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  1. I'd be hard-pressed to say it any better. If the meds don't make you wish you were dead, dealing with the US health care system will drain you of any desire to live. Heath Robinson or Rube Goldberg couldn't have designed anything more convoluted and complicated.
  2. If that guy was any more spun, he'd be a blade on a ceiling fan.
  3. why did I start thinking of Riverdance after reading that sentence? I probably need to get out of the house more.
  4. I could use -- in more ways than one -- a Trevor about now.
  5. Part 5 is simply great - if I ever wrote down the thoughts going through my mind when I was in a maze, dark room, etc. at the baths, part 5 would be it.
  6. According to the recent reviews by Gay Demon (www.gaydemon.com) of the three sites, none of them offer downloads, but the videos are not DRM protected. As BootmanLA points out, trying to download a video might violate the site's terms of service, leading to termination of membership, subscription, whatever.
  7. I was wondering that also. Must have been one hell of a video game that hubby was playing.
  8. Being your neighbor must be an eye-opening experience . . . .
  9. It’s the signaling value of the use of jargon or, less likely, slang. I’d be the first to admit, however, that that particular idea is unlikely to be going through the writer’s mind at that moment.
  10. Rules of punctuation are seen as imposing an artificial structure on the message, and that artificiality is rooted in the class and gender hierarchies in the society. For all I know, that linguistics viewpoint might be correct, but reading a block of text that had all of the periods and commas shaken out of it leaves me thinking that the writer needs to be shaken a bit (but not stirred).
  11. Only the first chapter, and the story is already wonderfully twisted.
  12. I could use someone like Garrett....
  13. In a totally perfect world, Roommate agrees to leave without any fuss. But if he refuses to leave voluntarily, you have bought yourself a real big headache. Because Roommate pays you rent, the two of you have a landlord-tenant relationship, and that's true even if there is no written lease. If Roommate refuses to leave, you just can't put him and his belongings on the curb. Instead, you'll end up having to file an eviction action; if you think the atmosphere is tense now, just wait until a process server gives Roommate the eviction complaint. I hesitate to recommend that you talk to a lawyer b
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