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    Now retired and out of a LTR. I am bottom only, hate condoms and old enough to know the risks. Have been BB'd on a few occasions but usually by someone that I have known and trusted. That changed recently when I got fucked by a guy who was HIV+ but undetectable. Best fuck I ever had. My mind now drifts to others like him. Think I am turning into a chaser yep.
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    UPDATED - fuck now seriously looking for a poz cock to take my negative virginity. Where I am I can't see that happening, guys just don't seem so open with their status. The "fictional" pozzing stories are a fucking turn on. However given my location and the origin of this site, I don't expect too much interaction from other members. But I live in hope.

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  1. Got fucked deep on Friday night by skinny guy with 8 or 9 inches hanging between his legs. Lots of arse to mouth with that unmistakable taste. Big load, no crusty undies the following morning so fully absorbed 

  2. Just rereading this fucking hot story too. Hope it can continue!
  3. Just found this story - fucking awesome, lucky Timmy
  4. Admin - Are there any plans to expand this section to include the other main metro areas in Australia? Perth, Adelaide, Canberra. Cheers and thanks
  5. Thanks for the responses. Yes I understand about the writing and running out of steam or cum. Was just curious.
  6. To clarify, I have never done chems of any sort except for the odd snort of poppers, not even tried weed/grass/marijuana. However I have gradually worked my way through the stories in this forum and whilst I found some to be OTT (yes know it is fiction), I have found others to be as hot as hell and lost a few loads accordingly. BUT generally I found the further back I went, that a lot of the older stories did not end which left me hanging wondering what the fuck was going to happen next. So have the older stories had chapters dropped due to what - age maybe? Or have the authors just chosen to end their stories that way (suppose we will never have an answer to that question). But it has been an enjoyable hot journey (in most cases) reading the authors "babies". Thank you to you all
  7. TBC - LOL oh well!
  8. Fuck yeah. Always encourage my potential fuckers to NOT shower.
  9. Following this story. Hope the next chapter arrives soon. Patience.

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