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Dirty, Sleazy Places To Fuck Can Be A Turn On?

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Had some fun at a Construction site lately....One evening i wrote on the construction sites Porta Pot,  "suck & fuck" DL meet up with my number.....3 days later,  got a message to meet there after work.....I  stripped down ready and waiting.   Hung uncut latin dude in his 30s,  shows up and got to suck that hung dude and turned around and got it bare loaded.....so fucking hot,  he didn't even shower after all day working...it was a night to remember in that porta....hehe

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Had one of the best BJs of my life in the dirtiest adult theater in the Tenderloin in San Francisco. A gray-haired biker in full leather (a real biker) deep-throated me while squeezing my balls gently every time I got close. I fed him poppers until I was ready to shoot, took a deep hit myself, and shot a huge load straight down his throat, all while about eight guys watched us.

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Totally have these urges and have acted on them often. Being a pig in a dirty/sleazy location just makes the sex that much hotter. 

Previously posted one of my hot adventures here: 

My biggest fetishis are feet and piss. Getting pissed on while fully clothed and then getting fucked bareback while I'm totally drenched in piss (see above) is awesome. Love wearing jeans and a wifebeater and waking around barefoot at the bathhouse or ABS knowing that I am stepping in cum and piss other guys have left behind. Would love to hook up with a like minded guy and lick the cum and piss off his feet while his BF/buddy fucks a hot load of cum in my ass.

My ultimate fantasy is to be pissed on while barefoot but fully clothed and then get on all fours while a dominate top pushes my face/head into an unflushed toilet and holds my head underwater while he fucks a poz load in my slutty neg bug chasing ass. 

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I could never understand it or explain it, but for as long as I can remember the notion of fucking in nasty, filthy, sleazy places has appealed to me. I'll take it anywhere, but if a guy is to tell me he wants to fuck me in an alley, a movie theater, public bathroom, then I'm rock hard instantly and on my way! What better way to feel like the pig you are?

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