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    HIV+ fuckers, bareback, cum, piss, raunch, filth
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    Now retired and out of a LTR. I am bottom only, hate condoms and old enough to know the risks. Have been BB'd on a few occasions but usually by someone that I have known and trusted. That changed recently when I got fucked by a guy who was HIV+ but undetectable. Best fuck I ever had. My mind now drifts to others like him. I’m a chaser and proud of it.
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    I AM NOT ON PREP. Just your everyday bottom slut here. Taking all loads no questions.

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  1. Loved it of course. Starting to flesh out the Liam character - be interesting to see where you take him or not.
  2. That's a hot start. First of all "curiosity killed the cat" But then it becomes something more - an obsession, an addiction until there is no turning back and bang - one poz cum slut is born.😉☣️
  3. Hmmm you sure you aren't following that other "family" closely @losolent? Does Alex have red hair by any chance?🤣🤣Another hot chapter, thank you
  4. I miss the stories authored by @Tailgunner. He has not been on here since 2016 so perhaps he has passed or just left the site. Thankfully we still have his archived contributions.
  5. Just going back through some old stories and came across this one. Working your way though an aids ward - fuck. Did you ever get to write those "stories for another day" @seedmyazz
  6. Wow @CumSlut2192 such a pity you haven't continued with this story. Hopefully your creative juices will flow again soon.
  7. Bloody hell, that was fucking (literally) hot.
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