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    I'm a nice guy with a punk streak - sweet and kind, but also filthy as fuck. Feel free to message me. I appreciate conversation with new people. Or if you want to get into dirty talk, that's fine too. Inactive bugchaser. Also, the red hawk has been removed as of May 2020. #sadpanda
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    Winner of the Ravens Eden "Best Newcummer" 2020! Worked for AlternaDudes, Randy Blue, Michael Phoenixxx, Treasure Island Media, and Perseus. Find me on Twitter as Shannon O'Feral.
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    hot guys to breed, and likewise to breed ME. Big dicks and muscle do it for me. And rosebuds. Occasionally cigars. I also enjoy conversation - it pays to have a mind.

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  1. After I fisted HungerFF, I pissed on his rosebud. He liked that. Me, not so much, because it took fucking forever to get the piss flowing. LOL
  2. I have reason to believe that Christian Mitchell is also here on BZ. If I'm right, then the game's up, dude. You gave yourself away, lol.
  3. I must have had a mild case of chlam when I had it. Only penile, only annoying itching and a constant dry feeling. Never had discharge. I can't imagine having that itching in my butthole... although I've had THAT. A recent experience of rectal itching was quite literally a pain in the ass. I swear I was digging for gold almost every night. Fortunately a tube of Prep H took care of that nonsense.
  4. I don't remember if I posted in this already. My first was chlamydia. Got it through oral sex. Had gono like five times. Better each time, but I still don't enjoy it.
  5. I've heard it said that most gay men are like this: In our 20s, we try to be the guy everyone wants to fuck In our 30s, we try to be the guy everyone wants to marry After that, we chase guys in their 20s and 30s. A cynical outlook, but who disagrees with this? Raise your hands. I turned 40 a few months ago, and I'm already guilty of this. I asked two men in their 30s to start a relationship with me. They said no, and in hindsight, they aren't really mature enough for it. Separate story. I don't mind dating a younger guy. My two boyfriends in my past were both older. I
  6. I had my first piss-in-ass experience a month ago with the guy I was seeing. He pissed in me, and told me when he was done. I hadn't felt a thing! But he didn't continue screwing me. Come to think of it, I don't believe either of us nutted during that fuck. It was an... odd experience. The torrent of watery poo afterwards was something I could have done without, though.
  7. Given my line of work, yes, a few. The best I had was Brian Bonds, who nailed me hard during a flight layover in early October. Also did Lawrence Portland, Michael Phoenix, Ryden Coxwell, HungerFF, and Wolfie Braden. Porn guys just do it better.
  8. I went to a CumUnion party at IML 2019. This usually isn't the kind of event I go to. I was much more protective of my health back then, and I was eager to get some work out of my PreP. I was supposed to meet a minor porn actor there for a fisting party, but he never showed, so I amused myself with other guys until he arrived (which he didn't). Didn't ask a thing about status, and went from hole to hole, just plowing different guys of different body types. With the help of that party, I tagged at least 14 guys over four days, and got nailed myself by two of them. Totally fine when I got
  9. Interesting twist. I like it. And as a side note, I *know* a ginger named Connor from a gym. Nice to have a visual reference this time. 😏
  10. Hey pigs. I've been nominated for some porn awards this year, and I humbly ask you to vote for me. 


    Vote for Shannon O'Feral in the categories of "Best Muscles", "Underrated Performer", and "Hottest Smoker". 

    Doesn't cost a thing but a few minutes of your time, and you can vote multiple times daily if you like. (I think the limit might be 8.) 



    cigar pic 3.jpg



    fisting RJ.jpg


  11. The first time I fisted a guy was in 2011. I was visiting my fuckbuddy Jim, and he had been watching a lot of German porn lately. After our usual dance of me gagging on his thick dick, we had a smoke break, and watched one of his latest purchases. A guy on the screen got fisted deeply. Jim turned to me with his drunk eyes and said "Do you think you could do that to ME?" I was willing to give it a go, so we went to his sling. I covered my hand and forearm in Crisco, and knowing he could take some toys deeply, I went for it. I had no idea what I was doing, and while I didn't rush in, I didn't ex
  12. Had a feeling that Gray would be the last one left. I'm guessing by the last sentence that Nick and Nate do not want to be part of this. Or perhaps it's a chase after Gray? In any case, yay! The story is back on the air. Thanks for the updates.
  13. I have also worked with HungerFF. Really a sweet man, but a little too much on the Alpha-male side. Working in his hole and waiting for the amazing blossom was really a dream come true. I remember first seeing his videos with the "UCLAStudent" and my eyes popping out in surprise when he got fisted with a foot. (What would one call that? Footing? Sounds wrong.) Cut to a year after that initial viewing, and I've got my arms buried in that nasty noisy hole.
  14. Yeah, kinda. Mostly a vapist these days. I pounded big cigars over the summer, but since my money ran out, not at all.
  15. Fucking hot new profile pic, man!

    1. leatherpunk16


      Thank you. I got that on Halloween night. A buddy visited while I was skoming, and took a few stealth shots of me which I later got in my email. This is one of my favourites.

    2. cum4cubber


      Damn, for an unposed candid, it is perfect man!

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