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  1. Park Cruise

    PART 9   I headed home with a well satified but sore hole. I could feel cum leaking out into my pants all the way. I walked into the house quickly and up the stairs to our bedroom. I took the pants off as the rear was pretty wet with cum and some was running down my legs also. I jumped in the shower to clean up. As I was washing my ass I felt the cum still oozing out of me and stuck a couple of my own fingers up me and it really poured out then, finally slowing and stopping. My fingers felt great in me though. My cock had gotten hard as well as I ran my fingers in and out of my hole. My hole was sore as hell but felt too good to stop also. As I continued running my fingers in and out, my cock erupted again, spewing my cum against the wall of the shower. I got out and got dressed and then grabbed my other pants I had had on earlier and took them into the bathroom to clean up some. I could see a lot of cum in them. I couldn't stop myself and brought them up to my face and stuck my tongue out and lapped the cum up. It was delicious. I then tucked the pants deep into the laundry so they would dry before being found. I then went down to supper as if nothing were different, but my mind was on how to get away to get fucked more. I could not seem to think of anything else now.
  2. New Owner

    I would say someone was kidding you big time. A6
  3. New Owner

    Part 6   I awoke sometime later. I am sure a noise had woke me up. I listened and could hear more sounds. I started to get up, when it dawned on me that my new neighbor and owner of the duplex had the noises coming from his place, again. I leaned closer to the wall and could definitely hear the sounds of sex coming through the wall. The unmistakable sound of a cock pounding a hole, with moans of pleasure. There was no talking. Just moans of pleasure and panting and the sounds of a cock pounding the hell out of a hole. I could almost imagine my own cock pounding one of my girls. I noticed I was getting hard as hell listening to it. I soon had to get my cock out and started to jack it in time with the sloppy sounds coming through the wall. I could imagine fucking and wishing I was getting some. It had been way too long now. Then, there started to come sounds of talking, almost yelling. I heard, what had to be the one getting fucked saying, "OMG, give it to me. Pound me harder, faster. Fill me with your cum." The one doing the fucking was then saying, "Oh, yeah, getting so close now. Going to knock you up and give my my babies." That sounded weird to me but whatever. I found myself getting closer to cumming now also. Just as I was about to cum I heard to fucker yell, "Here it comes, take my 10" cock and my hot cum to knock you up forever." There was a loud grunting sound and I heard both of them saying, "I'm cumming hard." As they said that my own cock erupted all over my wall with one of the largest loads I had ever let loose. Then, I heard the one who had to have been the dancer saying, "WOW, I sure tore your ass up good that time. I can see traces of blood and cum running out of you. You will almost definitely be pregnant, now." What?
  4. Thanks for following me!

  5. figured that actually and should have put a LOL on my message. wishful thinking here as I want a dozen or more to do me but can't fine one most days
  6. central Iowa here close enough? LOL
  7. Park Cruise

    PART 8   What had I really done now? My ass was on fire from a beautiful pounding but then the guy tells me he has AIDS. I saw his fingernails and knew he had cut me up inside and the dumped his load in me. I was going to get HIV. What the hell, but my ass was still tingling and for some reason my cock was still hard as a rock. Why was I so turned on? Damn, I felt like I needed more now. Then someone walked into the clearing. I started to reach down to grab my clothes when he said, "Might as well leave them there," and as I looked up he was pulling his clothes off too. His cock was already hard and sticking straight out and I stood there mesmerized by it swinging as he approached me. He grabbed me and turned me around and pushed at my back to bend over. I offered no resistance and did it. Then I felt him just drive his cock deep into in one thrust and felt his balls hit my taint. Then he was thrusting in and out of me as hard as I had ever had it. He was literally trying to destroy my hole and I was loving every second of it. He didn't last long though, maybe about 5 minutes and then he was saying, "Here it comes. My nice hot POZ cum to fill your ass up good." I could feel his cock pulsing and refilling my ass with HIV cum. As he finished and was pulling out, I noticed that three more guys had showed up. They all had their cocks out and were jacking them, waiting their turn on my abused hole. I didn't even straighten up as the cock was pulled out of my ass and soon another one was deep in me. I could only wonder at how great it was feeling. I wanted more and more and soon had three more loads of cum up me. Each of them screaming as they were cumming, "Take my poz load you whore."   Noone else showed up so I got dressed and staggerd to my car. My ass was destroyed and was now starting to hurt some with all the pounding it had taken, but it was also throbbing with a need for more, soon.
  8. I Helped Tag My Brother-in-law

    absolutely wonderful story, one of the best ever on here
  9. Park Cruise

    A big LOL on that A6.
  10. Park Cruise

    Checked and have no idea about that. Can't delete it and it seems to not even be part of the story. LOL
  11. I Helped Tag My Brother-in-law

    Love this story so far. Give it to him good.
  12. New Owner

    Part 5   I really had no idea what to say, really. I kind of turned my head a little as, sitting down, Hank's cock was sticking straight out at me tenting the hell out of his shorts. As I turned my head, I found I was looking directly at the dancer now and his cock seemed to be like a snake sticking up. He was in the process of taking off his jock completely and it almost made Hank's huge cock look small in comparison. Hank stepped back then and I stood up. I told him, "Looks like you guys are getting a little busy now, I better head over to my place." As I turned to go, I noticed a couple of the guys, on the other side of the room, were already naked and playing with each other's cocks. I turned back to Hank and noticed that the dancer was already on the couch with the other two guys and one of them had that huge cock in his mouth and the other guy seemed to have his mouth buried in his ass and I noticed that the dancer seemed to have a large biohazard tat on his back just above his ass crack. Hank said, "Really am sorry about that if it shocked you. We kind of meet up about every couple of weeks for a 'sometimes' sex party. Didn't mean to have it actually start while you were here though." He went on, "Looks like I'm the odd one out at the moment." and laughed. He then escorted me to the door. As he opened the door he said, "Thanks for not freaking out much, I really appreciate it." I said, "Don't think anything of it. No harm done." He said then, "WOW, you are so understanding and nice." I turned to go, when he grabbed me from behind in a huge hug. Again, he was thanking me and was just overwhelmed. I could feel his big cock against my ass and it was right in my crack. He held me close for a few seconds and then let go saying, "You are much nicer than about anyone I have met in a long time." I turned and couldn't help it as my eyes went down to his crotch for a second. He noticed and said, "sorry about that too. That dance was really hot and I am still thinking about it and it won't go down. Nice isn't it?" With that he reached down and dropped his shorts and it sprang up, hard and fat. I couldn't help looking again, and then noticed he had a biohazard tat just above his cock that I hadn't noticed before. He said, "I better get back in there if I want any fun. You take care and come over anytime you want to." I turned and went home to my place and was soon in bed and fast asleep.
  13. Park Cruise

    PART 7   I got back in my car and just drove around for a bit, wondering what I was doing. I could think about nothing but cock in my ass for some reason. A week ago, I had been completely straight and no real thoughts about gay sex and now here I was with at least three loads of cum up my ass in a week. Damn, it had felt so amazing. I had just let some anonymous guy fuck me in an adult store through a hole and had loved it. My ass was on fire and I felt I needed more. What to do? I found myself pulling into a park here in town. I pulled over to think some more. I got out and made my way to a picnic table. I had brought along a can of Coke and opened it and was sipping and trying to wrap my head around what I was doing and what I was going to do. I was thinking so hard I didn't notice that another car had pulled in and a guy approached the table I was at. Then he was asking if he could join me and sit there also. I just kind of nodded ok without paying any attention, really. Then it dawned on me he had sat down on the same side of the table as me. Glancing his way, I noticed he was sitting astride the seat with one leg under the table and the other somewhat straight out on the other side. He had on shorts and as I looked I could clearly see that his cock was hanging somewhat out of one leg of his shorts. It looked to be quite large and I could not take my eyes off of it. My ass was still tingling from just being fucked about a half hour before. As I looked I could see it start to come up some. He saw me looking and stood up and dropped his shorts off and as he did his cock was really starting to stand up. It was big. As I tore my eyes off of it and looked up, he was smiling and motioned for me to follow him. He kicked the shorts completely off then and started walking towards a pathway. Mesmerized, I got up and just followed along. We got just a short distance down the path and it widened up and he stopped. I walked up to him and he, without a word, reached out and I let him start pulling my clothes off. I couldn't seem to move. He soon had me naked and himself as well. He I turned my head to look back and he lined his cock up with my hole and just thrust in in one lunge. The last thing I noticed before it was covered up by my body was that he had a tattoo just over his cock that looked like a biohazard sign I remember seeing. Then he was deep inside me and I was groaning in the fantastic feelings he was causing my ass. He started somewhat slow but that was just a few strokes and then he was pounding my ass with a fury. Every thrust inward he would grind around and then back out till just the head of his cock was still in me and then back in hard and more grinding like he was drilling for oil or something. It was amazing. My own cock was soon hard as a rock too. He kept up the drilling for a good ten minutes and then all at once he pulled out. He leaned over me and finally spoke, "You are loving this aren't you? We had to make sure it really feels good forever." He then thrust at least three of his fingers up my ass and ground them around hard and as he pulled them out I felt his fingernails drag out and I almost screamed from the agony. He then rammed his cock back in me hard as he dropped his hand in front of my face and I could see blood all over his finger tips. He was again destroying my hole with his pounding, hard and fast and deep and still grinding into me. He then said, "I'm getting close now. Get ready. Here comes my nice poz load up your ass." I had no idea what he was talking about but as he was cumming my own cock erupted too. He ground in me hard for a bit and then pulled out. As we straightened up he said, "I hope you enjoy my nice gift." I said, "I am loving cum up me now." He said, "Not the cum but what is in it." I said, "What do you mean, do you have an STD?" He grinned and told me, "Kind of one. I have AIDS and now you will too. That's why I scratched your ass up good to make sure it took." I could only just stand there in shock as he put his shorts back on and took off.
  14. New Owner

    Part 4   I headed out to my favorite bar then. For some reason, being a Saturday night, it was dead as hell. I ended up going to about 4 different bars and they were all deader than I could remember them ever being. Not a thing going on and the few girls I saw were not the type I usually went for at all. I had a drink in each bar but was just getting more and more frustrated at the lack of anything going on. I had not had sex in at least 3 weeks now and I was in need badly. The last bar I went to, as dead as they all were, I downed my drink, hit the toilet to take a well needed piss and decided to head for home. No use spending money for nothing I always thought. Arriving home, I headed in to my place, noting that the new owner seemed to still have all his company there. I went to the kitchen to get a beer and there was a knock on the door. I answered it, to find Hank standing there in his short shorts again. He said, "I hate to bother you this late, but I am about out of ice and wondered if you had any to spare or would be willing to run to the store for me to get some?" I told him, "You are in luck tonight as I just bought a bag of ice and hadn't opened it, yet. You can have it if you want." He said, "You are a life saver. I could sure use it. I will replace it tomorrow if that is ok? We are just drinking a little more than I thought we would." He then, just reached out and grabbed me and gave me a huge hug. I could feel that huge cock of his poke me when he did that. He then pulled back and said, "Sorry about that. Just overwhelmed a little by your kindness." I got him the ice and as he was leaving he said, "Hey, that offer is still open, if you want to come over and have a drink, too." With that he was off to his place. I went into my livingroom and turned the TV on and drank my beer. Then I got up to get another one and realized it was the only one I had and didn't even have a bottle of booze in the place as I had meant to pick up some on the way home with a hot date. Now, I was thirsty and nothing to drink but water, ugh. I thought about it for a couple of minutes and then decided to take up neighbor on his offer and at least I could get something to drink. I headed out the door and over there. I knocked on his door and he opened it up. He looked surprised but invited me in. He said, "I didn't think you come by, but come on in and have a drink. One of my friends is a dancer and was just going to give us a demonstration. Hope you won't mind as he gets a little erotic at times with it." I told him, "That was fine, I just found out I was completely out of anything to drink and thought I might as well impose and get a free one." He opened the door more and waved me in. I entered and found that basically everyone there had not much more clothes on than Hank did. I was somewhat overdressed after being out all evening. Hank asked what I wanted, indicating that he had quite a bit of almost anything. I told him I usually drank Rum and Coke. He said, "That is one of my favs too and always keep that around." He headed to his bar and soon had one fixed for me. He indicated a chair, telling me it was where he had been sitting but he could squeeze in next to one of his buddies on the couch, since one was going to be getting up to dance anyway. The one going to dance got up and seemed to have more clothes on than the others did. He put in a cd and told us this is the one he danced to the most. The musice started and he was soon dancing to it. He seemed to be pretty good. As the first song came to an end he was working up quite a sweat and kicked off his shoes. By the end of the second song he had pulled his socks off too and by the end of the third one he had his shirt off and was really getting into the music. As I sipped at my drink, it dawned on me that his dance seemed to be good but was also intermingled with some quite hip gyrating moves also, almost like a sexual thing. His fourth song was definitely of a hard slow beat and he was then really gyrating and moving back and forth around the room to the others and almost thrusting his hips into their faces. I finally decided he must be a 'stripper' or something like that. He was then actually pulling each guy he came to by the back of their heads into his crotch area and rubbing all over their faces. As his 4th song ended, he was back in the middle of the room, and grabbing his pants jerked on them and they came right off as they had snaps on the sides I had not noticed. He was now down to only a very small gstring jock strap. My mouth just dropped open as he had a hard on that looked to be a good 10" sticking straight up out of the top of his jock. I took a quick look over at my neighbor and he and all the others were applauding and cheering. My neighbor, stood up and I could tell that his shorts were sticking straight out and he seemed to have a hardon too. I was shocked and had forgotten, for some reason, that Hank was gay and probably all of his friends there were also. He turned to look my way and walked over the me. He said, "Oh, hell, I forgot you were straight. I didn't even think about it. Sorry if that shocked you. If I had remembered I would have warned you before he started."
  15. Love the story but feel it kind of fell apart a little at the end. Very hot though.

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