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Cape Town bottom

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    • By Kylelucas
      So i know have my new fan page set up to start the process of my coming back into porn it's a slow process but I am going to be doing it by myself and see how i do with this set up first then maybe open my own studio
    • By aznbttmslut
      21 5'6 129lbs bbottom twins near Providence, RI desperately in need of someone to abduct, keep and use me as their personal chemwhore. I'm super open minded and willing to do or try anything.
    • By Novicesub
      I'm a British 25 year old guy. I've done okay being bottom and top but never truly been satisfied. 
      I now live in China, where the average guy is below average in nearly every sense of the word. 
      I've been reading posts on here for months and just made a profile, I need what you have. 
      I have a holiday in October and want to travel to anywhere in the world, probably USA or UK and become what I am. 
      I don't have much experience, but I'm so ready for it, anything goes. I've never done bb either, so that will be new. 
      Wanting to know where is the best place to go, and hopefully find someone who can guide me, help me and use me. 
      Take me to a club and let everyone piss on me and fuck me. Pimp me out to homeless men and drug addicts. Have a hot Pnp session for a few days. I particularly like hairy guy and I love foot play. But to become what I am, no cock refused. Force me to take it!
      I'm 100% serious about everything I said. Make me yours than make me everyone else's. 
    • By daddysboy42
      Just moved into my senior year apartment which is located behind the major supermarket and bars in our college town. I've been here about a week putting all the final touches on this place, it's so cute. Today I was itching really bad for some cock, so I hopped on grindr and found some.
      24, 6', toned black guy who I had spoken with and blew once before came over. straight to bed, I sucked his 8x6 dick until i was in tears. he flipped me over and tasted the inside of my hole for a good twenty minutes- it was the best rimjob i've had in awhile. I naired today cuz I was planning on this later. anyways, no talk of condoms and i gave him the lube and i hit some poppers and in about a minute he was in. he was pretty big but he was sweet and gentle and would ask every so often if he was hurting me. just moans of piggy pleasure, babe. every so often i love to pull the top's dick out and feel the lube and ass juices and pre cum then jack myself off with it. in 20 minutes he deposited a load in me. i waited cuz he wanted to give me another one, but i came halfway into the second round so he had to stop. one yummy load seeping out of my hole at this point and i kissed him and sent him off
      right when he left i was feeling a bit empty, so i hopped back on grindr and found another guy within ten minutes (god i love being in a southern college town full of horny closeted boys) and he was on his way. cleaned off the cum that was leaking out and washed mine off and prepared for this guy. hes 23, 6'1, blonde, built, with man feet and hands but this sweet voice that made me melt instantly. again it was straight to the bedroom and clothes off. it took only 5 minutes of me deep throating his 7x5 (much easier to handle) for him to ask for the lube. i got in missionary position which is my favorite way to fuck. he slicked his bone up with lube, didnt even mention a condom, and i took some poppers and we were off. he started moaning right away about how tight and good i felt, which i love. i nibbled on his neck and face and lips while he was breeding me, squeezing his smooth lube-slicked balls as his shaft went in and out of my cunt. i was sore by now but the thought of this guys questionable load had me hard as a rock and ready to blow again. i felt him stop and his breathing got really heavy as his dick throbbed in my pussy. i shot my load when i felt it. we kissed and cuddled and now im sore, sitting on my couch contemplating a third load.
      i can't wait for tomorrow.

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