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    Group's, Gang Bang's, ff69s, rimn, double headed dildo action. ..to get started
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  1. Don't know who belong to this contact photo. Will not communicate with false info on this site. Bogus photo on here. 

    1. Stpetecumdump


      What photo are you talking about?

  2. Definitely interested in slings and being with other sexually raunchy pig's. Pushing ourselves over long periods of time. Multiple loads are totally my type of scene's. 

    1. AZRawPig


      This isn't my contact photo. There must be a worm on this site. 

  3. Looking good!  I am definitely into being with other sexually raunchy pig's. Swapn cocks and juice's inside each other for extended session's. Groups and Gang bang's are totally my type of scene's. 

    1. AZRawPig


      This contact photo isn't of me. Don't know who this is. 

  4. Definitely interested in CUMDUMP action over labels together. 

  5. Anon Breeding

    Definitely interested in seeing MORE of this type of action...with YOU! Where does it go from here?
  6. Definitely into extremely...long sessions with someone like YOU!  The nastier the session's get the better for US.

  7. Looking GREAT...there's nothing better than being a total CUMDUMP and sharing it with other's...NO TABOOS between ourselves.  

  8. The Freak Show

    Very intreging scene's. Looking forward to experiencing more.
  9. Definitely interested in ALL those sweaty scene's with you. Glad you escort. Ciao! 

  10. Definitely interested in ALL those sweaty chemd session's with you. Pushing the depravity bond while on CAM.

  11. My favorite scene's too. Dawson is the best and sets the standard's for us. Whenever a bottom deposits his cock into someone it's FUCKN hot. Because he fucks with a lot of experience behind his rod.
  12. Tease Got What Was Coming

    Thanks! Are you sure this is a fantasy? It really sound's like a good time was being had by everyone. Including the ONE who was the TEASE. KEEP IT CUMMING.
  13. Flip flop buddy's are the BEST!  There's nothing better than having lots of loads dripping from your hole's while depositing your's into another CUMPUMP'S gut. .multiple times with his creamy load's. 

  14. Starting PreP, my toughts

    FUCKN HOT! That's exactly the same types of thing's I am having too.
  15. Just finished 🚶 walking my Rotweilder he demands lots of attention like me. Ciao! 😍

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