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    Many and varied. Ask and see. Also, very interested in poz hvl guys.
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    Background in management and technician. Have not had much experience with guys actually but have given bjs, been fucked and been fisted. Have over 200 pics on a site called showyourdick.org under MackyJay if you want to look. One thing not mentioned before: I am married to a woman and have been for over 37 years now but we have not had sex in at least the last 15 now.
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    Sorry, none, but have been videoed being fisted and fucked before.
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    Not up for scat, blood play, kids, major pain (but have a very high threshold), nor permanent markings. Almost anything else is a go or can talk about it. If it sounds like fun, let's do it. I do not do any drugs. I am not much of a chaser but starting to more and more and very poz friendly.

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  1. MackyJay

    How long before AIDS?

    Did a little checking and found that after initial infection, it depends on you. Your immune system, health and other factors. AIDS could actually develop in as little as a few months, but normally takes at least 2 years and death, if untreated could come in as little as 3 years at worst to approx. 12 years at best.
  2. MackyJay

    How the Hell Did That Happen?

    Part 8 About the end of this last time, I passed out again. I awoke quite some time later this time. I had no real idea what time it was, but got up, found I was still naked, and got into my clothes I found and got my phone out and saw that it was almost 5 in the morning. OMG, I had figured on being home by 1. Damn, what the hell was I doing. My mind still was not quite functioning, yet. From the sounds I could hear, the party was still going strong though. I just stood there for a bit, trying to figure out what the hell I had been doing and why was I naked? All I could really remember at the moment was I was drunk and had been doing something or other and it seemed to have to do with sex, I thought. My mind just would not work. I sat down and leaned over with my face in my hands and tried to think. My mind was a huge blank fog. I had really had too much to drink and too quickly. It seemed for some reason that my mind kept saying I had been fucked by guys, but hell, that must have been a dream as I am straight. Then as I was thinking this, it dawned on me that my ass sure was sore and seemed to be damp. I reached down between my legs to feel and my hand felt a lot of moisture there and as I scrunched forward a little, all at once my hand felt something running into it. I looked to find and lot of white creamy looking stuff in my hand tinged somewhat pinkish. Then a little bit started to come back to me. I had been fucked. What the hell was I thinking? Then as I was thinking that this guy came walking in as naked as I was and a huge swinging cock between his legs. As he walked in it started to come back to me. I not only had been fucked, but by more than one and this guy had been the last one in me, and done me twice. Then my eyes really popped open when I remembered what he had told me. They had all had HIV and none on meds and all had dumped their cum in my ass. HOW THE HELL HAD THAT HAPPENED? I was just wondering that when he finally spoke asking, "Well, you have been out now for a couple of hours, are you ready for another load of my toxic cum now?" I could only stare at him and then nodded as I laid back, now sober and wondering what this was going to feel like now that I wasn't drunk and then what the hell should I do?
  3. MackyJay

    How it Started

    Part 13 I tried to see around Chris, but from where I was laying I could not see around him. All I could see of the other guy was his feet and legs dangling over Chris' shoulders. The only sounds now coming from over there was Chris, almost crooning, to the guy that he had a wonderful tight hole. He also told him he loved that he had taken his nice hot toxic load and he had planted it as deep in him as he could and was sure it would take this time since the last time hadn't. WOW, the guy had already been bred before but hadn't taken. I hoped my loads did though. I wanted it more than ever now and had to have it no matter what. I still had no idea why, but it was in my head and not going away until I had it. Chris finally got up and turned towards me. I still could not see past him. His cock was still hard, which surprised me. He had already bred me a while ago and just finished with another guy and wow, he still had that beautiful toxic cock pointing straight at me. He started to walk towards me. He said, "I am still horny to infect more, are you ready for another of my loads? It doesn't matter though as you are going take it anyway and you know it." He climbed between my legs and raised them over his shoulders and then rammed his cock into me all the way in one swooping thrust, crushing my cock and balls between us as he did it. I groaned, about half in pleasure and half in pain. As he started to pound the hell out of my hole, I heard a gasp and scream from across the room. Turning my head that way, I saw, with horror on his face along with surprise, my boyfriend! I gasped in alarm and terror of my own. My boy had been getting poz fucked and had done it before even. What the hell? Chris didn't even slow down and I could say nothing with him pounding me so hard. My boy was getting up and coming towards us. I could not take my eyes off of him. The look of fear had to be on both of our faces.
  4. MackyJay

    Omg What Did I Do?

    Chapter XXIII Friday arrived and both my boy and I were terrified now that it was here. We both skipped out on work and stayed at home together all day. Most of it we spent crying and wishing there was another way out, but we couldn't think of any. Around noon we got an email, the one we were dreading to get. We opened it to see more of the pics he had taken of our friends he had already fucked full of his poz cum. These were closeups, showing the cum and even a little blood seeping out of their holes. His message contained the emails of about 8 or 10 more of our friends, with the message telling us to be at his bar tonight at about 8 pm or all of the others were going to be notified, one after another until he had had them all. We sent him back our message saying we would be there. We decided there was no choice for us to make. Around 6 pm we were taking a shower together and scrubbed each other good. We wanted ourselves clean even if we were on our way to dirty dealings. I know we were both scared as hell, but also both turned on by one thing only, that huge cock, we knew he had that had made both of our asses feel so good having. Of course, that was before we knew he definitely wanted to give us both HIV and wasn't taking no for an answer. We were soon done and dressed and headed to the bar. We wanted to be early so as to have a couple of drinks to help calm us down. Arriving we both immediately ordered the strongest drinks we could get, our usual but doubles. We went to a corner table to be by ourselves as much as possible and enjoy each others' company till it was time for our 'deflowering'. Way too soon, 8 pm was approaching.
  5. MackyJay

    Gay hookup Facebook groups?

    FACEBOOK prohibits any nudes and have found no hookups from them at all.
  6. MackyJay

    Got Bred

    Been a good two + months since my ass got plowed, so it was absolutely marvelous.
  7. MackyJay

    Got Bred

    Last load taken? WOW, Just got it today at an ABS in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Went in and wondered around a long time with no hits at all. Was about ready to give up when I went into one of the large rooms. Only a stool in there. Leaned over it, dropped my pants quite a ways, until my ass was hanging out through my jock strap I had on. In just a few minutes and guy walked in, dropped his pants and wham, out popped very nice cock at least 8" long and definitely big around. Beautiful. I turned around a little and sucked him all the way hard and slobbered all over that monster. Then turned around, bent over the stool, and he rammed it home. Didn't last as long at I wanted it but damn that big cock felt amazing in me. He filled me very full of cum. There was no discussion of status nor condom use. All bare and my ass full of cum. Been quite a while so it was fantastic.
  8. MackyJay

    Scorpion Bikers

    I could see a nasty turn to this story. Cody doesn't find out at all, until the end of the summer after Grant finds out he is poz and does his friend before they leave to their respective colleges. OOOH, WHAT A TWIST. LOL.
  9. OMG What Did I Do? chapter 23 How it Started Part 13 How the Hell Did That Happen Part 8 New Owner Part 49 Coming soon to a page near you. LMBO plus am reviewing my story The Hitcher to see about getting new chapters going there also.
  10. MackyJay

    Are there crazy sex pigs in here that DON’T pnp?

    I never do but really don't care if that is someone else's thing.
  11. MackyJay

    How the Hell Did That Happen?

    Part 7 I was just laying there in a complete daze, wondering what the hell was going on and too drunk to care. I was barely aware that this new guy who had come in had taken off his clothes. Then he had climbed on the bed and was taking my clothes off of me. My arms and legs just were too heavy to lift up and try to stop him. I know I had to have had a silly grin on my face. I was soon naked and the guy was between my legs and lifting them up over his shoulders. Then I finally managed to look down and my drunk mind told me that looked like a snake coming between my legs towards my ass. I just knew that couldn't be and started to laugh just as it came into contact with my hole. I was so fucked up, I thought, that stupid snake must be thinking it has found its burrow. Then, the head of it entered my well used and cum filled hole. I gasped at the huge size of that going in me and was getting ready to scream when the guy lowered his head down to mine and planted a kiss on me, stifling the sound. Then he just shoved the whole thing into me in one thrust. I could not even get a breath as that monster tore into me. It had to be ripping my ass apart and I couldn't even get enough air to scream, just my mouth flopping open and then his tongue was deep inside me too and I couldn't make a sound if I could have. He held still for just a few seconds and then started to pull out but only until the head was still inside me and then another slam back in. I raised my ass straight up in the air and almost threw him off, but he held on and was balls deep in me again. Then the onslaught began in earnest. He pummeled my hole mercilessly. I could only moan and gasp around his tongue in my mouth and then the sensation of my prostate being rubbed hard hit me and the pain was intermingled with intense pleasure. My eyes were watering from the pain but my ass was finally loving the attention and I felt my cock spring up to full hardness. He was tearing into me harder and faster and then he leaned up a little breaking off our kiss and looking me in the eyes, told me he was not going to last long as my tight hole was too much for him. I just nodded, not able to speak or hardly breathe yet. He rammed me hard for another good 5 minutes and then clamped his lips to mine again for a lingering tongue entwining kiss. Then he leaned back again and said, "Here comes my cum, man, get ready as it is going to be a lot and very highly toxic as I have never been on meds." I looked at him questioningly as he said that. His face changed then and he asked, "You have no idea what we are talking about, do you?" I shook my head as best as I could, whispering, "Not a clue what you mean." He got a really funny look on his face and said, "OMG, it is too late now, I'm coming in you and it is toxic because I have AIDS, man." I felt him shaking and I was so stunned I could not move and then my own cock erupted cum all over us both. The drunkenness almost disappeared as I realized what had happened and all I could do was whisper to him, "How the hell did that happen?" He just stared at me in disbelief. He then said, "I thought you knew, OMG, I am so sorry, but damn, that was the most intense climax I ever had." I could only nod as I think it had been mine also. Now what the hell do I do. This guy told me that every guy that had fucked me had HIV and as far as he knew none were on meds right now. They were all highly toxic and I was filled full of their cum but good. I just laid there in a daze, not really, I suppose, even realizing what had actually happened nor what to do. Then, the guy moved against me and I could tell he was hard again. He looked me in the eyes, again and asked, "Well, what do you think? You already probably have 6 or so loads of cum in your hole now. Want another one? I am ready and I think it is hotter than hell what has happened." I had no idea what to say, I only nodded not knowing why. Then he was moving over me and his mouth came down on mine as he raised my legs up and his cock slithered in my sloppy hole. His huge cock still hurt some but when it hit my prostate, I moaned out loud and told him, "Do me, I don't know why, but fuck me hard." He did just that.
  12. MackyJay

    Omg What Did I Do?

    Chapter XXII My boy and I looked at each other and started to cry and then fell into each others' arms hugging and crying our hearts out. We had waited too long and now at least 6 of our friends had been fucked brutally by the poz guy and from the pics, we were sure they would each become poz soon. What had we done? It was going to take us a long time to come to terms with this. That poz guy was totally corrupt and we were going to pay dearly for being so horny and curious, even if he did have the biggest, hottest cock we had ever seen before. Now it looked like we were going to join the poz club whether we liked it or not. We hugged and cried most of the night away. We finally fell asleep in each other's arms, but the morning came way too fast. I don't think either of us slept very good at all. My dreams all night long were of a poz cock chasing me all over the place with nowhere to run to or hide. More of a nightmare, except for the huge size of that cock which I wanted more than anything but not the bug that came with it. The days went by so fast but dragging along also. Neither of us could sleep much and we spent most of our time at home hugging each other and crying over what we had to do to save our friends. We knew it was the only choice we could make. We tried to console each other constantly, leading up to the NIGHT. Every day a new email arrived with a pic of his huge poz cock and him telling us how much he was looking forward to Friday night and bringing us into the brotherhood.
  13. Finally, my phone is back on and I can get into my yahoo account where my stories are stored at. Can now start adding to them.
  14. MackyJay

    Being Recharged

    Latest info I was able to find said there is no such thing as a 'recharge', as when you have HIV, you have it, period. Might catch a different strain of it, but even that is doubtful.
  15. MackyJay

    How the Hell Did That Happen?

    will be adding more, just having some puter troubles right now

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