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    I have several of the most known hobbies and interests; reading, tv, movies, gardening, my Niece's softball life. Sexually, I like almost anything involving two (or more) men. I will find something likeable in almost any man. I like to please and I like to be pleased.
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    I am pretty much a Top. That doesn't mean I am not interested in being fucked!! I am orally inclined as well. I LOVE to kiss. Love to rim. Love to suck both nipples and cock. And yes, I will swallow. Tasting cum is akin to someone tasting the world's best chocolate for the first time. Only about a hundred times better. I'm on the vanilla end of the vanilla to "dark" spectrum but I am willing to entertain at least a dialogue about anything else. Not into scat. Not into much s & m but that is up to discuss. I am of the dying breed of romantics.
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    None. Would anyone be interested in helping me change that?
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    Would like to meet a man to change my life. A man who will become my Father, so to speak. A man who will give birth to my new and improved life. I want to be pozzed!! I know that that is what has been missing from my life. Becoming a pozzed man will make me a complete man, a more complete gay man. Being pozzed will make me whole! I am willing to travel since I live in a tiny town in Alabama.

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  1. HRU? Preparing for a great 22018.Always hoping you are having the BEST time. Stay in touch. 

  2. lynn1964

    A question for "chasers"...

    Damn! how I wish I was part of the soln to tyis
  3. BEAUTY!! Still can be found in the printed word and works of those authors with the honed knowledge and skill! Toon is my man for that, and so much more. Matt will be pleased to be a truly POZ man for the rest of his amazing life. He won't be bothering with which husband pozzed him. He will have his suspicions and his intuition will most likely be true. But it doesn't matter. He HAS found love and even better LOVE HAS FOUND MATT!!! Love shall never find me. That is my reality. Love your work Toon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never stop witing!!! 1-4-3!!!!
  4. Mr. Pear Man, 


  5. lynn1964

    Unforeseen, pt. 1

    My IMMEDIATE reaction to part 1, OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that since Toon chose to make this a 2 parter, I will put my initial comments from part 1 here as well. Yes, some of my thoughts will be on a personal note and the person will know why. I apologize if it bores others reading these. I am almost always the 1st or 2nd to reply to any of Toon's posted stories. I apologize for being soooooooo late with this. He knows why and I hope he understands. I think he does. This so far has thrown me back into the beginning of my very favorite decade, the 80's. I graduated HS in 82. All you twinks are probably wondering what life was like way back then. Well, this so far is the true epitome' of some of my experiences. Grew up in a very, very small rural Alabama town. Had 3 red lights (still only has 3). So, my "exposure" to the gay world was almost nill to say the least. My best friends were the 4 only other gay people I knew of in the entire county. They were all older but not but by 3 or 4 years. And, as per Toon's description, my 1st "love" tore me up emotionally! I thought that since he had kissed me a few times and fucked me, that we were well on our way to coupledom (there was NO marriage back then). Even though he was 10 yrs my senior, married, with 2 kids, I just knew that, somehow, that would work itself out and we would grow old together, fucking our brains out with no one the wiser. 2 years later, when I finally allowed the truth to set in (he had started seeing our chemistry professor from Jr college-now that's a hum dinger of a story in itself), I was beyond devastated!! I never knew a person's heart could hurt so bad and you still be alive! I cried almost constantly. Family thought I was suicidal but had no idea why (and I was, just too damn chicken to follow thru). When I could finally put "rational" thought together, I was convinced that love was a joke word that some asshole had invented as a cruel, hurtful joke. It was merely a fallacy and could not exist in the real world. Back to Unforseen. The Edge. Almost exactly describes one of my favorite clubs in Birmingham. B'ham is 100 miles from my hometown but close enough to go and come in a night, a long night, but. Back then, I had to have a fake ID to get into clubs. Yes twinks, there really was such a thing as "fake IDs". You had to order them from ads in magazines. Mostly comic books actually. You sent them your recent pic and then you waited forty forevers watching the mail so no one would get said mail except you. I am positive that in reality, the ID was easily known to doormen as fake but, who is going to turn away a (then) hot little 16 year old new meat??? I got in everywhere I went. You would work for a couple hours on your appearance for the night. Don't believe me? Look up some old American Bandstand clips on YT from the early 80's. God it was GREAT then!! Actually meeting other humans in person! Dancing to impress as well as to have fun! Interacting face-to-face with "potentials" and "props". OMG!!!! Yes, I would re-live those days again in a nanosecond! What's astonishing to me is that here Toon seems to have thiefted a few memories of mine right from the vaults of my youth. I too had several nights out when I would have one guy flirting, touching, on one side while another was doing the same on the other! I even swapped numbers (on matchbook covers no less) right under the noses of others. One night, I was out, got up the courage to give this GOD my number, got a napkin and pen from a bartender, name and number and bar, I followed him to the restroom. It was wicked hot and throw in dancing to nearly every song, most of us guys were literally soaking wet. As he starts to come out of the restroom, I handed him the napkin. What does he do? Wipes his forehead and throws it on the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!! I grabbed him and said, "asshole, my name and number was on there" and walked away. Well, I did stay a second long enough to see the hurt in his eyes. I got several "apology" drinks sent via bartenders the rest of the night and as me and my friends were leaving (yes, I had "picked up" a guy), he followed me outside and gave me a napkin with his info and apology. Guess what? We were together almost 4 years. I even moved from Bham to Tuscaloosa so we could live together. Toon threw in an incredible twist here and I was NOT expecting this at all. SHOCKER!!!! Having Carl and Lloyd be a couple!!!! DAMN!!! Never occurred to me and what a great, unprecedented surprise. At first, I am really hurt for Matt. I can so easily (as Toon makes me do)put myself into Matt's person, so, I can see and feel what Matt feels! Drunk or not, I am pretty sure I would have kicked someone's ass good and left. With plans of somehow making sure everyone in town would have known they "strategy"!!! But, taking a moment to assess the situation, back in my youth of the 80's, I think I would have played along. The chance at bedding TWO hot men, either separate or better, as a 3-way!!!! Oh hell yeah. Now, I would do it definitely but for a totally different reason! Double my chances of getting pozzed!!! I hope at least Carl is unmedicated, better still, BOTH be unmedicated. Toon, 1-4-3!!!! and I am LOVING where you have brought us and I am looking forward to hitting over to part 2!!!! Never forget!!!!
  6. lynn1964

    Unforeseen, pt. 1

    When leaving such a post as this, you are expected to also provide visual aids!! LOL
  7. lynn1964

    Maverick Men

    Hi. I was just wondering if any of ya'll had any experiences with those 2 lovers that are Maverick Men? I've always liked their work and it ranks right up at the top of the scale for most authentic look. Plus, both are pretty damn HOT.
  8. lynn1964

    One Last Fuck

    I'm not sure the right words have been "invented" yet that will let me describe how I feel after reading this one. As you know Toon, all of your work puts me in awe. You have some magical skill of putting me either there in your stories, watching and sometimes you even put me into one of the characters. You always seem to find the right words and sentences to make the picture so vivid. With this latest work Toon, Lyle and Jeff are brought to life. Even though Jeff died long ago, he lives again in your words, on this screen. You made him as beautiful as he really was for me. You captured not only his physical beauty, but you also captured his emotional beauty. As well as capturing the emotions and the value of our meeting to me. I don't wish the story to be about me. I lived it. I want the story to be of our experience. Nor do I want the reader to think of me. But to think and see the experience of having someone like this or an experience like this be in their lives. Toon, your gifts make me proud of you and for you!! More than you know! And I'm always honored to be able to be a reader of your work!! Your talent makes your light so bright. It amplifies your strength, your beauty, and shows your heart! 143!
  9. lynn1964


    Hell yeah punaman!!
  10. Another amazing gift you have left for us to share. Your talent is so raw and pure! Like you being put into words. I know this is fiction but I have to say, your intro and so much of the beginning of your backstory (which I always, ALWAYS enjoy) holds true to countless numbers of gay men and probably gay women as well. Being afraid! It entails so much to each individual. Fear of something that is unknown. Fear for having a fear. And then there are the fears of want and desire, need. Primal need even. I consider my need to be a Poz Man as a primal need. Going way beyond a mere fetish. I think that is what Jonah ended up with. He was thinking he had a fetish, like his foot fetish. But what he truly had was a primal need! And how lucky to find the perfect man, the perfect gifter. Someone who not only realized his need to gift others but also realizing the need to receive that gift. Beautiful hot, sensual story!!
  11. lynn1964

    Blame the Rain

    Love it Toon! What a fun and sexy read and right on the tails of Terry and West's great adventure! Makes me wonder just how often this very thing happened at my college. Damn, I woulda loved it! Fantastic read, as always.
  12. lynn1964

    Work Left to Do

    What a beautiful story to tell. Full of new bright possibilities. You make it so easy for me to love the lovers and to want to be a part of their lives, even from the outside. Breathtaking!
  13. lynn1964

    The Kill Zone, pt. 2

    Is your comment about the posted story? I'm not understanding your post or the pic?
  14. lynn1964

    The Kill Zone, pt. 2

    Toon, Jessie! Aaron!! The Amityville Horror house!!! You remembered GREEN lantern glow!! I remembered Erotic fingers! I remembered The LOVE you, Aaron, shows, gives, to Jessie...WOW!! The "sex", more like making love on the fast track, intense, needed, hell, REQUIRED, was whatever there is out there that goes beyond beautiful! And, a step further outside the past. I feel so warm inside. Like I have been honored enough to witness the act of falling in love for the very first time and having someone's very first sexual experience. I relived my first falling in love memories. I relived my first sexual experience that was not just about the orgasm but about giving and getting from someone more than special. The open ending is perfect because now me, and all who are lucky enough to read this, get to have it end in our own perfect way! Thank you Toon! This is amazing!!
  15. lynn1964

    Can't stop thinking of taking poz loads

    Lucky!! Let us here at BZ know how things go for you! Yeah, I'm jealous, LOL.

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