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    I'm a nice guy with a punk streak - sweet and kind, but also filthy as fuck. Feel free to message me. I appreciate conversation with new people. Or if you want to get into dirty talk, that's fine too. Inactive bugchaser. Also, the red hawk has been removed as of May 2020.
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    Winner of the Ravens Eden "Best Newcummer" 2020! Worked for AlternaDudes, Randy Blue, Michael Phoenixxx, and Perseus. Find me on Twitter as Shannon O'Feral.
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    hot guys to breed, and likewise to breed ME. Big dicks and muscle do it for me. And rosebuds. Occasionally cigars. I also enjoy conversation - it pays to have a mind.

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  1. I had this as my status a few days ago, but it didn't get many responses, so I made a topic about it with a view to get some answers on the matter. My neighbour is newly poz, and has been on his meds for a month. In my mind, this isn't long enough to get to undetectable. If I can get a load out of him (say from oral or JO, and NOT anal sex), I can save his spunk in a syringe and freeze for later injection by myself. My question is this: Let's assume he's still contagious. If I saved his charged but slightly medicated seeds and use them later, can I infect myself? Or will they be dea
  2. In the past twelve hours, three people I don't know have asked me if I'm poz.

    Think it's a sign? Do I give off those vibes?

    1. skinster


      It's just an open mind showing.

  3. I've been told that Club Z and Steamworks are open in Seattle. Haven't been myself, but I don't enjoy going to bathhouses anyway.
  4. I have a long question.

    My neighbour is a recent convert to the Brotherhood. He got stealthed and was furious about it. Attractive guy. I want to fuck him. He's open to the idea, but when I told him I'm a chaser, he was appalled. But he is still interested all the same. He's been taking his meds for a month. (This part is important to my question.)

    He has a problem topping men. Big dick and bisexual, but prefers to plow women and gets nailed by men. I wonder - if I can get him to blow a wad (whether through oral or JO), his seed will be exposed to me. I can save it in a syringe and freeze it for later self-injection. Will his bugs survive the freezing and I could poz myself with a turkey baster? I am thinking he hasn't been medicated long enough to still be toxic. 

    I want to know - is this a possibility after the fact (and the fucked)? 

  5. I really think this story (or something like it) needs to be pitched to one of the major porn studios so they can bring it to life. There is nothing quite like it in the entire porn output, hitting so many targets at once: rubber porn, poz porn, military porn, horror/sci-fi porn, and suspense porn. Let me ask around to the studios and see who would do this. But keep this story going! Also, read back through the chapters. None of the monsters actually speak once converted. Hmmm...
  6. Not really. For a porn star, I am generally not a sexual person. I can DO it, but my interest comes in waves. BZ doesn't excite like it did in the beginning. It's not better or worse, just *different*. But I will say that my mind has been opened to a few things I didn't expect, and I'm happier with those discoveries. Am I hornier? No. Am I getting laid more? Not really.
  7. I don't think that's what he said. He is currently in his 50s, which would put him at pozzed in his mid/early 20s. Lived with it for 32 years. I can see how you reached that conclusion, but I don't think so.
  8. I got stealthed once with chlamydia. My show in 2008 was a terrible failure, and it wrecked my self-esteem. To take my mind off things, I went to a house party after work one night, and I was pursued by this little black dude. He wanted my dick, and when I went into the bathroom, he followed me to get a look at it. I tried to kick him out so I could piss in peace, but I had no confidence at the time and couldn't get him out the door without applying force. Wasn't going to risk the chance of accusation of a hate crime, or so my drunk brain thought. But having someone watch me piss got me harder
  9. Recently bought marijuana for the first time. Legal here in Washington. Fuck, this "Gorilla Glue 4" gives an incredible high. I have yet to fuck while on this stuff. I could easily become a stoner out here, LOL.

    1. Justaholeff
    2. leatherpunk16


      I'll bring it over sometime if you like.

  10. It's possible! The time frame fits the traditional incubation period.
  11. My upstairs neighbor is poz and asked me to open his rosebud. He got stealthed last winter and just started meds. He's a hot bottom with a monster dick and wants to do sex with me. 

    And here I sit, flirting with the idea that I can open his prolapse in exchange for a poz load. God damn, what is wrong with me??? I think this is a source of trauma for him, so maybe I better not tell him what I am.


    1. switch2


      sounds like a great time, would be up for that also

    2. Omnivore


      Go for it.  

  12. When I was hooking, I always used condoms. None of my clients objected, and I would tell them that it's for their piece of mind as well as mine. Haven't used them but once since then, and that was six years ago. Never will again I have to include a joke with this. In high school, a classmate threw a condom at me and said "Here, Scott, you'll never use it!" If only he knew... Lol
  13. I got nailed by Brian Bonds last Friday night. He was in Seattle for a layover, and while we had intention of making a film, we did not. But I got that nice hot poz load, and his dick is thick and full and AMAZING. We also talked about life, industry things, and ideas for future scenes.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. carstenPOZ


      So glad to hear, Brian is detectable hopefully?

    3. PissPigBrooklyn


      Hey ☣️ happy for you!

  14. This past summer, I started saving my wasted loads in a large medical syringe, and placed it in the freezer. It's hard to effectively collect it all in there, but I can get about 0.3mg on each wank. When it's full, I can breed myself. Had to throw one of them out. When my PA got infected, I made the mistake of putting some of that infected cum in there. Rather than give it to myself again, I just tossed it out. Wasteful, but smart.
  15. Hi leatherpunk16 - your posts and comments are very supportive and well thought out xx

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