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    Group's, Gang Bang's, ff69s, rimn, double headed dildo action. ..to get started
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  1. AZRawPig

    Cumdump taking all loads....

    Wish I was there to enjoy everything.
  2. Definitely one excellent example of manhood for gang bang action. 

  3. That's exactly what I want too. Keep yourself filled with lots of cock's and loads regularly.
  4. AZRawPig

    Birthday Loads

    Happy Birthday! You've just going to get more load's this year. Just enjoy the cock's.
  5. AZRawPig

    Is my hole too sloppy?

    Like to been there to watch the breeding between the BOTH of you. That would be a great ?.
  6. AZRawPig

    Is my hole too sloppy?

    Excellent post on sloppy hole's.
  7. Very good collection in your album. 

  8. AZRawPig

    Pig Training in Phoenix

    Yes! That's a great story about the Flex.
  9. I like this discussion. It completely on track for more raunchy SEXUAL encounters. Let's just FUCK!  Can't get enough anymore. 

    1. chargedodger


      Agreed!Confident poz men are so rare tho.

    2. chargedodger


      off work for a couple days and my ass is available.:)

  10. Hopefully your ILM experience is beyond your fantasy's. 

    Been doing parTy session's and remind me of you. 

  11. Fuckn great knowing ILM will have your talents to enjoy. 

    I'm sure you'll have lots of cocks and load's. 

  12. Gang Bang weekend with other's like US. 7 invites already for hotel flip flop sleazy session's. NEXT! 

  13. OUTSTANDING BIO!  I understand the DARK SIDE myself.  Due to practicing SEXUAL MAGICK with other like minded partner's who are also; into the SAME types of scene's.  Pushing each other's limits is the BEST way to connect and enhance those levels of SEXUAL ENERGY'S...that will produce MORE intensity and depravity together.  NO AGENDA'S between ourselves.  going with the flow.

  14. Keep up with your journey. 

  15. Definitely like spending time with you doing group's and gang bang's over a long weekend together. No taboos here. 

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