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WARNING: Some graphic content


My first boyfriend and I were not really getting along too well anymore. I met Jerome on a website which catered to kinky guys and barebackers. I had a fantasy about a guy cumming in my eyes because I'd read that it was dangerous. He ended up cumming in every hole I had. He was a poz gift-giver on a mission, while I was a young, new bug-chaser. We were together for almost a year and yet my HIV tests kept coming up negative. He took it hard, felt like a failure. I was fine with things. Maybe I was lucky or immune or something. Who knows? He suggested I take a fresh syringe of his blood and inject into my veins, but that didn't seem particularly sexy to me. And I hate needles. We continued to fuck raw for another month before we both decided it was time to call an end to the relationship we both knew had gone past its expiration date. I was upset at first...the man who took my virginity and was my first boyfriend was gone. I missed him. I missed his dick too. I was back to square one in my romantic life. At least we'd parted on friendly terms. We talked almost every other day. He'd successfully impregnated a guy a few weeks ago and that revived his ego quite a bit. He called me with his happy news.

"Are you still looking to get knocked up?"

"I guess I am. That's been my goal for a long time."

"Well, I know a guy who has never failed at converting neg guys, He's probably not your type, though. He's not a good guy. Word has it that he fucks innocent teens -- like in high school. That ain't cool in my book. He is rude and mean. And he always smells like grease. His family owns a chicken restaurant and he works there all day."

"Sounds like scum...can't wait to meet him!"

"You're dedicated, alright. Give me some time and I'll set something up."

A few days passed before Jerome called me back.

"Ever been to 'Saturn'? It's not a great bar, but he goes there after work every night. I called him and told him about you. He seemed agreeable to meeting you."


"Meet me there on Friday night at 10:00. He'll show up sometime around 11, but I need to prepare you for him first."

I forgot to even ask what his name was. Or anything else. My life had gotten so boring with no sex that I was just glad for the semi-promise of adventure. 

When I first saw Jerome sitting alone at a table, my heart ached a little. He was so special to me for a year. He'd already ordered us a pitcher of domestic beer. I sat and glanced at my watch 10:13.

"You're late. And I should have warned you not to wear a watch or anything else expensive. He'll rip you off."

"But who is he? Tell me about him."

"He's got some kind of foreign name that I can remember. He's Turkish and everybody calls him 'The Turk'".


"He wants people to call him 'The Big Turk', but he's not that big, actually. He tries to look tall and built, but he's fairly average in size. I trust you to be smart around him....mainly because he just walked in. Shit - he's early."

And there was Big Turk. He was only a little taller than me, but he wore big, black leather boots and one of those leather hats that I'd only seen one of The Village People wear. He has fully leathered-out. He also had a black mustache and longish beard.

We were in the patio area of the bar with the open night sky above us. This is where guys came to smoke or kid around with the bartender who was a bit of a character. Jerome waved him over to where we were sitting. Big Turk.

"This the kid you told me about?"

"Yeah. This is Greg. Cute, isn't he?"

"Whatever. I gotta piss. Get me a Jack and Coke. Get one for him too."

Jerome went up and did as he was told. I'd never tasted Jack Daniels before. I knew after the first sip that it was not to be chugged. 

"Oh--and another thing. He's completely bald on top and never takes the hat off. Shh. Here he comes."

The Turk sat right next to me and drained his drink immediately. Damn. "I'll get the next round."

He went to the bar and the bartender was all ready to serve him. Turk must be a bad motherfucker because I never saw him pay. Maybe he had a long-running tab here or something.

"If he offers you a cigarette, take it and let him light it for you. That's a good sign. He and the bartender know each other pretty well. I saw them both at the bath house before they closed it. Both of them worked both sides of the sling...if you know what I mean." I kinda did.

Big Turk returned and I now had two strong drinks in front of me. We sat and Jerome tried to get a conversation going.

"How was work, Turk?"

"Tips were fine, but I have had a boner all day and it ached because I had to push it up under my waistband. My feet hurt too."

"Greg here is a writer."

"Huh? What do you write, kid?"

"Everything", I replied "Fiction, advertising copy, some long-form comic strips that I also draw."

"Yeah, that's swell. Finish your drinks. You look like a fool with two full glasses in front of you,"

So I gulped the first one down. It hit my stomach like a bomb.

"That's better. Want a smoke?"

"That'd be great. Thanks, Big Turk."

I wasn't a smoker, but knew how to fake it. The one he gave me was unfiltered. I stuck it in my mouth and let him light it. He almost smiled.

Jerome stood up. "Well, guys...I think I should head out. Behave yourselves as much as possible. Greg, walk out with me?"

"Sure. Excuse us, Big Turk."

He nodded. As we went to the exit, Jerome grabbed my arm. "He must like you...or at least want to fuck you. Same thing, really. Just be careful how much you drink. And watch your drinks. He's been known to drug guys. He's a bad person, but if you really want the virus, he's got the one that's never failed to infect. Love you. Bye. Call me tomorrow."

I got back to The Turk. 

"What took you so long?"

"He and I used to date. We talked a little while. He's a good friend."

"Yeah, yeah. I heard all about it. But his seed is weak, right? He couldn't get you pregnant."

"That's correct. Can I have another cigarette?"

We smoked and drank without talking too much more. His silence was kind of sexy.

I was starting to like the Jack and Coke...and the cigarettes. I felt so relaxed and happy. Plus I had a boner. 

"Let's move up to the bar, kid." Turk stood up and led us to two empty stools. He and the bartender exchanged smiles. 

"Is he a friend of yours, Big Turk?"

"James and I have known each other forever. You'll see how good a friend he is...soon. Go piss now and wash your hands. I'll hold your seat."

I actually did have to pee, but how did he know? By the time I got back, Turk had ordered two more drinks plus shots. I'd be throwing up tonight. 

James the bartender was a tall, lanky guy wearing next to nothing. He wasn't sexy, but he was playful and fun.

"Time for a toast!", James announced.

Stupidly, I opened my mouth and asked a question. "What are we toasting?"

"Closing time! I'm going to lock the door now."

"But it's only midnight."

"That's when the patio closes, dumb kid. That leaves just the three of us here. The fun is about to begin."

When he finished locking up, James raised a shot glass a downed it fast. Turk and I did the same.  

"Hey Turk -- want me to show you the new cooler we just got? It's a good one. Bring your little pal."

James unlocked a door back behind the bar and we went inside. It was just a bare concrete room with no cooler and no anything. Just a few boxes and some old plywood.  The door locked behind us. It was weird, but I was feeling so good. 

"I gotta piss." James stood right above the little drain in the concrete floor and let it go.

"He's got a nice dick, doesn't he?" Big Turk asked.

"Yeah. But I but yours is nicer." That must have been the answer he wanted to hear because he flashed a perfect white smile at me. 

Jerome finished, but left his dick hanging out of his tiny shorts. "Hey, Turk. Think he'll suck me off?"

"He will if he wants to leave here alive. Be patient. I want him to see some of the graffiti on these walls first."

Huh? The walls looked pretty much untouched. 

"Look. Look closely."

I turned to the wall and  BAM! My forehead hit the wall. Damn, it hurt. I saw a flash of bright light behind my eyelids. 

"That was just a sneak peek at what will happen if you don't do exactly what I say. I was told you wanted my dirty cum." His accent was starting to get thicker. 

My pants and underwear were pulled down to my ankles. I was still facing the wall and feeling a lump swell on my forehead.

"Not such a bad ass. Skinny, but not bad." I could hear him unzip and growl.

He pinned me against the wall and drilled that cock between my butt cheeks. He just went right in --  no lube or anything. It was rape. I cried out a little and that made him more forceful. I knew if I shouted "Stop!", he'd just enjoy himself more.

"No. Stop. It hurts too much!"

"Yeahh. Nobody can hear you, little boy." He started speaking in his language. I could tell by the tone that he was getting close to unloading his cum.

He shot so deep, that I didn't feel it go in. All I felt was pain. In my head and my ass. And I was still pressed face-first into the cod wall. I heard him zip back up. So that was it then.

"You can turn around, kid. You're not done. James got a big hard-on from watching us. Look at it."

The bartender was indeed super hard and beating off furiously. "Think he's ready for some more poison?", he asked.

"Do whatever you want to the little fuck. I'm done." 

"Get over here, kiddo. I'm too far along to wait for your ass. I want to give you all kinds of surprises in your mouth!" I knelt before his shaft which was huge, swollen and bright red. I opened my mouth wide. 

He immediately inserted the fat head between my lips, pushed twice, and came. I savored the flavor. Then a splash hit me directly in the back. Big Turk was pissing on me! 

"Now he has to walk out of here with wet clothes. Stupid fuck."

"Damn. Wish I'd saved some pee. He'll have plenty to remember us though."

"Yeah. We've changed so many immune systems in this town."

Big Turk was tired and done with me. James let us exit the patio section. I was alone again and missing Jerome so bad at that moment. He could get a little freaky, but I never felt bad about anything we'd done. I felt bad now. 

The infection worked. I tested positive for HIV several weeks later. Also gono. And I had herpes on my mouth. 

Happy Ending?




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Second way I want it if plan A fails!!

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