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  1. EXCELLENT Picture's...YOU can feel your sexual lusts thru them.

    1. Hotseajock


      Thanks, AZRawPig!


  2. YOU photo gallery is outstanding.  Anytime.!

  3. Fuckn great adventures just like having someone like you around. 

    1. RandyCubby


      Awww... Shucks. Thanks!

  4. Sorry about the delay in replying. I've been really busy lately. This a height of tourists season here. Very exciting an international. Let me know when you'll be coming. All our hotel's and resorts are full until April.

  5. It was very GOOD of you to acknowledge the individuals that tell their story's here on this site.  

    Hopefully, you will share some of your adventures with US, too.

  6. Tag Team

    Keep it on the DL thing's with them will continue and get completely satisfying for everyone.
  7. You always get my attention. 

  8. Tag Team storytelling is very sexually powerful. 

    1. Detchiller


      The coolest thing was that no one was left out. Everyone got equal sexual attention. There was mutual attraction all the way around. 

  9. Always have a wing man who can handle any situation that's uncomfortable during these scene's.
  10. Midtowne Spa Blackout 12/30

    Totally agree with your instructions. Got my favorite destination staked out too.
  11. Definitely interested in exploring everything with another slutty partner. 

  12. Great gallery images. 

  13. Birthday loads

    Happy Birthday!
  14. Unexpected Escort

    Great story for your BERLIN adventures. It's really a great city for exploring your sexual fantasy's. So what happened next?
  15. YOU always get my attention.  NO TABOOS between ourselves.

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