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  1. dylan1408

    Video Arcade Breeding

    hot, always breeding at the holes...
  2. thanks for the follow :)


    ☣☣☣Fuckin' Oink~! Please keep sharing. Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Wood love to breed it, my VL= 100G. Please post some pix, & location. Thanks for following me.

  4. dylan1408


    Always hard at the urinals...anybody want to play around.
  5. I would take it all ,just love hot cum fitchburg ma here

  6. Thanks for following, you filthy pig!  Looking forward to reading more of your adventures, and getting more piggy myself. Oink!

    1. dylan1408


      i have plenty buddy....looks like we are into the same!!! hot



  7. dylan1408

    Trough Urinal

  8. Had some fun at a Construction site lately....One evening i wrote on the construction sites Porta Pot, "suck & fuck" DL meet up with my number.....3 days later, got a message to meet there after work.....I stripped down ready and waiting. Hung uncut latin dude in his 30s, shows up and got to suck that hung dude and turned around and got it bare loaded.....so fucking hot, he didn't even shower after all day working...it was a night to remember in that porta....hehe
  9. dylan1408

    Restroom Floor

    nothing wrong licking it right off the stall wall and restroom floor.....nasty and hot!
  10. Welcome dylan Pig - Pig here too!

    1. dylan1408


      oh yeah!!!!  Hot man!!!

  11. dylan1408

    Trough Urinal

    love trough urinals..
  12. dylan1408

    Sucking Married Guys

    I'm not great at story telling but will try to share one that was really hot for me anyway. I was cruising around one evening around 6 at some old baseball fields that were not used much anymore, there are 2 restrooms located between the fields. it was pretty deserted place, and saw only a few trucks around and nobody in them. I walked in the first restroom, old block style, and looked for signs of cruising and graffiti and; not much going on, so decided to walk to the other restrooms further inward to the back. I cut across the field and darted towards the other mensrooms, All the while not even noticing 2 latin guys that were apparently there doing irrigation or field maintenance, in their white truck, i couldn't see before because of the sun glare. It was a moment that stood still, because i was about to hit another restroom and saw them at the same time looking . I froze for a second and went on in, wondering wtf now, got caught cruising... Horny and shook up at the same time, it seemed like forever, decided to hold still at the urinals and wait to see if i was gonna get beat up or nothing at all. Sure enough heard footsteps coming and thought both were coming to beat the shit out of me, but it was only one guy. He goes up to the other urinal with a block divider between us, so could see too much and stands there no pissing, i blurted out hello and not sure if i even said the word i was so nervous. To the short: first latin dude starts stroking it out!!! Looked to be in his 30's, nice looking hairy and i'm saying want it sucked! He didn't even nod before i was on my knees sucking that musky uncut cock. It was incredible, finally lucked out for once, slurping up that cock and balls until he blew down my throat in the middle of the restroom! He blows, and I'm hoping the other guy comes in that was keeping watch i guess.... If it was gonna happen again, i wanted to get fucked by this dude. I stripped down waiting leaned over ass out. So the 2nd guy doesn't speak much either but motions for just a suck, and i was like oh well, better than nothing, so i sucked extra hard and long on that dude! I then after a few mins got up bent over and then he was more than willing to shove that rock hard dick in my ass! Took his pounding and moans until he blasted a hot load in my ass! He zipped up and left really quick, but it was so hot! I laid there a minute with a load in my throat and one in my ass! In shock but ready to blow! Anyway, over said but was so hot!

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