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    I have several of the most known hobbies and interests; reading, tv, movies, gardening, my Niece's softball life. Sexually, I like almost anything involving two (or more) men. I will find something likeable in almost any man. I like to please and I like to be pleased.
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    I am pretty much a Top. That doesn't mean I am not interested in being fucked!! I am orally inclined as well. I LOVE to kiss. Love to rim. Love to suck both nipples and cock. And yes, I will swallow. Tasting cum is akin to someone tasting the world's best chocolate for the first time. Only about a hundred times better. I'm on the vanilla end of the vanilla to "dark" spectrum but I am willing to entertain at least a dialogue about anything else. Not into scat. Not into much s & m but that is up to discuss. I am of the dying breed of romantics.
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    None. Would anyone be interested in helping me change that?
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    Would like to meet a man to change my life. A man who will become my Father, so to speak. A man who will give birth to my new and improved life. I want to be pozzed!! I know that that is what has been missing from my life. Becoming a pozzed man will make me a complete man, a more complete gay man. Being pozzed will make me whole! I am willing to travel since I live in a tiny town in Alabama.

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  1. Blame the Rain

    Love it Toon! What a fun and sexy read and right on the tails of Terry and West's great adventure! Makes me wonder just how often this very thing happened at my college. Damn, I woulda loved it! Fantastic read, as always.
  2. How are you beautiful man? When will I be able to taste you?

  3. Work Left to Do

    What a beautiful story to tell. Full of new bright possibilities. You make it so easy for me to love the lovers and to want to be a part of their lives, even from the outside. Breathtaking!
  4. The Kill Zone, pt. 2

    Is your comment about the posted story? I'm not understanding your post or the pic?
  5. The Kill Zone, pt. 2

    Toon, Jessie! Aaron!! The Amityville Horror house!!! You remembered GREEN lantern glow!! I remembered Erotic fingers! I remembered The LOVE you, Aaron, shows, gives, to Jessie...WOW!! The "sex", more like making love on the fast track, intense, needed, hell, REQUIRED, was whatever there is out there that goes beyond beautiful! And, a step further outside the past. I feel so warm inside. Like I have been honored enough to witness the act of falling in love for the very first time and having someone's very first sexual experience. I relived my first falling in love memories. I relived my first sexual experience that was not just about the orgasm but about giving and getting from someone more than special. The open ending is perfect because now me, and all who are lucky enough to read this, get to have it end in our own perfect way! Thank you Toon! This is amazing!!
  6. Can't stop thinking of taking poz loads

    Lucky!! Let us here at BZ know how things go for you! Yeah, I'm jealous, LOL.
  7. The Kill Zone, pt. 1

    Fuck! What an awesome, fiery story! It seems like you have stepped a step or two out of your writer's box Toon. Your writer is indeed growing and you have show us what will become your most gifted talent! Already, we are in love with Aaron and Jessie and look forward to being a part of their future adventures in life. Amazing!
  8. Gypsy Blood

    Toon, this is quite moving! I love how you allow us into the life of the gypsy clan for a brief moment. The intense love Alec and Maran shared was immediate and yet it was KNOWN to both. Amazing piece of work Toon!
  9. Gypsy Blood

    Holy SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, I am currently lost for words so I'll be back to do this proper!! OMG Toon!!
  10. Good morning 

    Hopefully your weekend has been very enjoyable. I've been following some of the weather conditions in your area. Just wanted to make sure you were safe. 

  11. Bugged By a Clown

    I really like the personality of Reggie. Like he is finally trying to come into his own. From being some type of "social outcast" to finding himself. I see him being pulled to Scotty. Scotty went there specifically to meet him for many reasons. Some he knew outright, some were unconscious. It's a great story!!!
  12. I Rented a Porn Star

    Love me some Michael Brandon! I would literally give my soul!!!! Everything about him is beautiful and amazing! There is one other that makes me feel the same, only hotter. My secret love!
  13. That's the ONLY way for pigs can enjoy themselves.  Being OPEN about sharing lots of cocks and loads with other's.  While being committed to their BOND!  It's a way to make the BOND stronger and stronger when YOU can openly share that with each other.

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