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    I'm a nice guy with a punk streak - sweet and kind, but also filthy as fuck. Feel free to message me. I appreciate conversation with new people. Or if you want to get into dirty talk, that's fine too.
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    Currently transitioning back into gay porn. Find me on Twitter as Shannon O'Feral.
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    hot guys to breed, and likewise to breed ME. Big dicks and muscle do it for me. And rosebuds.

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  1. I'm not a bottom, so I may not be able to put in my oar for this one. But I can say that at least once a month, my blood feels like it's on fire. Whether it's affected by the full moon or what, I don't know, but I have these urges to get nailed REALLY HARD. And that's not like me because I'm not a bottom. Maybe it's hormonal.
  2. I sometimes have this problem. If a hole is particularly good, or I haven't cum in a while, I might not last long. I've found that, for me, the trick is to fuck a little, and when you get close, back off, stop using the dick, and do other things. Please your partner with your mouth, finger his hole, kiss. Something to lose that erection and get it back. I realize that for some guys this might not be an option if you have ED. Because you don't know if you'll get that boner back! I've had that problem on occasion. You make do with it and try to prolong the scene as much as possible.
  3. Chlamydia. Went to a house party, and hooked up with a guy who saw my dick in the bathroom. He liked the size of it, so we went to a place and fucked. I wore a condom. Later in the hookup, he offered to suck my dick while he kept hot water in his mouth. Not familiar with the sensation, I went with it. REEEEAAAALLLLLYYYYY good. A couple weeks later, I had uncontrollable (and unstoppable) itching in my dick. And I felt like I was constantly dry down there. Didn't know what it was, but it definitely wasn't normal, so I went to the doctor. She gave me some pills, and it went away. Problem solved. Later I confronted the trick about it. He denied having it, and THEN told me he was positive. I freaked. Felt like he raped me.
  4. Yeah, definitely Ryan. His count is in the thousands. What amazes me (and his doctor) is how much he has dodged the bug. Like he's immune or something. It would take something unusual to charge him up.
  5. Do you keep a pet? A dog or a cat, maybe? When you take your pill, give them a treat. You might forget, but the animlol won't let you.
  6. Leatherpunk wants to know.

    Would it be wrong of me to get a room at a bathhouse and put a temporary biohaz sign on the door with the intention of getting laid? Or would they kick me out? Would I receive a good deal of guys begging me to knock them up? Probably would attract a few people that would want to lecture me about it even though I haven't really got it.

    At the most, I'd be dashing the hopes of a few chasers. Or get no action at all. I'm not actually thinking of doing this - it's not the kind of place I enjoy going - but I'm just curious what the reactions would be.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. rexTO


      I would be disappointed thinking I was getting knocked up, only to find out you weren't poz

    3. leatherpunk16


      It would be like false advertising, wouldn't it.

      The only backup would be to say that sometimes it doesn't take.

    4. CamoPup


      the breeding doesn't always take

  7. Sometimes. We have a few members who are twisted beyond belief. Or it's all just talk and fantasy, and the reality is that they don't do it very often. It's hard to tell, and anyone can say anything on the internet and people will believe it.
  8. Yes, Raging Stallion has done it, too. We were a little shocked by it.
  9. I think it bears pointing out that Owen Hawk (who worked on Dark Alley Media for a time) has said that he refused to work with any models that weren't already positive. So it's probable that a number of their film are cast with charged guys. Titan Media is probably the last holdout. The reason that not all porn is BB is because some people really don't want to see that. Believe it or not, there is a small condom fetish scene. I recently saw a Twitter post from a guy who blocked all the "barebackers and bugchasers" from his profile. He's probably turned off by it. Or he marched for all those years just for guys to willingly get bugged up and he's pissed about it. I couldn't say. Bare just isn't his scene.
  10. I don't get laid anymore. Once in a great while, someone will come through on the hookup sites, but even those aren't much fun for me. Every hot guy in my town is as straight as an arrow, and if they are not, then they are closeted. Since I have no gaydar - never got the biotic upgrade because I don't qualify for an L2 implant - I can't bring them round to the subject without being a threat to their masculinity. The ones who are left are not desirable sex partners, or don't want to play with me. In the past year, I've played on and off with this one guy who is barely a participant in the sexual connection. I last met him at a hotel room for a cumdump session, and his hole was too bristly and I was just there to help him reach a goal number. But he didn't seem to reactive to anything I was doing. That's the kind of thing I have to look forward to in hookups these days. And that sucks. I'm an attractive guy, but all I seem to be capable of scoring are ugly guys, fat old men, and guys who don't know how to fuck. I come away from a hookup, and I don't feel good about it. I don't enjoy it. The sex is meaningless. It doesn't necessarily HAVE to mean anything - that's how we phags are programmed - but I'd rather be more than just a functionary plaything. I get way more enjoyment out of touching myself in the shower for a ball exam. That's how bad it is. There's a hot dude at my gym who likes me. He's probably straight and has a child. I'd love to get seeded by him, but I don't know how to bring him round to it and express this interest, lest I lose the friendship by the proposition. He's certainly given me no signals of sexual interest, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. I just don't know what to look for, and never have. When I'm at an event that is sexually charged (like a piss party or IML), that's easier to determine, but at home, the signs are much less obvious. So I never get laid anymore, and when I do, it sucks. It's not fun.
  11. Dude... Isn't that the most uncomfortable thing? The itching, the burning, the sting, and the constant moisture. I've had it twice, but never this bad. How do you live with it? (This is not a judgment post - I'm just curious how you can endure it.)
  12. Well, that escalated quickly... <grins>
  13. Previtus Media put out a film last year. I think it was called "Smoking Boyz", and in the promo I saw pics of, you can clearly see one of the boys hitting the pipe.
  14. I once had a guy bottom for me, and his eyes were weird to look at. He warned me prior to the fucking that his eyes go all over the place when he's getting pounded, and when we fucked, he kept his eyes closed. He hated seeing them lolling about in the mirror above the sling, so to prevent that unpleasant sight, he closed them. I did see it once, however, and he was right. They were all over the place. It was a bad look. Another partner I used to have - a regular bud - always wore his glasses and kept his eyes completely fixed on me the entire time. This was also hard to look at. I finally made him wear a blindfold but he didn't care for that.

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