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    FF is my passion - intense and long sessions
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    i love uninhibited sleazy sex with men who know what they want and who go for it ...
    no load refused ...
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    I love PIGS .... into long uninhibited sessions - 1-2-1 or in a group...

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  1. #asncumbucket ...WOW what a story.... keep it cummmmmmming ... FFuck ... so HOT ... and all the others here will agree with me ... . so KEEP WRITING ... Your fans are waiting !!!
  2. #Voyeeur94 GREAT START .......but don't let us hang too long to get into action ... I bet everybody here agrees with me ...
  3. #Slipitupme ...THANK YOU for not only having written one of the hottest stories here but also for keep adding to it - YOU ARE ONE THE CHAMPIONS WE LOVE HERE ... who start a great story and keep adding and make us "boil over" with each chapter!!!! BRAVO!!!!
  4. #LutonBottom we didn't like it - WE LOVE IT .... TELL US MORE .... tell us how it continued.... as surely the nameless man with the hollow, evil, controlling look participated too ...TELL US ALL - WE WANT TO KNOW ....
  5. #Shadowcub - WOW what a story ... it has to be brought to the front again ... I hope all others enjoy it as much as I do/did....
  6. #Aslan63 - what an amazing story .... I hope you will continue the journey of this delicious and lucky cummmmmmslut..... surely I am not the only one who loves your story ....
  7. #GuestBowingout your story deserves to be brought forward again ... shame you didn't finish it .... you owe us - your fans - MORE .... I am sure all the others agree with me !!!
  8. #Hungnreadytofuck - WHAT AN AMAZING STORY ...keep it up and cummmming ... ... and I bet I speak for all reading it ... WE ARE CUMMM IN GALLONS - wishing we were on the receiving end and could give in to this delicious use and abuse ...
  9. #MackyJay THANK YOU for finishing this story ... a story which started so well - then was left unfinished, as so many stories here are .... YOU DID A GREAT JOB .... well done!!!
  10. #Oracle1100 - GREAT STORY ....
  12. #Loveitraw MARVELLOUS STORY..... and so well written and put together ... all of us who remember those wonderful times in sleazy filthy public toilets can relate to your story.... How many nights have I spent in those sleazy , stinking places, in the darkness of filth - loving every minute of it and all those anonymous men and their loads ... non refused - how happy one left when the daylight broke ...dripping with cummmmmmm and reeking of all those men one had satisfied.... I miss those old filthy toilets !!!! Please continue this story ... our hero will be back and needs more adventures...
  13. #evilcoyote THANK YOU for not only an AMAZING STORY .. but also for finishing it ... following it through and to keep us all hard and cummmmmming ... FINALLY an author of quality who starts a great story with a great story line and an ending ... THANK YOU !!! I am sure that all will agree with me that we all will follow you and cannot wait to see what cummmms next from you !!!!
  14. SHAME that rawrawraw76 never finished the story and it stops on page 7 BUT I THOUGHT IT IS SUCH A HOT STORY - IT SHOULD CUMMM BACK INTO CIRCULATION - WOULD'T YOU ALL AGREE ?!!!
  15. #newboy1689 BRILLIANT STORY .... and Thank you for keep writing and not starting great and stop in middle of a faBBulous story.... I decided this story needs to be brought forward - so others can enjoy it too !!!

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