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    I have always been a bareback pig. Since the early 80s when I experienced my first raw fuck (my own father's cock), I never requested, required or asked a top to use a condom. Not sure how I remained negative, especially since a number of my partners and fuck-buddies in Chicago and San Francisco were positive and I regularly drank until I blacked out. I was heavily into drugs, especially coke and meth. Recently I have been wanting to get back into the partying scene and have been craving taking any and all loads I can.

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  1. bjbottom

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    One hot chapter Pup, please keep them coming and you will keep me cumming! I wish my daddy pampered me like Mr. C,, at least he did use and treat me like a whore.
  2. Make me yours daddy ... breed my hole ... give me your DNA
  3. I have a thing for muscle daddies too .... I love to be thrown down, held down, and fucked the hell out of.
  4. bjbottom

    Drinking from Toilet and Licking it?

    I have not drank from a toilet, but I have drank from and licked urinals. I have even been restrained between urinals at a bar with a urine funnel gag and forced to drink anyone's piss that wanted to use me (similar to the one pictured below). Out of orders signs were placed on the urinals on both sides of me, and when I was released I was told to lick clean both urinals before I could leave.
  5. bjbottom

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    I would love to be hypnotized like Lucas and turned into a popper pig pup whore ....... oh wait other than being hypnotized I am.
  6. bjbottom

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Agreed .... I always look forward to a new chapter and to find out what the next adventure of Pup and his father.
  7. bjbottom

    Ugly Hung Top into slutty bottoms

    I have always been a slutty bottom. Most of the time I was too drunk or high to remember who had fucked me much less what they looked like. Although I have been sober for 25 years, I still remain a slutty bottom. For me it is about the cock and not the face it is connected to. When I hook-up it is not about conversation, or even face-to-face contact, it is about getting cock and cum into my hole, so I do not understand why you get rejected. Is it because you are wanting more than a slutty bottom to make a deposit in?
  8. bjbottom

    Cleaning, to Poz pig

    I need a sloppy prolapse cunt from getting fisted and fucked ...... what a lucky slut boy!
  9. bjbottom

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    I must be a slut too as I need a lot of Mr Big too after reading this chapter ...... I am ready for the biggest darkest gift I ever had and I want him to churn the cum in my hole frothy like cherry cool whip ..... I am so jealous of this naive little slut ... great chapter
  10. I have been with my husband for 19 years, he is undetectable. I am not on PREP, we hook up with others regularly, and I have not converted.
  11. bjbottom

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Give it to him Mr Big, give it to him hard, make it hurt, make his hole bleed so he is infected when you breed!
  12. Woof ... I love a rough redneck with a thick hard hooded cock who knows how to fuck a man-cunt .... I love head-cheese, sweat, piss, spit, and cum .... 

  13. bjbottom

    Is it frustrating being a top with a big cock?

    I enjoy a very large cock, and have never turned one away saying "no way, it is too big." Whenever it is very large, I usually say, I doubt I can get it down my throat, but I know you can get it up my ass.
  14. bjbottom

    Hypnosis/Brainwashing a Sub Bottom

    I seen a therapist who was tried to hypnotize me. Unfortunately it did not work. I was never put into a trance and the therapy sessions were useless. I would have loved to be hypnotized and turned into a bigger cum-whore sex pig than what I was ... if that would have been possible
  15. bjbottom


    My father and brother taught me I am just a urinal, cum-dump, spittoon to be used and abused by more dominant men, especially if I refuse to defend myself or willingly get on my knees, back, or all fours to service them. Ever since then, I put myself in situations where I am turned into a sperm bank for all to make deposits. I remember once after getting fucked by a group of leather bikers, I have been fisted, fucked with pool cues, beer bottles, and even been douched out having about 36 inches of a garden hose put in me before having it turned on with freezing cold water. I never felt like such a worthless slut, it was GREAT!

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