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  1. I’d rather eat ass than suck cock, but I’m also a nasty pig.
  2. In all honestly a lot of cruisy spots have dried up. It’s not like the old days.
  3. They can always put their hand in as well and jack their cock off in there.
  4. You’re entering the awkward years, too old to be a boi, too old for daddy, and people think you should be settling down. Just always remember the best sex organ is your brain and the second is a thick skin.
  5. With any luck that person will be yourself.
  6. You were fisted in the Eagle? In Seattle?
  7. Club Z for the most part has the raunchier partiers, if you’re into that.
  8. Girth is worth. I prefer width to length I discovered as well. Not that I say no to length, but girth is preferred.
  9. Honestly? Get a new healthcare practitioner. You need to be completely open and honest with your healthcare, you are doing yourself a disservice here.
  10. I would love to see a video where you start out with a typical bondage set up, and once they get bottom tied into his restraints the original tops leave the film an a Groupon of guys with biohazard tats take over.
  11. So a long time ago I had gotten my diagnosis but I hadn’t started meds yet. I had them, I just hadn’t started them. I had just gotten to the bathhouse on a Saturday late night and I was waiting for a room. I put my stuff in my locker, and I was in better shape then and the younger college age guys were into me. This blonde jock otter started to scope me out and he asked if I had a room, I said I was waiting for one, he needed to b leaving. He wanted to get fucked, but he didn’t want to wait, so I took him into the dark area, I convinced him to take my cock bare and I told him I really onl
  12. Hurt people hurt people. If you were hurt it’s encumber on you to overcome that pain so it doesn’t get inflicted on others
  13. Only if the guy has eaten my or someone’s ass after being fucked.
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