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  1. Docebrown

    Tony's New Life

    Another great topic shot a big load reading this mmm😋😊
  2. Docebrown

    Saturday piggy night

    Damn good start to this story😋
  3. Docebrown

    New Owner

    Mmmmm damn nice twist in the story. look forward to more😊
  4. Docebrown

    My college assignment

    Damn good story. I'd have enjoyed being introduced to man on man chem sex like this when I was at college. But unfortunately it was not. Hope you will continue the story.😊
  5. Docebrown

    Filthy Sauna

    Brilliant continuation keep the parts cumming 😋😋
  6. Docebrown

    Camping with My Poz Neighbor

    Great story I'd like to read more😋
  7. Docebrown

    Tony's New Life

    Another brilliant chapter I hope there will a lot more to cummmmm😊
  8. Docebrown

    Tony's New Life

    Another hot continuation of this story. Wish I was one of the straight guys about to be converted.😊
  9. Docebrown

    Cunt in Training

    Looking forward to reading the next chapter. Great story😊
  10. Docebrown

    Tony's New Life

    Another brilliant chapter. Keeps getting better😊
  11. Docebrown

    New Owner

    Mmmmm I was hoping someone would take him from behind while he was looking under the refrigerator and deposit another toxic load in him 🙂
  12. Docebrown

    Two at at Time!

    Mmmmm I wonder if Dr Ferguson will add his load 😀
  13. Docebrown

    After the Divorce

    Terrific story😀
  14. Docebrown

    Seduced, Chemmed, and Pozzed by My Wrestling Coach

    Just re-read this terrific story. Wish I could have been treated the same way at school/college mmmm😀
  15. Docebrown

    A Brother in Trouble

    Another hot chapter. Looking forward to more 😀

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