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  1. Oh, to be 30-something again.... I can see that concerned1 is very inclined to reveal his real age to Mr. Potential Boyfriend, but I'm going to take the Devil's advocate role. I understand the anxiety, but it strikes me that we've conflated the question of trust and truthfulness with the question of age differences. I accept that trust and truthfulness are important in a relationship. But fibbing about one's age on Grindr isn't the same as telling folks that you're an MD when you only have a high school diploma. Fibbing about age -- especially on a hook-up site -- is almost a socially acceptable "little white lie;" understating your age by 5 years is almost telling the truth in that context. It also seems to be rather early days to think you have to have some soul-baring conversation about your real age. What's the rush? Maybe in a couple of months and after you've spent a lot of time with him, but not yet. Of course, if you do proceed to confess, you might consider how many other facets of your life are embellished (or understated). If you come clean about your age, must you come clean about any other fibs? What does your silence in this context mean, and maybe more importantly, how would Mr. Potential Boyfriend view that silence? In any event, best of luck....
  2. Even more important then “to desire to please him out of respect....”
  3. That was a good idea, especially since you write that you were more than a little apprehensive about the whole thing. The hosting bottom’s anecdote about a prior cum-and-go where he had the 3 guys who really wanted to bottom was rather amusing — maybe not so much for the hosting bottom. (I often wondered what guys like the 3 mentioned in the anecdote are thinking — do they expect there to be an overflow?)
  4. This is really good — and wonderfully twisted.
  5. So these lyrics start to run through my mind: Hey, get your car washed today Fill up and you don't have to pay Come on and give us a play (Working at, working at the...) It might be a few weeks before I can think of getting/giving head without humming that tune....
  6. It's not a Mr. IML contest, and the great thing about dark rooms [ok, almost dark rooms] is that no one can really see you; you're just a darker space in the dim light like everyone else. So there's not much chance that your skill -- good, bad, mediocre -- on a given night will become the talk of the town. The only person you need worry about is YOU. Once you stop giving a rat's ass about what other guys think, say, do, etc., your anxiety, unsurprisingly, will diminish, and your dick will react accordingly.
  7. Neither have I.... <evil grin>
  8. I'll just note for the record (so to speak) that I am retired and, to the surprise of many, moved to Florida (and amazingly enough I'm still in Florida). (Versmetropig's remark about folks retiring and moving to FL was just too good for me not to say something.)
  9. I guess the anatomy class will be pretty easy....
  10. This is really good... and the alternating narrators is a nice touch.
  11. wonderfully twisTed.... damn, I love these stories.
  12. Good call on Prince Harry (or should we just call him Mr. Sussex since he had to ditch the "Prince" title?)... And I'd gladly do David Tennant as well as another British actor, Laurence Fox. (Fox is best known for his role as DS James Hathaway in the British TV drama series Lewis from 2006 to 2015).
  13. i wish you were in chicago, you sound perfect. im a bottom and i only bare back. your cock is wonderfull. wow.

  14. ^^^ Pretty much this.... In between boyfriends, I hit the Philly baths frequently; and in an open relationship, I hit the baths and the various apps. In all of that time, I might have encountered a condom 4 or 5 times.

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