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  1. NastyRigPig

    Tumblr acounts

    Our tastes mesh very nice.y.
  2. Anything this man wanted to do with me I’m cool with it."

  3. NastyRigPig

    Ass to mouth

    I have a few raunch buddies and we meet for Mexican food for dinner, a few beers and tequila shots, then we go to a local cruisy park and they take turns fucking my packed hole. Most guys turn their nose up and get grossed out by it, but there have been several times guys have joined us.
  4. Fuck I hate it when I nick my balls shaving.

    1. boy4you


      That is why I had my hair removed permanently. 

  5. Negotiating with my dealer.  I wonder how long this will take?

    1. slobbvers


      Keep us posted. 

    2. boy4you


      It’s never easy. 

  6. Let's parTy until We're both dripping wet. 

  7. NastyRigPig

    outside cruising

    What park is this?
  8. NastyRigPig

    Videos or pics you found of yourself online

    There's a pic out there of my shitty as that we is d a toothbrush on and it's bloody and shitty as hell. I've seen it on several Tumblr pages
  9. NastyRigPig

    redneck fetish

    One thing I like about this kind of man is they never clean their cocks or asses too well, and frequently don't shower too much.
  10. NastyRigPig

    Public or Private

    I just joined, so I feel like O shouldn't have much of a say, but my vote is public. Some guys may just be exploring scat, and this may be a healthy outlet for the, to get their rocks off.
  11. NastyRigPig

    I think im going to hell for this one :/ ....

    F he was institutionalize, there would probably be a higher likelihood of him being taken advantage of.
  12. NastyRigPig

    Ever Been Fucked By A Homeless Guy?

    That is so generous of you.
  13. NastyRigPig


    I do Chems behind my BFs back, and he doesn't know what a scat pig I am
  14. NastyRigPig


    I've eaten shit out of a urinal while pigs are pissing on my head and I'm being fucked

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