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    HIV+ fuckers, bareback, cum, piss, raunch, filth
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    Now retired and out of a LTR. I am bottom only, hate condoms and old enough to know the risks. Have been BB'd on a few occasions but usually by someone that I have known and trusted. That changed recently when I got fucked by a guy who was HIV+ but undetectable. Best fuck I ever had. My mind now drifts to others like him. I’m a chaser and proud of it.
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    I AM NOT ON PREP. Just your everyday bottom slut here. Taking all loads no questions.

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  1. Hope this is only the beginning of the journey for Julius as he comes to accept his +++ status
  2. Aw shucks 👨‍❤️‍👨 🥂. Looks like your awesome story will soon be coming to an end @losolent. But until then we have the wedding to look forward to and whether Artem tastes some of Franco's "forbidden fruit". 🍆🍆
  3. Holy fuck, you spoil us with a pre weekend chapter @losolent. Hot sexy and I am sure I can just about smell those cum loads 😍
  4. Well that was certainly some ending. Of course looking forward to your next story now.
  5. Darren might have popped his cherry but he also opened up a voracious appetite in our narrator.☣️
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