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  1.     Not sure I can be anything but your cum dump and take your toxic cum, but want some of the cum anyway.

  2. BBC poz or any poz would be great in me.  JUST DO ME.

  3. Chapter VI We all sat around for a while talking. Not about what had just happened, only chit chat. Nigel and I could not make eye contact. Randy was even somewhat subdued. After about a half hour, Randy excused himself and left for home. Nigel and I sat around, not talking for awhile. Then we got up and headed to bed. Once we were in bed, did we start to talk about what had happened. I told him I had seen the tattoo on Randy's back the last time he was here, but had not said anything because I didn't think there would ever be a need to. Nigel told me he had not intended to do anything more than make-out a little and maybe just give Randy a handjob. He had just got carried away in the moment and when Randy had stuck his fingers up his ass he had wanted it all. When he had looked up and saw me standing there, he was going to stop, but when Randy had made me grab his cock and told me to make the decision and I had guided that beautiful cock to his entrance and pushed it in, he was lost to his lust and could not stop. We kissed then and soon fell asleep. For the next couple of days we talked very little about what had happened. We still kept in contact with Randy and did not really blame him for what had been done. We even dropped by the restaurant for supper on the third day after the deed. Randy informed us that he had found out that Justin might be interested in him. We thought that would be great. As per usual, though, Nigel and Randy could still not quit their unabashed flirting. I found myself doing the same. Randy was just too charming and hot to resist. We found ourselves inviting him over, again, this time just for drinks and talk. This time we were on for Saturday evening at about 8. This time, when Randy showed up, he had a bottle of Rum and a case of Coke. He also brought another vid for us to watch. We sat around, just talking and enjoying our drinks for a while. We didn't bring up the last time, just chitchat about nothing in particular. Of course, we were still all flirting like normal for us since Randy was so nice and so damn hot. We all had at least three quite strong drinks. Being hot as it was and drinking, none of us had on anything but shorts. It was quite apparent the between the drinks and the flirting that all of us were tenting our shorts a little and when we brought up a mention of Justin, Randy very definitely stood up tall. It was very obvious that he had the hots for his co-worker as every mention made his cock twitch in his shorts. Nigel and I found great pleasure in bringing UP the subject often. We finally decided to put in the video to see what it was like. This was probably not a good idea, but we didn't realize that until later. Like before, Randy had brought another pozzing video, This time, we all sat on the couch, with Nigel on one side of Randy and me on the other side. I kind of did this thinking it would inhibit any more play between them. The movie was actually, maybe, a little hotter than the last one. Randy leaned back and put his arms up, basically around both Nigel and me. Nigel and I found ourselves actually leaning on Randy's chest. As the movie heated up, I caught myself reaching, almost without thinking, to take ahold of Randy's cock. My hand encountered Nigel's hand already there. We quickly exchanged looks and then I looked up just in time to meet Randy leaning down and our lips met in a deep hot kiss. When we broke the kiss, I looked down to see that Nigel had Randy's cock out and was sucking it. I was upset again, as this was what I had tried to avoid. I looked over a little to find that Nigel's shorts were off of him and Randy had what looked like at least three fingers buried up Nigel's ass. As I turned back, Nigel quit sucking that poz bbc and I felt Randy's hand push my head down towards his cock and I found myself opening my mouth and swallowing it into my throat even. I could taste his precum and it was delicious. I sucked it in as deep as I could, savoring it happily. I knew I should stop, but the taste and the knowledge that this was so wrong was too much for me. I then felt Randy lift me up al the way onto the couch so I was on my knees and then he tugged my shorts down and as I lifted up a little, he pulled them all the way off of me. He then caressed my ass, found my hole and pressed a finger rather roughly into me. I gasped and rose up off of his cock, but as I did so, his other hand stopped me. I looked over to see Nigel just pulling Randy's shorts all the way off of him. He then fell backwards onto the couch on his back with both legs in the air and spread wide apart. Then Randy roughly rammed three fingers up his hole, again. I sucked Randy for all I was worth, hoping to get him to cum in my mouth, as I was sure if I stopped, he would immediately have me, line up his cock to breed Nigel again with his POZ BBC. I knew I would not stop him either and would help slide it into Nigel's hole willingly. Randy's finger in my own hole quickly became two and then three of them roughly running in and out of me and scraping also at times with his fingernails. Even rough, it felt amazing and Nigel must be feeling the same as I could hear his moans of pleasure. This went on for a good twenty minutes and as I came up for a breath of air, Randy all at once pulled me across his body, twisting away from me as he did so. I had to grab around his waist with one arm and as I started to grab on with my other one, his fingers came out of my hole. He grabbed around me completely, getting ahold of my hand in his and placing them around his cock in a tight grip. His other hand came out of Nigel's hole and he was guiding his cock with my hand wrapped around it towards Nigel's hole, again. He let go of my hand and I could not stop myself from pushing it into my loved one's wide open and very red hole. I let go of Randy's cock and watched it slide in deeper and deeper until it was all in. No sooner did it bottom out than, Randy started fucking Nigel hard and fast. He also, started ramming his fingers fast and rough in my hole. I gasped and was moaning with pain and pleasure at the same time. It was wild beyond belief, watching that POZ BBC destroying my boyfriend's ass, Randy also sucking on Nigel's beautiful toes and his fingers doing magic in my hole. Randy traded back and forth kissing Nigel and I. When not kissing him, I just kept staring down at his cock pounding away at my boyfriend's hole. It was amazing, watching that huge black cock going into and out of that very pale hole. Randy kept up a fast, hard pace for a good 15 more minutes, then I could actually see his cock swell some more and his balls pull up tight and then could see his cock start to throb as he buried it deep and told Nigel he was getting another hot load of his toxic cum. As he said this, Nigel's little cock erupted too. I leaned in lapping it up off of his stomach. Then before I realized what was happening, Randy pulled his cock from Nigel's hole, flipped me onto my back, and pulling his fingers out of my hole, scraping me with his fingernails doing so, drove his still giant hard cock deep into my own hole. I had not counted on this and tried to push him off but he was too big and strong and had me pinned down. He reached down with both hands and grabbed my legs, lifting them up and apart as he bottomed out in me. I could only gasp as I had never had anything that big in me ever. Randy then leaned down and kissed me deeply as he started to fuck me hard. He broke off the kiss to look into my eyes and then Nigel was leaning in and kissing me and then asking me, doesn't that feel fantastic. I couldn't answer, but only moan with the pleasure that huge poz bbc was causing me. It seemed to go on and on forever, but was really probably a good 45 minutes. It was heaven on Earth and then Randy buried his cock deep into me, grinding hard as he whispered to me to take his hot hot hot load of cum. I felt my own cock spew out my cum onto my chest and Nigel was slurping it up and then kissing me, sharing what might be my last load of neg cum.
  4. OMG Just opened up story to try and finish it and found that I had saved last time and two whole paragraphs were not there.
  5. A good hard pounding of my hole and the pulsing of the cock as he unloads in me.
  6. Sorry about the delay on next chapter, but am using Yahoo Notepad for this and for some reason I am having a terrible time with it. Typing on it is like going back 25 years or something as I type two or three words and I can watch each letter come up very slowly and in some cases have to go back and redo it again, Very frustrating, it is almost like a processor stopping or something but only does it on Notepad. Anyone with a suggestion?
  7. The ONLY thing that really matters to me is if it is hard enough to get in me and if so plant it now. Secondary, I would love to be told as it enters me that the top has a hvl of poz cum he is going to deposit, but no cum refused.
  8. Same for me, any and all loads taken, POZ preferred.

    1. MackyJay


      Sounds like a lot of fun to me.

  9. BBC poz or any poz would be great in me.

  10. Hej there!  All well?


    I have tried to write you several tymes, but, on my tablet using Opera Mini...for whatever reason it does not have a submit button.  Downloaded MS Edge.


    Story is awesome!  Great job!  All well with you?



    1. MackyJay


      Going well.  Glad you like the story so far.  Hope everything well with you also.

  11. Chapter VI is started already too. Meanwhile enjoy a pic of my ass which is in desperate need of loads. LOL
  12. Chapter V After some small talk, quite awkward really. Randy soon left and seemed quite sorry about what he had done with Nigel. Nigel was quite contrite, also, and apologized to me profusely. I told him not to worry about it as although I was jealous, it had been hot as hell to watch them. I didn't mention the tattoo though as I wanted to think about that a bit. The scene of Randy's huge black cock and his dark skin compared to Nigel's very pale skin was an image I could not get out of my mind. I was wondering what it would look like with that BBC fucking my very pale twink boyfriend's ass and filling if full ov cum. We always fucked with condoms, but I wondered what it would look like with Nigel's beautiful ass dripping cum. Then I was thinking, OMG, it can't happen because Randy is POZ. Damn, I found myself getting so hard it hurt. I almost raped Nigel's hole when we went to bed. The next few days flew by fast. We did keep in touch with Randy. I fucked Nigel like a madman during this time. Friday night arrived and the day before we had found out that Randy had a rare Friday night off and invited him over for dinner again. We had actually went to the restaurant where he worked on Thursday evening. While there, Nigel was flirting almost uncontrollably with Randy who returned it just as much. We did find our that, although Randy was single, he did have somewhat of a crush on another waiter there named Justin. We did see him too, and he was another twink almost identical to Nigel, only he was black. His build was almost identical to my boyfriend and hot looking as hell too. We didn't extend our invite to him as Randy told us he hadn't approached Justin yet to see if he was interested in dating yet. Randy had told us he was going to bring another bottle of wine and one of his own favorite videos for us to watch. We could hardly wait for Fridayl evening to get here. Nigel was almost flying high about it, while I was looking forward to it also, but with some worry too. What if they started to make out and got carried away like last time. Would I, or could I, stop it Did I even want to, knowing Randy was poz and they hadn't even thought about a condom last time. If Randy tried to fuck Nigel could I get them to wrap it up, did I even want Randy's poz bbc wrapped or did I want to see my loved one take a chance on getting pozzed? What a dilemma. Randy arrived a little early, again, carrying a nice bottle of wine and a couple of dvds for us to watch. Nigel was cooking tonight so Randy and I went to the TV room. We had a gass of wine and put one of the vids in to watch until dinner was ready. My mouth fell open from the start of it. The first images were 3 bbc guys and all had biohazards tats just above their cocks. On then bed was a clim cute white twink tied down with his legs in the air and spread wide and his hole lubed and ready. Each of the black guys had cocks that looked to be at the smallest to be close to 10 inches long. As I watched, the first guy walked up to the twink and just rammed his cock in deep in one thrust. The twink groaned but didn't scream. The cock plowed in deep and immediately started a fast and hard fuck. Unlike many pornos this fuck only lasted about 2 minutes and the bbc guy told him he was cumming a huge poz load in his ass. I found my own cock had gotten as hard as a rock. Nigel then yelled to us that our meal was ready. As like last time, Nigel and Randy flirted a lot while we ate. This time, though, they both seemed to pay more attention to me. I found myself actually becoming more at ease with the flirting as I was sure nothing would come of it. We finished quickly and found that we had completely drained the bottle of wine. Luckily, Nigel and I actually kept up a nice small bar for entertaining. It was no problem to replenish our drinks as we went to the TV room. When we got into the room, Randy went right to the dvd player and took out the vid in it and put in the second one he had brought. We took basically the same seats we had last time. I vowed to myself to keep an eye on those two so it didn't get out of hand like last time. The movie started andit was, again, another BB poz vid. OMG, I had hoped it wasn't anything but BB. Too late now I guess. Almost immediately on the screen were two nude twinks almost like twins for Nigel and me in a way. They were soon joined by a marvelous specimen of a man, similar to Randy. BBC with a huge biohazard tattoo on his stomach and a scorpion tat that almost covered his entire chest with a dripping stinger. I heard Nigel gasp at the sight and I had, too. That BBC man approached one of the twinks and picking him up, planted a huge kiss on him. Putting him down he then pushed him to his knees and told the twink to start sucking him. As the twink gulped the BBC into his mouth, the other twink was grabbed and lifted up for a kiss. The only difference was that as they kissed, the poz man ran his hand into the twinks ass crack and the camera showed him ram two fingers up the twinks ass roughly. For some reason, this vid was turning me on terribly. The poz man backed off of the twink sucking him, and lowered the other one down and onto his huge hard cock, withdrawing his fingers and driving his cock deep into him I was rock hard and turned to see how Randy and Nigel were doing. Like last time, they were entwined together, kissing deeply and Randy's hand was again down the back of Nigels' shorts, which were halfway down his thighs. Nigel was stroking Randy's huge POZ BBC, slowly and from his moans, I just knew that Randy had at least one finger up Nigel's butt. I spoke up then, asking what the heck they thought they were doing? They broke apart quickly and guiltily. They moved apart a little and started to watch the movie. I was satisfied that it was done and turned to watch the movie which showed the poz guy just cumming in the twink and telling the other one to get ready as he was going to be fucked good next. He threw the other twink on the bed, spread his legs and rammed his huge cock into him in one mammoth thrust. This was so hot, I found myself rubbing my own small cock from it. I glanced over to our couch, again, and found that Randy and Nigel were both now completely nude with Nigel almost laying down with his legs spread wide and Randy between them and deep kissing again. I could see that Randy's cock was like a bar of steel between them and he had what looked like 3 of his fingers up Nigel's ass and one of his hands holding Nigel's leg up in the air and caressing his foot in a sensual massage. Nigel was moaning in ecstacy. I could not believe my eyes. I yelled at them again, wanting to know what the hell? They ignored me completely. I got up and almost ran to the couch and before I realized what I was saying, blabbed about the tattoo on Randy's back to Nigel. They both, either ignored me or were too far gone in lust. Randy seemed to be getting ready to penetrate Nigel's ass with his poz bbc.. I was in a panic and turned and went to the end table and opened the drawer. I grabbed a condom and turned back to them, seeing Randy rubbing his precum dripping cock on Nigel's hole. I ran over and thrust the condom in Randy's face, telling him he needed to put this on. He took it and dropped it on the floor. He then leaned back a little and grabbed my hand, pulling me closer and placing my hand against his giant cock. He pressed my fingers as far around it as he could and leaned forward guiding his cock and my hand towards Nigel's hole. As the tip hit against the opening, he let go of my hand and whispered for me to decide which direction it was going to go. I looked down into Nigel's eyes, they were filled with lust and longing, and he nodded to me. I found myself guiding and even pushing Randy's POZ BBC into Nigel's hole. As it sank in deeper and deeper, Randy reached between them and pulled my hand away. He reached up and pulled my head down, planting a big kiss on my lips. As we broke apart, I looked down to see that the entire length of his cock was buried deep into my love's ass. I gasped at the sight and looked up to see absolute amazement on Nigel's face. Then Randy started to fuck him. His astonishment at the amount of cock going in and out of him was wild. I was scared to death but also so turned on, my hard cock was almost in pain. Nigel was moaning in pleasure uncontrollably. Randy pounded his hole fast and hard. I could not fathom how he could take all of that monster cock like he was. The fucking went on and on for a good 1/2 hour. Then, like in the porn video, Randy told Nigel he was going to cum and give him his gift of poz cum. As Randy said that, my cock blew a huge load all over his back. Nigel seemed to be cumming between them from the sounds he was making. It was one of the hottest things i had ever been a part of. OMG, my safe sex love of my life and I had put the poz, no condom, cock into his hole with my own hand. I was now wondering what the hell I had done and and was Randy's load undetectable or hvl. I had to ask and the reply shocked both Nigel and me when Randy told us it was probably very high as he had been POZ for about 1 1/2 years and had never done meds. Nigel eyes were even bigger than mine at that pronouncement
  13. Chapter 5 almost done.

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