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    I have always been a bareback pig. Since the early 80s when I experienced my first raw fuck (my own father's cock), I never requested, required or asked a top to use a condom. Not sure how I remained negative, especially since a number of my partners and fuck-buddies in Chicago and San Francisco were positive and I regularly drank until I blacked out. I was heavily into drugs, especially coke and meth. Recently I have been wanting to get back into the partying scene and have been craving taking any and all loads I can.

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  1. Sold Health

    Chapter 2 was well worth the wait - great writing, details, and plot
  2. Trucker bomb

    I still prefer to drink it straight from the tap - at least I have a better chance of getting ass and/or face-fucked too.
  3. My dad and brother were the first men to breed me, they never wore condoms, so I never questioned it. Since I thought bareback was normal, I was surprised when a guy said he wanted to use one. I laughed and said dude I am not going to get pregnant. He was the first one to tell me about HIV in the mid-80s. I told him 100s of guys fucked me without a condom over the years so he might as well too.
  4. Sold Health

    Darn, I was hoping this story was updated.
  5. A Brother in Trouble

    Ric should have just kept his mouth shut, patted Zac on the ass, and said "I love your hot tight ass, we should fuck again soon."
  6. Poz kickboxer breeding

    Hot story .... would like to see him coming too and having something snapping in his mind, where he begs to be fucked even harder by everyone in the sauna.
  7. Do you clean cock?

    My kind of top. I was trained to clean the cock that went into me, so it is just ingrained behavior
  8. Do you clean cock?

    I always clean the cock that fucked me. My husband used to freak out at first. He thought it was dirty, and you could get sick from it. I told him I always douche my ass before we fuck and even if I did not, it would teach me a lesson to keep my hole clean in case a top wants to fuck me. He finally realized I would not stop trying to clean any cock that went into me and started to enjoy it. I have cleaned cocks of tops I was with if they went into another bottom, especially since the same cock was bound to end up in me anyway.
  9. A Brother in Trouble

    Another hot chapter with an unexpected twist - I love an escort who travels with a bottle brush. Joe/Dave should throw in another rough freebie, just to make sure he converts his would be boss.
  10. Is this guy crazy?

    Being wrong or misinformed is not the same as being crazy; however, some people refuse to accept facts that run counter to their beliefs and will continue to be wrong or misinformed. You did your best to educate the person, now you need to let it go for your own peace of mind.
  11. I am a passionate pig as well. My dad and brother used me just as a hole to deposit their cum, piss and spit. Later I learned while some men are like them, others like to be intimate. For me, if the tops would body attention I give it to them, I get my intimacy needs met as I am worshiping their cocks and bodies. There is quite a bit of intimacy and passion as I am tongue bathing a hairy, sweaty, daddy bear. Equally I experience quite a bit of sensual pleasure as my nipples are pinched, twisted, and bit. I also receive sensual please as cum, sweat, and piss is rubbed into my body while I am fucked in a sling. I don't need to cuddling and kissing from strangers or anonymous fucks, I get that from my husband and my fuck buddies.
  12. A Brother in Trouble

    Perhaps Chris converted at the hotel this time around and his judgmental wife is ridden with STDs.
  13. A Brother in Trouble

    Just when I thought the story could not take another twist, you prove me wrong! Each chapter evolves in a new and unexpected direction. Great story, great chapter, and great writing!
  14. Dad's Basement

    Love it when a plan starts to come together ..... can't wait for the next chapter.
  15. The Copper Pozzes Me

    I would feel safer if I knew a cop like that was really on the streets .... hell, I would even toss my own flat to get him to come over

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