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How I became a Point Slave

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The leather bar was crowded with guys in leather or rubber wearing chaps, long and short ones, jocks, different colors of hanky’s and a couple wearing collars. I was more the shy submissive type, but open for erotic scenes with the right person or atmosphere. I was wearing jeans and a T-Shirt, yet still looked cool since I have a nice body, at 6’2, 210 lbs, with a nice bubble butt and 9 inch package, which was hidden in the jeans. After checking the scene trying not to feel uncomfortable, the bartender said, I would have more fun in a hot outfit, so why not check-out the store in the back; he was nice enough to give me a 50% discount card to entice me to go there. After the last sip of beer, I headed to the shop.

It was the usual; kind of small with 2 rows of fetish clothes, toys from the small to XL dildo’s & plugs, masks, blindfolds, magazines, lubricants, restraints and so on. I walked about, checked a few prices and admired one of the largest dildos. The sales clerk was hot looking dressed in black rubber chaps, jock, and rubber tank top. He came over to chat and check out what interested me, asking if I liked big toys with a smile. I said yeah, but probably not this big. You never know if you do not try, and asked if I liked anything else in the store. He noticed I liked what he was wearing and eyed me up and down; I think I can find something that would fit you and your character he said. He stated it would be the perfect outfit for me. He saw my hesitation and nervousness and walked to the door and closed it. Smiled and led me to a row of rubber clothes. He picked the short thigh high chaps with two brown stripes down the sides. He convinced me to try them with a bit of protest. The changing area was in the corner with a 3 sided mirror and no curtain. Standing naked, my totally smooth body and shaved cock, balls, and ass surprised him. I had worked my nipples over the years and they were thick and long protruding about a ½ inch. He said I was full of surprises with a wink. He squirted lotion in his hand and massaged my shoulders, back and chest. This helped me slide a very tight rubber tank which only had a small strip of rubber in the middle chest area up to the collar over my head. He chose one which was one size too small which cut under my chest pushing muscle and fat up making it seem as if I had tits and leaving my hard puffy nipples exposed. To finish this off, he pulled more muscle and fat tissue up making more of my tits hang over the tight black rubber tank top. I was getting horny and felt sexy with my cock leaking precum, which he of course noticed. Again the clerk greased his hands and rubbed my thighs and ass, I moaned as his finger hit my hole. The lotion helped the chaps slide up my thighs and fit very snug and under my butt checks. As I looked into the mirror, I could see my bubble butt more pronounced and my tits hanging nice against the black rubber. I liked how white my tits and ass looked against the black rubber. The clerk added a studded rubber collar around my neck and rubber wrist bands with one an orange stripe and the other with a brown stripe.

I looked more than hot, but told him I was uncomfortable with the brown and orange strips, which signaled I was into scat and anything goes. He spoke soft and slowly and told me how hot I was, his hands caressed my ass and I slowly bent over. He mentioned how submissive I had become and told me to stay bent over and wait. I could see him in the mirror as he came back holding a fat butt plug with a rubber tube. He was again surprised that the butt plug went into my ass fairly easy, and I moaned loudly to show my pleasure. He began pumping the ball attached to the tube. Instead of inflating I felt hot liquid being squirted in my hole. The plug stayed in my hole as he led me to a chair and told me to sit in a direct manner. I sat down with the plug going in further. He came back with some boots and a rubber jock also with an orange stripe, and asked if I was having fun. The smile on my face said yes, and I felt tingly, warm and relaxed all over. He said my hole could take more than he thought, and I nodded in agreement. As a final touch he had a little dye kit and proceeded to dab my nipple area making a reddish/brown 1.5 inch wide areola. He said it would last 2-3 days even if wet. From another bag he produced a fake tattoo which said PIG and pasted it on my right ass check as I stood up. He said I would make a hot pig slave and asked if I wanted to smoke some T which he had already gave me in my ass. I nodded and we walked to a little storage room where we smoked, or I should say I did. I wanted to stop, but he kept lighting another pipe. I was feeling relaxed and losing all inhibitions as seconds ticked by. He took out the plug and showed me a rubber latex glove. I smiled and bent over to the sounds of latex stretching over his hand and a plastic bottle squirting lube. He handed me some poppers as I felt his fingers at my hole. Normally it takes time to fist me, but he kept the pressure on and pushed hard as I banged forward against the wall. I was gasping and hitting more poppers as his fist past my sphincter. He said to breathe and take and big popper hit. His fist was going half way out and back in as I started to accept and relax. He said to take a deep popper breath up to five seconds, hold it, a repeat 5 times. He counted the popper hits as my head spun. He yanked his fist out and I yelled as he punched it back in hard making me hit the wall in front of me again. He repeated this and after 5 of these hard thrusts his rhythm slowed as he easily fisted me my loose asshole. I was catching my breath and coming down from the poppers as he stopped and he patted my ass. He said he likes sub guys with hungry holes which I took as a compliment. My hole felt the cool air as it stayed a bit open and we shared a few more T hits. I put on my jock, looked at myself in the mirror. Fixed my hair, and was very pleased with orange and brown stripped rubber outfit, tits sticking out with large fat reddish/dark nipples, and a protruding bubble butt. The clerk said the clothes and poppers are on the house, kissed me and put a handful of lube in my ass and said he wanted to dominate me later, I responded with smile and left.

I reentered the bar area, walked straight through the crowd, who defiantly noticed a tall guy wearing a collar, pig tattoo with large man tits & nipples and bubble butt looking for attention. The beer tasted good and the bartender complemented me on my outfit, and said love the tits. The rubber tank top pushed them up nice and I could squeeze a large handful. I walked to the side of the bar, leaning a little forward thrusting my ass out. Guys would walk by, pinch it, and a few complimented me on my outfit and colors telling me to follow them to the darkroom downstairs. The T hits took care of my shyness as hands rubbed my butt. As a few fingers found my well lubed hole, they would hmmm and say niicceee and I parted my legs wider, teasing them, moaning as fingers darted over my ass and into my hole. I was amazed how this outfit attracted so much attention. One guy got close to me, whispered in my ear, tongued it, and slowly stuck his long neck beer bottle in my ass, took it out licked it and said he’d wait for me downstairs.

I was feeling great, as I walked shaking my ass to the stairs leading to the darkroom. It was dimly lit with a TV showing porn in the far corner. I could barely see shadows of guys. It smelled musky and I could hear butt slapping and heavy breathing sounds. Few guys were on their knees giving blowjobs and others standing against the walls. I walked about and noticed a bed with plastic covers and a few partitions with guys behind them get blow jobs. In the distance I heard more guys coming down stairs. The room was filling up covering what little light there was. I bumped into a sling hanging from the ceiling. It was dark, but I could just see a bit as my eyes adjusted. I stood by the sling taking off my jock and took a few loud hits of poppers which others could hear as I snorted. I felt a hand then a second and maybe a third on my ass, I moaned signaling that I liked it. Other hands pinched my nipples and pulled them hard while I felt a warm mouth on my cock. I said oh yeah, yeah numerous times, moaning, wiggling my ass, opening my mouth as a tongue hit my tongue. Fingers kept going in and out of my hole, sometimes 1, 2, 3, and 4, roughly stretching my hole in the darkness. I was being kissed hard as I felt pressure against my hole and I took a big loud popper hit which signaled I want more. I spread my legs apart and felt a pop as the unknown fist slid up my asshole. Before I knew it I was being raised up with a fist in my ass and placed in the sling; my legs put into stir-ups. I was still moaning and saying yeah, oh yeah. I could see the silhouettes of guys at my side stroking their cocks and the one fisting me. They could hear me taking more popper hits. My hole was making loud sloppy noises as the fister was turning his hand from side to side, in and out. The slings chains were creaking as I was swaying forward and back being fisted slowly. I heard the sound of a squeezed plastic bottle and felt cool lotion all around my hole. Someone stretched my arms back to the side and fastened them to the sling. The stir-ups were moved wider apart allowing better access to my hole. I was completely tied spread eagle at their mercy. My breathing was heavy as I said, poppers, poppers. I felt a capsule under my nose, and the guy said sniff hard which I did, but he said harder and I felt a stinging sensation in my nostril, then another capsule was in my left nostril which I greedily sniff in my hazed state. This was repeated once more when I heard the guy say that ought to do it as he put the T away. My head was held still as a very wet pooper ball was being inserted in each nostril. My head was spinning, I was in a dark haze, breathing heavy and saying oh yeah numerous times as the fister slowly fisted me asshole. My fat nipples were being pulled hard, and two guys were taking turns fisting me, switching left hand to right hand, from slow to fast from punch fisting to slow fisting. The poppers were hitting me hard and I could feel more pressure every second or third punch and then gasped as two fists were jammed in my hole. My body bucked back and forth, they guys told me to breathe slowly while my ass accepts both fists. They also were calling me a pig, squirting more lube in my ass. My nipples were still being pulled as the sling began to move back and forth very slowly. The double fists slowly moved forward and back, only half way out and back in. Stretching my sphincter more than ever and finally the fisting stopped, and the fists were removed. My hole felt the cool air as it stayed partially open. The sling stopped moving, popper balls were taken out of my nose, and I was being kissed forcefully and a warm mouth was on my cock.

I was again moaning as a cock entered my stretched out hole. Someone lit a cigarette or a pipe and I could see a long haired tattooed guy fucking my hole and said he had taken T all day and will piss up my hole. Again I felt the warm and tingling sensation. Tied spread eagle to the sling I could not move as two more guys pissed up my hole giving me more T sending my head spinning

The sling chains were making noise; instead of being released the front of the sling was being raised at an angle. A light in the distance was turned on, giving a bit more light.

I could see a guy taking a large scoop of Crisco and spreading around and in my hole. It felt cool and nice. A pipe appeared in front of my mouth and my balls were squeezed so I inhaled deep and was told to hold it for 30 seconds. This was repeated 3 or 4 times. The smile returned to my face as capsules filled with T was given to each nostril. I was getting off being told what a pig I was as 2 wet popper balls entered my nose again. I opened my mouth wide trying catch a fresh breath of air, but a rubber ball with a strap was placed in my mouth and strapped around my head. This made sure I inhaled poppers with each breath.

I could see the grin by the guy smearing large amounts of Crisco and J-Lube from a bottle on my hole. He was grinning as he was lubing his hands and arms. My butt was angled down so he could push straight and up as the sling swayed upwards. I was flying enjoying his fingers. He was telling me to let loose, relax, let the body take it. He was going deep and the poppers were beyond belief. My hole was opening up as he was so gentle. I did not notice he was all the way to the elbow and a bit further as the sling swayed towards him. Others egged him on to fist the pig which turned me on. Pressure increased, but not as before, but I still gasped as his second fist entered my ass. My breathing was very heavy as new wet popper balls were added to each nostril. These popper balls were thicker and stretched my nostrils. Almost immediately my body was bucking and humping his fists. He took this as a signal to give me more. My tits and nipples were being pulled on harder than ever. Of course the guys around were calling me pig, slut pig, cunt, fucking pig whore.

I was being punched fisted with two fists and with each sway of the sling my hole accepted more and more of double fisting and my nipples hurt from the stretching. Eventually, my hole gave up resistance and my hole accepted the double fisting with sloppy sounds with each thrust. The noise from farting air, sloppy lube sounds were turning me on and all I could do was moan and meet each thrust. The sling was moving quickly back and forth, as my hole was being abused. My ass was stretching wider as the motion of the sling forced the double fists further in my ass. The onslaught finally stopped and my hole gaped open. Lighters were used to get a good look. I laid my head back, breathing poppers slowly in and closed my eyes. The long haired tattooed guy came back, fingered my sloppy hole, and inserted his fist easily without resistance and he slid his cock along side is hand. He held his cock in my hole while he pissed in my ass while others watched.

The Sales clerk was there who whispered in my ear, that I was incredible. The lights came on and he announced it was 4:00 and the bar is closed. A few guys complained, but all slowly went upstairs. I was still hooked in the sling and closed my eyes and enjoyed being naked spread eagle and feeling cool air on my gaping hole.

I found out later the sales clerk said he was my master to the guys upstairs and would have a private after hours party for only kinky dominate guys. In essence he pimped me out for $50 for each person that wanted to party. The guys that stayed went into the shop for supplies and come down the stairs. Six guys entered the lit darkroom wearing black rubber masks totally naked. The lights were dimmed, but I could see pretty well, and they looked hot as hell.

The clerk came over to me. He also looked hot in the black rubber mask, and said from now on to call him master and I was his slave, who will do anything he says or he would punish me. I said yes master. He unhooked me from the sling, and helped me up. I was shaky, piss and lube was running out of my ass. I was led over to the bed where larger dildo´s awaited my ass. One was very tall, 20inches and 3 inches wide at the top and quickly went to 4 and then 5 inches. I was told to bend over as more lube was added. The dildo was on the floor as I then kneeled on it accepting the upper 3inch wider part easily. I was given a blind fold and left there for a few minutes. I heard the guys tell me to rock up and down, which I slowly did, but only 1 or inches went in and out. My master told me to hold out my arms. I heard other guys light lighters and snort which I assumed was for some T. Master told me I would be buzzing now as I felt a prick in my arm. The rush hit me quickly. A very strong warm sensation, which made we expel my breath. I felt more relaxed and horny than before.

The blindfold came off and I heard my Master say to start filming. Here I was, six guys horned up, wearing black rubber masks and me on a fat dildo. As a final touch wet cotton popper balls were stuffed in my nose. Once the rush hit I was humping the dildo, grunting, trying to slide as much as I could down the dildo. The poppers were making my body buck up and down. A cock was stuffed in my mouth which I sucked noisily, gagging as it hit my throat. My mouth switched from cock to cock, grunting. They called me piggy names and I loved it, all the while the dildo was going deeper which I never noticed. Hands would hold the back of my head and they would gag me and throat fuck me. Two guys were fucking the guys I was sucking from behind, hot cum shot in my mouth and Master said to open my mouth to show the cum while they filmed me swallowing. One guy shot his load in the guys ass, and my Master said to eat the load out of the ass. I was grunting like a pig, as a shit covered cock was placed in front of me. I hesitated to suck it as a flogger from my master hit my backside. My mouth opened and the shit covered cock was pushed in. My lips wrapped around the shaft, it tasted bitter, as I cleaned it thoroughly, licking it clean. A hairy ass appeared which smelled of shit and I could see brown smear in the crack. My tongue was out of my mouth ready as I felt a hand on the back of my head pushing me between the dirty hairy crack. The popper balls in my nose hid the smell as I licked deep into the hole. Shit was on my mouth cheeks and chin as I looked up and closed my eyes as hot piss washed my face and I drank as much as I could to wash down any shit in my mouth.

I was kneeling as my legs were pulled up and out in front of me. I screamed as my full weight was now on the dildo forcing my hole wider and I slide 5 inches down the shaft. My butt was stretched 5 inches wide and 15 inches deep. The guys were yelling for me to take it, and additional wet popper balls were added in my nose. I was smiling and wiggling my ass as the last inches went in. It was incredible feeling. I was a bit delirious as my Master laid me back on the bed which has plastic sheets. I laid back and the dildo would ease out a few inches, but a masked guy would slide it back in place. My legs were pushed over my head and spread wide apart. A rope from the ceiling came down to tie my legs over my head keeping my ass exposed which was stretched wide with the fully inserted dildo. My Master told one of the guys to go into the store and get the display dildo which he uses as a door stopper.

In the meantime the tattooed guy was squatting over my face. I could see his puckered hole and heard the farting as his hole slowly opened. My mouth was open wide as he eased shit out which landed in the back of my throat. I hesitated to swallow until, master hit me with the flogger, but some still eased from my lips to the side of the bed. Master switched punishments and tied my balls tight with a ball stretcher. My balls were compacted and exposed which he abused until I started swallowing shit directly and quickly. The faster I swallowed the less I tasted.

The display dildo has a rounded top which was a good 5inches wide, and widened to 6 and 7 inches and was tall as a table; I do not think it was meant to be used as a dildo. Master pulled the dildo out of my ass. It left a huge gaping hole. He asked if anyone need to piss and 3 guys proceeded to piss in my gaping hole. I was more than high and the T piss just added to it.

More lube was added to my hole; my hole gave little resistance to my master piston fisting and double fisting me as a warm up for the display dildo. He held the massive dildo with both hands and placed the dildo at my hole and pushed forward and I pushed out, when I stopped pushing out it went in a few centimeters. Other guys were rubbing my stomach, pulling my nipples; the stretch in my hole was not painful, as I was totally relaxed from T and loose. I would grunt and push out numerous times as my master kept the pressure on. The guys were quiet as my hole stretched wider. I totally relaxed my legs apart as the massive dildo was moved 3 inches forward and back. One of the masked guys took the back end of the dildo while my Master kneeled over me with his balls and cock on my nose. I could see his hole puckering as a fart exited. My tongue licked his asshole as he squeezed out a long thick hard log. My mouth opened wide, and the shit filled it completely. He put more popper balls in my nose and told me to bite it off. I sucked on the warm log and bite it and chewed as fast as possible and swallowed a large amount. My legs were still tied wide and back over my head, the massive dildo was rocking back and forth 3-5inches in and out. My hole was adjusting while guys were filming, petting my cock and balls, petting and licking my nipples. Master said good slave while I swallowed the first part of the log and gently patted my forehead and said good slave as my mouth opened for more shit.

The tattooed guy mixed a hard T slam which further sent me to the edge. Master got up, picked some shit off the plastic, put it in my open mouth and inserted the rubber ball gag in my mouth and strapped it around my head.

He ordered the guys to untie me and pick me up and make sure the dildo stays in my ass, which was only 6 inches in me, to the sling. He turned the music up, gave me more popper balls, and tied my legs spread apart and hands to the sling. The dildo was crotch height and Master held it there as a big strap-on. He moved his hips back and forward, the sling swayed back and forth, my weight in the sling made it come backwards quickly which Master pushed against sending the dildo further in my hole and the sling rocking forward. I was grunting loud and the guys were yelling to take it. My eyes were large; the rubber gag forced me to breathe through the wet popper balls, with each deep breath I was sent to popper heaven. My hole stretched further as the fucking rhythm was increased. Sloppy noises were coming from my ass as he took it all out and forced it back in. My hole stayed gaped open for each thrust. My hole was being ruined and I was enjoying the perversion of it. The party was soon over as I lay still, tired, in the sling.

Guys were leaving; I was untied, and helped to stand up. My master brought a bucket of water and gave me a sponge bath. It felt nice as the warm water washed my body from head to toe. My butt was still gaping since I could feel the sponge dropping in my hole as it passed over it.

I walked slowly upstairs to put on my jeans and shirt. The tattooed guy, whose name was Jim, was still there and said he, lived around the corner where I could rest. I agreed and was soon at his apartment and on the bed lying on my stomach, resting my head on the pillow. The T was still making me relax and I enjoyed Jim massaging my shoulders, back, butt and legs. His hand would pass over my hole and I would wiggle my ass and moan. His fingers reached my hole and my butt lifted upwards signaling him to enter my ass. We stayed in bed for the rest of the day massaging my hole. At some point Jim was on his stomach, my face was deep in his crack placing my lips around his asshole, he was moaning, and the more I sucked he knew what I wanted as shit eased out. I kept my face in his crack and ate his entire load.

Our lives changed as I am a slave to two dominate perverted masters. They keep my hole stretched which is now has a 3 inch long slit like a pussy and my diet contains daily shit. I look forward to each day offering my ass and mouth for them to use.

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Damn! I totally remember this story! Totally fuckin' hot! I've talked to dom guys online that started to cultivate and nurture my desire to become a tina slut like that (no limits, 100% uninhibited). Reading this story helps reinforce all the chats that I'vr had with them. Love it! >:D

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Having a Master use his boy like this and getting the boy to give him all the power to wreak his asscunt for his pleasure, punching it open so it flows out a mixture of cum and blood would be a dream to me too. Not in to the scat bit though. Good story!!

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i have never been able to get past the scat thing.. maybe someone can teach me.. slam me with a large dose.. and see if it works. ;-)

You just need a super strong dosage. Actually, you need to have a burnins scat desire. If you don't, even the best chemist can't make you a scat pig. You can still be subjected to it, but not desire it.

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