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    I have several of the most known hobbies and interests; reading, tv, movies, gardening, my Niece's softball life. Sexually, I like almost anything involving two (or more) men. I will find something likeable in almost any man. I like to please and I like to be pleased.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Versatile Top
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    I am pretty much a Top. That doesn't mean I am not interested in being fucked!! I am orally inclined as well. I LOVE to kiss. Love to rim. Love to suck both nipples and cock. And yes, I will swallow. Tasting cum is akin to someone tasting the world's best chocolate for the first time. Only about a hundred times better. I'm on the vanilla end of the vanilla to "dark" spectrum but I am willing to entertain at least a dialogue about anything else. Not into scat. Not into much s & m but that is up to discuss. I am of the dying breed of romantics.
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    None. Would anyone be interested in helping me change that?
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    Would like to meet a man to change my life. A man who will become my Father, so to speak. A man who will give birth to my new and improved life. I want to be pozzed!! I know that that is what has been missing from my life. Becoming a pozzed man will make me a complete man, a more complete gay man. Being pozzed will make me whole! I am willing to travel since I live in a tiny town in Alabama.

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  1. Porn Stars On Breeding Zone

    I too would love to know the REAL truth about some audition experiences! We all know what they are like on videos but how far into real-life auditions does the video take us? I'd dang near commit a felony to get into TIM!!! Lord have mercy!!!
  2. My Date With AIDS

    Toon, you accomplished your "task" as did Kent. I sit here, stroking, aching to shoot but holding as my mind analyzes each sentence. I think of your past stories, trying to remember every detail. Why am I working my mind into this frenzy? Because I want to know the parts that are true!!! Toon, YOU bring the best orgasms because YOU bring ME into the story. I get to live with your writer's mind and heart!
  3. I Paid to Get Raped

  4. Maze

    So hot! Erotic! I have had fantasies about going to a place where lots of homeless guys would stay, like a camp, and just get naked and start walking around. Maybe take a sleeping bag and just lie down on my stomach and take whatever happens. You put words to this fantasy!
  5. Cemetary Man

    Lord have mercy!!!! The fantasy of hundreds , if not thousands, of us gay men everywhere!!! Doing your own thing, bothering no one and BAM, the man from the cover of one of those WalMart cheap of romance paperbacks that sell in the thousands! Right there, for you to devour or to devour you! And it happens! And it is one of the fucks that stays in your mind til you breath no more! One of those "important" ones! So hot Toon. I was there, in the little shed/home, stuttering, shuttering, cumming!
  6. The Eclipse

    OMG!! Now, I have tears in my eyes. For a whole different reason!! I'm a die hard, tried and true romantic and this was purely beautiful on ALL levels! "I'm your other half". That's when I started, not really crying, but slowly leaking tears as I continued to absorb the love these two have. Toon, what can I say that would tell you how this made me feel? I don't have the words. Just know that it's exactly like....well, you know. Pure beauty!
  7. Hi

    I'm interested in chatting about becoming a Poz Man by your gift.

  8. Should I wear these to the Bathhouse?

    If Fistulike666 says "go fo it, then you should do it!!! Nice leatherwork so never go unseen!
  9. Shiny New Coin

    Sweet!!!!!!!!!! Toon puts us into the midst of Warrens' unknowing ways. And in comes Tony. Immediately I wanted them together. It was a perfect fit from their hellos. Their lovemaking fast, focused on the end result. Like our first sex was. We didn't know foreplay. We sucked and/or we fucked. Maybe kissing alot too. What an awesome story! Made me remember the very first guy I brought back to studio apt. right off campus. He said hello from his car as I was walking to my apt. He gave me a ride of all the 2 blocks. Came in and that was it. In minutes we were all over each other. How cool to remember that. Toon, you brought us into their lives and we got to live some fantastic moments with them!!
  10. September was when I was in Europe for almost 3 weeks and it's perfect summer time there. As NLbear said, go to So Europe, definitely Barcelona and Sitges, Italy and beaches plus museums to cool off in and see phenomenal art!! I'd love to move to Barcelona!!!
  11. Being an RN, I think you had better get to a GI doctor!! There could be a hundred bad things wrong with you that haven't even been address here. CANCER!!!! Many types affect the lower intestines, the sigmoid colon, rectum, anal vault, anus, prostate. Man, if you care for your health, and you seem like you do, then you need to start the proper wheels rolling for you to get into a GI specialist!! Then, you can feel at ease with a true diagnosis from the specialists! Good luck and don't put this off!!

    So hot!!! Who wouldn't love to get anon loads and even loads from guys here!!! Cum is AWESOME! I save mine lots of times. Either in a small container or I beat off into the same condom many times. Then, I have it as beat off lube or to taste or just to put on my body. I would do the same to ANY used condom I found! So Hot!
  13. July 26 Site Upgrade Issues

    I just need to clear up something. My comments and questions on here have come across as "catty" and even mean. I don't/didn't mean for that to be the case. I sometimes, well, many times, have a hard time making my words equal what my head is thinking. And sometimes my run at humor is more like a backward trot. I meant no disrespect and in fact, I am enjoying things as they are and learning the new additives to the site. I do wish we could IM in chat on here though. Sorry about the miscommunication. I'll slow down and try to make my words match my brain. Lynn
  14. Public Profile Pics...

    Holy Crap!
  15. The Toughness Test

    Hol cow! I am awestruck! Toon, your stories always leave me in a state of some sort. Always happy though and thrilled to have been a part of your amazing skills. The rape/forced sex/non-consensual, all fantastic dick hardening fantasies that a high percentage of us have. Most won't admit to it but with the freedom we enjoy here on bz, there are more that will at least say they have thought about it. That first paragraph is me and my life to a t!!! Yeah, I'll admit that. I was the "queer", "pansy", "fag". My voice never changed with puberty. In fact, I don't think I went thru puberty at all except that I got hair under my pits and on my pubes, arms, legs. None on my chest though. My cock stayed the same, sad to say but there is no denying the truth as you deal with it day in and day out. I still say I have a girl voice. When people talk with me on the phone, those that do not know me say yes mam' or mam', Ms M_______. At 53, I deal with it. I even tried the weights. Got a big set of barbells and dumb bells for my 14th or 15 b'day. Didn't last a year as nothing was happening and it was boring and there was no one to teach me how to use them, what to do with them. Lots of the remaining story pertains to me. With one huge difference. For college I got 2 hours away from home. Just far enough to not have frequent visits and just far enough to nort go home every weekend. And Lynn blossomed!!!!! I got friends and we did stuff and all over UAB was stuff for all to do and, I was only 20. living in an apt of my own. I could get into the gay bars, at the time in the city, there were 5 and I knew them all and frequented them all after I was being let in underaged. I knew all the owners. They all wanted to fuck me. A few did. Most didn't. I wised up quickly and got what I wanted while teasing what was wanted. But I blossomed into a fun guy with tons of sex everynight and friends. OMG, real friends. Thankfully, I didn't endure a rape. Now, in our fantasies, it's awesome and our attackers give what that which we are missing. In real life it's wrong, plain and simple wrong and we should do our part to help it not happen and to help those it's happend to. Look at the rates of teen suicide. What do you bet the main cause is? Forced sex!!! Probably from a family member. I won't get further on that soapbox. Toon, your newest baby has been born and he's a big total joy!!!! We all will help with the raising of this big boy so he grows and flourishes. You took a great many of us on your runs and into your gym and yes, many were there with you in that shower, aching for you. Breathtaking!!!! You know Toon I want to say more but I can't. 1-4-3! Oh, your part 2. That story has happened so much this summer and in summers past. It's a tragedy on a family and it will ruin a family, break them apart grieving is strong and must be done by each individual affected and in their own time. Grief cannot be rushed although employers do their best to get it over. Incredible work Toon. Some of your best I have had the pleasure to read!!! I'll be anxious to see where your writer's hand is led next. your DD19666

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