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  1. breedbaltimore

    Off to College

    very hot! can't wait for the next chapter
  2. Thanks for the like! 

  3. breedbaltimore

    The Gifted Virgin

    hot start! can't wait for the next chapter
  4. breedbaltimore

    A Brother in Trouble

    so glad you are writing again. thanks for the great chapters.
  5. breedbaltimore


    you are quite lucky
  6. breedbaltimore

    Brotherly love

  7. breedbaltimore

    Jockpussy FTM

    I fucked my share of women back when I was in the Closet, and occasionally think about doing it again, but the idea of a FTM really gets my cock rock hard and leaking. I wish I could find one around here willing to let me fuck him. I know a few FTM, but they only take it in the ass. don't want their pussy used. ?
  8. breedbaltimore

    A Brother in Trouble

    this has really gotten hot, can't wait for more from the swim meet
  9. breedbaltimore

    A Brother in Trouble

    another great chapter!
  10. breedbaltimore

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I was visiting Vegas last week. On Sunday evening I headed over to a kinda sleazy hotel and for about two hours got sucked and dominated a bottom slut. he had a buddy over and I had him blow and jerk the guy till he blew his load, then he was off, and I went back to having the slut suck my cock and play with his hole. finally had him get on the end of the bed and slid into his now well opened hole; fucking him for another ten minutes till I blew my load deep in his guts. he never asked and I never told. Tuesday night I had arranged with a guy who was a top to take his cherry. when it came time, he kept changing time on me, so I went online and found another bottom to take my load. Found one, and went over to his hotel. right as I get to his hotel, the top messages me that he is ready. I tell him it will be about a half hour till I can get back to him, he agrees. I go in and meet with the bottom, again no talk of status, only that he wants my load in his guts. When I go to eat him out before I fuck him, get the taste of cum, he was already preloaded. this bones me up and soon I begin pounding him. quickly I get close and tell him to take it as I shove all the way in and blow my load into his ass, adding mine to the loads in him. I get dressed and head over to the Top's place. I finally get there and he lets me in. I take a moment to go piss, then get naked and climb onto the bed with him. he is laying face down, and I start to finger his ass. he moans that it hurts, I tell him he is taking my cock, so let me prep that hole. he relents, and soon is starting to moan. finally, I lube up my cock and start sliding in. He resists, so I roll him onto his stomach and finally feel my cock push in and get into his ass. I slowly fuck him, he alternates between moans of pleasure and groans of pain as I slide in and out. as I get close, he asks me not to cum in him. I remind him that once I was in I was not pulling out till I cum. he keeps moaning don't cum in me. I finally feel that tingle in my balls and soon I am blasting into him. As I lay on top of him, he thanks me for not pulling out. I got dressed and headed back to my hotel. I could have gotten more ass while there, but was busy the rest of the time with my job, the reason I was in Vegas in the first place.
  11. Sounds awesome stud, I left a message on Bbrt

  12. breedbaltimore

    A Brother in Trouble

    another Rock Hard cock that needs to be taken care of. THANKS!
  13. breedbaltimore

    A Brother in Trouble

    those last two chapters were so hot! please keep up the tales of these poz boys spreading it far and wide!
  14. breedbaltimore

    What do u wear as daily underwear

    Always commando so I can just whip it out and fuck at a moment's notice.
  15. breedbaltimore

    Tough Todd

    great start, cant wait to see where it goes

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