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    I have always been a bareback pig. Since the early 80s when I experienced my first raw fuck (my own father's cock), I never requested, required or asked a top to use a condom. Not sure how I remained negative, especially since a number of my partners and fuck-buddies in Chicago and San Francisco were positive and I regularly drank until I blacked out. I was heavily into drugs, especially coke and meth. Recently I have been wanting to get back into the partying scene and have been craving taking any and all loads I can.

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  1. Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    I love this naive kid and how daddy is turning him into a cum-dump fuck-hole. Maybe he should remain hypnotizes and programmed for the rest of his life; however, maybe it would be better if he does all this willingly?
  2. Becoming Pa's Cunt

    I would have taken daddy's venom. My own father started fucking me shortly after he woke up and found me sucking his cock. I tired to explain I seen it dripping and I was afraid he was going to piss on the couch. When he learned I was willing to swallow his pisss, he started using me as his urinal. He started letting men use me to to cover his bar and gambling debts. I loved every minute of it. Your story flooded me with memories. Great job.
  3. A Brother in Trouble

    Still on of the hottest stories on this site!
  4. Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    I was so hoping for a new chapter this evening ...... at least you left me wanting more of your hot story!
  5. Towards Zero

    If my brother was POZ, I would love to take his loads and know I have his DNA in my blood forever!
  6. A Brother in Trouble

    Just finished the chapter regarding Frank. I just loved it. Great idea explaining how Ric's father was turned on being pozed by his son. I especially enjoyed Frank's evolution into a poz cum-dump slut
  7. Bottom Regrets

    I started taking my dad's, my married neighbor's, and my brother's cocks when I was 14 or 15. By the time I was 18 (1984) I was bartending at gay bars in Milwaukee, Chicago and San Francisco. By that time I was taking 3-6 cocks a night. Conservatively, I estimate I had 1,000 cocks in me a year. After the first 50 -100 I no longer kept track. My only regret is I did not have people video more of my nights in a sling, leather club, or private parties. I would love to have a video record of those days especially since many of those men are no longer around!
  8. Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    The best daddy knows exactly what his son needs, and gives it to him! If daddy can't give him what he needs he finds others who can. If he happens to profit from it, so much the better. I know exactly where Lukas is coming from since my role was to please, pleasure and obey my father and than my brother. Great story, please keep the chapters coming as they keep me cumming!
  9. Downfall

    Unreal! Truly a hot story ..... only thing hotter would be to find out his husband arranged all of this and the reason the phone went dead was so he could rush over and take his place in line!
  10. Going to any length to get the story, I admire the determination. Taking 20 loads in a few hours I am just jealous of the slut!
  11. A New Strain is Born

    One hot story, I love the attention the two poz daddies are giving the twink, but than again, I have always loved it rough, and piggie!
  12. Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Welcome back. I missed you and new chapters of your story. You did not disappoint! I love the build up you are creating!
  13. A Dad for All

    Be my daddy!
  14. Can't wait for the story to continue -- maybe breaking him in means turning him into a West Hollywood bottom cum-dump cock slut ......
  15. Talk to Me (Revised)

    Much better ending .....

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