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    nasty country boy, kinked out pig dude.Perverted, and Piggy with/ Long, Hot, Sweaty, Nasty, Raw Pig Play/ Hot Manholes/ Piss Play/ Man Smells/ glory holes/ RIMMING/ Sucking/ Role Play/ Anonymous Sex/ Cruising Truck Stops, Rest Areas, Parks, public sex / Bookstores/ Taking Pics and Making Vids!!! Hit me up if you're interested! truckers, construction workers
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  1. Thanks for following. If ever in OKC...

    Oink. Hail. 

  2. hot, always breeding at the holes...
  3. thanks for the follow :)


    ☣☣☣Fuckin' Oink~! Please keep sharing. Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Wood love to breed it, my VL= 100G. Please post some pix, & location. Thanks for following me.

  5. Always hard at the urinals...anybody want to play around.
  6. I would take it all ,just love hot cum fitchburg ma here

  7. Thanks for following, you filthy pig!  Looking forward to reading more of your adventures, and getting more piggy myself. Oink!

    1. dylan1408


      i have plenty buddy....looks like we are into the same!!! hot



  8. Had some fun at a Construction site lately....One evening i wrote on the construction sites Porta Pot, "suck & fuck" DL meet up with my number.....3 days later, got a message to meet there after work.....I stripped down ready and waiting. Hung uncut latin dude in his 30s, shows up and got to suck that hung dude and turned around and got it bare loaded.....so fucking hot, he didn't even shower after all day working...it was a night to remember in that porta....hehe
  9. nothing wrong licking it right off the stall wall and restroom floor.....nasty and hot!
  10. Welcome dylan Pig - Pig here too!

    1. dylan1408


      oh yeah!!!!  Hot man!!!

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