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Uninhibited [mostly] Bottom guy looking to expand my circle of bareback fuckbuds. The contact and interaction I seek could be 1-on-1; 3-ways (especially love to play with partner'd) guys; small groups; and large, well-attended pig parties (I've attended more than my share of nasty fuck parties that included 50+ men when I lived on the east coast).

Even though my preference is to Bottom in 1-on-1 encounters, when I'm playing in a group, I can be more receptive to both "pitching" and "catching."

Though this message is primarily aimed at finding guys who, like me, love uninhibited bareback play and are interested in spending naked time together, I'm certainly receptive to developing good friendships that can include draining each others' balls. For me a true FWBs relationship is with a guy I'd want to spend time socially as well as pigging out with.

While my preferred role is Bottom, I don't allow that to discriminate against, or exclude interaction with, other Bottoms. In fact, I love to team up with other Bottoms during group play to share cock and to pleasure a guy together. After all, what man doesn't enjoy two or more guys focusing on him and pleasuring him at the same time? If you're a Bottom who isn't selfish and enjoys sharing man-servicing with other Bottoms, I'd like to team up with you so we can work together and exhaust a roomful of hungry men.

Regardless of your preferred role, if you play bare, are comfortable with uninhibited play, i.e., you consider being called a "pig," a compliment (I do), and you lack attitude and a "drama gene," I probably want to meet you.

If your preferred role is Top, you like long play sessions, can unload multiple times, you like to be somewhat aggressive with your sexual partners, are a natural at taking charge in the sack, and can't imagine sex without lots of deep, sloppy kissing, I want to marry you!!! If you're also Arab, well-hung, uncut and are equally comfortable and natural at being aggressive or taking your time with slow 'n' easy passionate, intense, and intimate lovemaking, you are mortal perfection and Heaven on Earth to me . . . and are destined to be my husband, so don't fight it.

I have no hang-ups about race or age. A friend once told me that because of the variety in race/ethnicity/nationality of men I've had inside me, my butt is the fuckhole equivalent of the United Nations. I will confess, though, to having a MAJOR attraction to Arab men. I thought Osama bin Laden was a stud and fantasized about him fucking my brains out and flooding my insides with his Middle Eastern man-gravy.

And the age of a guy I do the nasty with has never been much of a factor in deciding whether or not I'm interested in him; I've been "biblical" with teens and with men approaching their 8th decade of life and all ages between. I've had great [legal] sex with very young men (minimum age of consent) and senior citizens (oldest guy to ever fuck me was more than 50 years older than me when I was in my early 20s). To me, sexy, hot, and attractive men cum in all races and ages and I'm not about to miss out on great sex by excluding a guy because of his age or race; neither of which any of us can change.

Sorry for the lengthy posting, but I wanted to be clear about what I'm looking for and hope the time I've taken and the thought put into this "essay" demonstrate my genuine sincerity in finding like-minded playmates. After all, would a flake, a game-player, take the time to write such a comprehensive message? I think not.

Hope to get a reply from you. Serious replies only, please. If you're truly interested, your message will be more than a one-liner; tell me a little about what you like and what you're looking for in a playmate; besides your cock in my butt.

Thanks for reading. Now don't be shy . . . send me a reply.


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