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    I have several of the most known hobbies and interests; reading, tv, movies, gardening, my Niece's softball life. Sexually, I like almost anything involving two (or more) men. I will find something likeable in almost any man. I like to please and I like to be pleased.
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    I am pretty much a Top. That doesn't mean I am not interested in being fucked!! I am orally inclined as well. I LOVE to kiss. Love to rim. Love to suck both nipples and cock. And yes, I will swallow. Tasting cum is akin to someone tasting the world's best chocolate for the first time. Only about a hundred times better. I'm on the vanilla end of the vanilla to "dark" spectrum but I am willing to entertain at least a dialogue about anything else. Not into scat. Not into much s & m but that is up to discuss. I am of the dying breed of romantics.
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    None. Would anyone be interested in helping me change that?
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    Would like to meet a man to change my life. A man who will become my Father, so to speak. A man who will give birth to my new and improved life. I want to be pozzed!! I know that that is what has been missing from my life. Becoming a pozzed man will make me a complete man, a more complete gay man. Being pozzed will make me whole! I am willing to travel since I live in a tiny town in Alabama.

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  1. Awww. I wanted ya'll to go down your future's path together. But...I am a true die hard romantic!!! Awesome story!!!! Each part had me throbbing and eager for the next!!
  2. Hi. I just came across your BBSeroman post from years ago.

    Do you still poz guys? It is my dream! Not a fetish but a longing. I think it's akin to a transgender person aching to get their physical body to match their heart and soul body. It's what has been missing from my life. It's what will make me whole, complete!

    1. beanna


      I concur about what is like to feel,it is the same burning ache to become poz as it is with transitioning to become a woman,i know I will not stop searching till I get the bug 

  3. Unfortunately, I have never had the pleasure of playing with a man who was intact. I have always, well, since finding out there was such a creature as an uncut man, and having seen the excitement in film that intact men are privy to experience, I can only imagine the feel of beating off, sliding your foreskin up and down your shaft!!! My god it must feel like you have your own built in masturbation sleeve! I would most likely be late to any and all appointments if I was still intact!! I want to experience licking under a man's "hood" and very much want to experience docking!!! With docking, I am afraid the effect would be quite immediate until I get used to the sensation and can master control over the sensation.
  4. Thanks for the follow

  5. FUCKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My life is that of Kevin. Except for one very important thing. Very hot premise for a story!!!
  6. Damn!! TMZ mentioned several times how hung he was! Dude got a Louisville Slugger!!! No wonder though. LOOK AT HIS FEET in those yellow sneaks!!! OMG!
  7. Hi Lynn .. thanks for the rep my friend and for the comment on my survey xxxx:);)xxxx

    1. lynn1964


      love you stud!!!

      Good survey!

  8. Just posted some new pics and gifs in my gallery "Lynn's Likes". Look for "for bz 70-74". Hope you enjoy.

    1. curmud


      we all like this site and we all like you Lynn: underage images dont help though. if they appear under age dont rip + post it 

  9. How do ya'll get in touch with the dr.? I really want someone to tell me ; 1. why I can't post new status updates and 2. how to fix whatever I need to fix to do it. He has no "message" box on his profile, nor does he have a "follow" box. I'd love to follow him because of his comments on many of the forums and topics I read. Plus....Seems flippin' HOT!

    1. NLbear


      Drscorpio? If you have a problem with the site just post your question in the Tips, Tricks, Rules & Help thread (first one in General section). He reads those and helps if he can. Maybe your settings have changed for some unknown reason. Happened to me a few times.

  10. H-O-T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Second way I want it if plan A fails!!
  11. Hi. I'm n the chat room now. I also re-signed with Planet Romeo. Miss you, Sexy.

  12. PS  I'm Toonguykc  there on AIM

  13. You here? I have aol chat open. If that doesn't work, I can meet you on the chat here.

  14. Not into piss but what an awesome story!!! Well done again Toon!!!!
  15. Hit me once is all it will take. The moment you fall asleep, you shall not awaken!

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