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The Downfall of a Banker


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This is my first ever story, I hope you enjoy! Please be gentle!
I have an idea of where I am going with this story but would welcome your ideas and feedback.  I will try and incorporate them into future posts.
The Downfall of a Banker
I know the working class hates us. I am one of the 1%. Those people you see vilified in the press and in the movies. Working for only a few hours a day to make millions a year. Only existing in the rarified world of the best restaurants, bars and hotels. I had been blessed with good looks.  A sqaure jaw, flawless skin, blue eyes and raven black hair, 6 foot 3 inches in height. My muscles were honed to perfection in the gym. I am the ultimate version of masculinity. I had even featured on the cover of Men's Health as evidence you could balance, work, partying and gym. Obviously many women threw themselves at me.  I had a different one in my bed most nights. However I never seemed to be able to keep a relationship. I worked at a well known investment bank in the city. Lived in a beautiful apartment in the best location and also had a small country estate to escape to when I needed to take a break from the city. You see not only did I make millions, but I also had inherited great wealth.  I was born with the proverbial silver spoon.  As such I had grown up with everyone respecting me and quite literally intimidated by my presence. I had greatly enjoyed using this power to get my way in the world. What I thought of as persuasion, most would consider bullying.
However now I am in my early 30s and at the height of my power I am finding life less satisfying.  The endless parties, sex and hangovers were starting to interest me less. The succession of models left me less sexually satisfied. I sometimes found I couldn't get a hard on. At first I started to blame the alcohol and partying.  However one day on my way to work I passed a building site. What I saw there would ultimately change my life ...
My usual driver had been ill and in a rare moment of compasion I had given him the morning off.  I decided to rough it and use public transport. I am not sure what I was thinking that morning.  Possibly I was also ill and not thinking clearly. As a result I had to walk the last part to work. Just around the corner of my bank there was a  building site.  It seemed to be run by skinheads.  Their heads gleaming from where they had shaved their hair down to the scalp.  I shuddered thinking about how I could never do that to my thick, glossy expensively cut hair which was treated and trimmed on a weekly basis. The skinheads bodies and necks were also covered in ugly tattoos, certainly I would never mare my beautifully soft, tanned and luminescent skin with such vulgar designs. They were dressed in filthy ripped clothes with Doc Martin boots laced up to their mid calfs.  By contrast I was wearing a £5,000 tailored Jermyn Street blue suit, crisp handmade shirt with diamond studed cuff links, burgendy silk tie and handmade fine patent leather shoes. We could not be more different. At the same time my cock started to harden while listening to them talk in their coarse language. I couldn't understand what was happening to me. My erection was firmer then it had been in months and was clearly visible in my tightly tailored suit trousers. Why was this happening, I am so much better than them.  Clearly my dithering and potent erection had not gone unnoticed by the skinhead gang.  Not only were they the lowest scum of society but there were also clearly gay.  They were leering at me and shouting profanities about what they wanted to do my perfect arse, ripping open my suit pants so they could fuck me hard. They kept saying they were going to bend me over an oil drum, tie my hands, use all my holes, spit on me and then leave me naked tied up on the site for all to use. My cock was leaking so much there was a wet patch on the front of my trousers. I could not understand my response. My brain could not compute my reaction at all. I'm straight!! Sure there had been fumbles with classmates at my boarding school, one night I even sucked a mate off, but quite frankly who hadn't!! Even if I was gay I would never even think of going with someone from a lower social class. I quickly gathered myself and ran the rest of the way to work.
I spent the rest of the day totally distracted, thinking about what had happened that morning, imagining what would have happened if I had stayed. Even my boss noticed that I wasn't on planet Earth and sent me home. Thankfully it was Friday so I decided to immediately go out, meet friends, have a drink. Anything to basically distract me from what my mind kept flicking back to.  The weekend turned into a blur of parties, champagne and women. I threw myself at every attractive women. I must have bedded a dozen over the course of the weekend. However I could not get an erection for any of them. They all left disappointed. I ofcourse blamed the huge amount of alcohol I had drunk.  Many of them asked if I was gay, which I ofcourse denied, usually with a bouquet of profanities. However my nights were spent in tormemt. It didn't matter how much alcohol I drunk to make me pass out, every night I woke with the same image of me submitting to the un-named lead skinhead and his gang. Every night I would wake dripping in sweat as I ejaculated the biggest loads of my life. My silk boxers soaked through with my load, much larger than I had had with what I had thought was the most satisfying sex previously. I initially called in sick for the start of the week as I was not rested after my disjointed sleeping. However after a further day spent flipping between drunken oblivion and completely unsatifying sexual intercourse I decided I needed to return to the routine of work to try and re-establish my equilibrium.
I think my subconscious was in charge when I asked my driver to drop me off a little distance from work. He was shocked but I brushed him aside saying I needed some fresh air before work. Ofcourse I had to go past the same building site.  This time the skinhead foreman was on his own.  It was extremely early in the morning. My eyes caught his. He just stared intensely at me. I found my patent leather shoes were walking onto the site. As I came nearer to him, he just grabbed hold of my silk tie and pulled me into the most penetrating kiss I have ever had. The whole world stopped as I accepted his tongue into my mouth. His filthy hands grabbed hold of me, with one he cupped the back of my head, grabbed my hair to ensure his tongue went deeper into my mouth. He remarked the only benefit of my longish hair was that it was easier for him to control me. His other hand grabbed my pert bottom through my suit trousers so that all of my body was brought into him. I could smell him, a wonderful rich aroma of sweat and hard work. Suddenly he pulled away, my mouth felt empty, I leaned in to kiss him again. He stepped back out of my reach. He said I could not have any more until I showed him respect. At this point he just spat on my forehead. I was in complete shock at this. Ordinarily I would find this positively one of the most disgusting things that could be done to me. However as his saliva slowly dripped down my face all I could think of that he was marking me and how lucky I was to have received something from me. My erections was so hard. He obviously noticed this. He demanded I show him respect. I think my brain just froze, I could not think what to do. Thankfully he thought for me as he slapped me on my cheek, leaving a dirty mark on my alabaster skin, however it did the trick of firing up my brain to realise he had grabbed hold of my tie, was dragging me forward and down so that I was forced to sink to my knees in the filth of the building site mud. With his hand back gripping my hair he forced my mouth down to his boots. I understood what was needed as I showed my subservience by kissing his boots. Once I had demonstrated this submission he directed my face, via his forceful grip, to his crotch, where I started to lick his crotch. He then opened his zip and let loose his manhood. For the first time since my adolesence I looked at another mans penis. The glans of his penis glistened with pre-cum. It looked so tempting that I had to taste it. In that moment I accpeted his cock into my mouth. What I lacked in experience I made up for in enthusiasm as I gave him head. Within a few minutes I could feel the tension mount. Sure enough he soon proceded to cum, withdrawing from my mouth and spurting his sperm all over my face and hair which he then proceded to rub all over with his penis. At that same moment I also came without touching myself at all. Something that had never happened while I was conscious. This was demonsrated to him by how soaking wet the groin of my suit trousers were, this was by far the biggest and most satisfying orgasm of my life. Just after that moment a peace descended on me. It was only disturbed when my master then demanded payment. I was initally afronted  by this as I thought he had just played me for my money. I think my anger was also fuelled by the fact I also realised why so many of my female sex partners were so hurt after I dropped them as I in effect bought them for the night by taking them out for dinner and then plying them with expensive alcohol. I had viewed sex in the past as a transaction, however what had just occured was not a transaction for me, it was a life changing event. Therefore when he said he did not want my money I was actually relieved. However what he wanted was so much more than money could buy. He wanted my humility. He retrieved a knife fromt the belt of his jeans. I should have been frightened but for some reason I had implicit trust in him. He said that to prove my humility I needed to remove my outer skin of the corporate uniform. He slowly and delibrately cut off all of my clothes.He started with my tie, then proceeded to my suit jacket. He continued until everything was shredded including my underwear, shoes and socks. I just let him do it, I had never felt so at peace. I felt as though the weight of the world was being lifted off me. There I was in the middle of a building site being slowly and deliberately stripped. Anyone could look in. However as each piece of my fine clothing was being iretrievably stripped from me I felt more and more free, until I was left standing completely naked and re-born. Only at the end of this did I suddenly think of my exposure. Standing fully naked in the middle of a building site just as the city was starting to wake up. However my new master, as I viewed him, provided for my modesty in his own way. He gave me his own filthy jockstrap. I wore it with pride. He made it clear my first sacrifce was to demonstrate my humility, further sacrifices would be made on my way to the person that I desired and needed to become. Before letting me go he decided that with my arse on show it should be reddened. He bent me over his lap and sensuously spanked me, which lead to another erection. I therefore walked home  with nearly the whole of my body, especially my pert red bottom & dripping erection, exposed. People were looking at me as though I was crazy, but I felt so grounded, literally my bare feet in contact with the the filthy pavement, that realsim made me feel serene.
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The Downfall of a Banker Part 2

Initially after I got home, following my walk of shame, I had a small rebellion. My anger over how I could submit to not only a man but also someone so below me. This could not compute with the image I previosuly held of myself. I reacted with anger, anger at myself, anger at the world, anger at my surroundings.   Therefore my home bore the brunt of my anger. I smashed mirrors, vases and furniture. I ended in the shower trying despertaley to remove evidence of my previous diabolical encounter. However when I emerged from my long hot shower I looked at myself in the mirror after and seeing the marks on my face and on my body from my skinheads manhandling all I can do is imagine him standing behind me, holding me, controlling me, his hands like a drug roaming all over my body. At this point I knew I was hooked.

I knew I had to get to work. I finished my ablutions. Dressed in my finest suit. Coiffed my hair. Applied my moisturiser. Dabbed my aftershave. In one way I felt at the top of my game and in another I felt empty. On my way to work I again found my way to the bank diverted via the building site.  The man who had both brought out my humility and forever changed my view on life was no longer alone. He was now accompanied by the rest of his gang. He was surprised as I was to find myself here. He said to me was I back for more already? He continued that if I wanted more I had to come back here tonight after work, but I had to be  prepared that I will never be the same again and will never be able to go back to my previous life. I would have to follow each of his instructions, if I failed to do so then I would never see him again. I affirmed that I would indeed be back tonight and would follow his instructions. He called me his new BOY and I returned by calling him SIR.

I managed to get myself to work and I think because I knew subconsciously I may not be returning I worked like a trooper to tie up any loose ends.  I managed to get out on time. My driver was waiting for me. I returned home. I bathed and moisturised everywhere. As I caressed my skin I imagined it was HIS hands feeling me up. I then procrastinated for ages on what to wear. Even though I knew I would not be wearing it long I felt that I needed to dress up to impress him. My stomach was in knots as I made my way back to the building site in my brand new Bentley wearing a beautiful Gieves & Hawkes fitted Italian wool suit. 

I was in a state of extreme excitement and nervousness with adrenaline rushing through my veins. Although it was pitch black when I arrived. I could see a glow of bright outdoor lights and also oil drums with fires in them.  The gang of skinheads were arranged in a circle around HIM. He looked magnificent, so in control.  I affirmed when asked that I was willing to do ANYTHING for him. He said I now had to demonstrate this and I was not allowed to question what he told me unless I wanted everything to stop. He informed me I needed to undress. As I removed each article of clothing I was to place it in one of burning oil drums.  This was to symbolise the destruction of my old life before my rebirth, rising like a phoenix from the fire. As I watched each piece burn I should have been thinking of the expense of replacing my clothes and how I was going to get home, however what I was actually thinking was I was stripping myself of my past and I was so excited by my future. Every part of me was excited and erect. Once I was completely naked with nothing left to cover me he approached me and grabbed hold of my lush dark hair. He brought the knife, that he had previously used to tear apart my suit, up to the strands of hair that he held. I begged him not to do it, explaining my life would be over, I would be sacked and my family would disown me. He relented and took the knife away. He said he would not take my hair yet if I was not ready, however the day would come when I would beg him to make me bald.  He had originally planned to use my hair as payment for the pleasure I was about to receive. He said he would have to find an alternative source of payment. He asked how I came down to the building site. When he heard I drove he demanded that I bring my car onto the site. I realised I could not fight him again. I made a naked dash for my car. I was observed by a gang of youths smoking who jeered at me as I sat my naked posterior and felt the soft leather as it caressed my skin directly. As I pressed my bare filthy feet down on the accelerator I drove the car onto the site, trying desperately to avoid as many muddy puddles as possible. Despite my skilled driving the exquisite paintwork was never the less splattered with filth. I was extremely proud of my car. It was a limited edition version of the  Continental GT in Caspian Blue. I had used my quaterly bonus to purchase it. There were only 50 made around the world and I was only able to get my hands on one as my family had been buying Bentleys for decades.  I parked the car close to the skinhead gang. I emerged from the luxurious cocoon and despite my nudity I proudly stood in front of my car. 

My new Master could clealry feel and see how proud I was.  He was not happy. He had put a lot of effort in to try and rid me of my arrogance and yet it still kept re-appearing. He therefore decided that some creative styling was needed for my car to teach me a lesson. When I guffawed that I would certainly not let this happen, he very calmly but firmly gave me 2 options:

1. Either allow my head to be shaved or help him to "modify" my car and then he would give me the fuck I was craving or

2. Get naked back into my Bentley and we would never meet again.

What was I to choose?


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      Hello, friendly older chubby from Hamburg looking for active pozboys, aidsfucker or any other, toxic loads, bugchaser, any deseases and infections are very welcome, beginners and foreigners any races and nations also welcome, for travellers, visitors and tourists bed and breakfest is possible, i can host, asians latino and blacks would be great but everybody is welcome with any std's pls.
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      Eric, is a 19 year old, with red hair, blue eyes, tone body. He was able to convince Gerry, a rich, overweight, light brown hair gay man, that he was the one for him. Eric took “care of him.” By pretending to have sex with Gerry. He would be sure that Gerry was drugged up and to be sure he took care of Gerry’s needs, by rubbing is back and his ass cheeks. Eric, who is straight. With his girlfriend, Brenda, decided to con Gerry out of some of his fortune. So Eric decided to go “gay for pay” without having to sleep with Gerry, and had to keep Gerry’s staff, including Ben, who has secretly lusted after Eric, and would love to fuck him raw and give him his unmedicated load. Ben is lanky, in his early 50’s. Became poz, because a condom broke. 
      Ben would get touchy freely with Eric, until Gerry caught it and laid into Ben. Ben, was still going to get Eric into his bed, one way or the other.
      And has luck would have it, he would get Eric into bed.
      Ben also didn’t trust Eric, but knew he couldn’t tell Gerry, it would mean his job. Gerry would have to prove that Eric was just a con artist. 
      While the kitchen, Ben would make another pass at Eric. Eric smiled and said “Nice try Ben, but my heart belongs to Gerry.” “Besides, you wouldn’t be able to afford me.” Ben would leave to go shopping, with Gerry resting, Eric and Brenda planned their next move. “The old man doesn’t have much time.” Brenda noted. “I know” Eric said with a grin. In the meantime, Ben came home earlier, and was listening in and recording with is phone their plan and cut off when they started having sex.
      Ben to himself “Gotcha!” He first thought of going to tell Gerry, but no he thought to himself. “Now, I can get him into my bed.” First thing he thought was to pay off Brenda.
      He did. She got $10,000 for a modeling shoot, moving her away from Eric. Who couldn’t stop her.
      Ben then went to Eric. “I want to show you something.” Ben said with a grin, playing the video of Eric and Brenda talking.
      Eric’s face dropped. “What do you want from me Ben?” Knowing his answer all ready. “If you don’t want me to show Gerry this video.
      you have to sleep me.” “I guess I can afford you now, Eric.”  He knew he didn’t have a choice, maybe if I drug him and pretend we had sex, like with Gerry, nobody would be the wiser. 
      Eric, with his plan to avoid having sex with Ben, knew he wouldn’t have much time to get the sleeping pill into his drink.
      Eric knocked on Ben’s door, “come in, it’s open.” Ben said. Eric saw a sling in the corner of Ben’s room. Eric was wearing the short shorts and tank top that Ben ordered hiM
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      Standing there naked, Ben excuses himself, and Ben places the pill into the champagne  glass, at that moment, Ben walks in. “I see you want some champagne.” “Drink up, handing Eric the glass that he just put the pill into. “Shit” Eric says to himself.
      with no choice, takes a couple of sips, he knew it would take while for it to kick him.
      pulling down his pants, Ben gets Eric on his knees to start sucking him, “suck me,
      like your ex girlfriend use to suck you, str8 boy.” Ben was enjoying this, getting to touch Eric all over, and knowing he couldn’t do a thing to stop him. Eric took his mouth of of Ben’s hard poz cock. “Walk over to the sling and climb in.” “Eric did as he was told. Ben fastened the handcuffs, made sure that Eric was on his back, after all, this had been his dream for a year now. 
      Ben had lube and a toothbrush, he was going to be sure that when Eric took his load, he would increase his chances of becoming poz.
      Eric, seeing the toothbrush, “What are you going to do with that?” Then he felt Ben put it into his tight hole. Going back and fourth with it. “Feels good, doesn’t it Eric?” He wasn’t sure if it felt good, just weird. Ben took the toothbrush out of his hole, seeing some blood come out. Ben knew Eric was good to go.
      Ben climbed on top of the half asleep young man, lubed up his dick, and the boys ass. And slowly went in and out of him. After all, he been wanting to get him into bed and poz him and take his time with Eric. Eric who was slowly falling into unconscious, found Ben kissing him on the mouth, and couldn’t stop him from doing so. 
      “I’ve been wanting you for so long.” “And now, I’m going to take my time with you.” Ben plates with Eric’s cock, which even soft was quite impressive.
      After two hours of taking his time, Ben released his toxic loads into the handsome young man. 
      “Just so you know, Eric.” “Not only to I finally get you onto bed, I pozzed you to.” “Poz?l “What do you mean?” Eric asked. “I’m HIV positive.” And now you will be too.” Eric wanted to hit him, cry, but was still handcuffed.
      “You have a couple of visitors, Eric.” Let’s get your poz hole ready for them.”
      One was Ralph, an old man Eric had stolen lots of money from. Ralph was also poz. And when Ben looked into Eric’s past he felt that Ralph should punish him too.
      “You son of a birch.” Ralph said has he started to hate fuck Eric. “Now you are going to pay.” Ralph was a lot more aggressive, with his anger. pounding Eric’s ass. With a loud grunt. Ralph finished up inside the boy, with cum running down his ass.
      The second visitor was Gerry, who was indeed shown the video and decided he was going to have Eric’s ass. “Gerry, I can explain.” Eric said meekly. “No you can’t.” As Gerry took off his clothes. Seeing his overweight hairy body, gets on top of Eric, and forces his dick into Eric’s now loose cum filled ass.
      “By the way,” Gerry said between thrusting his cock in and out of the boy’s ass. “I changed my will, you get nothing, but all  my male staff gets to have you.” With that, another poz load went deep inside the young man’s ass.
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      I met Jack, we shook hands and he gives me a light hug and welcomes. We chatted for several minutes and I quickly became at ease. Jack was very good at getting me to loosen up and relax, Eventually he began to explain how things worked.
      "Just like the massage you might get at day spa, you take off your clothes, lay face down on the table, and you can put a towel over you if you wish to hide your modesty. It's completely optional here. I'm usually undressed as well unless that makes you uncomfortable, and I'll start with a nice soothing massage of your legs and feet. I'll then move up to your back. After we are done with your back side, you will roll over and we will do your front. It's very similar, but hopefully a little more erotic and sensual.”
      By the way, it's completely OK if you get aroused. I know most men fear this the most and end up being tense the whole time. For an erotic massage, it's natural that you may get aroused. Just don't worry about it at all. You are supposed to feel that way.
      I am now starting to get excited but still apprehensive. I take my clothes off and lay face down naked. I look up and see he has stripped down to his underwear.
      He starts with a pretty deep massage on my back and neck using just a little bit of sweet smelling oil. He finds some knots quickly and I start to moan, as it is great and I really start to relax. He then moves to my head and he leans in a bit and blows in my ear, which sends a shiver down my body.
      He then moves on to my legs and feet, which relaxes me and gets my dick to relax from its semi-hard state. Eventually he starts to work up my thighs to my inner thighs
      "Is it all right if I remove your towel," Jack said. I thought for second, and then said, "Sure." Jack must have already seen my cock and balls with my legs spread, so what difference did it make?" I thought and as his hand starts to gently brush my balls, as if by accident, which starts the engorgement of my penis all over again. He then starts working my buttocks and occasionally starts lightly stroking my ass hole which gets me fully hard. He takes his time on my ass, and I notice he is starting to lean into me on the table and his penis is clearly semi hard as well, 
      He stops for a moment and I hear the sound of him lowering and tossing his underwear to the side.
      When he begins to work again I discover he is now working almost exclusively on my ass hole. Suddenly he leans over the table more and I feel this amazing feeling in my ass opening and realise he is rolling his tongue around my ass hole like he was eating an ice cream cone on a hot day. I didn't think it was possible but I getting even harder and more sexually excited and I start to moan and groan all at once. I lose my grip in my concentration, my whole world, seems to be centred on the amazing sensations pulsing from his tongue in my ass throughout the rest of my body!
      After what seemed like an eternity, but was really probably only a few minutes, he pulls his mouth away and I feel a cool gel being applied to and also a little bit inside my hole. I then feel him start to push a finger in, slowly at first, and then a little faster and deeper.
      As I am a complete novice at this being a straight guy, I start to panic a bit, but then my pure lust takes over and I again start to moan like a cheap whore trying to excite a client. "I find myself begging him and he complies, but slowly and methodically. Oh my god, please do more. I really love that! Please do more" I practically yell at him, and he just giggles to himself and says, "don't worry lover, we will get there". OMG, I sound like a chick, and well I guess it's kind of like that.
      He slows his actions down a bit and returns to rubbing my arse cheeks, lower back and upper thighs, and I relax a bit, but remain really confused and still so excited.
      My thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of a warm gel going on and into my hole again. I was so excited that I had no hesitation although having someone's tongue and finger up there was as far as I had ever now gone. Then I felt something being inserted and I gasped as I realized he was putting.....
      "Just relax your muscles, Dan.... ungh," Jack advised as he adjusted his position on top of me.
       "Let my cock stretch your ass. It'll get used to my dick in a minute or two."
      "And...ohgawd... and then you'll pull it out?" I asked hopefully and in a hesitant state. 
      "Well... mmm... then we'll really get to business." Replied Jack
      "What does that mean?" I reply
      "That means we're going to have some real fun!"
      "Are you... going to fuck me?"
      "Just relax."
      "I... I told you I'm not..."
      "Dan, take it easy and enjoy my Cock. I told you I'm not gay either. This is just healthy sexual fun okay?"
      "Okay I... ungh... I guess." I tried to remain calm under the circumstances.
      "UMPH!" Jack slammed his pelvis into my ass hard. His dick rammed all the way into my warm wet hole with a loud thud.
      "UNGH!" I felt the cock invade my insides again. The full length had just been pulled out and now it was back with a vengeance. "Jack, I think you might be too... UNGH!" Again the cock plundered my ass.
      "Oh SHUHweeeeeeet Gggod!" Jack exclaimed as he pulled his hips back, readying for another plunge into my straight ass.
      "Jack... huff... please just... UNGH!" Again the dick ploughed into me. Jack was actually long-dicking me.
      "Please, Jack!"
      "Oh, Jack!"
      "I... huff... UNGH!"My eyes bulged almost out of their sockets with each powerful thrust. I found my body instinctively humping my pelvis back into Jack. Was I actually fucking back? There's no way my mind screamed inside!
      "Oh... yeah, Dan, that's it. Fuck back at me baby!" Jack was astonished at the speed he was turning me out. All he could think was this guy must be a real horny to turn out so quickly.
      "Oh Fuck!" I thought out loud. It wasn't my imagination, I was actually humping back. But it was okay. All I had to do was relax like Jack said.
      I tried to remain calm and tell myself everything was cool. I then felt him picking up the pace, Jacks balls smacking into my ass with loud WHACKS! Thrust after thrust. He continued to grunt and hump,
      "OOF!" huffed Jack.
      "UNGH!" I grunted.
      "OOF... this is fun isn't it, Dan." said Jack
      "UNGH... yeah... I..."
      "UNGH... I didn't think I'd like..."
      "UNGH... sex with a man, but this feels strangely nice!"
      I had no idea what I was exposing myself to, By allowing Jack to have his way with me, I was opening doors to a sexual bliss only known by gay and bisexual men. For a horny, straight male, this may certainly become an addiction. I may not be able to control the urge or the want to be filled by cock. But I would be in denial for a long time to come, as I undoubtedly would try to suppress my desires. At that moment though, I was letting myself go. 
      "UNGH... Jack, I'm not..."
      "UNGH... I'm not GAYooooooh!" my mouth formed a perfect "O" shape as Jack's dick hit my sweet spot in my ass. It was my prostate finally reacting to the ass pounding. My eyes crossed and my eye lids fluttered as the intense pleasure rippled through my body. Jack paused for a moment, leaving his thick dick on the special spot inside me.
      He reached behind me to support my back. He lifted me off the massage table and laid himself onto his own back, this time with me positioned on top. In doing so he exposed what I feared most.
      All the while, Jack kept his massive cock lodged in my ass. This guy could fuck!
      I felt like a meat skewer as Jack spun me around on his cock. When I was finally in place, I came into eye contact with with my own 7" cock which was raging hard. It stood proudly in the air, all stiff and precum oozing out of the tip.
      I had never felt my cock this hard. It was so hard it was almost painful. Then I felt Jack begin to buck his hips. Up and down, slowly at first but soon picking up his pace. I almost lost balance but reached down to steady myself by placing my hands on Jack’s chest. I found myself gyrating my hips, grinding my ass onto Jack's dick. I was stroking the length of his cock with my ass. Up and down. Up and down. We picked up our rhythm, again causing the massage table to rock and creak.
      My mind was still racing and the sensible part was screaming out... “He is turning you out!” That means turning me... turning me gay? That's what was happening here. Jack was going to fuck me gay. But was that possible? It sure looked like it. But if I turned gay, what about my girlfriend or even future girl relationships.... The part of my mind screaming slowly was being lost turned into gibberish in the sexual haze. As I fucked up and down on the thick meaty cock. I fucked so hard that my own cock slapped violently against Jack’s belly. Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Precum spattered all over Jack from my leaking cock.
      Jack was in sexual heaven. He was lying on his back, turning me out as I was riding his massive cock. How could Jack ask for anything more?
      I slammed my ass down hard with loud whumps. WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! I rocked up and down, pleasuring Jack's dick with my ass. WHUMP! And then I could feel it. WHUMP! my own cock was about to explode. But how? WHUMP! I hadn't even touched it. It was then that I realized the moment Jack's tongue had entered my ass, I had lost control of my body. WHUMP! Faster and faster. My dick continued flopping around wildly, slapping his belly. SLAP! WHUMP! SLAP! WHUMP! SLAP! WHUMP!
      As I rode, I felt my balls filling. And then it happened. My cock began spewing cum all over the place as it flopped around. It spattered onto Jack, the floor, and a direct hit sprayed onto my chest..... I screamed out loud as my cock lost all control spewing my seed.
      "Oh, Dan," Jack called out uncontrollably. "I'm going to blow my seed!"
      "Oh, Jack!" as I looked back over my shoulder as I saw he was ramming hard into my ass one last time.
      WHAM! He gave this last thrust every last of his energy he had. His massive dick reaching its hilt as it spewed into my ass and knocking me forward. My body rolled forward and with that Jack’s cock sprung out of my ass with a loud popping sound as cum continued jetting out. The heavy smell of man sex filled the room.
      Jack’s 8 inch cock was still hard and spasmed as cum continued to dribble out of the tip, as he gazed upon my body and my leaking hole. What a hot fucking mess, as Jack gazed at my ass spread out before him. Jack climbed off of the massage table and put on his shorts, his cock tenting the crotch as he tried to tuck it in.
      I watched as Jack was walking away to the kitchen to get some water, as I tried pulling myself up and begun pulling up my shorts. Cum dripped down my thigh as I tried to make sense of what had just happened. My ass now felt so empty... and I felt horny. But I had just been fucked by a man and I just needed to just get away.
      I was straight right? The sexual haze begun to lift and I just wanted to hide under a rock. I quickly got the rest of my clothes on and headed out the door.... Jack called out that it was only sex and “I shall be seeing you very soon again”
      I would never, ever, be the same again.....
    • By Bisub
      My first attempt at a story plus English isn't my first language, so please have some patience with me:
      Part 1:
      After 10 years of practice as a general practitioner, I decided to widen the scope of my services to interesting group of people with a particular fetish - the so-called bug chasers.
      You see, I'm your ordinary MD, 36 y.o., 145 lbs at 6'0", skinny, slightly muscular build, brown hair and green eyes.
      Of course I couldn't legally operate the business and announce my services in official medical boards and bulletins. Instead, I started offering my services on various hard-core BDSM and bug-chasing web sites, offering both office and home visits to my clients.
      Having the virus for 3 years now and being, at blood type 0 the universal donor, I am always ready for assistance to those in need for a conversion.
      My first call of the day was a home visit to a desperate wife, age 30, whose man, now 32, was HIV+ for one year now, and since she was still negative and remained so after his results came back, was now more and more desperate, after their sex life was getting less and less frequent and satisfying and she was reacting particularly bad to the PrEP, he to the HIV medication.
      After some counselling in which she voiced her strong desire she can't live without him and want to share his fate, I advised her that we can infect her with one or two strains of the virus as fast as possible, so that the progress of the disease will match each others, quoting the possibility of double strain infection that we can attain by injecting her with just a tiny bit of his husband's blood (though blood type incompatible) if mine was not strong enough.
      After getting through all the risks and outcomes of such a decision and getting her consent once again, I sit on the bed close to her, put up her sleeve, choked her arm with the rubber band I took from my medical bag together with the still sterile and capped injection set, placed it into a tray next to her, took out the alcohol and a swab, swabbed her arm veins, uncapped the point, pricked myself and drew around 2ml of my blood, found her vein, asked her for one last time and, seeing her nod and looking into her eyes for one last time, inserted the blood red needle into her vein and pushed the plunger.
      I withdrew the needle, put the cotton and band aid to the injection site, raised her hand slightly and undid the rubber band.
      She reported a slight second burning sensation, which I commented as normal, repeated in short the likely future of her case and made an appointment for her HIV test in two weeks, just in case she will be asymptomatic.
      I had to hide my raging hard on I get from thinking about spreading our ranks. 
      Before two weeks time, she called me into my office to report a particularly bad case of flu symptoms. A week after her Elisa test, I was happy to inform her about her new acquired status. 
      End of Part 1.
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