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  1. I was at a chem fuck buddy’s house and we had been playing for a few hours when we decided t go to Club Z. Before we left, he and his roommate both gave me chempiss enemas and off we went . Somehow, I forgot I had all that piss up my ass, and while we were waiting in line to get into the Z I felt a cramping and I thought I’d let outa fart. Bad idea, I blew all the chempiss into my jeans. It didn’t keep me from going in, however.
  2. The homophobes usually are kinky fuckers deeply hidden in the closet. I can see him fucking a yong guy pounding is face, secretly wishing it was him being pounded.
  3. Looking for loads. Partying
  4. Everyone needs to realize your asshole has a day job.
  5. If I’m on an app that says a potential hook up is 2 miles away, and I know what neighborhood he lives in, would I be able to figure out where he lives by going to that neighborhood, refreshing the app repeatedly until I got closer and closer? No, I’m not trying to stalk anyone, I’m honestly curious.
  6. T-107 has hot blue collar men there, I’ve had a lot of good raunchy play there, Volunteer Park is nothing like it used to be
  7. It was about 6 months after my stepfather started fucking me.
  8. About 6 months after my stepdad started fucking me I discovered I really liked it.
  9. I love that story, it hit everything I get off on.
  10. If I JO before going to sleep I just rub the cum on my crotch and armpit.
  11. What are are you staying it, any other kinks or fetishes?
  12. In Everett, I should be there around 3:30, I’ll be in the booths and in the porno theater and I’ll take any cum I can find.
  13. I’m sure your DNA is still in there somewhere.
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