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    Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    I have always been a bareback pig. Since my first fuck in 1980 I never requested, required or asked a top to use a condom.

    Not sure how I remained negative, especially since I partied and played and had a number of my partners and fuck-buddies in Chicago and San Francisco who were positive. I have not drank or did drugs in over 20 years. However, recently I thought about getting back into the partying scene as it would open up more opportunity to take more cock and cum.
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    Dom tops who like to breed and seed. I enjoy rough aggressive sex, getting fist fucked, and being used as a urinal cum-dump.

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  1. bjbottom

    Space Bugs

    Interesting, well-written story as usual.
  2. bjbottom

    Gifted By A Guest!

    Sweet reminds me of my older brother sharing me with his friends. Too bad none of them were positive back then.
  3. Once again a wonderfully engaging story that leaves this reader wanting more .... great artwork by the way!
  4. bjbottom

    Strangely Red Paint

    Great story telling! "End" Really, say it is not so. I hope it is just the end of parts 1-4. I want to read more of this story. Find out more of what happens to Danny. How does he end it with Jose? Does Simon become his lover, or was he just using him for his blood and possibly a vessel for his virus? Is he positive after this first session? Does he write the story and become a reporter? So much left unfinished. Part of a good story is that it captures the attention of your reader and draws him in, you did that with me!
  5. Very hot story ... please tell me there is going to be another chapter!
  6. bjbottom

    Kiss His Ring

    Wow, I needed a couple hours to read this story! You really worked your ass off on this story! Great story! I loved how you wrote about numerous fetishes, and behaviors that have not appeared in some of your previous stories.
  7. bjbottom

    Cum in mouth or ass?

    Dump your cum in my ass, I can get someone to felch and snowball it back to me!
  8. Happy Birthday!  I hope you were able to fuck someone's prolapsed ass for your birthday!   I know if we lived closer I would have let you fist and fuck me for your birthday!

    1. SpermaFF


      Thanks! I wish to find prolapsed bottom for breeding and ff

  9. I have always been Level 6. In my younger days I was usually drunk or high and did not care who fucked me as long as I had a cock and load in my ass. More recently I have lied and said I was on prep when a poz top said he only fucks bareback if the bottom is poz or on prep. I was not going to allow him to fuck me with a condom.
  10. bjbottom

    Married Guys In Their Own Beds

    I love when "straight" married guys tell me to meet them at home and we fuck in their bed. It makes me hornier knowing he is choosing to give me his load over his wife or another women. Each time it happens I feel a sense of accomplished, especially if he tells me I am the first guy he ass fucked, or he claims "I have never done anything like this before." If I am on my stomach, and on her side of the bed, I hope I shoot my load while he is fucking me, and I don't say anything about it!
  11. Love your PA!   Great profile, we share many interests

    1. BBiker4Fun


      we should share those interests in person! OINK

  12. bjbottom

    Stealth Pissing

    I love piss whether it is up my ass or down my throat .... once I taste or feel it, I get so horny I start fucking my throat or ass on that cock harder, deeper, and rougher.
  13. @Monster5-8gPA, thanks for the link. I would love to try this with chem piss. I have had a number of catheters inserted in me, and loved it. I love the lack of control over my bladder, cannot say what the feeling would be like having piss coming in rather than going out, but quite interested in the experience.
  14. bjbottom


    When I was younger I enjoyed the reputation of a slut and now as I age, I am enjoying the reputation of a filthy pig. The reputation here or the likes on facebook don't really matter as I know I am a bareback bottom, cum-dump, urinal, spittoon that refuses no load.
  15. Well done, excellent written story! Hope there is another chapter. Possibly where daddy had indeed tasted his boy's last neg load, and decides to go off PrEP without telling anyone and agrees to bottom at a much larger party!

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