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    Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    I have always been a bareback pig. Since my first fuck in 1980 I never requested, required or asked a top to use a condom.

    Not sure how I remained negative, especially since I partied and played and had a number of my partners and fuck-buddies in Chicago and San Francisco who were positive. I have not drank or did drugs in over 20 years. However, recently I thought about getting back into the partying scene as it would open up more opportunity to take more cock and cum.
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    local private videos, but some were posted to club websites. Would love to get into it but daddy bottoms are a dime a dozen.
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    Dom tops who like to breed and seed. I enjoy rough aggressive sex, getting fist fucked, and being used as a urinal cum-dump.

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  1. bjbottom

    Scorpion Bikers

    Great story, next time I go camping, I need to remember to tip the ranger to the campsite next to POZ bikers ....
  2. Love where this is going .... I remember when I was flying and did not remember all the guys who fucked me or who I sucked off in high school and college ... some guys would comment how they were not surprised I did not remember them because I was so out of it .... I would use that to my advantage ... and say if they did not have a good time, we can have a do over right now so I would be sure to remember it and them ... most said they had a great time, but said they would still like a do over if the offer was still good .... it usually was ... LOL
  3. bjbottom

    To Submit or Flee

    For being new to writing, excellent start! You captured my interest and I want to read more!
  4. bjbottom

    Quantity vs "Quality"?

    When I was younger it was all about quantity, when I got older it was about quality. When I was younger it was about getting as much cock and cum in me as possible. I equated getting men to give me their cock and cum as me being desirable (i.e. they have all these bottoms to choose from but they want me. As I got older, I preferred to get fucked by men who could work magic on my ass and fuck me into submission. Now that I am in my fifties, I find myself becoming slutty again and preferring to go all piggy, so it is back to the sex parties rather than individual hook-ups, so my hole gets destroyed, I can felch someone's else fucked out hole, I can rim some tops as they fuck another bottom, and I get to tongue bathe sweaty pits before dropping to my knees and drink their piss.
  5. I only use poppers when getting fisted and engaging in intense ass play.
  6. bjbottom

    My Nephew

    Great start ..... I hope we all find out soon what happened to Baby Boy once he was in the sling
  7. bjbottom

    Ongoing Stealthy Fuck Buddy

    Extremely hot story .... made me cum ......
  8. Hopefully his phrases translate into, "listen you little whore, I will be back with a number of my buddies who are rougher, have even larger cocks ans balls and know how to treat a slut like you."
  9. bjbottom

    Tony's New Life

    For your first story, it is outstanding! Love the details that describe your characters and the behaviors they engage in. I am hoping Tony goes from begging for poz loads to earning his tattoo .
  10. Slam, bred, bleed, poz, and pimp .... best thing that can happen to a golden boy jock with a round sculpted ass
  11. Great start, I cannot wait to learn how he gets turned into the dealer's pussyboi and hopefully starts taking dirty toxic loads!
  12. I have butt spasm orgasms focusing on the cock in my hole - most of the time I can shoot hands free from the prostate massaging I am receiving from getting fucked and milking the poz cock pounding my hole and getting his poz load in me.
  13. bjbottom

    WS after a fuck session

    I prefer a chempiss enema or the piss going straight down my throat, unless I am with a number of guys who enjoy watersports, pissing all over me, well, is a waste of piss, unless of course, I cannot drink it all, and cannot hold it in my ass anymore (fucked or fisted so many times that night my hole no longer closes).
  14. bjbottom

    WS after a fuck session

    My place in life is to serve as a DOM's personal cumdump urinal, nothing is more rewarding than a Dom understand that and treat me as such!
  15. bjbottom

    Paybacks a Bitch (so is my Brother)

    Another great chapter! I love that the little brother is beginning to become a willing bottom cum dump cock-sucker for dirty cum .... maybe I am biased because I was willing cum-dump for my older brother and his jock friends!

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