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    Marshalltown, Iowa
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    Many and varied. Ask and see. Also, very interested in poz hvl guys.
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    Not Sure, Probably Poz
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    Background in management and technician. Have not had much experience with guys actually but have given bjs, been fucked and been fisted. Have over 200 pics on a site called showyourdick.org under MackyJay if you want to look.
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    Sorry, none, but have been videoed being fisted and fucked before.
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    Not up for scat, blood play, kids, major pain (but have a very high threshold), nor permanent markings. Almost anything else is a go or can talk about it. If it sounds like fun, let's do it. I do not do any drugs. I am not much of a chaser but starting to more and more and very poz friendly.

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  1. my status?    In dire need of all the cock I can get in my hole and filled full of  cum.

    1. studl1


      Welcome to my world ☹ I can't get bare cock here 

    2. MackyJay


          Can't find any cock here at all.  Ridiculous  Have had a few hits and then they flake when time to play.

    3. studl1


      Same ☣ all I want

  2. MackyJay

    Not So Neg Greg

    Very hot start to this story
  3. MackyJay

    Breed like a bitch

    nice start, keep going
  4. Very hot pics.

  5. MackyJay

    New Owner

    Part 42   I felt myself sliding down onto my back, my legs almost automatically spreading open. His fingers probing deep inside my abuse hole, but feeling so good. All on my own I lifted my legs up higher and place them on his shoulders. As I did that his fingers drove even deeper into my hole, driving me almost insane with desire. Then I could tell he had all his fingers in me and rotating them as he drove them in and out. I was panting from the heat of the moment. Then I felt what seemed to be a pop and he leaned back smiling and looked me in the eyes and said, "oh, yeah, my whole hand just went in your ass, how does it feel?" My eyes almost bugged out of my head when he said that and I leaned forward to try and see it. I could see none of his hand down there, just his wrist and knew he had told the truth. Then he rotated his hand some and stroked my prostate and my head fell back as I almost yelled in ecstacy. OMG, the full feeling and no way to escape the movement on my prostrate and my own cock almost immediately jumped to full hardness. He continued to rotate his hand back and forth for awhile and precum was leaking out of my cock like a faucet. Then, all at once, he pulled his hand out of me, causing me to groan from the loss. With hardly any hesitation he drove his nice hard toxic cock back into me causing me to drive my ass up to meet his inward thrust. I needed that hard meat in me terribly now and drove my ass onto his cock as hard as he drove it into me. We were going faster and faster and harder and harder. At this pace, there was no way to last a long time. In something like, maybe, 5 minutes, he leaned back and told me to get ready. He drove into me a few more hard thrusts and then with a wild roar, drove his cock as deep into me as he could and I could actually feel his cock throbbing as he was cumming in me and then my own cock erupted also. And the night was still young.
  6. MackyJay

    New Owner

    Part 41   I headed over to a chair and sat down to watch. I was wondering if any of the neg guys there were conflicted as I was or not. I thought, probably not, as they had knowingly come to get pozzed. It was still very new to me and I was still completely confused by my feelings. On the one hand, I found it to be the best sex I had ever had or even imagined, but on the other hand, I was 'straight?' or maybe, I guess not totally anymore for sure, but was I now gay or not? My mind was in total turmoil. I decided to just sit back and enjoy the show for awhile. It looked like all three tops were getting close now. The bottoms all moaning and telling them to hurry and fill them up. The tops, Tom, Randy and Hank all telling them they were going to be knocked up good and soon. There was a knock on the door and since everyone else was busy, I got up to check it out. I opened the door just a crack, as everyone was naked as hell there. There were two guys standing on the porch and both looked hot as hell. Both of them had no shirt on and only thing I could see them wearing were shorts and smiles. They asked if this was Hank's place and I told them it was. They then asked to come in and join the party. I opened the door and told them to come on in. They took one look and both at once, dropped their shorts and kicked them off and were nude like everyone else. They both then just went to sit down and watch the show. I sat down too and soon found out they were a couple. One of them was poz hvl and the other neg and they had come to the party to see if the neg one could take a good pounding and join the brotherhood. They wanted to know if I was poz or not and I told them I had no idea as I had just had my first gay sex barely over a week ago. That surprised them a lot and the poz guy immediately seemed to get turned on by it. His cock was hard almost in a blink and he was staring at me constantly then. I was a little uncomfortable with it, but also turned on as he had a damn nice looking cock I noticed. About this time the guys fucking all seemed to be cumming almost at the same time with a lot of moaning and groaning. We almost laughed the way they were ending. Then the other two, apparently .neg bottoms, that had been watching jumped down on the floor on their backs and were almost begging for cock. Soon the one poz guy I didn't now had his still hard cock in one of them and pounding away and Tom and Randy had grabbed the other one and before the poor guy knew what hit him, they had DPed his hole hard and he was being pummeled mercilessly and couldn't even scream. Hank had got up and come over to us, to greet the new comers and stopped long enough to grab me and give me a big sloppy hot kiss. Then he reached out and took the new neg guy and pulled him up and over to the couch, bent him over the arm and rammed his cock home in one giant thrust. The poor guy almost came unglued and like the poor guy getting DPed he couldn't even form a scream as Hank pounded his hole about as hard as it was possible to do. As I was distracted by the scenes unfolding in front of us the new poz guy had slid closer to me. I finally noticed it when his had all at once caressed my thigh and was up to the top of it and reaching under me to my extremely sore and sensitive hole. I almost jumped out of my skin and as I lifted up momentarily his hand went beneath me and as I was coming down I felt a couple of his fingers already entering my ass. I groaned and before I knew what I was doing had leaned back and he slid anothe finger into me. The sensation of three of his fingers in me caused me to gasp and I knew I was going to let him fuck me. I couldn't help it as the sensations running rampant through me made me collapse onto my back. He was soon over me and kissing me deeply and I was off in sex heaven again.
  7. Not sure of exact age but probably around 55 give or take a couple.
  8. MackyJay


    For sure what I need is gang banged by a nice group of poz guys
  9. MackyJay


    My first time being fucked was bareback and have never stopped since. Have been fucked with a covered cock but only about 6 times total. First poz bareback was undet and same guy did me about 11 or 12 times. First time hvl poz just a short time ago, like a year. Very hot young man with avg cock but youthful extreme hardness and felt marvelous. Now all I really want is bareback poz hvl cock in me.
  10. MackyJay

    I Know You’ll Be Back

    I feel the same way when I know the guy is poz. Give it to me no matter what
  11. MackyJay

    New Owner

    Part 40   We laid there wrapped in each others' arms until I heard someone knocking on the door. We then got up and went back downstairs to the kitchen. There was Randy and Tom at the door. They told Hank that the new guys were there now and waiting and was wondering if he was ready for their Sat. night conversion to start up. Hank turned to me, grabbed me and kissed me, and asked if I was coming over. I told him I wanted to take a shower and then see. He smiled and said, "I hope you hurry then, please, as I would love to have you there." I nodded and said, "I'll see after I get cleaned up first. It does sound like more fun, maybe. Go ahead and give 'em hell." He turned and they all headed over to Hank's then. I headed back upstairs and soon was taking a nice hot shower. The stream of water across my body felt wonderful after our lovemaking session. Then it hit me. Lovemaking session? Had it actually been that, it sure had seemed so at the time. Now with Hank not there, my same old doubts came back. What am I doing? What about the HIV? I had been totally straight and now, what? The whole week had me completely torn. Did I still want a woman, did I want only guys, did I really want this disease and if I didn't was it too late to try and get that PEP they had talked about? So many questions. As soon as I was alone, my thoughts were definitely confused. All this had happened so fast and I still wasn't sure if it was what I wanted. It felt magnificent during the sex and it was the best I had ever had. The fact that is was all with guys with a high viral load of HIV, made it hotter than hell but also about the scariest thing I could think of. I loved the sex, but the HIV? I still wasn't happy about that I guess, but what to do? I had been with quite a few women before but now only 3 guys, but it seemed almost like a lot more. All sex to me was great but these guys took me to new heights I had only dreamed about before. Could I even perform with a woman now? Shall I just forget that and stay with guys only? OMG, my mind was in a whirl. As I was sitting there in confusion and trying to sort my mind out, I could hear the sounds from next door again. They seemed to be getting under way now and I knew what was happening there. More neg. guys taking poz loads and hoping to convert, but is that what I wanted? I really did not want HIV, but the cock and sex were so intoxicating. I found myself heading downstairs and then over to Hank's. The kitchen door was open and I just walked on in. Then I realized I hadn't even stopped to put any clothes on and was still naked from my shower. I laughed at myself for being so lost in thought as to do that. As I walked into the livingroom, I stopped and gaped at the goings on. They were all in there on the floor. All 4 of the POZ guys were fucking the hell out of what I assumed were 4 NEG guys and there were two more guys sitting on the couch stroking their cocks. I had no idea if they were two more poz or neg guys. What a sight to see. The sounds of the guys fucking were loud as they slammed their cocks as hard, fast and deep as they could. The guys under them groaning and panting and one even almost screaming.
  12. I could use that for sure.
  13. MackyJay

    In the Cards

    Why wasn't I invited? LOL
  14. MackyJay

    New Owner

    Part 39   As we were headed to my room, I still could not understand what I was doing. I just couldn't seem to control myself when I would see Hank's huge hard cock. I wanted it in me and the sooner the better. It was like a need. We were soon on my bed and kissing fondling each other and stroking each others' cocks. His felt so big and wonderful. I wanted it now. I lowered my head and took it into my mouth and found that I seemed to be getting better at that or maybe more used to it. It was soon down my throat and my nose pressed against him. I was gagging a little but not nearly as much as I had before. I could already taste his precum and it was intoxicatingly delicious. I slurped up every drop as it came out. He was then fucking my mouth fast and deep. Almost too soon, he pulled his cock from my mouth and raising my legs up over his shoulders, Hank started to ease his cock into my hole. I wanted it and pushed up impaling myself hard onto his cock until it was deep inside me. The entire shaft embedded in me and then we held there for a bit and kissed. A deep passionate kiss with our tongues almost sword fighting together. Then looking me deep into my eyes, he started to withdraw until just the head was still in me. Then inward, again and again slowly building speed up every few times until he was pile driving his cock as deep as it could go. I was almost screaming for more and more. He was relentless in the pummeling of my hole and I was in an ecstatic bliss. This went on and on for a good half hour. Then he slowed his speed but his inward strokes were just as hard and I could feel his cock start to expand as he neared orgasm. Then it was there and I felt it start to throb and twitch as he drove one last deep hard drive into me and then I was cumming too. It was magnificent. It was like I could feel every single toxic drop as it filled my hole full. We both collapsed and again kept on kissing as he ground his hips into me. It was the best yet and I knew I wanted more and more of him and as often as possible. To hell with any consequences, we were meant for each other.
  15. MackyJay

    New Owner

    sorry guys just been busy as hell here

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