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Hung Muscle Daddy's Cum Still Swirling in Me

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I had one of those days were productivity was seriously hindered by horniness.  I found myself constantly browsing Grindr and Scruff, and was woofed on the latter by a huge muscled hairy older guy with a big dick looking for a hole to breed after work.  Holy shit, I hadn't had a good lay in a while, so we agreed to meet.

I got to his hotel right after work, using his bathroom to get prepped.  The preparations took a little while, but when I stepped out of the bathroom, we immediately began an intense, wet make-out session.  Thinking to myself 'He must like to spit', I extended my tongue and sure enough he gave me a couple of big drips from him - mid kiss.  After a couple more slaps I went down to blow him.

His dick was really nice, thick and veiny, with a big head.  Oh, and it was really hard.  I sucked it all the way to the base and he pulled it out and showed me how he was lubricating a lot.

"Suck it," he ordered, which I did, deep-throating it again and again and again.  I pulled off his cock, pressuring it from the base up to his head, and a big ass drop of pre-cum welled-out.  Scooping the pre-cum  with my index finger, I slid the slick cum into my hole.  He gave me a sick horny look, forcing he to again choke on his big cock.

I blew him for several minutes, and then gestured for him to lay back on his bed.  When he was comfortable, I took a hit of poppers and went down on him some more, but blowing him was not enough.  I needed more, so crouching over his cock, I centered his head on my hole, and allowed his cock to slide into my hole.  His cock head entered my ass very slowly, as I worked my ass muscles, alternately giving it gentle squeezes, followed by relaxing and letting it go.  Holy shit.  Having all that man inside was the best feeling in the world.

I rode his cock for a while while leaning on his huge hairy pecs, squeezing them hard, working to remember the details of the experience for future reminiscences.  Initially we made out and I rode his cock, at which time I bounced up and down on his crotch, but at some point he took charge and fucked me as he wished:  he lifted me with ease, positioned me on my back, and placing my legs on his shoulders, he unceremoniously slid into my hole.  I had never before not have I since ever been fucked so hard.  He didn't, however, maintain a regular tempo, but used a rough pounding in which the entire purpose seemed to be that of plowing his cock into my ass.  I found myself groaning deeply, which seemed to motive him to intensify his thrusts.  

His hotel room had a couple of furniture pieces so we switched onto a big cushioned chair and, as I crouched on the chair on all fours, he drove his cock into my ass balls-deep, over and over.  Returning to the bed, he positioned me on my stomach, and lay on top of me, pounding away, but this time his grunts and moans were deeper, louder and rougher.  Sure enough, I could feel his shaft getting harder and harder, and when the loudest moan came I felt his stream push its way into my ass.  He fucking came a lot as he lay on my back for several minutes, shot after shot of cum blowing into my ass, most definitely more than the average orgasm, shooting cum into me, moaning and groaning.  I had also cum, but I focused on squeezing and releasing his dick, making sure every last fucking drop of cum was milked out of his balls and into my ass.

After the last drop of cum had made its way into my ass, his cock softened and slid out of my hole, at which time he remarked "I cum a lot, boy."

When I had caught my breath I thanked him for one of the best lays I had had in quite some time, dressed and left.


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8 hours ago, freshxtop5 said:

Damn that is a nice cock and sounds like a nice fuck! Woof

It really was, man. Now's the morning after and still have a sore hole and his cum in me. Taking it to work now!

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Look's like you require lots of action after getting started in the hotel. With your hole open and wet for another session. 

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      "Is he hung?"
      "Okay.  I'm on my way."
      Once I got there the other top had a probably underage twink blowing him hard and the guy I had talked to was just watching.  I came over, started blowing him and was soon ushered into his bedroom for more privacy.  I choked on his big dick for a while and sat on it.  There is nothing like one's ass being filled by a big dick was gonna breed one's ass.  We even shot a little video I'm attaching to this post (edit: can't attach videos, uploading screenshots).  We fucked hard for a while and after a bit, the other top came into the bedroom, jerking himself as he watched us fucking.  Before long, however, I was soon being force fed a dick down my throat as the other top continued to pound my ass.  Both men came at the same time.  We talked for a bit and then I left.
      I decided to Grindr-walk for a bit around town and ran into another Venezuelan seated on a public bench.  My ass had milked this guy on at least one occasion before.  I should add he happened to have one of the biggest dicks I've ever had the pleasure of having inside my ass.  We chatted a bit and then he invited me to join him at his apartment.  Of course I agreed.
      No sooner had he pulled out his cock than I thought 'Fuck, this dude is huge.  Thank God my guts were just lubed up with the earlier guy's cum', but as it turned out the guy took pleasure in sucking the cum out of my ass and pushing it back in.  Once I had him inside I just felt something was pushing on my prostate hard and I started oozing out cum.  He kept on fucking me, leaving my hole a messy cunt until he dumped his load deep in me.  That was last night.  Both loads are still swirling inside my ass.  I've attached a pic of the big second dick I had the pleasure of jumping on last night.

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      Fucking horny again today so went to the bathhouse. Not many people there but managed to squeeze out a few loads and give out a few. There's this short gymnast hairy type that has an amazing ass so he got one of my loads today. Shorter than me so he got manhandled good, but seeing him enjoy my cum so much made me fucking horny for dick.
      I walked onto the little dark room by the first floor terrace and was soon on my knees sucking two dicks. One of them had a rubber in his hand so I turned my back to the other one. He shoved it in, nice thick dick and plowed me hard while I blew some other guys. It's always been a problem for me the not seeing part of a dark room. I felt so clumsy touching legs and figuring out where the dicks were while trying to squeeze and release my butthole in sync with his plowing and giving head at the same time. Thankfully he came fast and was soon replaced by this really tiny dicked big bear. He fucked me for a while but all his dick was doing was making my ass sore so I told him thanks, but I needed a break.
      Two floors up in the porn room this older bearded tatted muscley guy was moving his dick under his towel while looking at the porn movie so I went ahead and grabbed it. When I was about to kneel to suck it he got up and ushered me into a private room. He had a beautiful uncut thick cock with big balls. He was about to unwrap a condom when I told him they made my ass sore and fainted leaving the room. He grabbed me by the wrist, pulled/pushed me onto the bed and said "So that's how it's gonna be, eh?". I turned around with my ass to the ceiling and in a mid-crouch he shoved that gorgeous cock of his inside of me balls deep. "Fuck, you feel so wet" was all he said before I started pushing my ass against his balls. Don't you just love when lowhanging balls bump again yours while you get fucked? Fucking hell, I was full of a real man plowing his dick balls-deep in me while stirring the anon cum from the dark room. Some poppers had me in heaven and I took that sir's dick like a good boy. He said he was close to cumming and asked me where I wanted it, to which I replied "Right where you are, sir, but as deep as possible". I could feel his balls getting ready to blow the load and all of the sudden he started pulling out. I panicked and grabbed onto his ass and pushed him back in, while I squeezed and pushed and squeezed and pushed with my ass to milk that dick dry. He groaned and moaned and those big balls contracted and released a big thick load inside of me. "Quite the whore, aren't you?". "I worked hard for that load, sir, you weren't gonna take that away from me".
      Got out and ran into some other bottoms I'd fucked before and got turned on by the idea of leaving my seed while having two inside of me, big fucking messy mix of DNAs. I went over the hottest one, we talked and went into a room pretty fast. Ass up, dick in, load blown. Not much details as I like to believe you're reading this because of my getting bred stories and not the other way around. I hope so anyway, haha.
      To relax and went into the dry steam chamber and blowed around 6-7 guys that kept on coming in and leaving. Two of them blew their loads in my mouth; one tasted like fucking syrup and the other was bitter as fuck. I've recently started getting off on sucking loads out of guys. Prefer them up my ass as with all the gastric juices the semen just gets broken down and there's no absorption in that (not that I know know that some gets absorbed in my ass, but don't burst my bubble please), but a load in is a load in at the end of the day and I'm a man with a calling in life.
      After a while this older skinny ugly dude with a mustache came in and sat next to me and pulled out this amazingly huge piece of meat that pretty much called my name as soon as it was out. I got on my knees and deepthroat it good. He moaned and gave some compliments while I choked and made it clear to the room that this slut was taking on a big one. I asked him if he wanted to stick it in, he said yes. "Rubber?", he asked. "Not for me", I said and looked at him as if asking "So, yes or no?". He pulled me around and I took that beautiful big dick all the way to the base. We fucked for a while while some people watched. Some poppers for me and I asked him if I kept jumping up and down on him he'd give me a load. He said yes and did just that. While looking at our audience look at me taking this massive cock, I jerked my dick hard and blew a load while squeezing his dick that got on top of one of the onlookers. He whispered "Fuck yeah" and grabbed me by the waist and started making me jump up and down really fast. I was a sweaty mess by then as this was still happening in the sauna but I endured. It got uncomfortable, my ass was begging for mercy and I could feel the other loads slushing around inside of me. I took some more poppers, no pleasure in jerking off as I had just came, but the poppers worked their magic and I became the hole that lives to the filled long enough for the ugly older hung guy to drop a big load in me. With those three in me I went into the showers and got cleaned up. Ubered my way home and I'm currently dripping my briefs with the earnings of the day. Quick jerk off and off to big. Thanks for reading, guys!

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