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Guest smoothbarebackb

How I Was Pozzed

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Guest smoothbarebackb

   I started to chat with Don about 3 years ago.  We just hit it off well and soon we were chatting all of the time.  At that time, I was still a college student and he was in a relationship.  I knew he was poz.  He was very upfront about it.  I had a boyfriend at the time and we were just getting into bareback fucking.

   Time passed and we chatted more infrequently.  I had moved on from my first serious boyfriend and started to have casual sex with partners I met online. At first, I would only get together with them if they were negative. But then I met some guys who were undetectable and cute so I would have unprotected sex with them.

   Last summer I just happened to catch Don and we chatted for hours.  He invited me to come to visit him in Miami where he lived.  He said he had a boat he wanted to show me and take me on a little trip.  I knew he was well-off and had big bucks but I did not realize how much until I got to Miami.

   He picked me up at the airport (in a Lexus) and took me to stop off at his home which turned out to be a beautiful condo right on the beach.  He told me to leave my big bag at his place and take just what I needed for a sea adventure in a little bag he gave me.  I took two pairs of briefs one pair of shorts, bathing suit, two shirts and my toothbrush.

  Soon we were at the marina where he kept his boat.  It was a beautiful sailboat with a cabin below.  It ran on sail or a motor. It was called, "the Starlight".  We sailed all the rest of the day, Him showing me some of the basics in sailing.  Toward dusk we went into a cove and anchored.  Don brought out some food he had stowed below, some sandwiches and some wine.  We ate and laughed and chatted.  I was having a great time.

  Then after dark and after we finished dinner he asked me if I would like to take a swim off the boat.  I said that it would be nice and turned to put my bathing suit on.  He stopped me and said "no bathing suits needed silly.  We are alone out here.  He put his arms around me and kissed me.  Until now I thought he wanted only to be my friend for he had not made a move on me.


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