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  1. The 70s bathhouse where drugs were common and extreme nasty sex acts had their own section
  2. I got this hint from a [banned word] hook up: when you’re done whoring and are going to rest for a few hours, always turn the jock around so when the cum drips out your ass it’ll soak into the pouch. Funny filthy jock story. I hooked up with a guy from BBRT who was wearing a filthy jock in his pics. I asked him to wear it. He comes to my hotel and strips, but he’s free balling. I made a comment about not wearing the jock, and he said, ‘I’m wearing it!’ I thought he was crazy, but he turned over the desk chair and pulled his ass cheeks open, and there was about a 1 inch loop of leg strap hanging out his asshole. I put that strap between my teeth and pulled the jock out, and he put it on for me. I will never forget that hook up.
  3. Piggy Raw sex covers a wide spectrum of acts, so I went with that.
  4. As someone who’s been around this joint for a while, and got his fair share of demerits, I’d say overall you’re doing a great job.
  5. The problem is other businesses don’t want you around, organized crime might pay you a visit, you’d constantly have to police the premises to make certain you aren’t having drug transactions going down, etc. it’s surprising any of the businesses are going concerns.
  6. Fuck that’s a glorious ass. I could feast on that for hours.
  7. I love felching cum out of a loaded up pig.
  8. This is where modern hook up sites kind of ruin the impromptu sex you used to be able to get. When I was in college I’d go jogging at night around the lake, and there was a bleacher area where you’d go to hook up. There were always other sweaty men and college guys fucking and sucking. I’d usually get back to my place with 4-5 loads dripping out of my ass. I’d usually shit them out into the pouch of my jock and wear it the next night.
  9. I saw a video once of a guy who’s cumshot equaled about 1/2-2/3 cup of cum. I thought how is that possible? I guess in the comments he stated he’d catheterized himself and filled his bladder with jizz for the video. I’m going to assume he got an infection over doing that.
  10. I was at a sleazy bar in Amsterdam once and I got 4 loads of cum fucked in me in the dark area. The last guy had a long and thick cock that he’d pull all the way out and slam back in. When he came I could feel his cock pulse, and there had been 3 loads prior. He said let’s take a break and grab a beer. As I was pulling on my beer and talking to him I felt my guts rumble and I excused myself to go to the bathroom. He asked why, and I explained what was going on. His mate he was with said hot and said ‘go ahead and fart’ so I did, a very loud wet cum fart that soaked the back of my pants.
  11. And their ass cracks are even better.
  12. So what can you do to come to peace? The Carl guy sounds like very bad news, but for two years it sounds like he’s taken part of you as well. Now you need to concentrate on your next steps. I am so sorry for your loss, but don’t let Carl take any more from you.
  13. I think you’re going to find yourself frustrated if you seek out justice. The system is geared towards moneyed interests, and any actions that you may be tempted to take would probably be construed as vigilante justice or harassment. Check out GLAAD or Lambda legal, or see if there are other legal resources in your community.

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