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    Getting fucked bareback and POZzed. When my conversion is complete I want to slide my POZ cock into willing bottoms and blow my toxic seed deep inside their asses.
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    Conservative professional by day but turn into an dirty/kinky uninhibited bottom slut when the workday ends.
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    None but would love to make some amateur videos of me drinking piss, eating cum, and taking hot raw cock and loads up my ass. Would really like to capture some POZ cock breeding my ass on video.
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    POZ raw tops, sucking cock and eating cum, getting fucked raw and taking loads in my ass, getting pissed on, drinking piss, piss in my ass, getting gang banged, anon sex and taking POZ loads or loads of unknown status.

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  1. Hot experience. Had a similar thing happen more than 15 years ago. Our holiday party was at a local hotel and a hot coworker asked me if I wanted to take a break in the stairwell and get high. We smoked some 420 for a while before he put his smoking hot cock up my ass and blew his load inside me. We went back to the party high as fuck wondering if anyone in the room suspected that his cum was deep in my ass. Didn't have a wet fart but off and on throughout the night my underwear felt like they were wet -- thought it was just sweat as the room was very warm. Was so hot when I got home and
  2. Hope the journey is everything you want it to be. Wouldn't hesitate to take your load in my ass and start my own journey.
  3. Exactly. And that's why I prefer missionary. Took my first load missionary by wrapping my legs around him and holding him inside when he tried to pull out. Agree that there is nothing better than a muli cummer who can feed AND breed me in a single session. But I always worry he won't be able to do it multiple time and prefer his first load goes in my ass just to make sure. Besides, it's hot to suck off a guy and swallow his 2nd load while his 1st load is leaking out of my ass.
  4. My New Year's Resolution: Get my neg ass pozzed and then poz up other chasing bottoms.

    Started bug chasing and taking poz loads in 2016 but still tested neg earlier this week. Hoping 2017 is the year I become a poz pig.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. PaBandedballs
    3. chubbybear


      Thanks guys. Wish you well in your quest and that 2017 may be our year.

      @AnonBarebackYes it's our duty to spread the gift to other chasing bottoms once we earn our membership in the brotherhood. We've been there and know how desperately they want it so it's only right that we forgo our normal/preferred sexual roles and share it with them. Besides, the thought of my cock shooting poz cum get's me so hard that I know I will be able to fulfill my duty and "reclaim my top top side" when it happens. Why bottom and waste my toxic seed by shooting it on the floor when there is a willing ass that wants/needs it inside so bad. 

  5. Exactly. That's how I progressed into scat play. As a bottom pig it's my duty to clean up after myself. After "powering through" the unpleasantness of those first few times I no longer hesitate to go down on a sh*t covered cock or felch a "dirty" used bottom hole. I'm such a pig
  6. Same here. It's hot to be assigned to the cleanup crew. Love being the piggy bottom that cleans up everyone else's messes. On the occasions that I have been lucky enough to do this it usually ends up that some random top is loading my ass while I'm cleaning up his BF/fuck buddy. What cumpig doesn't get off on that type of action/bonus?
  7. I like to suck him off as foreplay but prefer that his first load goes in my ass. Yes I think about stupid shit like this but once the realtime action starts I'll take it anyway I can get it. In my mouth or ass it's his choice -- I'm just there to service his needs (which also services my needs). As long as his cum ends up inside me it all good. And, as an added note, if he's one of those dumbass tops who pulls out to cum, I take charge of the situation and either go down on him and eat his cum or back my ass onto his dick and force him to blow his load in my ass. I may be a submissive bo
  8. Slide it in this' Willing bottm?And ill top ya!?

    1. chubbybear


      Would love to take your load with my cum leaking out of your ass.

    2. Willing


      Vise versa!! Baby ??

  9. Totally have these urges and have acted on them often. Being a pig in a dirty/sleazy location just makes the sex that much hotter. Previously posted one of my hot adventures here: My biggest fetishis are feet and piss. Getting pissed on while fully clothed and then getting fucked bareback while I'm totally drenched in piss (see above) is awesome. Love wearing jeans and a wifebeater and waking around barefoot at the bathhouse or ABS knowing that I am stepping in cum and piss other guys have left behind. Would love to hook up with a like minded guy and lick the cum and piss off his
  10. Hot! I want to wallow in that trough while guys use me like the pig I am.
  11. It all depends on the bottom's sexual habits . . . If he only plays with a few trusted tops his risk will be lower than a slut who's up for anything goes with anyone but there are no guarantees. You never know for sure where his dick has been or if he's a closet bottom taking taking loads on the down low. If he's an any cock, any load, no questions asked type of guy it is unreasonable for him to expect to stay neg. PrEP will reduce his risk similar to that of condom users but it's not 100% foolproof. It could still happen. Bottom line, if you're not on PrEP and take raw loa
  12. Hope you have better luck next time. Like your attitude -- if at first you don't succeed keep trying until you do. If you're ready and really want it, go for it. POZ cock and cum is the best thing I've ever had.
  13. Answer to all of these questions is that some of us get off on the thrill and risk of being no limits whores. I DADT on a regular basis and get off on the uncertainty of my reckless behavior and am willing to accept the risks that come along with it (not for everyone but it's what I like). Been pozzed several times but none of them have taken yet. If PrEP is right for you stick with it. Yes other STI's are a concern but I've reached that point in my sexual journey where I willing to trade the risks for hot uninhibited sexual gratification (again, not for everyone but we all have to make o
  14. Sounds like you had a good time. Love taking anon loads from strangers whether it's at my place, their place, or in a sleazy no-tell motel. It's all about getting hot loads in my ass and where it happens is of no importance.
  15. Took 3 loads in my ass and dumped 2 loads in his ass over the weekend with my ex-boyfriend who is currently unemployed and does odd jobs and handyman work for extra cash. I've hired him several times over the last few months to help with various tasks and household improvements. Always ends the same -- we get the job done, I pay him, we go out for dinner/drinks and then he's too tipsy to drive home (we live an hour apart) so he spends the night and I tip him with sex. Well we had a major snowstorm over the weekend so he didn't leave until Monday morning. He loaded me once on Saturday bef
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