said, "It's about time you woke up. I have been in you for almost a half hour now and I am about ready to burst another load deep in your sweet ass, but I wanted to see your expression as you got another load of my hot cum in you." He then picked up his pace, faster and harder, and I found myself moaning with pleasure. I told him, "Go, go, pound my hole. Fill me up. I want to feel you erupt in me again." He told me to get ready, "Here it comes." Len pounde my hole really hard about 4 more thrusts and then I felt his cock expand and start to throb as he spilled his hot cum deep inside my sheath and then my own cock erupted again. Both of our bodies shook with the force of our ejaculations and then we lay in each others arms, kissing and caressing our bodies while we came down from our sexual high.

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