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    Background in management and technician. Have not had much experience with guys actually but have given bjs, been fucked and been fisted. Have over 200 pics on a site called showyourdick.org under MackyJay if you want to look. One thing not mentioned before: I am married to a woman and have been for over 37 years now but we have not had sex in at least the last 15 now.
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  1. Where in Iowa.   Used to live in Dubuque, now in Marshalltown.   Love to take your loads in me any time at all.



    This needs filled badly.

    ME 002 HOLE.jpg

  2. Where in Iowa.   Used to live in Dubuque, now in Marshalltown.   Love to take your loads in me any time at all.

  3. MackyJay

    How the Hell Did That Happen?

    Part 5 I was cumming so hard that at first the ight coming on didn't register. Then someone was saying, "Hey, wow, you're actually breeding the straight guy!?" The guy who had just fucked me, didn't answer, he just smiled as he got up. I was still too stunned and drunk to speak. Just still laying there trying to figure out what the hell had just happened. There were two guys that had come in the door and I realized that they had been the two in the living room making out, before. They were both naked with hard cocks in hand and definitely large ones, at that. As the guy who had just fucked me got off of the bed, they both walked up to the bed and were staring at my hole as I had not lowered my legs. One of them said, "Wow, not only did you breed him but you did it bareback as well and there is cum leaking out of his hole." I was still trying to comprehend what had happened and didn't register that much. Then one of the newcomers, leaned over the bed at my ass and then his head dove in and his tongue licked my tender hole. I found myself moaning involuntarily and then his tongue entered my hole and I gasped. Without my control my legs just opened wider up as he rimmed me good, licking up the leaking cum and then driving his tongue into me to get more. Then he quickly climbed on the bed and the next thing I knew, he was on top of me and his big cock was driving into me. I tried to say no, but his mouth covered mine and his tongue drove deep into my mouth stifling my protest. Then he leaned back a little and told me, "I can't help it. Your hole is so hot and tight, I had to do this." Then he commenced to fuck me hard and fast. Almost immediately, I found myself thrusting my ass at him to get more an the intense feelings pleasure overwhelmed me. again. We drove our entire bodies at each other in a frenzy of lust. I just found myself carried away by the feelings and closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. He pounded my hole crazily and for a good 5 minutes, before I felt a change and his cock seemed to grow and get harder and his thrusts became erratic. Then he almost yelled, "Here it comes. I am going to fill your hole so full of cum. Get ready to take my poz load deep." With that he drove into me as deep and hard as he could and I felt his cock throbbing. He ground his cock around and around in me as he was cumming and then as his cock finally softened he slipped out of me. He quickly got up smiling and said something about, I hope that takes hold good in you, whatever that meant. The other guy almost pushed him out of the way as he climbed between my legs and wham his cock was driven deep into me before I could say anything. He was immediately pounding away. I was totally lost to lust. I couldn't protest, just went with it and continued to thrust my ass hard as he thrust into me. We were both in a huge rush. I could feel my cock growing and tingling again. He reamed my hole with almost a vengeance. We drove at each other, over and over and over. All too soon, although it was another good 15 or so minutes, I felt his cock get harder and then my own cock also, Then with a last deep crashing thrust, I felt his cock start to throb as he was cumming in me and my own cock blew another huge load almost at the same time. We ground at each other, both of us moaning and groaning in passion. Then it was over and as his soft cock plopped out of my hole he was saying, "Man, that was intense. I love pozzing a hole and now a formerly straight one at that was really wild." I still did not understand what he meant, but didn't care at the time. I was spent and satisfied completely and could hardly move. I just laid thiere for a while with my legs still in the air and spread savoring the feelings.
  4. MackyJay

    How the Hell Did That Happen?

    Part 4 My mind was trying to focus on what the hell was going on, but that 151 Rum had me too befuddled and the fantastic feeling at my ass and the tingle of my cock wouldn't let me focus. I was just really enjoying whatever was going on. It was nothing I had ever felt before. My hole seemed to be on fire with wanting more and more of that licking it was getting. Then that finger seemed to probe a little deeper than it had before and hit something inside me that caused me to raise my ass up higher with a jolt of pleasure. It felt like his whole finger was deep in my ass and tongue was still probing and licking all around it. I was almost ready to bounce. Wow, what a feeling it was causing. Then the finger seemed to rotate, around and around my hole and every time it came around it would hit that one spot and I would moan and jump with pleasure. Then it felt like his finger got bigger, but I kind of thought wait, no, it seemed like he now had two fingers in me and wiggling them around almost like a drum beat on that spot in there, I was definitely bouncing now and actually thrusting my ass onto them even. Whoever this was sure knew how to make a guy feel pleasure. His fingers and tongue were driving me wild and then I was thinking maybe there were more than two fingers in me. I tried to focus more but the booze still had me dizzy, so I just tried to relax and enjoy as I was sure I was getting close to cumming again. It was fantastic and I wanted it, needed it. Then, all at once, as if the person knew it, another hand reached up and took ahold of my cock and squeezed the base of it hard, stopping the sensation of cumming. I groaned, but then his hand let go and the sensations started over again, driving me almost crazy with pleasure. I still had no idea who was down there in the dark, but at this point the need was too great to care. My ass and my cock were both feeling so good, all I wanted was to get off and cum hard. My hole seemed to be stretched more than I thought possible and it felt like there must be more than just two fingers in there, but who cared, it was fantastic and that tongue all around the edges of them and even probing between them at times was formidable. I could not even hold still and was moaning like crazy from it. Then the fingers started going in and out also which was another whole different sensation, getting faster and faster and harder. Sometimes on those in and out thrusts, there was a little pain, very small though, as a fingernail or two would scrape some, but the heavenly feeling overroad that completely. Then I felt the tongue move away from my hole and started to lick its way up across to my balls. The fingers were still digging into my ass but the sensations were growing more intense as I felt the tongue stop and then a mouth took each of my balls in, one at a time, an sucked them slowly and gently, then moved up to the base of my cock and then the tongue came back to tickle lick its way up my shaft and the around the head and then my whole cock was swallowed to the base in one gulp. I felt myself getting ready to cum again, and again, it was anticipated and my cock was released from the mouth and a hand grabbed the base squeezing me hard to stop it. I almost screamed in the need for the release being denied. It was almost agonizing. Then that mouth engulfed me again with a slow up and down bj of pure ecstasy. I was almost continually groaning now from the intensity of the marvelous feelings. I was writhing on the bed and alternating driving my cock into that wonderful mouth and grinding my ass on those fingers in my hole. The fingers were really moving in and out of my hole faster and harder and hitting that special spot inside me and every time they hit it I moaned more. Even the feeing of the fingernails dragging on the outstroke seemed to increase the need to feel more and more and the slight discomfort only made the instroke that much more fantastic. Then I became aware that the person had stopped sucking my cock and lips were gently kissing their way up my stomach and a hand was pushing my t-shirt up as the kisses rose up my body. I quickly let loose of my shorts I was still holding and reaching down grabbed my shirt and raising my body slightly pulled it off over my head and tossed it with my shorts. I became aware slightly that whoever was moving up me seemed to be bare skin against mine too. Then those marvelous lips moved to one of my nipples and the mouth closed on it and sucked it and even nipped it a little with teeth. I groaned even louder. It was as if my nipple was directly wired to my ass and cock and I involuntarily arched my back trying to feed more of my breast. Then the mouth let go and went across my chest to my other nipple and again the same relentless feelings erupted in me. My nipples were tingling, my ass was on fire and my cock felt like an iron bar and I was trembling from head to toe. I never wanted this to end it was so great. The before I knew it the lips were climbing higher up me to my neck, nuzzling and nipping and sucking from one side of it to the other., Then, all at once the fingers dragged out of my hole, causing me to groan again at the empty feeling now there. I couldn't help myself as I moaned, NO, and tried to push my ass lower to feel them again. As I did this I felt something odd touch my hole now. It felt much bigger than the fingers had. This went through my mind as I was telling them to please put them back in, when the new object touched my hole just as I was wrapping my arms around the person and both of the arms grabbed my legs raising them higher as the object poked into my hole a bit. My eyes went wide open then as I finally realize that this person, who had given me more pleasure than I could remember, was another guy. I froze in place, which was my complete undoing then, as HIS cock, I now realized, penetrated my hole and drove deep into me. Being much larger than his fingers it hurt some but when he hit that spot inside me, again involuntarily, I thrust my ass up higher which drove his cock as deep as it could get into my very depths. As his cock bottomed out in me and before I could say anything, his mouth all at once closed on my wide open mouth and his tongue drove almost into my throat. I was so shocked I couldn't move or with his mouth on mine say anything. Then before I could recover his cock started its back stroke rubbing against my hot spot and then back in again. I found myself raising my ass up without knowing how, meeting his inthrust and slapping our bare skin together hard. He then started to fuck me in a rush. The fantastic feelings hit me like a ton of bricks and I found myself moaning with the pleasure and driving my ass back at him on every in stroke of his cock. I could not seem to stop. I wanted this release that was building in me. My cock was throbbing like never before. We drove at each other in a frenzy of lust. Time seemed to almost stand still. Over and over he drove his cock into me as if to push it clear through me and into the bed. Harder and faster and more and more. For a good 15 or 20 minutes we ravished each other. Then he leaned back and broke off the kiss and looking me directly in the eyes for the first time, said, "OMG, I am going to cum. I am going to fill your ass with my seed and you will be changed forever as my toxic cum swims inside you. Take my HIV cum and love it." I was cumming myself so what he said didn't register and being still quite drunk it took a while anyway. I just thrust my own ass hard onto his cock and could feel his throbbing and my own cock was throbbing between us. Then, without warning, the whole room lit up, as someone had come in the door and switched the light on.
  5. MackyJay

    How the Hell Did That Happen?

    PART 3 It was dark in there, so I could not see who was doing me, but wow, did it feel good. Had to be the best bj I had ever had and my cock was stiff as steel and loving it. It was so good, I would not have stopped it if I wanted to. I was getting closer and closer to cumming. I could feel the tingle in my balls and was thrusting my hips at the mouth on me. I wanted that release, and needed it badly now. A couple of more minutes and I felt it. My cock started to throb and spurt after spurt of cum erupted into the waiting mouth. It was so intense and whoever was down there was definitey swallowing my spunk for sure and then I felt a finger ram up my ass and I erupted even more. Then I passed out again. I woke up again, wondering if I had had a dream or something. I started to raise up off of the bed I was on to discover that, no it had not been all a dream anyway as my shorts were in my hand. I quickly put them on and struggled to get up off of the bed. I was still pretty much out of it I guesss. I kind of staggered down the hall into the living room and the same 4 guys were still there. The game was still on so I could not have been out long at all. I took my seat again to find out that there was still a couple of minutes left in the game. I started to watch it and without thinking I reached out an picked up my drink. I was kind of dry so just gulped it before I realized what I was doing, but being already pretty drunk, it didn't seem to be a problem. A few minutes went by and the game over, finally with one team winning by a FG. I had to go pee again. I, again, staggered badly down the hall to the toilet and was only able to just drop my shorts, which fell to my feet and 'drain my radiator' LOL It was almost impossible for me to ben over an pull my shorts back up, so I stepped out of them and then picked them up and looking to see if anyone was in the hall, moved as quickly as I could to the bedroom, where I though maybe sitting down I could get them on. As I sat down, though, I fell over and again passed out. Could not have been very long though. As I came around again, I felt a new sensation. My shorts were still off, but not my legs seemed to be in the air somewhat and something wet was tickling the hell out of my ass. I could not remember feeling anything like this before and was somewhat surprised that my cock was up hard as a rock and was really tingling without being touched. It was still too dark to see who was down there, but I was feeling so good I didn't want it to stop so I didn't say anything. Whoever was doing this to me was, it seemed mighty good at it, as it went on and on, feeling so good. Never in my life had this been done to me and I had no idea anything like that could feel like this. It soon became apparent to me that whoever it was was using their tongue to make me feel like this. I just laid back and enjoyed it. My hole was being licked and slobbered on and at times it seemed like the tongue was actually pushing into my hole. It was fantastic and I was in rapture almost. Then I felt what something a little different. It seemed like maybe a finger was rubbing my hole also. It felt great too and at times seemed to probe a little into my hole along with the tongue. It was driving me crazy with lust for sure.
  6. MackyJay


    Do it and if ever in my area, come dump a load or two in me.
  7. MackyJay

    Omg What Did I Do?

    Chapter XXI We held each other close for a long time. If our friends found out they were being sacrificed because of us, we would have none left we were sure. Neither of us could understand the depravity of this. We had both succumbed to his huge poz cock once each, but had not converted. Now, he wanted us to give our asses to him, again and again, until we both were pozzed. We had to do something and fast, but what? We both agreed that that huge cock was the best fuck we had ever had, but POZ? Can we really go do that. We discussed it for an hour but at the end of that time all we had done was get ourselves all riled up and hot from the memory of how that cock had felt in our holes. My love was almost totally a top, but had taken it and admitted it had felt marvelous. I on the other hand had used toys and big ones at that, but his had been bigger and I, also, thought his cock was magnificent. Both of us were panting by this time with the talk and soon were in each others arms and making love together. We both almost raped the other, until we were completely spent and that was after doing it 4 times. Each time was more ardent than the one before it, until both of us just as we were both climaxing for the last time, yelled at each other, "OMG, DO ME, FUCK ME WITH YOUR HUGE COCK,...……...POZ MY ASS." We had both said this in unison and were shocked, and then looking into each others eyes, we nodded, knowing we could not keep having our friends being picked off, one by one, without trying to save them. We got out of bed, slowly, knowing what we had to do, but trying to prolong it at least a short time more. Turning on our computer, we opened our email and sent the message: We can't let you convert any more of our friends. We are ready to surrender to your will. POZ us and leave our friends alone, His email came back in only about 15 minutes. He told us we were being sensible now and by the way, look at the attachment and I will send details later for our MEETING. We opened the attachment to find, 6 clips. SIX, all of them friends of ours and each of them with cum leaking out of their holes and the message with them was that we had waited too long and he was really horny and had called some more of our friends up and this was the result. All of them had gaping red as hell holes, with cum and it looked like some red and pink tinges in the cum from we supposed was blood. He had not waited any longer and we were shocked, again, About an hour later another email from him came. He said he had been busy, with a LOL, and now was a little tired. Not tonight for you two, but be here at the bar, Friday night, and be prepared to stay the whole night. It will be a lot of fun.
  8. MackyJay

    How the Hell Did That Happen?

    PART 2 The first quarter came to an end and I got up to go get another drink real quick before the second quarter started. The two guys were still making out on the other end of the couch and as I walked around them I noticed that one guy had his hand in the other ones shorts. I just kind of smiled at their brazenness and went to get my drink. Upon returning I noticed that now both of them had a hand in the other's shorts and looked like both were hard and also seemed to be pretty well endowed from the bulges showing. The other two guys were paying more attention, I noticed, to watching that action more than the game on TV. I just sat down as the second quarter was starting and didn't turn that direction again as the game was close and whenever one team scored the other one did too, keeping it tied up. Halftime arrived with the score tied up at 21 each. A good tough game. I got up again to get another drink and see what my friend was up to. As I turned to go, I again noticed that both guys were stroking the others' cock in their shorts. Damn, they just don't stop. I went and got my drink and found my friend. She was really drunk by now and leaning heavily upon her girlfriend, When she noticed me she smiled and asked what I had been up to. I told her I was watching football on her TV and she seemed to have a couple of guy friends sitting on the other end of the couch deep in a lot of playing themselves. She just laughed. We chatted for a bit and I had another drink and talked to a couple of her other friends too. Then I told her I had better get back to the game as it was a good one. She laughed again and said, "Yeah, right, you just want to watch the closer game." I just laughed at here and got another drink and went to watch the second half. The second half kickoff was just reading as I got back. I noticed that now, though, one of the guys on the couch was now on the floor with the other guys cock out and sucking the hell out of him. I almost tripped when I saw that, but quickly just got to my seat to watch the game. I took a quick look over at the end of the couch to see if I had actually saw what I thought I did. Just as I looked the one doing the sucking came off of the cock for a quick breath, looked my way and smiled at me and stuck his tongue out at me. I just laughed. Damn, that guy's cock was big though. Had to be all of a good 9" long and big around as my glass. The third quarter got started and quickly turned into a defensive struggle with neither team able to keep up much of a drive. By the time the 3rd ended the score was still tied at 24 each. By now, with the booze I had been putting away, I had to pee badly. How much I had had hit me a little as I got up to go to the toilet. Strong Rum can kind of sneak up on you if you don't pay attention, like me. I was a little unsteady as I turned to go. I kind of noticed that now the two guys were half laying on the couch in a 69 position and both cocks seemed to be about the same size. Which means very large. I almost fell on them getting by but managed to stay upright and headed for the hallway. I pretty much staggered down the hall and almost missed the doorway and actually did bump into it pretty good. One of the other guys that had been sitting in a chair watching the game grabbed me from behind or I might have went down in a heap. He offered to help me get in the bathroom and I let him hold me up as I got to the stool. Then I had trouble unzipping my pants and again the guy helped by pushing my hands away and before I knew it had unzipped my shorts for me and then before I could say anything, had reached in an pulled my cock out and aimed it for me. I started to protest but it was as well he had done that for me as as soon as my cock was out and pointed I let loose with a ot of piss. I doubt if I would have gotten it out in time by myself so I just stood there with him doing the aiming for me till I was drained. I tried to find the words to thank him for his help, but couldn't think of anything other than just, thanks. About anything else I could think of to say might have come out wrong. LOL He just said, "Don't worry about it, I've had to help more than one guy do that before." He then laughed and tucked me back in. I know I was a little red in the face I was so embarrassed. I turned to go out and again the booze was still hitting me and I almost fell again I was so dizzy. My good Samaritan came to my salvation again and held me up or it might have been a very hard face plant for me. He just held onto me as we left the toilet and I was really dizzy by now. Instead of guiding me back to the living room, He pushed open another of the doors along the hall and almost had to carry me over to the bed where he had my turn around and gave me a little push anD I flopped onto the bed. He then grabbed my legs and turned me around and told me to just lay down for a while till some of that wore off. Then he reached down and took my shoes off and dropped them on the floor. I was so out of it I really wasn't registering what was going on and just laid there with my eyes closed and told myself to just rest a couple of minutes. I am fairly certain I passed out then, but not for very long. I woke up and was aware that I seemed to be naked as hell from the waist down. Now how the hell had that happened? I looked down and found that my shorts were definitely off and were in my own hand and then I felt the sensation of what seemed to be someone's mouth on my cock. I was hard as a rock and getting bj from someone, what the heck?
  9.      To my fans:    I now have started new chapters on these five stories of mine    OMG What Did I Do? …..How It Started.....How the Hell Did That Happen?.....New Owner..... and finally an old one   The Hitcher.

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      Still waiting on damn paperwork and am told it will still be another week at minimum till we can get into new place.  Ugh, I hate this waiting thing and staying in a motel that is not very good is the pits.

    3. Monster5-8gPA


      Waiting is the worst too bad things can’t move along faster but at least there is light at the end of your dark tunnel. There is hope for a better tomorrow shortly and that will be a blessing for you and your wife. Take care and keep us up to date on your recovery from this. God speed my man!💋

    4. MackyJay


      Well, we are having a hard time of it but my prayers are now with the people of  N. and S. Carolina and surrounding states with their troubles with the Hurricane now. 


  10. MackyJay

    Bajan Love Affair

    and the plot thickens, but I actually hope Sage gets his comeuppance and is the one destroyed in the end
  11. PART 1 I was a straight married man with 4 kids and had never even thought about having sex with another man. I was quite ok with what others did though as it had nothing to do with me nor was it any of my business. I thought of gays like I did of blacks or anyone else, that they were getting a bad break they didn't deserve, just because of doing what they should be allowed to do. No difference, but some difference, if you know what I mean. The differences were just nobody else's business I thought as long as they were harming someone. Who cares what they look like or what goes on in their own bedrooms, quit snooping. I had a friend in another town I had known since she was born (several years younger than me). She was a lesbian and some mixed up at times. Since she was almost like my own daughter and I knew her whole family, I always tried to comfort her and tell her to calm down and stay focused on who she was. She was almost always involved in some drama or other, usually of her own making, but was basically a very kind and caring person. She had planned a party and asked if I wanted to attend? I knew that pretty much everyone there was going to be LGBTQ and my wife would definitely be bored to death at it. She practically begged me to come, though, so I relented and told her my wife was working that night and I would come and have a drink or two with her and her friends. My friend had told me the party was pretty much about as informal as you can get and it being summer and hot I decided to just wear what I normally would wear on a hot night at home, just a Tshirt, basketball shorts (me being my age they were much sorter than the newer style) and my slip on deck shoes. I usually also went commando so did not think to put on any kind of underwear or even a jockstrap. The party was to start, as the newer custom of today seemed to be, at between 9 and 10 pm (when I was younger they almost always started between 6 and 7 pm). When I got there, around 9;30, give or take a couple of minutes, there were already about 10 or maybe a dozen people there. My friend spotted me almost as soon as I got out of my car and ran to me gushing about being so glad I had come. She immediately had to drag me to meet her newest girlfriend, who seemed to be much nicer than the last couple I had met. They both took me around introducing me to their friends, and really pouring it on about their great straight friend. Then finally a drink. LOL I drink Rum and Coke and actually it usually has to be Bacardi 151 Rum. She remembered that for sure and had a huge 'Texas' Fifth of it ready and waiting. Being somewhat older, most of the music playing did not appeal to me at all. I am very old fashion in that regard and basically only like 50s and 60s Rock and Roll or 30s to the 60s County and Western. I find that most 'music' anymore is quite terrible to me. I soon found myself relatively alone watching TV in her living room as most of the party was outside. I finished my drink about the time a late football game came on. Was a couple of California schools, so didn't care who won, but, hey, it was football, right? I went and mixed another drink and then settled down to watch the game. In a few minutes I noticed that about 4 other guys had come in and grabbed seats and were watching also. We all talked a little as the game progressed. About the end of the first quarter I suddenly noticed that the two guys sitting on the other end of the couch we were on seemed to be making out with each other. I just kind of laughed to myself, thinking they needed to get a room. LOL.
  12. MackyJay

    Omg What Did I Do?

    Chapter XX My love and I started talking almost at the same time. We were both aghast at what was happening, but we didn't want HIV. What were we to do? Our friends are being picked off one by one. We couldn't live with that, could we? We argued for an hour and then we heard a ping as another email came through. We rushed to check it out. It was another vid from the bar owner. His explanation came first telling us this was going to be live this time. Another of our friends had stopped at the bar an he had invited him in the back for 'special' treatment and he had accepted it after looking at the poz guys bulge in his tight pants. He told us to watch closely now and laughed. The camera then drew back and there was our friend on the bed naked. The poz guy was naked also and was hard as a rock an walking slowly towards our friend who could not take his eyes off of that huge cock, waving at him as he approached. Our friend had to lick his lips and was gulping some at the size of the cock he was going have in him soon. The bar owner climbed on the bed and raised our friends legs over his shoulders and started to rim his hole. Then he rammed his fingers in at the same time, grinding them in and around and dragging his nails against his insides on the out stroke. Our friend groaned as this went on, pain and pleasure combined building a need for release. Soon the poz guy pulled his fingers out, covered in blood, and before our friend could move he raised up and rammed his huge cock into him with one bone jarring thrust. He had turned the sound off, but we could tell our friend screamed. It had to have hurt like hell with what was almost like an arm being rammed clear into him all at once. Then the real fuck started. He was ramming as hard as possible, every in and out fast and hard. There was only one purpose in this, to poz his neg hole. We could only watch in morbid fascination to what was happening to our friend. The camera was catching it all. Then the poz guy reached out and got ahold of the camera and pointed it at our friends face as he continued to pound him relentlessly. Our friends pain was being replaced by rapture as his hole was destroyed but his pleasure increased and the pain faded to the background. This went on an on, for a good half an hour before we could see the poz guy starting to thrust evne more violently and then with one last thrust, he held still and was filling our buddy full of his poz cum. They laid still for a bit and then the bar owner got up and came away from the bed and turned his sound on long enough to say, "How many more of your friends are you two going to sacrifice to me before you come and get what you know deep down you want?:" With that the connection was broken. My love and I both sat and cried.
  13. Had at least 3 that size or bigger and they all hurt a little but also felt magnificent
  14. MackyJay

    How it Started

    Part 11 The idea of AIDS cum had me in its grip and I needed more. My ass was full already but I wanted it overflowing. This absolutely crazy and crazed feeling in me to be converted and now I had crossed the line and it had started. All I could think was it was nuts but I needed it. My ass was on fire and tingling with the need for more highly toxic cum to infiltrate my entire being Chris came back in the room and he had 3 other guys with him. They were all already naked and the front two looked as badly wasted as Chris if not more so. I could not see the one in the rear as Crhis and 2 of his buddies were blocking the view too much but I just knew the back on had to look like the others. They all were stroking their cocks to hardness getting ready to fuck my sore hole and give me more of their AIDS cum and I could only smile and lick my lips in anticipation of more disease. I knew it was going to be a long afternoon and into the night of me being fucked over and over again. Chis grinned at me and said, "are you ready for more? These guys are ready and can hardly wait to destroy your hole more." I nodded eagerly and spread my legs. One the guys climbed on my chest and stuck his cock in my mouth and a second one raised my legs up and drove his cock home in one stoke. I groaned in my experience and start to suck hard on the cock in my mouth while thrusting my ass back hard on every instroke of the guy fucking my ass. I was getting what I needed and how. Both guys went from 0 to faster than lightning in no time and were not just fucking my mouth and ass, but pounding them mercilessly. My mind just went blank from the overload of sex. In about 15 minutes the guy in my ass started to jackhammer even harder, if that was possible, and was almost yelling that he was cumming and giving me his highly toxic gift. He groaned and growled and I could feel his cock pumping a lot of cum into me. As he finished, the guy I was sucking slid down, pulling his cock from my mouth and dropping between my legs and then rammed his cock deep into me. I was ready to scream it was so hot. In another 10 minutes he leaned down and planted a kiss on my lips and then almost whispered, "Yeah, here it comes, take my AIDS load NOW." He yelled the last word as he slammed his cock home and unloaded his cum in me as deep as he could. He kept on grinding and pulsing for a good minute or two before collapsing on me with a contented sigh. As he was resting a moment, I was trying to see by him as it sounded like someone else was being fucked behind him. How weird I thought.
  15. MackyJay

    Lost in the dark

    Wish that guy was me getting used like that

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