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  1. I’m sure your DNA is still in there somewhere.
  2. Just remember that hole has a day job.
  3. CL was amazing. I’m into the dirties spectrum of sex (see profile pic) and it was amazing how many guys I could get via CL. Straight guys in particular were fascinated.
  4. Be proud of getting screened for STDs. Go ahead and be fucking raunchy slut, but be an ethical one.
  5. I am a much better rimmer than cock sucker. I prefer getting fucked, but I love eating ass before the guy rails me.
  6. We call it the 80-90-100 plan. He should have 80% of his hair and teeth, be a minimum of 90 years old, and you get 100% of his estate.
  7. So rare for me to ever find condoms anymore. Everyone barebacks, and public sex doesn’t happen often
  8. With my luck he’s out of network.
  9. There was something about the trick who I hooked up with and he used a medical clinic that (possibly the STD clinic) and they asked him if he had used any hook up apps. He must have responded yes and given them his contacts and then via BBRT I got the notice. this was easily 15 years ago or so, I’m not certain if this still happens. The email I received was linked to something like this letter, but local, not Rhode Island, obv. But the email was definitely via BBRT, and the letter/website was the County Health department. They did not tell me who the contact person was, however.
  10. I got an alert from BBRT that I had been exposed to an STD from a trick, and I went to the STD clinic from the bathhouse, when my asshole got swabbed I could feel cum dripping out.
  11. Tim, some of us think you must have brass balls to come into a forum that can be talking about you. Whatever it does to your ego (either building it up or wrecking it) just note I appreciate the boners you’ve given me.
  12. Honestly, anytime sexual behavior is involved, all bets are off.

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