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  1. Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Mmmmm Mr Ali's house should be fun
  2. New Owner

    Great story so far especially now Hank has taken his cherry and dumped 4 toxic loads in him. I hope Jim gives in to desire and takes the stripper's monster cock.
  3. New Owner

    Wow damn hot cherry busting. Now Hank just has to invite hime to one of his pox parties and get him gang banged until he is knocked up
  4. New Owner

    Mmmmmmm damn yes he has to agree to taking Hank's big poz cock mmmm.
  5. Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Excellent story. Still teasing us with the build up. Hope there will be loads more to cummmmmm.
  6. Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Great build up. I look forward to reading more
  7. what or who makes you start having raw bb sex?

    My first time at 18 was bb and did it for a couple of years. Then had a long break from man to man fun. When I started again, I played safe but it didn’t feel good so tried bb and not going back to condoms. Bare feels so much better.
  8. Mmmmm great start hope there will be a lot more to cum.
  9. Den of Sexual Horrors

    Brilliant story.
  10. Fuck Club

    Sounds like a great club.I only wish there was one near to join. I hope there will be more parts to this story
  11. Glad you like my story.  Sorry it took so long to write another chapter but almost quit the site completely because of a dispute with Dr Scorpio, who I personally don't like at all.  He has banned me twice now for his mistakes and RawTop refuses to discipline his mods in any way even though he apparently thought I was right.  Not a good thing to my way of thinking.

    1. Docebrown


      Oh that is not good at all, sorry to hear that you have had problems with the moderators

  12. The Gay Pride Parade

    Damn it took a long time for another hot part of this story. I hope it will continue with more poz breeding.
  13. Dad's Basement

    I'm sure the Doc has a fully equipped basement ready for anything.
  14. Tease Got What Was Coming

    Damn hot story please keep it going
  15. Dad's Basement

    Hehe the plot thickens just like most cocks reading this. Keep it cumming pozpuppy

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