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  1. I've been on this site since 2012 and I'm not very happy about these rule changes. I understand it is a private site, and the owners are free to set the rules as they like. That said, I will probably be a lot less likely to post anything including new fiction stories, for fear of running afoul of the new rules which even after reading and re-reading several times still leave me more than a little confused. I'm just one insignificant person and I'm sure that nobody really cares what I think, but I may not be the only person who feels the same way, so unfortunately I believe that activity wil
  2. I'm on kik, message me if you want it.
  3. Should have stealthed him a few more times to make sure it takes. Then later mention noticing that the status changes in the twink's profile...
  4. Damn it is a shame that the gov't shut down CL personals. You'd think that now that control has changed that they'd repeal the "Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act" law, but it doesn't look like they will.
  5. I love the thrill of the risk of taking loads!
  6. I mostly do anon hookups at the bookstores or off of hookup apps and sites. I don't know any names or how to get a hold of anyone except maybe through those apps or sites. But I don't get tested anyway, so I wouldn't have any idea to contact or who.
  7. It is a shame so many stories like this are not continued.
  8. Can't wait for more... wonder what he is hiding under those covered arms?
  9. I never ask a top to wear a condom, but I won't refuse a fuck if they insist on one.
  10. I've got a really tiny penis, but I am a total bottom, so it usually really doesn't matter.
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