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  1. 1993 How do you deal with being dumped, rejected? The 23 year old version of me didn't handle it well. I was immature and inexperienced and handled it all wrong. I got bitter. The Story: I met Craig on one of those personal ads you put on the phone. We're talking land-lines here. It was local and you paid a certain amount to record a description of yourself and what you were looking for, then you could listen for responses and delete them or call them back. It was very old school by today's standards. I got a reply from this guy with a sexy voice who made it a point to mention how big his dick was. Several times. Well of course I called him and we phone-chatted off and on for about a week. Once our schedules coincided, we met at gay country bar. I'd never been there, but he said it was a good place. So we met. He was a little goofy-looking and not someone I'd normally look at twice. He also had some really ill-advised tattoos that look like they were done by a beginner. But we talked and he was so nice and seemed honest. Plus his big dick was in the back of my mind. We ended up making out right there in the club, with all the guys in cowboy drag looking on. We ended up going back to his place around midnight. His dick was every bit as impressive as he said it was. I kissed and sucked that thing for a long time. He sucked me too, but he never got fully hard. I knew from having seen porn videos that guys with extra big penises sometimes just can't force enough blood into the shaft to get it erect. It was fun though. We ended up dating for awhile. I don't know if this goes on elsewhere in the country, but in my city's gay bar community there were semi-regular 'big dick contests' at the clubs. Endowed dudes would come out in their underwear and were judged by how much the audience applauded or hollered. The prize was usually a hundred bucks or less and Craig participated in every single one of them. He always wanted me to be there to cheer him on. I usually went even though I found the whole thing a little embarrassing. Craig never won. I could have told him that the tattoos on his torso were unappealing or I could have mentioned that his plain white jockey shorts didn't really highlight his package or that maybe he could go to the gym once or twice. He could have also tried to work up a bit of a chubby. But I did my part and made as much noise as I could -- even though people looked at me like I was an idiot. After his turn, he came out in sweats and sat with me to watch the rest of the contest. There was one hunk who I just knew was going to win. He had on a pair of boxer briefs that were probably two sizes too small. He was a big beast of a man with a beard and tons of body hair. Also he was erect. The audience went wild. I almost had to sit on my hands to keep from applauding. "I hate that guy," Craig muttered. "He's not that big when he's soft, but gets himself all worked up right before he goes out. Fraud. Show-off." Craig came in fourth. No prize for that. He drowned his sorrows in bottle after bottle of Bud Lite, cursing that guy again and again. I suggested we leave. "Yeah. Just let me go pee first." He got up and wobbled his way off to the restroom. I sat and waited. And waited. No way would he ditch me. I was his ride. But he had disappeared somewhere. I bought another beer and started to wander around. I almost walked right into Mr. First Place. Damn, he was hot. We held eye contact for a few seconds before I moved on to find my boyfriend. I found him alright....making out with a blonde college kid in a dark corner. OK. Fine. He was drunk and the kid was pretty cute. "OK, Craig. I'm leaving, Ready to go?" He had the decency to look embarrasses at least. He and the blonde made code with their eyes and I somehow knew they'd made plans to hook up. We were silent in the car and I didn't even turn off the engine when we got to his apartment building. I just went home. Why was I so bothered? It's not like we were in love, and I didn't really see a future for us. I think what bugged me the most is that he was more attracted to someone else. I thought I was a decent catch. I was too good for him and he couldn't even see that. So I didn't call him the next day or the day after. My phone stayed silent as well. So I guess that was that. I found myself getting bitter about it. Stupid goon with bad tattoos and a dysfunctional dick. I regret every cent and every second I had spent on our dates. Damn him for making me feel this way -- it was going to give me early wrinkles. Motherfucker. Months went by and I still wasn't over being rejected. I studied myself in the bathroom mirror. What needed improvement the most? I grew to hate how I looked. And then he called one random Saturday afternoon. "Hi. It's Craig. How you been?" "Great!" (lie) "There's another big dick contest at 'Trey's' tonight at 10. I need all the audience support I can get." Was he kidding? He had to be. "Sure. No problem," I said, surprising myself. "This one is going to be wild. It's a wet underwear contest. They pour water over your crotch to show your stuff off. Oh, and good news! That asshole who always wins -- Alan? , the one who always cheats and wins? I've heard from several people that he has AIDS! And he's already showing signs and was even hospitalized once. I stand a fighting chance this time!" Seriously? He considered it 'good news' that some man was terminally sick? I really had to wonder why I ever liked him. "Well, I'll be there. It's close enough I can just walk there. Good luck." click I thought I would be over it all the sudden. A really nasty person was out of my life. I guess rejection is enduring, though. All that day I plotted how to get revenge. I'd cheer for every contestant except him. I'd sit on my hands and let him listen to crickets after he was soaked. I decided I'd cheer loudest for his rival, Alan. Poor guy. Maybe I could teach my self how to whistle between my fingers in the next few hours. I decided to go early and get a seat up close so Craig could see me not support him. Bitterness and immaturity are a potent combination. Trey's was just a few blocks away and I never went unless I wanted to get too drunk to get behind a wheel. It was seedy and smoky and too dark -- even for a bar. I got there about 9. I could tell where the show was going to take place. A bunch of tables were circled around a little plastic wading pool. Guess who was already sitting at the front? Craig and his blonde. They were STILL together. Maybe he got prescribed some of those boner pills and was able to use his tool finally. I had to stay cool, but a strong drink would help. I ordered a very tall gin and tonic. I really had no choice but to sit with them. I needed to drink this fast. "Oh, hi Kevin. You're early. Wow. This is Jacob." The blonde extended a slender hand and said, "Nice to meet you, Kevin." I guess he didn't remember the first time we met, making out with my boyfriend. Maybe Craig doesn't remember either. I drained my drink fast. "Let me go get you guys fresh drinks and then I have to go backstage. Kevin, what he hell are you drinking? I usually see you having Bud Light." "Super tall gin and tonic...with a heavy pour." I looked around at the crowd that had started to gather. I guess they were all 'size queens' and they probably guessed the same about me. Jacob started to ask me something, but Craig came back with the drinks. "He said they don't have 'extra tall' glasses anymore, so I brought you two plain tall ones. Extra Pour. Here's your Sunset, Jacob. I gotta go now." What the hell was a 'sunset'? They quickly kissed each other and Craig walked off behind a curtain. I never even thanked him for buying me the drinks. This Jacob started talking again. His voice was feminine and scratchy. "How do you know Craig?" (We used to date until he cheated on me with you, you fucking twink) "Through friends," was all I said. "He's never mentioned you. We need to save the other seat. Craig invited everyone he knows to come cheer for him." I snort-laughed. That chair would most likely go unoccupied all night. "What's so funny?" "Oh nothing... I guess they just put way too much gin in these drinks. I'm feeling loopy. How's your sunset?" "Nice and sweet. Wanna try it?" God, no. I didn't even answer him. I was drunk enough to be rude at this point. I'm never rude. It's not my style. The show was starting. The lights went down and a spotlight landed on the wading pool area. If you can believe it, the blonde put his hand on my knee. Seriously? We were in an infinity loop of cheating all the sudden. I pulled my leg away. "What are you doing? Aren't you dating Craig?" "I don't love him or anything. It's almost over." Unbelievable. The two of them might not be i love..but they deserved each other. A drag queen was the MC for the night. Miss Dora was pretty entertaining. She got the crowd all riled up and in the mood to see some wet bulges. I finished drinking the first glass and started in on the second. The guys came from behind the curtain in nothing but their underwear and stood in the little kiddie pool while Miss Dora poured a full pitcher of warm water on their crotch. It was great. I clapped and cheered for all of them, but I think my favorite so far in the event was the chubby Young man who obviously gave no shits about what he looked like. He didn't get much audience support, but I thought he was awesome. And then Craig came out with a smirk, just thinking the night was his. His junk didn't look so bad when wet, but he didn't get much more approval than usual. His little Jacob screamed and clapped like mad, and kept nudging me to do the same. I stayed absolutely silent and still. "I'm going to tell him you didn't cheer for him. You're no friend." "And I'm going to tell him you felt me up. You're no boyfriend!" "Like I care. I'm already seeing someone else anyway." Of course he was. A little Italian guy came out and got the pour. His bulge was just okay, but most of the crowd reacted to his muscles and hairy chest. I thought he might even win. Then the famous Alan came out and he did indeed look a little different. He'd lost some weight and looked a few years older than the last time I'd seen him. He also had some little bruises on his legs and neck. He still looked great, just a little sick. His dick had not lost any weight at all. It was still huge and looked downright magnificent in wet undies. The audience went wild and even gave him a standing ovation. I cheered as loud as I could but couldn't do that whistling thing I wanted to. Didn't matter. He'd clearly won the night....again. I was going to say just that to Jacob, but he had vanished. Big surprise. Just one more guy came out to get drenched before Alan was announced the winner. He seemed humble and shy under the light as the drag queen riffed with him. This night could not have gone better. I stayed in my seat because I knew Craig would come back out to look for his blonde. He arrived, wearing the same sweats and tennis shoes he always did. "Well...I guess he got the sympathy vote. Wasn't counting on that. God, I hate him! Hey -- where's Jacob?" "I'm not sure. After he started touching me and I made him stop, he disappeared. I'm sure he's around here somewhere." "Are you being for real? He did that? I guess I'm not too shocked. He knows he's too good for me." "Oh stop. Maybe he just drank too much." "I shouldn't have treated you the way I did. You were so fun to be with." His hand reached out to touch mine. I stood up and went to the bar for another drink. It felt good rejecting him and making him feel like I'd been feeling for so long. The place had started to clear out. Trey's was not THE place to be on a Saturday night -- especially now that all the wet dicks were gone. I walked up and ordered another gin and tonic. "Put his drink on my tab," a deep voice said. It was Alan, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I didn't even see him there before. "Wow. Thanks." "No problem. First prize was a hundred dollar bar tab and I can't drink that on my own. Sit here -- we're gonna party." I couldn't believe it. If Craig saw me talking to him, it would drain the rest of my bitter venom away. Salvation! The bartender got distracted and forgot my drink. Oh well. I'd probably had enough. "Congratulations on the win. I cheered for you along with everyone else. I'm Kevin by the way." "Thanks. I'm Alan. Did that moron forget your drink? I'll get him over here. What you having?" "What are you drinking?" "It's a special cocktail only I can order. It's a tall glass of espresso and vodka. All the bartenders in town know I drink only that. It takes a long time to make." "Okay. I'll have one too and we can wait together. I'm fine for now." He ordered us his special drink and the bartender looked super annoyed. Alan took out a small pack of cigarettes and offered me one. "Thanks. I can't believe you smoke. You're so fit." "Yeah well, I used to live a very healthy, but now I am doing whatever I feel like doing. Caffeine and nicotine can't shorten my life anymore. Know what I mean?" "No. What do you mean?" "Seriously? Every body in town knows I've got the plague. You must not get out much." Before I could answer, our drinks arrived. I took a sip and it was awful. There were so many different parts of it that tasted bad. "Wow. That's pretty potent." "Really? I guess I drink so much coffee and vodka that I notice it. Sip slow and you'll grow to kine it more." I did like it more and more over time. Something about the taste of the concoction mixed with the taste of unfiltered cigarettes worked well together. We continued to drink and smoke and talk. And the he leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I was unprepared but eager for more. We full-on made out right there in front of the sparse crowd. "That was nice. Thanks Alan." "Did you seriously just thank me for kissing you?? Come on. I know a place where we can go." He stood up, grabbed me by the hand and led me away from the bar. We were walking through the bar, hand-in-hand like a couple. He was taller than me by about half a foot, and his hand was huge. Either the caffeine, nicotine, alcohol or lust made me dizzy. Possibly all four. We passed Craig who had been looking for his blonde. I smirked at him and the look on his face was priceless...a combination of shock and anger. I'd won. But at what price? A man with AIDS was taking me away somewhere to possibly have sex. Alan took me up to the back of the bar and opened a door that led up a long set of stairs. He let go of my hand and started up ahead of me. That's when I saw he was barefoot. "What happened to your shoes?" "Oh shit. I had sandals on, but they must have slipped off at the bar. It's okay...they'll still be there at closing time. Nobody is gong to steal a nasty old pair of size 15 sandals." We got to the top of the stairs and it was surprisingly well-lit. This was the DJ/sound booth. There was one nerdy guy there, sitting by himself. "Hey Junior - can my fella and I have this room for a little while?" "Well...I guess." "Go down and get yourself some top-shelf booze and have them put it on my tab. I've got at least fifty bucks left on it so you can drink as much as you want." "Wow. Thanks, Alan. Have fun." I couldn't help but notice that 'Junior' did everything he could to avoid making eye contact with me. He left. Alan took me in his arms and put his face near mine. "Where were we?" We had a long passionate kiss. It was possibly the most aroused I've ever felt. He pulled away and took off his jeans. He wasn't wearing anything under them and his glorious hard dick was right there within my reach. "I forgot to bring some dry underwear to change into after the contest." He took off his t-shirt and I marveled at the body hair. He was perfect in so many ways. Of course I also saw the bruises which under this light, looked more like burns. He must have seen where my eyes were going. "Want to touch one of them? They don't hurt." They were harder than the surrounding skin. Bumpy. "What happened?" "You really haven't heard about me? You are new." "What should have heard?" I was playing dumb. And being dumb. And.... "Well. You should have heard that I fuck like a beast and never use a rubber." I didn't answer. Just took off all my clothes and looked at him with pure desire in my eyes. "Maybe you should have also heard that I like a good blow job. Get down there." I got down on the floor and started french-kissing his prize-winning meat. I took as much of it in my mouth as possible. It took some effort and my technique probably wasn't the greatest, but Alan made some appreciative mutterings. Whenever he expressed pleasure, I continued to do what he obviously liked. My mouth stretched as far as it could and my lips were getting numb. "Get it good and wet. It's the only lube we got." I wondered if I could make him ejaculate with just oral. No. I needed way more practice. And then he had me pinned to the floor, breathing hard and grunting like an animal. No actual words were spoken. He hoisted my legs over his shoulders and started pushing that tool around between my cheeks. This was going to hurt. I knew it in the back of my mind, but I was looking at his handsome face and beautiful brown eyes. I'd never been so horny or aroused in my life. Reality set in when the head of his dick pushed through, tearing and ripping its way up my ass. My God! No way did guys like doing this. It felt like a fire bursting inside of me. I yelled out but his mouth soon covered mine. "Hush now, sweet baby. This won't take long if you relax and try to loosen up a little." "No! Stop for a second. I can't do this." "It's kinda late precum is already swimming inside of you. Let's just finish." He kept kissing me and then talking dirty as his thrusts got deeper and faster. I adjusted to it and almost got a chance to enjoy it a little. But he suddenly stopped. "Ahhh.... there it is. There's your little gift from me to you. Let it sink in for a minute." "Thank you," I groaned. "That's twice you've thanked me tonight. Rest and recover there for a second. I'm gonna get dressed and go downstairs. Meet me down there." I was left alone there with a disease spreading through my body. Foul, tainted sperm. I'd lost one form of bitterness and then gained a more potent version that would kill me eventually. When I'd recovered and cleaned myself up a little, I went back down to the bar. The DJ was there but not Alan. Damn. I should have tried to please him more. "Is Alan here or did he leave?" "He just left. Did you at least get his number?" I reached down and grabbed his huge forgotten sandals. "No, but I got these." He just smiled sympathetically. My guess is that this had happened before. And it happened again and again. I scanned the gay news rag and went to all the big dick contests. Alan and I would do the same thing every time. Bitter drink, bitter smokes and bitter cum.
  2. Hi. I'm n the chat room now. I also re-signed with Planet Romeo. Miss you, Sexy.

  3. WARNING: Some graphic content 2003 My first boyfriend and I were not really getting along too well anymore. I met Jerome on a website which catered to kinky guys and barebackers. I had a fantasy about a guy cumming in my eyes because I'd read that it was dangerous. He ended up cumming in every hole I had. He was a poz gift-giver on a mission, while I was a young, new bug-chaser. We were together for almost a year and yet my HIV tests kept coming up negative. He took it hard, felt like a failure. I was fine with things. Maybe I was lucky or immune or something. Who knows? He suggested I take a fresh syringe of his blood and inject into my veins, but that didn't seem particularly sexy to me. And I hate needles. We continued to fuck raw for another month before we both decided it was time to call an end to the relationship we both knew had gone past its expiration date. I was upset at first...the man who took my virginity and was my first boyfriend was gone. I missed him. I missed his dick too. I was back to square one in my romantic life. At least we'd parted on friendly terms. We talked almost every other day. He'd successfully impregnated a guy a few weeks ago and that revived his ego quite a bit. He called me with his happy news. "Are you still looking to get knocked up?" "I guess I am. That's been my goal for a long time." "Well, I know a guy who has never failed at converting neg guys, He's probably not your type, though. He's not a good guy. Word has it that he fucks innocent teens -- like in high school. That ain't cool in my book. He is rude and mean. And he always smells like grease. His family owns a chicken restaurant and he works there all day." "Sounds like scum...can't wait to meet him!" "You're dedicated, alright. Give me some time and I'll set something up." A few days passed before Jerome called me back. "Ever been to 'Saturn'? It's not a great bar, but he goes there after work every night. I called him and told him about you. He seemed agreeable to meeting you." "When?" "Meet me there on Friday night at 10:00. He'll show up sometime around 11, but I need to prepare you for him first." I forgot to even ask what his name was. Or anything else. My life had gotten so boring with no sex that I was just glad for the semi-promise of adventure. When I first saw Jerome sitting alone at a table, my heart ached a little. He was so special to me for a year. He'd already ordered us a pitcher of domestic beer. I sat and glanced at my watch 10:13. "You're late. And I should have warned you not to wear a watch or anything else expensive. He'll rip you off." "But who is he? Tell me about him." "He's got some kind of foreign name that I can remember. He's Turkish and everybody calls him 'The Turk'". "Oh." "He wants people to call him 'The Big Turk', but he's not that big, actually. He tries to look tall and built, but he's fairly average in size. I trust you to be smart around him....mainly because he just walked in. Shit - he's early." And there was Big Turk. He was only a little taller than me, but he wore big, black leather boots and one of those leather hats that I'd only seen one of The Village People wear. He has fully leathered-out. He also had a black mustache and longish beard. We were in the patio area of the bar with the open night sky above us. This is where guys came to smoke or kid around with the bartender who was a bit of a character. Jerome waved him over to where we were sitting. Big Turk. "This the kid you told me about?" "Yeah. This is Greg. Cute, isn't he?" "Whatever. I gotta piss. Get me a Jack and Coke. Get one for him too." Jerome went up and did as he was told. I'd never tasted Jack Daniels before. I knew after the first sip that it was not to be chugged. "Oh--and another thing. He's completely bald on top and never takes the hat off. Shh. Here he comes." The Turk sat right next to me and drained his drink immediately. Damn. "I'll get the next round." He went to the bar and the bartender was all ready to serve him. Turk must be a bad motherfucker because I never saw him pay. Maybe he had a long-running tab here or something. "If he offers you a cigarette, take it and let him light it for you. That's a good sign. He and the bartender know each other pretty well. I saw them both at the bath house before they closed it. Both of them worked both sides of the sling...if you know what I mean." I kinda did. Big Turk returned and I now had two strong drinks in front of me. We sat and Jerome tried to get a conversation going. "How was work, Turk?" "Tips were fine, but I have had a boner all day and it ached because I had to push it up under my waistband. My feet hurt too." "Greg here is a writer." "Huh? What do you write, kid?" "Everything", I replied "Fiction, advertising copy, some long-form comic strips that I also draw." "Yeah, that's swell. Finish your drinks. You look like a fool with two full glasses in front of you," So I gulped the first one down. It hit my stomach like a bomb. "That's better. Want a smoke?" "That'd be great. Thanks, Big Turk." I wasn't a smoker, but knew how to fake it. The one he gave me was unfiltered. I stuck it in my mouth and let him light it. He almost smiled. Jerome stood up. "Well, guys...I think I should head out. Behave yourselves as much as possible. Greg, walk out with me?" "Sure. Excuse us, Big Turk." He nodded. As we went to the exit, Jerome grabbed my arm. "He must like you...or at least want to fuck you. Same thing, really. Just be careful how much you drink. And watch your drinks. He's been known to drug guys. He's a bad person, but if you really want the virus, he's got the one that's never failed to infect. Love you. Bye. Call me tomorrow." I got back to The Turk. "What took you so long?" "He and I used to date. We talked a little while. He's a good friend." "Yeah, yeah. I heard all about it. But his seed is weak, right? He couldn't get you pregnant." "That's correct. Can I have another cigarette?" We smoked and drank without talking too much more. His silence was kind of sexy. I was starting to like the Jack and Coke...and the cigarettes. I felt so relaxed and happy. Plus I had a boner. "Let's move up to the bar, kid." Turk stood up and led us to two empty stools. He and the bartender exchanged smiles. "Is he a friend of yours, Big Turk?" "James and I have known each other forever. You'll see how good a friend he is...soon. Go piss now and wash your hands. I'll hold your seat." I actually did have to pee, but how did he know? By the time I got back, Turk had ordered two more drinks plus shots. I'd be throwing up tonight. James the bartender was a tall, lanky guy wearing next to nothing. He wasn't sexy, but he was playful and fun. "Time for a toast!", James announced. Stupidly, I opened my mouth and asked a question. "What are we toasting?" "Closing time! I'm going to lock the door now." "But it's only midnight." "That's when the patio closes, dumb kid. That leaves just the three of us here. The fun is about to begin." When he finished locking up, James raised a shot glass a downed it fast. Turk and I did the same. "Hey Turk -- want me to show you the new cooler we just got? It's a good one. Bring your little pal." James unlocked a door back behind the bar and we went inside. It was just a bare concrete room with no cooler and no anything. Just a few boxes and some old plywood. The door locked behind us. It was weird, but I was feeling so good. "I gotta piss." James stood right above the little drain in the concrete floor and let it go. "He's got a nice dick, doesn't he?" Big Turk asked. "Yeah. But I but yours is nicer." That must have been the answer he wanted to hear because he flashed a perfect white smile at me. Jerome finished, but left his dick hanging out of his tiny shorts. "Hey, Turk. Think he'll suck me off?" "He will if he wants to leave here alive. Be patient. I want him to see some of the graffiti on these walls first." Huh? The walls looked pretty much untouched. "Look. Look closely." I turned to the wall and BAM! My forehead hit the wall. Damn, it hurt. I saw a flash of bright light behind my eyelids. "That was just a sneak peek at what will happen if you don't do exactly what I say. I was told you wanted my dirty cum." His accent was starting to get thicker. My pants and underwear were pulled down to my ankles. I was still facing the wall and feeling a lump swell on my forehead. "Not such a bad ass. Skinny, but not bad." I could hear him unzip and growl. He pinned me against the wall and drilled that cock between my butt cheeks. He just went right in -- no lube or anything. It was rape. I cried out a little and that made him more forceful. I knew if I shouted "Stop!", he'd just enjoy himself more. "No. Stop. It hurts too much!" "Yeahh. Nobody can hear you, little boy." He started speaking in his language. I could tell by the tone that he was getting close to unloading his cum. He shot so deep, that I didn't feel it go in. All I felt was pain. In my head and my ass. And I was still pressed face-first into the cod wall. I heard him zip back up. So that was it then. "You can turn around, kid. You're not done. James got a big hard-on from watching us. Look at it." The bartender was indeed super hard and beating off furiously. "Think he's ready for some more poison?", he asked. "Do whatever you want to the little fuck. I'm done." "Get over here, kiddo. I'm too far along to wait for your ass. I want to give you all kinds of surprises in your mouth!" I knelt before his shaft which was huge, swollen and bright red. I opened my mouth wide. He immediately inserted the fat head between my lips, pushed twice, and came. I savored the flavor. Then a splash hit me directly in the back. Big Turk was pissing on me! "Now he has to walk out of here with wet clothes. Stupid fuck." "Damn. Wish I'd saved some pee. He'll have plenty to remember us though." "Yeah. We've changed so many immune systems in this town." Big Turk was tired and done with me. James let us exit the patio section. I was alone again and missing Jerome so bad at that moment. He could get a little freaky, but I never felt bad about anything we'd done. I felt bad now. The infection worked. I tested positive for HIV several weeks later. Also gono. And I had herpes on my mouth. Happy Ending?
  4. Count me in as a member of the pain club. Do your worst. Fists and feet turn me on. Only been with one guy who liked to punish me. Broke two of my ribs by kicking me as I was lying on the floor. Hot. I still think about it.
  5. PS  I'm Toonguykc  there on AIM

  6. You here? I have aol chat open. If that doesn't work, I can meet you on the chat here.

  7. Lito Cruz, Dumbo, Peto Coast are all contenders...but Tyler Reed is my absolute favorite.
  8. Thanks for the follow, man

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  9. HOT! Would love to do that for you!
  10. September, 1993 Rico was just one member of the oddball collection of friends I'd acquired since moving to a new city. I was starting out at the ground level of a big company. The pay wasn't great and I needed a cheap place to live. I landed in midtown which had a pretty large gay population. Even my apartment building was mostly gay. I was closeted, but not really isolated. I was open and social and made friends with lots of openly gay men...and some straight guys who seemed just on the verge of crossing over. I met Rico the morning I moved in. He saw me carrying a microwave oven and held the door open. He offered to help me carry stuff. I sensed he just wanted to snoop through my stuff, but was too grateful to complain. Rico was my age (23) and could best be described as a 'character'. He was a short Mexican-American guy who was kind of cute in his own weird way. He never stopped talking and often overshared stories about his life. Within a few hours of meeting him, I already knew he was chronically unemployed, a weed fanatic and HIV positive. He told me intimate details about himself like he was reading the day's horoscopes out loud. I liked that. I liked him. No sexual attraction whatsoever, but he'd be a good catch for somebody. He was extremely hairy and his body wasn't bad either. True, he was pretty 'compact', but he had a handsome face that was always slightly scruffy and he had incredible legs. He didn't go to a gym, but he had enormous calves and broad shoulders. Genetics are super kind to some people. We spent a lot of time together....mostly at my apartment because I had a nicer TV and stereo than he did. He'd bring over a few joints and I'd order pizza. Halloween was coming. and cable was showing a ton oh horror movies. We discovered we both liked watching films we'd already seen -- so we could talk and stuff. He was curious about me and wanted to know all about my life. He'd already figured out that I way gay, but wanted to find out why I'd never had a boyfriend or why I never went out. "Jesus, Bill...all you do is work and stay home. Want me to go find you a stud? What's your type? I know it's not me, sadly." "I just need to settle here first and figure some stuff out. I like you, Rico. You're a hot little guy and a great friend." "You just don't want to go to bed with me." "Nah. Sorry," "It's fine. I don't blame you for not wanting your first experience to be with a poz guy." "Wait. No. It's not even's just. I like you so much. I don't want to ruin anything." "Yeah. Heard that one before." I felt terrible. "Sorry, man." "Don't worry about it. Let's get stoned and I'll tell you my good news." We got super baked and watched "Fright Night". "What's your good news?" "Oh. I forgot. I got a job! Temporary, but fun. I'm gonna work in one of the haunted houses downtown. There's like six of them open right now. I'm mostly behind the scenes, but it's money. Seasonal work is what's keeping my head above water." I didn't admit to him that I hated those places, The admission is always outrageously high and I'm no big fan of stuff jumping out at me. The startle effects are predictable and cheap. And there's always a line. I congratulated him and we started in on a second joint. "I work with one guy you'd probably like." he said, "He looks like a model and is very butch. Want me to fix you up?" I was so gone by that point. "Sure." "We have a run-through tomorrow. I'll start things moving." We watched about half of "The Omen" before I slipped into a deep sleep. The next day was a Friday. The office was always dead on Fridays. The other guys either didn't show up at all or took 'working from home' time. I liked the quiet. Rico called me around 3:30 and asked if I could leave early. He wanted to meet for a drink before he went to work at "The Gates of Hell" -- the biggest haunted house in the city. "Sure. I can leave right now. Where do you want to meet?" "There's a little pub called "Jazzy" right near your work. See you soon." I'd seen the place from the street many times, but never went in. It didn't look like a gay place, but who knows? Parking sucked. As soon as I got in the front door, I saw little Rico sitting at a nearby table. Next to him was a gorgeous man with the sharpest features possible for a human face. No way could he be some ghoul in a haunted house. I mean.... "BILL! Over here! We're having a few cocktails before clocking in.This is Jess. Sit." This Jess was too hot to be true. "Bill, Tom. Tom, Bill. So glad we got that out of the way." Rico pushed a tequila shot to me. "Hi. What do you do a The Gates of Hell?" Rico spoke for him. "Jess is a werewolf! The whole second floor is nothing but fog, trees and werewolves wandering around. If one of them grabs you, they take you to the third floor." "Sounds fun," I said. (not really) "I wanted him to see what you were wearing and what you looked like....So he could grab you first." "But I'm in my work clothes. I wanted to go home and change into something more casual. It's kind of warm." "Nah. It'll cool off as the sun goes down. Jess has to go now. He's the managers son and does a lot in Hell. I can stay for a little longer. Bye, Jess. See you later." He left. "Damn, Rico. You didn't let him get a single word out. He's cute, but I don't know what he's like." "He's the strong, silent sort. I thought you'd like that. I'm sure he'll talk when he's naked in your bed." We drank a little more. Not much, though. He had to work soon and I had to work my car out of the parking lot eventually. "Rico...I really should go home first. It's only five." "Rush hour. You'll get all agitated and bail on me. Stay here and play some pinball. Sip your drinks slowly and you'll be fine. Hell doesn't open for another hour. Look -they've got "Freeway" and "Addams Family" here. I even rolled a fatty if you want it. Smoke or drink yourself into a less-uptight mood. We're just down the hill from here." "But..." "Just get to the second floor. Your werewolf will find you. Have fun. Kiss kiss! Bye now." Rico left me with a fresh margarita on the rocks, a joint and a small stack of quarters. Well. fine. I could kill some time with two great pinball machines here. The Addams Family game was a favorite. I had a feel for it. I could wrack up so many free games and huge scores on it. I played and sipped my drink. Slowly. I kept playing and letting parts of my brain think about Jess. He was sexy and all, but I couldn't really imagine us as a couple. He didn't seem to have much to offer beyond his looks. Shit! It was already dark! I should go. I had about a five block walk down to what they call 'the River Bottom District". My car could stay where it was. I'd get it later somehow, I lit up the joint and smoked it openly as I strolled. There was a lot of weekend happening already, Then I was there..."The Gates of Hell.". My werewolf awaited inside.. Of course there was a line of impatient people. And of course there was a bible-thumper handing out pamphlets about the 'real' hell. I was mellow enough to just ignore him and wad up the scrap of paper I'd been handed. Rico showed up out of nowhere. "Sorry, Bill. I meant to give you a free pass beforehand. Come with me." He walked me right in the entrance which pissed a few waiting people off. "Thanks." "Anytime. I gotta run now. Remember - wander around the second floor for a bit and your werewolf will find you. Call me later." We had to go in a group of ten. The first floor was pretty much everything I expected -- skeletons and stuff jumping out of the walls. Girls screamed and guys laughed. Yawn. I'd seen all this shit before. At last it was time to go to the second floor. They'd really cranked up the fog machines here. It was supposed to look like a foggy forest. There were fake trees and twinkle lights on the ceiling. I figure I'd just wander around ... and wait. It wasn't long before a dude in a werewolf costume walked and stood next to me. I held my breath as he put two paws on my shoulders and led me away from my spot. "You're Jess, right?" Silence. I guess he was staying in character. He didn't take me to the next floor. Instead, we ended up in some kind of supply room. I saw boxes, pieces of a disassembled skeleton and a small row of lockers. OK. I was a little buzzed still and ready for anything. The werewolf stood silently for a few seconds and removed the top part of his costume. It wasn't the picturesque model -- it was Rico! What the fuck? "God, this mask stinks. So much bad breath and head sweat."r "Rico? What's going on? Where's Jess?" I wasn't as shocked or as disappointed as you might think. He'd done this on purpose. "Him? He's one of my boss's sons and a woman. I gave him a bag of weed and used him to get you here. I gotta take this off -- I'm sweating like a pig." He took off the fur suit. He was wearing a tank t-shirt, shorts and no shoes. He was so hairy that he was still almost a wolf without the costume. I laughed. "What? Are you mad?" "No. I'm not mad. But why? What are we doing here?" He locked the door. "That depends on you, Tom. What would you like to do?" He got closer to me and I could smell his sweat, the rank of the costume and a hint of smoke. It was the most natural thing in the world when I kissed him. It was my first kiss. As usual, he had beard stubble, and I liked it. We hugged close and tight. He was soaked in sweat. "You're going to get my stink all over your nice work clothes," he said into my ear. Our hard-ons were telling him I didn't care. "Maybe I like it dirty." "How dirty?" "You're the expert on that, Rico. As soon as you tell me why you set all this up, I'll let you take charge." Pause "Because I've wanted you since the day I first saw you. I started loving you a week later. You said that dating would ruin our friendship, but unspoken love and desire would ruin it too." "You're right. It would. So....?" "I get to take charge now, right?" I nodded. He unzipped me and took my boner in his mouth. Another first for me. Of course he was good at it. I touched his sweaty black hair as he worked. When he stood back up, he said, "You're bigger than I guessed. I'd love for you to suck me too, but I need to shower first." "No way." I dropped to my knees and pulled down his shorts. His erection was short and thick, emerging from a massive amount of pubic hair. It was perfect. He seemed confused by how long I spent just looking at it. Maybe he'd figure out that this was my first time seeing a penis up-close and in person. "I wish it was bigger. Blame my parents." "It's beautiful. I love it because it's yours." I tasted it, then kissed it and finally sucked it. He said a few words in Spanish and grabbed the back of my head. He pulled away. "I'm going to strip. You do the same." I did. Shoes, socks, pants, everything. We were both naked and ready for anything. "What now, Rico?" "You don't mind sweat and smell. So I want you to lick my asshole. It's one of my favorite things in the world." That seemed gross to me, but he really wanted it, so.... "Bend over." He did and spread his ridiculously hairy ass cheeks apart. I hesitated for only half a second before diving right in there. I didn't know what I was doing, but kept using my mouth until he moaned. He liked me sliding my tongue into his rectum as far as I could. I was acquiring all kinds of new skills. "Ah shit! I'm going to cum soon." I stopped. I wanted to see his seed...or touch it or taste it. We separated and caught our breath. "I'm still in charge, right?" "Oh yes." "Can I fuck you?" I remembered his status. "Well..." "Just the tip of my dick. For a minute, and then we'll stop. I'll even put on a condom." "OK. You are in charge after all." He got up and rooted through the pockets of his shorts. "Shit! It must have fallen out into the costume." He didn't find it. "Sorry. But it'll be okay as long as I don't make you bleed. Still want to?" "Yes. Absolutely." I'd had time to weigh the consequences and decided it was all meant to be. I lied on my back. He climbed on top of me. So much hair. I loved the feeling of his compact body in full lust mode. I wrapped my arms around his back and let my fingers run through all the thick, sweaty fur. I knew a few girls from work who hated hairy backs on men. That just didn't make sense to me. He moved in and pushed my legs apart. A few seconds later he found the target. He pushed and I got a jolt of pain. "That was just the head, Tom. Let me feel it there for a little while and then we can stop. So nice and warm..." "Put a little more of it in." He did. And we both liked it so much that he kept going. I grabbed his ass and urged him on. Then he fucked me like a beast. Harder and faster. And faster. "I have to cum...I have to...AHHHH!!!!" He came in me and I was actually grateful. It was done and it was destiny. "Thank you." "You're not bleeding, are you?" "I don't think so." We stood up and he inspected my backside. "Oh no. You've got some drops of blood there." "It's fine, Rico. I love you. Put your costume back on and go finish your shift. I'm going home now. Come by my place when you're done." "Are you sure you love me?" "I've never been so sure of anything."
  11. I knew a girl from work that was a total mystery to me. Rachel was quiet and usually depressed, but with a ton of friends. I liked her pretty well and she always threw parties in her quaint house. I could never turn down an invitation because she sat near me at the company and her feelings got hurt so easily. So I'd bring a bottle of wine, mingle a little usually drink A few beers. I was always amazed at the range of personalities that showed up at her gatherings. A perplexing mix of blue collar, white collar and always assorted weirdos. The common denominator was that they were all nice. A week before Valentine's Day Rachel threw another party. I was just getting over a bad cold and didn't think my immune system was quite prepared for all the shared air and handshakes, but I went. Huge crowd of assorted people. I talked to a few coworkers and some folks I recognized, but found myself looking at my watch. I just needed to stay long enough to be polite. I had a few taps from the keg and hung back, away from the crowd. As I turned to go to the bathroom, I ran right into a big barn of a man who was right behind me. I apologized and made my around him. "Wait. Don't you recognize me?" I looked at him. He was a large bear with dark brown hair and a beard, maybe early 40's. Not fat exactly, but certainly not thin either. Kind of cute and rugged. "Sorry. No. Have me met?" "Goddamn. I only played for your city's NFL team for a year. The 92'-93' season.' "I didn't live here then. I was still in school. So, wow -- you're a celebrity." "I was once. Only two people here tonight have known who I am. I'm still not used to being anonymous." "It's not so hard, I've spent most of my life being anonymous. Invisible. I'm a writer, and usually hide behind words. "A writer? You must be another person that works with Rachel, This group is too smart for me. I'm pretty dumb." "I doubt that. You have skill set that no one else here can even imagine. Look - I was headed to the john. I'll be back." "Hurry back." Inside the bathroom I wondered where in the world Rachel had met an ex-pro athlete. I knew her ex-husband was a sports fanatic, so maybe that was the connection. He was still in the same spot when I came back. He smiled and handed me a fresh cup of beer. "Thanks.I'm Terry, by the way." "No problem. You watch football at all?" "Just the college bowl games sometimes. Did you always want to be football player?" "No. I'm from Canada and hockey was always my game. I played it until I got to high school and couldn't find skates in my size anymore. So I tried football. I'm big and I like rough contact. I'm very physical and have a high threshold for pain." "Not me. I just got over a cold and a sinus infection. It was bad because I hate any kind of discomfort." "Got it. I'd much rather cause pain than suffer it." "Hmmm." Maybe this guy was a wife beater. "The couch is clear. Let's go sit there -- my knee is killing me." We went and sat. " I thought you liked pain? Did you suffer an injury?" "Among other things. My knee was wrecked two months into the season. I shot up so many painkillers and steroids that Fall. Certain kinds of pain are tolerable, but not if it never goes away. I was busted. And I was on thin ice anyway. Legal stuff. It's a long story." "I'm going to grab one more beer and call it a night." "Hold on. Let me go to the kitchen and fix us a real drink. Rachel's got some good whiskey." "I'll get it. Your knee hurts." "It's okay. I'm feeling better now. Stay here." He left me by myself on the couch. A few people were looking at me. He came back with two tall glasses of booze. "Whoa", I said "I don't think I can finish all this." "It's Saturday night. Sip it and relax. Ir will kill whatever's left of your cold virus." Well, okay. I didn't live very far from Rachel and could just walk home if I got too hammered. The drink was good. The thing about premium whiskey is that it doesn't burn going down. It just hits your stomach and a pleasure bomb explodes. "What kind of legal trouble were you into, Terry?" "Some of it was related to drugs, but most of it involved violence. I'm just now off of probation. Have some health issues too." "Hmmm." "What are you thinking? Do I scare you now?" "No." I really wasn't scared of this behemoth. I just felt so relaxed suddenly. "What's the worst pain you've ever felt?" "Me? Let me think. Probably the worst was when I was on junior high and broke my pinkie, playing basketball in P.E. Mom took me to the doctor and he had to reset it by hand. I screamed. Oh, and I had a migraine once that was so bad I wanted to die." "Yeah. Keep telling me stories like that." "Why?" He adjusted himself a little. "I like hearing about pain." Normally, I would think this weird, but now it seemed like an acceptable topic of conversation. "I once touched an electric fence when I was very little. I grew up on a farm and was just walking through a field. I accidentally touched it and the pain mixed with surprise made me cry for hours." "Wow." "That's all about all I have." "Hold on. He adjusted his jeans again and stood up. Let's have one more drink." Sure. I was feeling fine. Too fine. Maybe the whiskey was extra strong or maybe... My head wasn't stuffed up anymore and the cold was gone. I felt good. A little sleepy, but good. I hadn't thought of that electric fence incident in years. I wonder if that jolt to my young brain caused me to be gay. Terry came back with two more tall glasses of beverage. "Come upstairs with me. Rachel said it'd be okay if we hung out in the guest room." "What? Why?" "We're talking deep stuff here, buddy. It's too crowded and I want to be alone with just you." I sipped my drink and pondered this. "Rachel really said it was okay?" "Yep. She owes me. I was friends with her ex-husband and he borrowed a lot of money from me to repair their roof." And then we were walking up the stairs. My antenna was up. This was a stranger with a violent history...and I'm fairly sure he had drugged me. We got to the cozy little guest room that already dimly lit with a stained-glass lamp. He sat on the side of the bed and I plopped down on a chair. "Terry? Did you put something in my drinks?" "Hardly anything. I just wanted you to feel good." "But you like hurting people." "It's more complicated than that. I'm not crude. By now I could've broken all of your fingers. It'd be hard to write then, wouldn't it? It would ruin your life. You wouldn't even be able to wire your own ass." "Do you want that?" "No," "Tell what you're thinking right now. I'm going to get comfortable." He took off his shoes and socks, and then stretched back on the bed. "Scared. I'm scared of you now. You drugged me and like to be violent and we're alone." "I like the fear on your face." He took his dick out of his pants and started stroking it into full, mighty hardness. "Damn." "You like it? I can cause some real damage with my cock. More than you know. I've got a bunch of STD's in this thing....including HIV. OOOH! That put a scare in you, didn't it? You are white as a sheet." "Don't. Stop. Please?" How did this happen? "Get up here with me. We'll make pillow talk and, depending on how nice you are, I'll decide what happens next. Take off your clothes. I locked the door." I stripped and curled up helplessly next to Terry. "Good. That was a good start. You need to know that I'm going to fuck you. It'll hurt, but if you go along with it and don't scream, I'll let you go." "B-But...the AIDS." "They've probably got it a cure for that by now. Just imagine THIS inside of you." he said as he shook his boner back and forth. "How?" "Drink the rest of your drink and then take this." He handed me a little pill that I immediately swallowed. I got up and drained my glass he watched, flexing and stretching his big bare feet and grinning like a demon. Oh well. Maybe there was a cure for AIDS by now. Or at least effective treatment. Maybe. "Okay." "Okay? Really? Smart. Rest a while and I'll get everything ready." He disappeared into the guest bathroom and came back with an armload of towels. He spread them out on the end of the bed. "Let's just do this." "Change the attitude, kid. I can make this a nightmare if you don't." "Sorry. Please tell me what o do." 'Sit on the end of the bed. Your cute little face is going to be stuffed with dick." I did as told. He fed me inch after inch of that enlarged organ of his and seemed amazed that I could take so much. "No teeth. That's extra credit." This mixture of fear and arousal was all new to me. 'Terror' and 'Terrific' were words with the same origin after all. He had me lie on back with my legs hanging over the end. He split my legs apart and plunged his pain-giving dick directly into me. I bit my lower lip until it bled. "Shit! You're bleeding from two different ends now. I'm gonna cum.' He leaned down and licked the blood off my chin as he kept pumping. " comes the" Spasm after spasm wracked his body. It was done. "We gotta take these towels with us. Rachel will be so mad if she finds out what I dd to you." He seemed a little perplexed for a minute before stuffing all of them in a ceiling panel. "Go clean yourself up a little." I did. I had bled a lot and felt weak. "I need to lay down a bit." "No. We don't want to be the last ones here, sneaking out. We can sleep at my place." He left the room first, and I followed about two minutes later. We got to his car and that's the last thing I remember until I woke up in a strange bed with a giant football player next to me. We spent the next six nights together. He really wanted to break one of my bones, but I type on a computer all day for work. We compromised. I let him break two of my toes, three of my ribs and one of my teeth out. I always had bruises and scrapes...hidden with clothing. Then I reached my limit and ended this wacko affair. Terry didn't take it well. He promised he'd find me on the street some day and kill me. I'm still breathing as of this minute.
  12. Everybody says that 'life is a journey', but they're wrong. Life is a crazy carnival ride with twists, turns and sometimes turns upside down. I found that out in 2002. That's when I met Larry. I probably would have never met him if i hadn't been talked into going to some coworker's 25th anniversary party. I didn't even really know him that well, but my pal Kyle wanted to go because he liked any occasion where free booze was being served. The affair was held in the bar area of some restaurant near downtown. I liked my work friends, but I just wasn't in a great mood that night. Kyle went right to the bar and started downing Manhattans. I stood at the edge of the small crowd congratulating the old guy when Kyle grabbed my arm. "Don! You have come see this bartender! He's such a goon, but pretty funny. He makes the drinks extra strong too." "Goon" was right. He was giant and odd-looking. "What can I get you?", he asked with a crooked smile. I ordered a rum and Coke that was indeed pretty strong. We all talked a little while before Kyle announced he was going to the restroom. Once it was just me and the bartender, he leaned close and asked if Kyle was my boyfriend. What? This was a very hetero gathering in a hetero business. Why in the world would he ask that? "Him? No. He's a good friend and we work together. Why do you ask?" "Sorry, man. I didn't mean to insinuate anything. I've just been in this business a long time and have learned to read people. For instance, I can read that you need another drink." "OK. One more. I can't get too wasted because I have to work with those people." "It looks like they're clearing out. You driving?" "No. My buddy and I shared a cab." Speaking of Kyle. Where was he? He'd gone to the bathroom ten minutes ago. Damn. I should have known. He was famous for drinking too much and disappearing on his own adventures. I'd have to pay for the taxi myself and I sure as hell was going to make it up to me. It was a Thursday night, a few weeks before Halloween. The place was empty. "Tab's still open for your party...want another?" "Why not? I haven't used a sick day yet this year. I'm due for a hangover." "That's the spirit! My name's Eric, by the way." I reached to shake his hand and he almost squeezed it off with his giant paw. So Eric and I chatted for an hour as I got drunker and drunker. He sneaked a few shots of his own, keeping his eye out for the manager. I asked if he was married. "Not anymore. Bitch left me almost four years ago." "Sorry." "Thanks I was just too freaky for her." "What do you mean?" "Have another drink and I'll tell you. I gotta close up the register and lock up the back." That last drink he made me was so strong it was nearly flammable. A harried-looking woman walked up and asked me where Eric was. "He's locking up the back." "Well tell him to lock the front too. I'm so tired I can't see street. Good night." Eric was happy she left. "She's okay, just stresses out too easily. That gets everybody else uptight." I drained the last of my mega-drink. "So what makes you freaky?" "I was just always trying to introduce kinkiness into the bedroom. I'm very peculiar. I asked her if she wanted to try a threesome one night and she thought I just wanted to fuck another girl. She got all mad, but what I didn't tell her was that I wanted to invite another man - not a woman." "Wow." "I found myself wanting to do weird things, but she nixed everything I suggested. She'd suck me for a little while, but would never swallow. Wouldn't lick my balls or my ass or do anal. Nothing. So I got off in secret ways." "Like how?" "I'd always fantasized about pissing in her mouth, but knew she'd never go for I'd pee in her coffee or tea or Coke all the time. Just a little. And one night she caught me with my wang out, dribbling into her juice. She left that night and we divorced. It cost me everything. I used to own a place like this, but had to sell it to pay her off. Lost my house too. All my savings. "Damn." I was drinking another glass of rum and I hadn't even noticed. He'd made another one for me while I was listening. We drank more and talked more. I told him that I was pretty inexperienced when it came to relationships. I'd been out with three different guys. dated two and had sex with one. "You haven't heard the worst. I ended up having a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized. They decided I was bipolar and put me on a bunch of drugs. They were crazy with their prescriptions and I now have stuff for sleeping and nerves and other stuff. People think I'm humorous, but mostly I'm just goofed out on pills." "You seem fine to me." He went on..."After I got out and settled into an apartment by myself, I discovered I was still a freak despite the drugs. I wanted wild sex. And I found out that gay guys would do all the things I was into. And I liked doing it to them. One dude even said he'd eat my shit, but I haven't gotten that far into kink." pause "Well, I won't eat your poop, Eric. I have a freaky side too, but learned to suppress it." He laughed. "I wish I'd learned. I just went deeper into it all. I was in a few gay orgies even. I did cocaine and heroin and acid. I thought I'd found my groove....until I found out I was HIV positive. That killed the party for me. "Dang, Eric. I'm so sorry. How are you doing now?" "I'm surviving. Adjusting. Tell me what you're thinking." "Well...beyond sympathy for your plight, I'm a little boned-up right now. Sorry. God, I drank too much." "No. It's okay. I read people, remember? Hey -- you're off tomorrow and it's only a little after midnight. Let's go somewhere." "Where?" "There's a place just a few blocks away. We can go for a bit and talk some more." He locked up and we walked down the safely-lit street. We came to a place I'd never even heard of before. "Munky's". Odd name. It was so quiet. There was no blaring disco music and no crowd. If not for the rainbow flag over the bar, you couldn't tell it was a gay establishment. That's how dead it was. Eric went up the bar, chatted with the bartender and came back with two cold mugs of beer. "I figured we should probably ease up a bit on the hard stuff. "Good idea." I spotted an old Galaga machine in the corner. That was my favorite video game as a kid. "Your eyes just lit up." He looked over, saw the machine and sighed. "You want to play that thing, don't you?" "Just one game. Please?" I felt like a kid begging a parent to stay up later. "Play as much as you want. I just need to get off my feet for awhile. I've got a bunch of quarters from tonight's tips." So I stood and played a whole game. I didn't do very well because I guess my reflexes were askew from the rum. So I decided to stop and just sit with Eric. He was growing on me. "What? You're done already? Sit and drink some of your beer. Refresh. Mind if I smoke? I never smoke except when I'm drunk. Or after sex." We sat. He'd taken off his loafers and had his gigantic socked feet propped up on the stool next to me. "Can I have a cigarette too?" He fished one out of the pack and lit it for me. The head rush I felt made me want to play my game again. He already knew what I was thinking and told me to go play until I beat the high score. I took a few more sips of beer and went back at it. I guess maybe I was being rude. We came here to talk and here I was just entertaining my inner teen. I kept reaching back and drinking more from my mug...which never seemed to get any emptier. I guess he was going up to get it refilled, but then why was it warmer? He was pissing in it. I knew it and I'm pretty sure he knew I knew. He was that sharp. I was hard under my black jeans. So I kept playing and got lost in my quest to get a big score. Once I turned around to ask for another smoke and saw him holding my beer up to his open fly. I said nothing and showed no shock. I didn't beat the high score, but I made the top five. I entered my initials and sat back down. "I like this place. We should come here again." "You haven't seen the men's room yet. I need to go...come join me." We went back and I stood next to him as he peed. His dick was pretty impressive. Semi-hard. "Nice penis," I said. "Want to hold it while I finish?" I didn't answer. I just grabbed it and felt the stream go through his hot shaft. He turned toward me with his dick still dripping. "Take a taste. Please?" I knelt down and took the purple head between my lips. He let a small, slow stream flow down my throat. "Thanks." That's all I could say. "Thank YOU'" We went back to our table. The bartender had brought two new mugs of beer. I sipped a bit. "Oh hell -- my glass isn't full anymore. Can you take care of that?" "Not yet. Give me some time. I wanted to tell you something. Urine is sterile and doesn't really carry HIV. It's not like I shot a load in your glass." "I get that. You can do that the net time we come here." His stocking feet were up on the stool. "I notice you looked at my foot. Want to smell it or rub it? I told you I can read people...and you've got those big puppy eyes that can't hide anything." I massaged both feet and mentioned that it would feel better without socks. "No. Not here. Later." We continued sipping our beers. "Earlier you said that you suppress your freaky side. How? Why?" "Look what happened when you didn't." "Fair point, Don." "Plus -- the internet has helped out a lot. No muss, no fuss." My beer was half empty so I pushed it toward him. He held it below the table and topped it with his hot piss. "How you holdin' up? You look a little lost." "What is that supposed to mean, Kyle?" "I'm Eric. You may have had one too many. Or probably you're getting some of my anti-psychotic medpcpne in your system. I've been giving you sips of my piss since your first drink at the restaurant." "It's Halloween tonight!" "No. It isn't. Leave the beer for now and let's go back to my place." Galaga had awoken the teen rebellion in me and I drained the glass. I did feel lost. Lost in time and lost in space. I think that was the final line in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". My teen years kept appearing in my brain. "Dammit, Janet!" I said. "That's it for tonight. I only live up the hill. Can you walk or do you want to be carried? You must weigh next to nothing." "Let's just float there." He guided me out of the bar and we were back on the street. Everything was at a weird angle and I felt the need to sleep. Eric wouldn't let me take a quick nap on the sidewalk. "We're almost there...which is good because I need to pee badly." "Do it here. I'll help." "No, Don. We're here. Come on in." His place was small and neat and smelled like him. I looked up at him with a compliment ready, but he kissed me hard. His hand was on my crotch. "See how good it feels t o not suppress urges. We don't have much time before I have to take a wicked piss. Go to the bathroom and lie down in the tub. Face up. On your back." I guess I should have taken my clothes off, but I could've sworn I wasn't wearing any. The tub was cold anyway. I did as told and waited. He walked in completely nude, his big boner waving back and forth. He wasn't kidding about needing to pee. The stream hit me right in my neck and moved up my chin and then it was in my mouth. I gulped and gulped. I was soaked when he finished. "You're a mess now, little friend. How is your head." "Wet on the outside. But my brain is trick-or-treating outside somewhere." "Well it's time to get you naked and cleaned up a little." In a blur of water and soap and steam I was as fresh as a newborn. He dried me off with the softest towels ever made and then I was in a bed. "Tell me again where your head is." "Right here. Will you fuck me, Eric." "I plan on it. Does your head know what that means?" "I does, I want it. I want my freak to meet your freak." "Deal." I wish I could remember the next ten minutes better. I know I was in some severe pain when he put that huge, raw dick in me and I know he came in me. I know he apologized right before he did it again. It felt so much better that time. I do remember that he was a poz man. What were those drugs he was on? I was liking the kidney-filtered version of them. I slept so well. I dreamed of pumpkins and stars. Weird. Nice, but weird. I woke up in time to call work and tell them I was sick. Eric and lounged in bed for three day. I satisfied all his freakyness and he satisfied mine. I knew I'd get sick, but I had this wonderful man in my who cares?
  13. (this story was inspired by a post right here on BZ) 2000 Once I finally got a computer, I was hooked. I was 24, horny and loved nothing more than looking at naked photos of men. I had a dial-up connection that was too slow for videos, but the pictures were enough. I guess I liked looking at so much while remaining invisible behind a computer screen. I'd done my best to be invisible my whole life because I was scared to death of being embarrassed. I had two older brothers who loved to humiliate me when I was a kid. Nobody could make fun of me in this cyber world. There used to be an internet site that was set up so that gay guys could read and post anything about gay life. In the beginning it was mainly about coming out, politics, relationships and health. It was educational and helpful, but got raunchy pretty fast. Bare-backers invaded! I'd never heard that term before. They posted topics about sharing HIV loads, drinking piss, fisting, drugs, etc. I recoiled at first, but kept reading what these men were writing. My disgust changed to interest and led to fascination. I discovered that I had a dirty mind (whatever that means). The site started to become an obsession. It just kept getting nastier. I found myself wanting to have sex with a poz men and do things with him. I went from fearing a disease to wanting it in just a few short months. I logged in every spare minute. One topic that grabbed my attention was about getting cum in your eyes. I discovered once during a masturbation incident that cum burned the eyeballs something fierce. Would another man shooting sperm in my eye be different? Hot? Here's what I remember reading in the the sub-forum: : Is taking cum in the eye dangerous? : Hell yes it is! You've got so many blood vessels exposed. You can get herpes and HIV and probably other stuff that way. It also hurts. Avoid it!!!!! : I love facials but not in my damn eyes! : Oooh. A new way to convert a bottom! Thanks for the info! : Former med student here. It's bad for so many reasons. Sperm is meant to invade an ovum and your eye has the same mucous membrane as an egg. That means millions of little sperms are trying to dig their way into your eye. It could cause problems -- including blindness. : Fuck yeah. I want to get somebody's eye pregnant. : That's sick, man : Kiss my ass. For whatever reason, I loved the idea. The danger. I guess I mostly loved that there was a guy or two out there who would purposely hurt me with his squirting dick. There'd be no going back after that. I got hard at the thought of hazardous behavior. That topic seemed to have been exhausted after a week of one-sentence insults. I wanted to get it started again, so I made a post myself: Kansas City guy wants a dirty load in his eye I couldn't believe I'd actually done it. Regret. I let the computer stay dark for a few days before I got up the nerve to look at the site again. Guys replied: : Filthy! : I'd love to do it, but I'm in Ohio. Travel? : Don't be stupid : You neg? I'm in KC too. Perv and poz always looking to play. Click on my name and leave your email. : Can't believe this is a thing Well - I'd sent out my twisted wish and somewhere nearby was willing to make it come true. How near? What did he look like? I left my email address in his box with a note that just said "Hi". As much as I wanted to walk away and let the computer get cold for a day or so, I stayed on and waited for a response like a dog waiting for feeding time. Not only did he reply, but sent a few photos! The first shot was of him from the chest up. He was in his 30's, bearded and had thinning reddish-brown hair. The second picture was a dick close-up. It was big and shaved. Cut. I didn't have an online photo or a camera on my PC. So I just described myself a little, told him the area I lived in and left my phone number. No going back from that. 'ring' "Hello?" "Hi. Is this Tommy? It's Jerome" "Yeah. Hi. How are you tonight?" "Tired. Worked late and it's humid as hell out there." "Where do you work?" He talked about his job and I talked about mine. We made general chat for almost five minutes until he finally asked."Want to hook up?" "Uh...Yes. Yes, I do. When?" "Now. After I take a quick shower." "Now? OK, but don't take a shower -- just come over in half and hour." "You like it sweaty and dirty, huh? I can do that, but I do outdoor work for nine hours day. You sound young...ever done this before?" "No. I've never done anything with anybody." "Awesome! This will be great. I won't take a shower, but I have to change into something clean at least. Give me your address." I gave him my location and we said 'good-bye'. This was moving so fast. I went right to the kitchen and gulped a beer. Then another. I felt an impossible number of emotions. My dick was so hard that I was afraid Id shoot before he even got here. I needed to calm down or I'd ruin this. I watched CNN until there was a knock at my door. He was here! I let him in and we sized each other up for a few seconds. He was taller than I would have guessed. He didn't look sick. "Damn! You're a baby! Got any I.D.?" "Uh. Yeah. I'll go get it." "Chill, I was only kidding. I didn't take a shower. Want a hug so you can smell?" "Yeah. Please." He wrapped me in a big bear hug and I could smell hot male sweat immediately. "I didn't even change underwear, but I took off my nasty socks and put on sandals. That OK?" "Sure. I guess." "Damn. You are something else. Next time I'm going to jog over hear and let you lick me all over. You want that?" "God yes." He settled himself on my couch. "How do you want to do this?" "No idea. I hadn't that far ahead. Why don't you make all the decisions from now on." "You got it, Tommy." He kicked off his sandals and then stripped off all his clothes. He was erect and dripping a little from the pee hole. I knelt down but then immediately stood up again. "Do you want me to get naked too?" "Can't wait that long. I'm almost ready to cum. You're not going to close your eyes are you?" I got on my knees again. "No. Wait. Hold my eyelids open with your fingers." "Right eye or left eye. Decide quick!" I didn't have time to choose. He reached two fat fingers down and held my left eye open. Then a blast of seed hit the eyeball directly. It burned badly, but in a thrilling way. He then poked the head in and made it hurt even worse. It was hotter than I ever imagined. He let go of my eyelids and rubbed the remaining cum across my lashes and lips. "Let me see. Oh your eye is so red. My seed is working its magic...the invasion is happening. Excited?" "Fuck yeah!" "We are going to have so much fun together. You might be almost as twisted as I am. Tomorrow night I'm going to bare fuck you good and proper.... I won't even change socks." He did. We did. We did anything he could think of. Plus a few kinks I came up with. He added HIV, sweat, piss and blood to my system. More stories to come.
  14. You are a GOD!

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      you are very sexy tyler j reed!

  15. i had an ideal childhood. I lived in a generic town in a generic part of the country, but everything was normal and nice. My friends and I rode our bikes and played softball in the park...hell, there was even a tree house in my backyard. Everything changed in 2001. My grandma came to live with us, I started junior high, my parents finally bought a computer and 9/11 happened. Everything was worse. Grandma was a sweet lady, but very deeply into Jesus. She bugged me with her scriptures and psalms and shit. My group of friends seemed to split up and go their separate ways. I was in a bad mood and felt like I was not developing properly. I was gay of course, but that was just too big of a thing to think about. my bike and tree house looked ridiculous to me all of the sudden. And I kept getting pimples here and there. The computer didn't interest me too much. I sucked at the games on it because my hand/eye coordination was never good. I knew there were naked pictures on the internet, but there was always an adult lurking nearby. Plus -- my grandma was always on it. I still curse whoever showed her how to use a computer. She only went to religious websites and places where old, conservative, bible-thumping people like her gathered. That's where the story really begins... "I read a lot of facts about the gays and their AIDS. Did you know that the disease started because those people eat each others' poo?", Grandma announced at the dinner table one night. There was no shutting her up. "And they want more funding for research so they try to infect normal people like us. They stick you with needles that are contaminated. One woman was at the movies and felt a small pain in her back. After the movie was over, her husband saw a sticker on her shoulder that said 'Welcome to the club'. She got the AIDS without knowing it!" I wanted to go eat in my room...away from this shit. "And they leave dirty syringes in the coin return slots of payphones. So scary and so evil." I didn't believe her...entirely. But I wondered it might have some truth in it. I often thought about men having sex with other men, and this added an element of danger to it. I was terrified at first, but that fear turned to fascination over time. I read about the HIV virus in magazines they had in the school library. As I educated myself, I learned about how the virus was actually transmitted. I read about condoms and everything related to this 'gay disease'. I remember once snooping through my parents' bedroom and finding a box of condoms in a drawer. I was mostly fascinated by the illustration of the rubber on the front. It was fully extended and looked giant to me. The box had been opened which meant my father had put one on his penis already! Was he as big as the drawing? I went through high school, dark and moody. I was smart enough to know I wasn't mentally healthy, but not smart enough to ask for help. I was just a typical, sullen teenager in my family's eyes. I got my own computer the year I before I graduated. I used it for homework at times, but mainly I followed the draw of darkness. I went to porn sites, chat rooms and forums about gay sex. I wanted to know everything. Once I found a website where real guys talked about HIV as an erotic thing. They liked spreading it and made it sound so arousing. Imagine...getting a deadly sickness on purpose! I was 18 by then and knew I'd be leaving home soon. I wanted to meet some of these people in real life. They seemed more familiar to me than any of the people my age. Dark, twisted people. I went to the same college both of my parents attended. It didn't seem too much different than high school at first. The same cliques and herd mentality prevailed. Rah rah rah. What is 'school spirit' and what good does it do anyone? I did find a few dark, brooding people like myself, but they expressed their torment through art or poetry or music. I kept mine quiet and locked away. I got acquainted with beer and weed and a few other things, but I was really just waiting. Waiting for what I knew was close by. It probably wouldn't come to me -- I had to out and find it. I started to take long walks at night....everywhere and anywhere. I followed my instincts and wound up at a park that was sort of iconic because of the tall tower built as a memorial to victims of whatever war. It looked like giant penis. I sat on a stone bench and had a clove cigarette. As my adjusted a little, I noticed there were a lot of cars parked here. And there was movement in the shadows. Maybe this was where I'd find what I was searching for. If not, it was close. "I thought I smelled a clove. Got an extra?" A guy sat on the bench next to me. He was older than me, larger than me, and had a weird beatnik beard. I gave him a smoke and lit it for him. In that flash of the lighter I saw a face that looked somewhat demonic. Maybe not -- maybe it was the dark eyes, hair and strange beard that he had. Possibly that was look he was going for. Silence. "There's a lot of people here." "No more than usual. I've seen it a lot more full." "You've been here at night before?" "Only when my dick gets hard." "Huh?" All my sense were on high alert. "This where guys come to suck and fuck. You didn't know that?" "No, I...I'm a freshman." "Well, it's early. Around midnight, more will show up. I've probably fucked most of them. You gay?" "Probably." "Only one way to know for sure." He leaned over and kissed me on the mouth. My first kiss. I reached down and touched his crotch. Why? I just wanted to, "Well, that settles that. You're fun. Want to take a walk?" "Sure. Where?" "Not far. Come on." We walked under some huge trees and small sidewalk lamps. He wanted to know about me. I told him most of what I've told you. He was content to listen and I just kept babbling. "You know that thing about needles was just an urban myth, right? Shit, man. The internet is full of bullshit, but I'm glad you found that website...I'm probably a member there." "Are you HIV positive? Are you a bug-chaser? A gift-giver?" "I'm anything you want, little friend. I'm Doug, by the way." "I'm Andy. Nice to meet you." Where was my brain? Why wasn't it working? I needed to think, but forgot how. We moved deeper into the park. The football stadium wasn't far. "You're still a virgin, aren't you?" "Yeah. Why?" "Just curious. We're here." Where? It was just a bare patch of grass, bathed in a square of light from the stadium ahead. "This is where I like to take the new ones. Sit down. It's still a little too early in the year for chiggers, so we should be fine." We sat and he stretched out his long legs. We kissed again and when I reached to touch his groin, he already had his bare penis sticking out of the fly. Electricity went through me. He was already erect. So was I. "Take my pants off for me, Andy." I pulled off his shoes and pants. No underwear. He was half-naked and hard as a rock. I could feel his devilish smile in the sparse light. "Very good. Now take off your own. Let me get a look at what I'm dealing with here." I don't think I was ever naked outdoors before. My bouncing boner was embarrassing. "I see you like everything so far. Let's leave our shirts on for now. There's a bunch of twigs everywhere. Sit." "Will anybody see us?" "Who cares. Just bend down and suck my dick." I bent down and took the head of his penis in my mouth. It was slick already. I took as much of it as I could. I'd never done this before, but I could tell I was good at it. Doug kissed air in between his teeth as I got further and worked the shaft with my tongue. I came up for air. "Want to sit on it? Sit on my big dick?" "You have a condom?" "Nope. I'm allergic to latex. We'll be careful. Just try to get your ass right above my crotch, and then lower down." I tried, but it was awkward and my balance was off. I ended up falling over. Before I could try again, he said "Never mind. We'll do this the old-fashioned way." He pinned me on my back and spread my legs apart. He got rougher. His penis was pressing against my bare butt hole. I knew it would never fit, but maybe all the spit I'd used on him worked enough to get the tip in. I yelped and heard it echo in the darkness. "That's the worst part, little boy. It's all candy from now on. Enjoy." He was then fucking me. I was getting fucked. By a man. The dark I'd been searching for was thrusting inside of me over and over again. It started to feel wonderful. A certain kind of wonderful I never knew existed. "We have to be careful." "I am carefully giving you what you need....right...NOW!" A spasm took over his body and I knew he's cum inside me. Sperm. We got dressed in silence and started walking back. I wanted to talk, but couldn't get a sentence started. "Shh. I know you want to make some sense of this, but you need a good 24 hours to think. Go home, get some sleep and come back to find me in a few days. I'm here almost always." "But..." "Ssh. Here's my car. Give me a kiss." We kissed as he got in. I turned to walk back to my dorm just as he opened the door again. "Oh yeah....welcome to the club!"

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