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  1. But if one is asked the same questions -- e.g., can you host, do you top, what are you into -- by the same guy (or guys) over a length of time, it suggests poor reading comprehension or a poor memory on the part of the questioner. One's response then need not be mean, but it can show a degree of exasperation. In those situations, my response has been "you asked me that last week, and the answer is the same. Have a good evening."
  2. chapter 2 would be a great Christmas present to your devoted (and horned up) readers....
  3. great plot twists, totally perfect descriptions of the sex, characters that think and feel -- it gets me hard and dripping...
  4. Everything @renovers82 said, and a couple of things to add: The banding system renovers82 mentioned is the same used by my gastroenterologist, and I'm quite willing to guess that it's the standard procedure. (In fact, banding is the most effective option for most internal hemorrhoids.) If there are several hemorrhoids, the practice is to band only one at a time in order to reduce the chance of inflammation. After each banding (I had 3), I waited for 3 weeks out of an abundance of caution before I resumed playing. And after it's done, you'll wonder why you waited so long to have the thing treat
  5. It's the perverse operation of the universe. . . .
  6. I'll repeat some of the advice already given and add my own spin: 1. Find out what your employer's policy is. 2. If you have any supervisory or managerial responsibilities, the answer is NO SEX. You can buy yourself and your employer a boatload of hurt because obviously, the other person [let's call him D] can make a sexual harassment claim. It won't matter very much if D initiated the contact: D can say there was implicit coercion because of your position in the company even if you have no direct supervisory responsibility over him. 3. In your initial post, you don't mention a
  7. Thanks for the like! 

  8. this election night sounds damn better than last night...
  9. That you recalled him is a testament to your memory. If he remembered (and it's not clear if he did) is a testament to your skills, abilities, charm, etc.
  10. If chapter 13 had been any hotter, my computer would have melted.
  11. The next chapter will cause computer monitors to burst into flames....
  12. This might be a little too much info, but I do the manscaping while I'm taking a shower, using shaving gel and a BIC razor. Use a pair of scissors or a beard trimmer to first trim your bush down, then use shaving gel and a BIC razor. Two things to remember: don't rush and don't reuse the razor. If you rush, you're likely to cut yourself, and pubic hair dulls a razor pretty fast.
  13. From the Evening Standard of November 1, 2018: It was argued during the hearing [before the Court of Appeal] that Rowe's sentence was "manifestly excessive" and "wrong in principle". But Lady Justice Hallett announced: "A life sentence is a sentence of last resort, reserved for cases of extreme gravity, but in this case we are satisfied that the judge was right to conclude that the applicant is dangerous." She added: "The nature and seriousness of the offences was such that only a life sentence was justified, despite the applicant's age and his previous backgroun
  14. Your comment sent me on a long trip down memory lane. I had serious crushes on my 6th grade teacher and the guy who taught my 8th and 9th grade math classes. Strangely enough though, the guy who most influenced me in this context was the 25 year old guy who was the night janitor at the elementary school I had attended. I really had the hots for him and would have walked on burning coals if he told me to do so. Nothing sexual happened, but in retrospect, just hanging around him and listening to him taught me more than I realized at the time. --- Thanks for jogging my memory....
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