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    Uninhibited versatile Bottom with insatiable cumhole. Major ATM pig. Love to be controlled by take-charge Tops, especially if they play rough and verbally abuse me. A Top with a filthy mouth pushes all the right buttons for me! Very interested in regular bareback group play. Though I have more experience as a Bottom, I tend to be versatile in uninhibited group play. I'm naturally uninhibited and adventurous, so there's not much I will say "No" to immediately. At the very least, most things are at least open to discussion. I love exploring and blazing new trails, so it's important to me that guys I play with are uninhibited and open-minded who appreciate the journey as well as reaching the destination. I work until 7 p.m., Monday-Friday in NW Portland, so Portland-area guys who can host me after I leave work would be a great way to relax before my drive home to Woodburn.
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    Do amateur and home videos count?
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    Love multi-load, take-charge, well-hung, hole-destroying Tops! Especially like being gangfucked. Prefer extended play sessions and multi-load fuckers with lots of stamina. Love all-night-long and weekend marathon fuck sessions. Love a Top to fall asleep with his cock inside me. Major weakness and intense desire for uncut meat! Dominant Tops bring out the super-slutty pig in me. Also, love group bareback play.

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  1. I'll be at HawksPDX this Saturday night, 6/15, for CumUnion. If you see me there, don't hesitate to fuck my cum-hungry hole and spray a load or three deep in my guts. All hard cocks welcome, absolutely no load refused because I'm a slutty cumdumpster whose pig hole is always hungry. Also, love ass-to-mouth, so shove your cock in my mouth after you breed me so I can suck clean your cock, chowing down on the mix of cum residue and my fuckhole slime; when I'm finished sucking, your cock will be cleaner than it was before you slid into my fuck canyon.
  2. I work in NW Portland; but live 30 miles south. So always interested in connecting with Portland-area playmaTes who can host me after work.
  3. I live south of PDX, but work in NW Portland, Monday-Friday until 7 p.m., so looking for Portland-area guys who can host me after I leave work.
  4. Woodburn here. Close enough . . .
  5. Always loved being fucked as pictures and video are shot. Love how slutty it makes me feel and since I'm an exhibitionist, that scene feeds that part of what makes me "me." Always loved an audience as I'm being fucked in a bookstore, public restroom, outdoors . . . any public setting, really. Being part of a porn shoot feels as comfortable and natural and effortless to me as breathing.
  6. In Woodburn (exit 271 of I-5), about half-way between Portland and Salem. Always looking for bareback pig fuckbuds. Love group play with uninhibited, filthy pigs. So, where's the breeding party?
  7. Uninhibited [mostly] Bottom guy looking to expand my circle of bareback fuckbuds. The contact and interaction I seek could be 1-on-1; 3-ways (especially love to play with partner'd) guys; small groups; and large, well-attended pig parties (I've attended more than my share of nasty fuck parties that included 50+ men when I lived on the east coast). Even though my preference is to Bottom in 1-on-1 encounters, when I'm playing in a group, I can be more receptive to both "pitching" and "catching." Though this message is primarily aimed at finding guys who, like me, love uninhibited bareback play and are interested in spending naked time together, I'm certainly receptive to developing good friendships that can include draining each others' balls. For me a true FWBs relationship is with a guy I'd want to spend time socially as well as pigging out with. While my preferred role is Bottom, I don't allow that to discriminate against, or exclude interaction with, other Bottoms. In fact, I love to team up with other Bottoms during group play to share cock and to pleasure a guy together. After all, what man doesn't enjoy two or more guys focusing on him and pleasuring him at the same time? If you're a Bottom who isn't selfish and enjoys sharing man-servicing with other Bottoms, I'd like to team up with you so we can work together and exhaust a roomful of hungry men. Regardless of your preferred role, if you play bare, are comfortable with uninhibited play, i.e., you consider being called a "pig," a compliment (I do), and you lack attitude and a "drama gene," I probably want to meet you. If your preferred role is Top, you like long play sessions, can unload multiple times, you like to be somewhat aggressive with your sexual partners, are a natural at taking charge in the sack, and can't imagine sex without lots of deep, sloppy kissing, I want to marry you!!! If you're also Arab, well-hung, uncut and are equally comfortable and natural at being aggressive or taking your time with slow 'n' easy passionate, intense, and intimate lovemaking, you are mortal perfection and Heaven on Earth to me . . . and are destined to be my husband, so don't fight it. I have no hang-ups about race or age. A friend once told me that because of the variety in race/ethnicity/nationality of men I've had inside me, my butt is the fuckhole equivalent of the United Nations. I will confess, though, to having a MAJOR attraction to Arab men. I thought Osama bin Laden was a stud and fantasized about him fucking my brains out and flooding my insides with his Middle Eastern man-gravy. And the age of a guy I do the nasty with has never been much of a factor in deciding whether or not I'm interested in him; I've been "biblical" with teens and with men approaching their 8th decade of life and all ages between. I've had great [legal] sex with very young men (minimum age of consent) and senior citizens (oldest guy to ever fuck me was more than 50 years older than me when I was in my early 20s). To me, sexy, hot, and attractive men cum in all races and ages and I'm not about to miss out on great sex by excluding a guy because of his age or race; neither of which any of us can change. Sorry for the lengthy posting, but I wanted to be clear about what I'm looking for and hope the time I've taken and the thought put into this "essay" demonstrate my genuine sincerity in finding like-minded playmates. After all, would a flake, a game-player, take the time to write such a comprehensive message? I think not. Hope to get a reply from you. Serious replies only, please. If you're truly interested, your message will be more than a one-liner; tell me a little about what you like and what you're looking for in a playmate; besides your cock in my butt. Thanks for reading. Now don't be shy . . . send me a reply. Ron
  8. Good, helpful comments, guys. Especially from libertyx and cumhole1919. I realize my initial posting on this topic just scratches the surface. There are a myriad of important aspects related to becoming a successful and busy cumdumpster and to cover them all comprehensively would fill an encyclopedia-size tome. Makes you wonder why no one has written such a reference book, or at least a "Cumdumpster Training for Dummies." maybe such a "how to" reference book exists; if it does, I haven't seen it. My personal journey in cumdumpsterfying myself includes a lot, and I mean a lot, of married men and unmarried "straight" guys. I've just found that, for me, getting these guys to fuck me has been, at times, nearly effortless. Before moving out of state, one of my regulars, a smokin-hot married Italian man, fucked me at least 2 or 3 times a week, for more than six years. Tony was such a horndog and such an awesome fucker (always a 2-load minimum fucker), I rearranged my plans more times than I can recall to make sure he got my holes to use whenever he wanted. Again, thanks guys for your comments. I was happy to read that my advise to this young man is valid and has value based upon your comments.
  9. I've been mentoring a young man who, at 18, has decided to strive to be a cumdumpster, and I've decided to share the text of a recent email I sent him because I thought others might find my advice useful as well. Your comments are welcome. My email to the boy: Well, that's good. But remember, to be a true cumdump requires work. I have a lot of guys who fuck me regularly; many are married men. Married guys are the most dependable about showing up for sex. Here's why. Married men and guys with girlfriends often don't have a lot of flexibility with their availability. But, if you really make extra effort to accommodate their schedule and make it as easy as possible for them, they will almost always show up for sex. A lot of my married regulars allow time in the morning, before they get to their job, to stop at my place to start their day off with fucking. Of course, this often means that these end up being quick pump-and-dump sessions. But that is cool with me. There's been more than a few mornings when I've gotten fucked and bred by a six or more guys in the early morning within 1-1/2 to 2 hours. So, keep this in mind: if you work with their schedule to be available when it suits them, are able to host them, and are consistent, they will quickly become regulars. They'll learn fast that you are a throat and ass that they can fuck frequently if you make it as easy as possible for them and to accommodate their routine, not yours. I've given up sleep to make sure my throat and ass are available for married guys when it best suits their schedule. As I said earlier, since they typically don't have a lot of flexibility with the days/time they have to fuck you, by going out of your way to make your holes available on THEIR schedule, they are guaranteed, reliable fuckers who will show up every time to use your holes. This is not theory. This is my personal experience and I've been making myself available for married men for many years. For example, if you have a married guy whose schedule allows him to stop every week only on, say Monday and Tuesday mornings because his driving route to work on those days means he'll be traveling close to where you live, he will absolutely make sure he stops to fuck you both those mornings if you make sure you are ALWAYS available on those mornings. Since those are the only mornings of his weekly schedule when he can fuck you, he will show up, guaranteed. In fact, he will look forward to those mornings and your ass will soon be on his calendar to fuck every Monday and Tuesday morning, week after week. So, a good rule to follow is always try to accommodate a guy's availability to fuck you. The more you make your schedule secondary to his, whether he's straight, bi, married, curious, whatever, the more likely his cock and loads will end up inside you. Make it as easy and as uncomplicated as possible for them and I'm telling you, they will fuck you every week, one or more times every week. If you truly want to be a cumdump, you MUST make the necessary effort required to establish a stable of regulars. Remember, these men are guaranteed breeders. Then, you can supplement your weekly breedings by having a group of fuckbuds that you build up over time who are as interested as you are in getting laid regularly. Additionally, if you're able to find and attend fuck parties in your area regularly/monthly, this is another resource for making sure you get fucked as often as possible by as many different men as possible. Finally, keep in mind that, as a cumdumpster, to many men, you are nothing more than a couple of holes to fuck and unload in. So, accept that and you'll excel at being a cum depository. In my case, even working a full-time job, I still manage to get fucked at least a dozen times every week. At this point, because of the effort I've put in over the long haul, getting fucked by at least a dozen different men every week is quite normal for me. But I've put in the time and effort and consistent focus on what I must do to get the amount of sex I want. Hope you find some of this advice helpful. Always be receptive to learning from what other guys' experience has taught them. One more thing that a lot of Bottoms never consider is this: Don't be a selfish, overly-competitive Bottom. Quite the opposite. Make the effort to network with other local Bottoms in your area. "Why?," you ask. Because you can help each other out and actually be references for each other. For example, there will be times when you just aren't available to get fucked when a potential breeder wants to fuck you. But, if you can recommend one of your Bottom buds for him because your friend is available on a day or time when you aren't, and your Bottom friends reciprocate by also recommending your ass when they aren't available to get fucked, you'll get cock that otherwise may not have bred you. Network with local Bottoms in your area to work as a team so that very few cocks get away from you and your Bottom friends. Throw cock their way that you're unavailable to service and they'll do the same for you. This way, you both win and get cock and loads that otherwise would've gotten away. Sorry for writing a novel-length message, but I always like to share my experience and wisdom with young guys who say they wanna be a cumdumpster. Achieving this takes work, but it's worth it. At least it has been worth it for me. But remember, once becoming a cumdumpster, you still must do the necessary work to maintain your cumdumpster status. So, your efforts never really end if you want to continue being a couple of holes that many men fuck and unload in regularly. I've included a couple pix of the young, wanna-be cumdumpster. Thanxxx for reading!
  10. You will love fucking my hungry cumhole. I will show you how slutty I am. When you fuck me, I probably will already have a few loads in me. Cum is my favorite lube because I'm such a fucking slutty whore.

  11. John, However and whomever you choose to be your first man-on-man experience, I suggest you bee totally honest about your lack of experience and how this is new territory for you. I believe if you are up front about that, i think you'll be fine. Of course, the guy who helps you explore hopefully will enjoy spending time with you as you broaden your horizons. Over the years, i have been many straight, bi, curious men's first mansex experience (that's what they claimed). I've always enjoyed being part of their first time. Actually, its a major turn on for me. Ideally, you'll find a guy who you feel comfortable with and who doesn't pressure you or have a checklist of expectations from you. Only you can decide the guy who you feel a sufficient comfort level with. In such an environment, you shouldn't feel intimidated or feel like you're being graded on your performance. Good luck in finding a guy who will make you feel comfortable and bee patient with you. With the right guy, he'll be turned on being part of your blazing new trails, so you shouldn't feel reluctant to ask questions as you travel this new path. If your experience is fantastic, you most likely will be hooked and you'll want more great sex with men. Again, good luck. Keep us posted and let its know how you're doing. I know i can't be very objective, but sex with men its pretty fucking awesome!!!
  12. I posted my first count for 2013 at the end of March, so I thought it was time to update my tally since it's halfway through the year. At the end of March, my load counts were: Down throat: 39 In ass: 142 Load total to date: 181 New count to date (tally as of yesterday): Down throat: 39 + 52 = 91 In ass: 142 + 174 = 316 Load total to date: 407 I'm sorry to say that I'm behind in my goal for 2013 of 1,000 loads by New Years Eve, 2013. In order to reach my goal of 1,000 loads by years end, I need to average about 2¾ loads every day of the year. My current total averages to 2¼ loads every day up to now. So, I need to step up my game. But, I think my goal of 1,000 loads is achievable because December is always very active for me. I always attend a lot of holiday parties and the majority of them include fucking. Plus, New Years Eve parties are always a good chance to collect the last 2-3 dozen loads of the year. From today until the end of the year, if I average 3-4 loads a day, I'll surpass 1,000 loads. I get regular traffic Monday thru Friday thanks to a lot of married guys who stop by for before and after work quick breeding sessions, so I'm very confident that my goal will be met and EXCEEDED. Wish me luck, pigs.
  13. Bruder, you're one hot fucker! I live south of the Portland, OR area and would love you to recharge me with your toxic loads if you ever find yourself traveling my way. I'm always lookin' for gifters to pump new strains of cock venom in my slutty cumhole.

  14. Good luck with your party. Hope it cums together and you get a good turn out of pigs. I love pig parties and attend as many as breeding opportunities as possible.

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