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    I'm a nice guy with a punk streak - sweet and kind, but also filthy as fuck. Feel free to message me. I appreciate conversation with new people. Or if you want to get into dirty talk, that's fine too.
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    Currently transitioning back into gay porn. Find me on Twitter as Shannon O'Feral.
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    hot guys to breed, and likewise to breed ME. Big dicks and muscle do it for me. And rosebuds.

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  1. Personally, I think a better name might have been the Poz Pit. That way, it's alliterative. But I tend to focus on minor details, so don't mind me. LOL
  2. How is his hole? Amazing. He can take a pounding and beg you for more. It has a good smooth feeling, but you feel like you've got a lot of room to move around in there. That's not to say that it's like a hot dog down a hallway - but more like... you know the guy's experienced and it's only a matter of time before his butt swallows a traffic cone.
  3. It can be fun. Since the age of 12, I was aroused by the idea of smoking. I finally had my chance to try it when I was 15. It was okay. Didn't learn I was doing it wrong until 17. I went full-time with it once I was of age, and did that for six years. Always in a non-sexual context, of course. What did I know about sex and smoke play?? I gave it up after college. Wasn't getting anything out of it, and my money was really tight for the next couple years, so it was a good thing I gave it up. On my 29th birthday, I played with a giant who smoked like a chimney. We shared the same birthday and met at our public birthday celebration. He and I fucked, and afterwards, I asked him for a cigarette. I enjoyed smoking it: a Camel Wide. Later in the summer, I started playing with a piggy couple, and they were smokers too. So whenever we got together, the room with filled with the scent of tobacco, manass, poppers, and sweat. Good times. I smoked on and off over the next few years. Did it when the urge hit, didn't do it when I didn't feel like it. I was fine with that. But during IML of 15 and 16, I was smoking the entire weekend. It was a scene thing, and it was still sexual to me in some way. When I realized how it made me feel - awful - I quit for good. Took up vaping instead. Bigger clouds, better taste, and it eliminated all the drama and social stigma that comes with the analog version of smoking. Now I'm a vapehead, and can't get enough of it. Last IML, I met a smoke pig named Nick during the contest. He was fairly attractive, and chain-smoked while we conversed. I asked him what it involved, the smoke play, and he quickly gave me a shotgun of it. "Is that all there is to it?" I asked him. He said, "There's more, but we can't do that here." And that was the end of it. We talked about other things. If I cross paths with him again, I'm going to take it a step further and see if I can't get him in the sack. Maybe someday, vape play (instead of smoke play) will be a thing.
  4. All the times I got treated for STDs, I was told "no sexual contact for at least 14 days."
  5. The first time I had gono, I got treated quickly and was ordered to not play for the next fourteen days. But one of my fuckbuds called. He wanted to play. I told him what the doctor said. He said it didn't matter - he wasn't going to get it from me. And we fucked. And he didn't.
  6. You might just have a fetish for it. Guys know how to suck cock. Most women just bob up and down like it's a popsicle or a lolly.
  7. Didn't you used to be Lone_Wolf? You and he sound a lot alike in your profile and language.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. leatherpunk16


      I thought so! I think the change is good, especially the profile picture. If that is you in the photo... well, the pastor told me that Lucifer would be beautiful. LOL

      PS - you can't "become more sicker". That's not a phrase. Just "becoming sicker" is more correct.

    3. Dirtyfuckboy


      Thanks bro. I was brought up to be humble and to not take pride in appearance or have vanity. Thank fuck that's all changed now lol. Guess I should have called myself el diablo

    4. puphawaii


      ah .. but you DO give a fuck .. you give lots of fucks .. pozfucks!    ;>



  8. Fisting is one of my favourite fetishes! I'm way too tight to be a fisting bottom, so I'm always the top. As a sidenote, I made a film with fist pig HungerFF last December, and it will be appearing on his Justforfans page next week. The 11th, I think. So yay! I love getting all messy and rearranging a man's guts like that. It's fun.
  9. I wish to do a bit of speculation here. Let's say this works and becomes a viable cure. How many of us BZ guys would queue up for it? Who would go and get the cure, and try to get infected again? I imagine a weird convo to be something like this. Guy 1: I have to go the clinic for the HIV cure again. Guy 2: What is this, the fourth time for you now? Guy 1: Something like that. I'm such a whore, LOL. Guy 2: Make this the last time, okay? See how weird that would be?
  10. Fuuuuuck. You’re sexy as hell AND you’ve got a killer smile?! *melts*


  11. Perhaps this is something I should try once when I get my buttplug back. I need to be stretched out a bit - too damn tight!
  12. An idea that should drive the poz pigs wild:

    Surely you've seen those contact lenses with designs on them? What if they could be custom made to have a biohaz symbol in them? This is good for guys who communicate through their eyes, and it would look evil as fuck. Well, maybe not "as fuck", but I think you get the picture!


    1. phukhole
    2. leatherpunk16


      Ah! So it DOES exist already. No worries.

      Now some of you know where to get them. Thanks for that update.

  13. I feel exactly the same way. I cammed for Randy Blue a few years ago, and once I got the hang of it, I was pretty good. Got me nominated on a gay awards site for "best webcam performer", and I took 3rd place. It helped me get comfortable with an audience and the camera, and allowed me to explore myself in ways I hadn't previously considered. It even got me an offer to shoot for a minor porn studio, but that fell through when I discovered what a shit the director was. And I had a few interesting hookups because I had been camming, and people bought time with me in person. Nowadays, I wouldn't consider going back to the cams. I prefer studio and in-person work. I have better things to do with my time than sit shirtless in front of my computer for three hours to not earn a penny.
  14. I have no number, but I can probably guess. I don't bottom often, so it can't be very high. I used to try it with my small-dicked ex, and he would always shoot within a minute. But that happened a lot in our one year together. Apart from him ... (thinking)... maybe six? I just checked my list of partners, and they are almost entirely a bunch of bottoms.
  15. Thanks for your sympathies. Holy cow, what you describe here is horrible. Why do people feel the need to do this? The body isn't meant to handle that kind of poison. If you're lucky enough to survive, you'll find yourself fucked up in other ways. You might pursue the high for the rest of your days because your brain has been rewired by the drug. You might be sick long after the parTy ended. And if you're really fortunate, you'll come out the other side in one piece. A lot of people aren't that lucky.

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