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    Marshalltown, Iowa
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    Many and varied. Ask and see. Also, very interested in poz hvl guys.
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    Not Sure, Probably Poz
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Background in management and technician. Have not had much experience with guys actually but have given bjs, been fucked and been fisted. Have over 200 pics on a site called showyourdick.org under MackyJay if you want to look.
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    Sorry, none, but have been videoed being fisted and fucked before.
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    Not up for scat, blood play, kids, major pain (but have a very high threshold), nor permanent markings. Almost anything else is a go or can talk about it. If it sounds like fun, let's do it. I do not do any drugs. I am not much of a chaser but starting to more and more and very poz friendly.

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  1. MackyJay

    Tornado Relief

    So stressed from tornado damage here (my house done for and car also) and in real need of a good hard POZ FUCKING OF MY HOLE and a good gangbang of all poz woud be really great. Have a nice park to do it at too.
  2. MackyJay

    Breed Me

    I sure wish someone, anyone, would come here and bring 2 or 3 or more friends with them and just keep filling my hole full to overflowing. Picture is my terribly empty and lonely hole in need.
  3. MackyJay

    New Owner

    Part 45   As Randy's cock slipped out of my cum filled hole, I could feel it run out of me and down my back. Highly toxic cum and some running down across my own cock and dripping off of it and into my mouth. I was completely satiated and could hardly move. He finally got up from between my legs and I let them down slowly so as not to lose any more than had already run out. I loved the full feeling of so much cum in my hole. It was just fantastic. Like usual though, as soon as the glow stopped, my doubts returned about what I was doing. It felt so great during, but after I just could not get around the fact that I was full of HIV cum. No known cure! What the hell was I doing? I should have stopped after the very first time I found out, but the feelings were so powerful that I seemed to want more and more cock in me and more and more cum. My mind was just completely befuddled by what I was doing. As I was thinking, I realized that at some point some more guys had arrived. There seemed to be a good 14 or 15 guys, all naked, and all fucking like crazy. It was almost wall to wall steamy sex. Where had they come from and when? WOW, I must have really been into the last couple of fucks to not notice till now. What a scene. I sat there for a bit and then got up and headed for the back door. I had to get out for a while, fresh air and some quiet time to think this through more. I couldn't think in there as all that came to mind around all that sex was getting more in my hole. I needed some space to figure out what the hell I was doing and what to do. I glanced at the clock and it was close to 3 in the morning now. The time was flying by and I had to decide what I was and what to do. Sunday morning and I had no idea what I was doing or going to do. I just knew time was running out on my decision.
  4. MackyJay

    Teacher Gives Me 1st Poz Load

    So far, so damn hot. and my name is really mr. Johnson
  5. MackyJay

    New Owner

    Part 44   My ass was getting so sore now. I had barely started taking loads a short time ago, then found out they were all HVL HIV loads, now lost count of how many and it was barely midnight now on Sat. night. I still had no idea what the hell I was doing, but couldn't seem to stop myself every time a cock was offered to me and knowing they were toxic as all get out. OMG what conflict was going through my mind. I was constantly telling myself to get the heck out of there and then a cock was offered and I just laid back and floated away on a cloud of pure lust. I roused myself a little and turned to look around the room and it was one big fuck fest. Only one guy at the moment, besides myself, was not fucking and it was Randy, the stripper, and he was walking towards me with his humongus hard cock swaying back and forth. My eyes were glued to it, watching it come closer and closer and despite what I had just been thinking, I rolled over onto my back and spread my legs. He crawled up on the couch with me, grabbed my legs and lifted them over his shoulders, pushed me further back until I was almost upside down and plunged his cock into my dripping ass pussy all the way in one thrust. I pushed back at him to try and get every single bit of his mammoth cock into me as possible. Then he proceeded to start jack hammering my hole hard and fast. He pile drove my ass like he was trying to ram clear through me and drive me through the couch to the floor. My sore ass was forgotten as he stroked my prostate with every stroke. My own cock was so hard I thought it would burst. He did me like that for a good half hour and then grunted hard and said here it comes. As his cock started to pulse and fill me with his toxic babies, my own cock exploded cum and I opened my mouth and drank in every drop. He ground his cock into me hard and was swiveling it around and around as his orgasm faded and left us both out of breath and completely satisfied.
  6. I want you in me and the sooner the better.

  7. MackyJay

    New Owner

    Part 43   As we were coming down from our orgasms, I glanced over towards Hank. He was just groaning out his release of his toxic cum into the boyfriend of the guy who had just fucked me and I was pretty certain that new guy was going to join the poz club soon. His gaping hole was visible from where I lay and was dripping poz cum and Randy, the stripper was just walking up and had a huge hard on and his mammoth cock was ready to inject another load into that previously neg hole. As Randy got ready to ram his cock into the guy, he all at once, held up, and drove his fingers in first. He just rammed them hard and almost destroyed the poor guys hole while dragging his nails on the way out. He did this several times and I could see blood starting to flow and the guy was almost in tears. Then Randy rammed his mammoth cock in deep in one hard thrust, telling the guy, you are definitely going home with HIV tonight now. He then started to just plainly assault the guys hole, which had to tear it even more. The poor guy was whimpering but seemed to be getting almost as much pleasure out of it as pain. He was gasping for breath, also. I was so intent on watching that hole destruction, I didn't notice that Hank had crawled up between my, still wide open legs, and then all at once he stuck his cock into my dripping hole deep. I almost jumped clear off of the couch I was on. He clamped his lips to mine and his tongue invaded my mouth as he started to stroke his cock in and out of my hole. I was totally into it almost immediately and was pushing my ass back onto him on every in thrust, trying to get him deeper and deeper into me. Since Hank had cum already a couple of times that evening, I knew I was in for a long session of my hole being used. We pushed and pulled and caressed each other, over and over again. We almost broke the couch down as it was creaing under us from the pounding. Almost an hour went by before I could feel Hank's cock start to grow and get even harder and I knew he was almost ready to cum. My own cock was twitching and tickling me and I knew I was close also. Another couple of minutes later and I was yelling, I am cumming and my cock spurted and Hank told me my ass was squeezing his cock and he was going to explode and then did, erupting deep inside me and spilling me with his highly toxic cum. OMG, another load of HIV in me, I had now lost count, but wow what magnificent sex. I glanced at the clock and it was almost midnight now.
  8. MackyJay

    "I Need a New Home"

    Somewhat hot but ?
  9. MackyJay

    How viral is a VLC of 400K?

    I agree with most as there is no real 'medical' term of toxic and highly toxic, just toxic. Overall odds of infection have been printed as anywhere from 40 to 70 -1 of getting it. But only one time can do it or maybe 500 won't. Depends on many factors. Viral count, is one of them only. Person's own immune system, another. Tearing of intestinal walls, another and so on. Nothing for sure except that you probably will catch it the more loads you get. Undetectable, at one time was considered under 200, then lowered to 100, then down to 50 and last time I checked they are now saying it is under 20 to be considered as that.
  10. MackyJay

    New Owner

    Sorry for delay, but work has had me going 7 days per week lately and making it hard to write more. Hopefully soon though. Mean while, enjoy latest pic os my ass which is empty and in need of some filling.
  11. my status?    In dire need of all the cock I can get in my hole and filled full of  cum.

  12. MackyJay

    Omg What Did I Do?

    Chapter XVIII My love and I practically staggered, dazed out of the bar owners back room. We had caught him pozzing our friend, who was drunk as hell, who's birthday it was and had no idea what he had just got fucked with. We sat down at the first table we got to and just stared at each other. We ordered drinks and sat and stared some more, occasionally glancing across the room at our friend who was still celebrating his birthday. He was so drunk, we didn't think he even hardly knew he had been fucked for the first time in his life even He had been an anal virgin, but no more and to top it it had been done with a hvl cock. We had seen how his ass had been almost destroyed by that huge cock too and had seen some blood, so there was little doubt that the toxic load he had taken was even now coursing through his body and it was somewhat our fault. We talked about whether we should go sober up our friend and let him know what he had had done to him, but decided he was having too much fun tonight, so we thought maybe we should wait until he sobered up tomorrow first. We then talked about what we should do now. Should we start calling every friend we could and warn them or would they think we were being paranoid or what. What a dilemma. After a while we finally got around to discussing us. Should we submit and save our friends or would that just open a whole new can of worms as we enjoyed fucking with our friends at times and it may end up with us spreading it ourselves. What to do, what to do? We both agreed that thinking about that huge cock in us was fantastic. It was very revealing to my love as he was even more confused than me as he was and had been almost exclusively a top only. Now, to save our friends he would definitely have to bottom. He admitted that he had enjoyed that giant of a cock in him, but wasn't sure of more of it or not. I did have to grin at that as I knew he really wanted it in him again, but just didn't want to admit it. I kind of teased him about that one. Now to figure out what to do. We decided to wait until tomorrow after getting sobered up to make a decision and to tell our buddy what he had done. We went home to awaken the next day to more hell. As soon as we awoke we found a new message for us from the owner of the bar. It was another video. It showed him fucking our buddy last night and then a short message telling us that he had kept him at the bar all night long and showed another long video of our buddy getting fucked again and again. He took at least 4 loads of poz cum overnight and the last video showed his totally wrecked and bleeding ass, but he had a huge smile on his face. The last part of the vid showed our buddy with a butt plug in his ass and him looking right into the camera and saying, "Wow, what a night of pleasure. I am going to keep this plug in my hole for a few days to remember this night. What a great birthday." We tried to call him but there was no answer.
  13. So hot. Would love having a top sweet talk me, soft and gentle and ease into me telling me every stroke what was happening.
  14. my status?    In dire need of all the cock I can get in my hole and filled full of  cum.

    1. studl1


      Welcome to my world ☹ I can't get bare cock here 

    2. MackyJay


          Can't find any cock here at all.  Ridiculous  Have had a few hits and then they flake when time to play.

    3. studl1


      Same ☣ all I want

  15. MackyJay

    Not So Neg Greg

    Very hot start to this story

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