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    Now retired and out of a LTR. I am bottom only, hate condoms and old enough to know the risks. Have been BB'd on a few occasions but usually by someone that I have known and trusted. That changed recently when I got fucked by a guy who was HIV+ but undetectable. Best fuck I ever had. My mind now drifts to others like him. I’m a chaser and proud of it.
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    I AM NOT ON PREP. Just your everyday bottom slut here. Taking all loads no questions.

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  1. sensual sexual soppy and totally fabulous @losolent
  2. Story is getting hotter. Wonder if "straight" Neil will eventually flip
  3. Thank you @roguematrix and @drscorpio. Usually I do highlight etc but could not make out any "ghosted' story in this instance. Maybe I just needed to clean my glasses, And thank you for fixing.
  4. I know this story is old but there is nothing there to read! Damn
  5. Ooh getting hotter by the moment 💕
  6. How did I miss this one/ What a hot fucking story that was @cumluvnbottom
  7. Hope you continue this story in some form or another
  8. @losolentWas just heading to bed when up popped the notification of a new chapter. So of course I had to read what Carrington and Charlie were up to and was not disappointed. You seem to have a few more tangents planned to add to this story and can't wait. Thank you
  9. I did mean to add - Hanging for the next chapter
  10. @losolent bloody hell. Lucky I am a patient man and your writing is so fucking good
  11. Getting more than better, getting fucking hot
  12. Oooh love it. Think someone may lose his virginity tonight @losolent.
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