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    I'm a nice guy with a punk streak - sweet and kind, but also filthy as fuck. Feel free to message me. I appreciate conversation with new people. Or if you want to get into dirty talk, that's fine too.
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    Currently transitioning back into gay porn. Find me on Twitter as Shannon O'Feral.
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    hot guys to breed, and likewise to breed ME. Big dicks and muscle do it for me. And rosebuds.

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  1. LOL, nearly had to burn it DOWN??? Wow, that's pretty bad. I have to wonder what the clinic staff thought of this.
  2. Definitely Jackhammer. (There is no S in that word.) It was certainly HOT - as in temperature. I was sweating bullets the whole time.
  3. Yes, I would say that it's a common path. You start out with simple jerking, and after a load is blown, your teenage self thinks, "I wonder what it tastes like?" You give it a try. Interesting. Not terrible. So you keep doing it. Eventually you look for the next thing to try. Taste of your piss, putting things in your butt, playing with other men, and in meeting these men, they introduce you to THEIR kinks and interests. You give it a try. And find that you LIKE it. It's about all the new things that are available to you and discovering what your faves are. For barebackers, I think the path begins with fucking or getting fucked. Start with condoms because of all the sex-scare tactics taught in school. Then you try it raw. From there, you keep going raw until you bug up. From there, the sky's the limit. Sex is about the journey, not the destination, and seeing all the flowers on the way.
  4. You catch 'em, you clean 'em! LOL
  5. Yes, a few times. That's the beauty of doing porn.
  6. Just took my very last dose of Truvada. The bottle is empty now, and because of my insurance change, there will be no more unless I pay for it. I don't have enough sex to justify a need for this. It's unfortunate that I have to give up my safety net, but... *sigh* I took this for four months, and hardly had sex at all. I went to one barebacking party, a CumUnion thing. Apart from a couple hookups with guys who are also on the meds, that was about it. No benefit whatsoever. I didn't really need it.

    What is the next step, I wonder?

    1. skinster


      Your bones, kidneys and liver will probably thank you.

    2. leatherpunk16


      So far, they've been silent on the matter. My body doesn't have one nice thing to say to me lately.

    3. skinster


      Give it time. At least it won't switch to flat out cursing your ass out after years of abuse. And it seems you haven't used it that long too.

  7. Haha, yep! That feel when you're not on anyone's list.
  8. Not really my scene. I went to the event that happened over IML in Chicago last May. I was supposed to fist some guy there, but he never showed, so I just fucked whoever. I did about 8 guys that night, all random, none of them my type or that attractive, never asked status, all raw. Got bred by a black guy on a fuck bench, and a ginger took me home to pound a bit. The room was incredibly crowded and all the testosterone was there, but it was hard to see, and I didn't experience too many guys who were well-endowed. Never came in any of the guys I fucked for some reason. It's not really my scene, but I had a good time.
  9. My first was chlamydia. Shortly before I acquired it, I gave a world premiere of a stage play that was a total disaster. It killed my self-esteem, and I was morose for weeks after. I had only a few gay friends, and they were mostly scene queens who let me hang around with them but never really interacted with me unless necessary. One of them was this scrawny black dude named Chris. He followed me into a bathroom one night at a bar and watched me take a piss while he looked over the wall of the bathroom stall. He HAD to have my dick. Since the play's failure, a little positive attention made me go starry-eyed, and I let him suck my dick right there. He asked me to go home with him to fuck him. So I did. I wore a condom when I fucked him, but he was NOT cleaned out and I found shit all over my dick. We washed in the shower, and then he offered to resume sucking my dick with hot water in his mouth. I let him do this, and it felt pretty good. Ten days later, I had this unbearable itching on my dick. It wouldn't fucking stop. I was practically clawing at it to make it stop, and I tried all remedies I could think of: Gold Bond Anti-Itch Powder was among them. I finally went to a doctor, and told her what happened. Not having a lot of money for such things, I told her that I couldn't make a repeat visit if something were found, so she took my urine sample, and sent me home with Bactrim. And after a couple weeks, it was gone. I later saw Chris at the poof bar, and told him to get tested. I didn't accuse him, lest I be wrong, but he told me he didn't have chlamydia. He's POZ. He didn't tell me THAT when we hooked up. "Undetectable" wasn't a term at the time, so I freaked out. I knew right then it was him who gave it to me - I hadn't been sleeping with anyone else in months - and I demanded that he pay for my treatment. In my mind, that would have been the honourable thing to do. I had no money of my own, and I suffered because he didn't communicate, and I felt he targeted me. Fortunately, because of my income level at the time, the clinic cleared my bill, and I paid nothing for it. I've got two other stories for when I got gono, but I won't bore you with the details of those.
  10. 48 hours after exposure? Then it's probably not it. That particular bug needs time to incubate. When I first got it, I swallowed fresh cum on December 12th. By the 17th, I had my first discharge and all that unpleasantness. The second round of the bug sat latent for over two months before making itself known. 48 hours isn't enough time for it to work its magic, although there MAY be exceptions. Wait a week, see what happens. If you find your underwear crusty in the morning, or if you get this intolerable itching of your dick, THEN you should be alarmed and get treatment. If those things don't happen, then it's unlikely but not impossible. Remember! Latency is a thing, and it can sit dormant for up to three months. Just go get tested after a week even if nothing happens.
  11. Piss play is considered one of the safer kinks, as well as one of the hottest. In 2016, I joined a piss club in Chicago just to experience it. I took my future husband on my third visit, and got so drunk that I raped him at the bar. He loved it, and we both went to events as that year progressed. Since he died, I go a lot less often. It's something about the bonding experience between men when you consume each other's fluids. This is one sexually charged activity that will NOT get you pozzed if you are not looking for that. You can, however, get other bugs from the urine. For those who are trying it for the first time, some tips: 1. You don't have to swallow if you are not ready, especially if it's your first time at a piss party. For some men, just wearing another man's piss is a badge of honour. It gets your feet wet, so to speak. Most guys are okay with this. 2. If you're going to piss in another guy's mouth, be sure you didn't eat something strong like asparagus or garlic. Be aware that you can also be salty if you ate some peanuts recently. However, strawberries can make it quite fragrant in a good way. 3. Don't wear sneakers or your "good shoes" to such an event. They'll be ruined and you'll never get that smell out of them. Flip flops or shower sandals will do. Or go barefoot! Just be sure there are no cuts or open wounds on your feet. 4. If you are pee shy, go to the event anyway and tank up on the water or beer. You'll pee out of necessity eventually, and going to piss parties will help you get over that. 5. It's a good idea to bring SaniWipes or something to wipe yourself off afterwards. You don't want to smell like a homeless person on the bus ride home or whatever. You might get off on it, but it will repel others and invite some unkind remarks. For a couple decent erotic piss stories, I recommend buying the book "Soaked" by Joseph Bean.
  12. Unfortunately, I don't have an anonymous story like some of you. I always get the names of my tricks so I can add them to my list of partners. (This tramp keeps records, LOL.) The nearest I've got came at the age of 33 when I went to a bathhouse for the first time. I really had no clue what to do there, and had no skill for cruising or picking up guys, no natural instinct for cues and come-ons. But eventually a daddy named Patrick pulled me into his room and fucked me. His dick was pretty average, but that doesn't mean it didn't hurt! He wore a condom and refused to remove it. When we were done, he promptly kicked me out. Not very exciting or interesting, I know, but that's probably the nearest first-time story I've got.
  13. This is the one part of pozzing oneself that I don't understand. "The fear will have gone." If you want it gone, doesn't it stand to reason that when you are neg, the fear is present? Why live in fear? We live only once. Surely the fear is at its highest when the gift is about to reach you and enter your system. Why set yourself up to feel like that? Let it be a surprise. If you're going to actively pursue it, you are clearly not afraid of it.
  14. My best sexual feature is the shape of my hands, which I have been told are very beautiful. Great for fisting! A good size, but collapsiblol, and can really give a good pounding.
  15. I love musclemen! But in all the years I've been fucking, I've never ever had one. In my experience, most of these guys are straight or they just like to do others who look like them. And the really freaky big boys are mostly bottoms. That's been my experience, if it counts for anything. I have long had this muscle fetish. A couple years ago, I started this catch-and-release program at my gym. I'd try to chat up the beef, see where their interest lies, but without coming on to them. I'm sure their homo meter is highly attuned to know which ones to ward off. It's like bird watching - I see a beefy guy, I ogle a bit, and then I let them go. I saw the beef. That's about it. I can never take them home with me. One of the reasons I got into bodybuilding was because I wanted this type of guy. If I can't have it, maybe I can BE that guy for someone else. My late husband looked at me and saw beef. I looked in the mirror and saw a sack of potatoes with a mohawk. So far, I look fit but by no means contest ready. I'm okay with never being Mr Olympia, because that's not really the goal. But just once - I'd love to get bred by some roided up monster with an amazing dick, and sweats like a pig during the breeding, and maybe his amazing DNA will merge with mine a bit and I can grow to look like him because of the cum injection. That's probably more fantasy because it doesn't work that way, but a fag can dream!

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