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  1. Anytime!  There's always and opening for YOU!

    1. AZRawPig



      This is the type of action for a long weekend together with other's like ourselves.  Pushing those LIMITS is the ONLY way.



    2. Guest


      Love getting fucked like that

  2. That's the  ONLY way to share yourself with other's.  Just can't get enough when everyone is into flip flop'n like that over a few days or longer together.  Especially, couples who want to share their fantasy's with other like minded pigs.

  3. Fuck'n outstanding!  You remind me of my BEST fuck buddy's that comes here from BRAZIL and stay for 2 months fuck'n, suck'n, rim'n. Pushing their union further with Me and other's like ourselves.  Servicing couples who are comfortable with their relation and like to experiment brings out some really...outstanding combinations of scenes together.

    Practice...practice...deeper...harder and more hardcore together.

    1. richmondass


      Thanks... love just being a pig especially when another pig brings more out in me...

    2. AZRawPig


      Always, like bring pigs together for long sessions to see just how good the action can get between ourselves.  It's all about the journey and experimenting with other's with like minded desires.  ANYTIME!  

      The BEST buddy's can share either being a CUMDUMP or helping another becoming a CUMDUMP.  It's all about timing.

  4. There's something about you that very POWERFUL SEXUALLY!  After slam'n, booty bumps and getting in the clouds with someone like YOU.  There's nothing off LIMITS for US.  It's all about the journey to enhance each other's needs.

    1. ejaculaTe


      Aw shucks, thanks... Needless to say, I'd be on you like a hobo on a ham sandwich. Get to Florida someTime, sexy.... 😎😈☁️☁️💉

  5. Whenever, you have a group of really; good fuck buddy's sharing each other's cocks and holes over a few days.  Split fuck'n all around is the BEST way.  NO COCKS or HOLES left untouched is my desired way for fuck buddy's.

  6. That's the type of hole I like playing in with my GANG BANG buddy's.  Keep you filled with lots of cum and cocks.

    1. AZRawPig



      This is the type of action for US.  Pushing lots of inhibitions together.



  7. YOUR activities are getting better and better.  Great seeing you taking on so many cocks, loads and holes for yourself.  

  8. I really like your videos!  They give me a lot of inspiration and help other's push their LIMITS, too. 

    1. Chargedupslut


      Thanks for the compliment!  I definitely have fun making them...

  9. I like your story about being a CUMDUMP.  Keep up the good work. There's nothing better than servicing lots of cocks.

  10. REALLY like your profile.  Exactly my type of action, too.  There's nothing better than completely into each other's needs. YOUR site picture is really a statement I agree with, too.  

  11. YOU are always at the TOP of my LIST!  You are always very strong in sharing your picks.  I really like them too.

    1. Saturn1


      I thank you SO MUCH, AZRawPig!!! It is cool to be at the TOP of YOUR list!!! I am glad you like my Posts!!! Feels GOOD to have such sweet comments!!! :2thumbs: *huggs* and *smooch*

  12. I really don't used hook up sites.  I get referrals from friends and buddy's that know my taste and support my decisions.  It's hard to find quality people out there if there's no check and balance in the hook ups.

    1. Dickmagnet


      I get it, to be honest i almost never use online anymore for any kind of hook up just too much back & forth even i lose interest.

  13. Looks like other's are doing the SAME thing.  We had a two day Fisting party. I enjoyed the SLING sessions and fuck'n too.

  14. AZRawPig

    Ever been filmed?

    YES I agree...OPTIONS for multiple boxes works for me, too. Mainly, because over a period of time MOST of those boxes have been made available for Me and other's too.
  15. AZRawPig

    Ever been filmed?

    That's exactly right! Whenever, you film your activities with other like minded individuals and play it back it seems it help push those LIMITS further together. It's like a stimulus for improving and exhibitionism is definitely there, too. I like filming groups and gang bang action with those who are into those types of experiences. It makes the BOND better and better between everyone, too.

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