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    Now retired and out of a LTR. I am bottom only, hate condoms and old enough to know the risks. Have been BB'd on a few occasions but usually by someone that I have known and trusted. That changed recently when I got fucked by a guy who was HIV+ but undetectable. Best fuck I ever had. My mind now drifts to others like him. I’m a chaser and proud of it.
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    I AM NOT ON PREP. Just your everyday bottom slut here. Taking all loads no questions.

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  1. @losolent - hope all is okay, you don't usually leave us hanging for a next chapter for so long?
  2. Damn - last visit 2016. Doesn't look like we get to see if Dad takes Don's gift as well.
  3. Oh no! More unfinished business. And @tony47hasn't been on here in years 😭
  4. All good, like the way you are building the storyline
  5. That was a fucking hot story. I know it has been years since your last visit but a pity you didn't get to expand on your two poz gifters other exploits.
  6. I think this has been one of my favourite chapters. Love the story but I have to admit that because the story was going along at such a break neck speed, I have glossed over a few chapters until this one. This one, for me anyway, makes your story more than just a pozzing fuckfest. It has become a story of family, of love, of respect plus the hot sex of course. Don't know if that was your intention but please keep going. Thank you @Navi38
  7. I like your stories. Good start here, setting the scene
  8. Another super hot chapter, thank you for continuing the story
  9. Thought as much, was thinking more whether you had given consideration to any sub plot stories using your characters? But thanks for the story.
  10. That was pretty good, Google translate did the job okay and certainly able to understand. Thanks.
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