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  1. muscledpigbttm

    Seven Loads On a Friday Night

    I’ll say it’s the weird moon we’ve been having, but my cravings have intensified in the past few days so today I gave myself a treat. I awoke early, planned my meals ahead, got some work done, cleaned my ass and by 7:00 PM I was at a bar/video/sex club joint close to my home having a drink and browsing Grindr. But for a few guys there who didn’t seem to be interested in more than exchanging some looks, not much was going on, so I went up to the third floor to the tiny room with a TV and movie theatre seats that awards the venue the “video” status. Two guys were standing up watching the movies, so I grabbed one guy's dick. It was small, thick, and really, really hard. Awkwardly I dropped to my knees and, in the first thrust, sucked him down, balls-deep. He moaned and took his shirt off, while the other guy tried to unbutton my pants and grab my ass. The second guy pulled out his tiny dick promptly rose to an erection. The first guy, meanwhile, had withdrawn his cock from my mouth, stepped behind me, and shoved his dick in me forcibly and completely dry. The pain was extreme, so I asked him to pull out, thoroughly lubed my hole, and he re-entered with vengeance. He fucked like we were on the sturdiest bed ever without another guy involved and not on a squeaky ass movie theatre seat with six other onlookers and another tiny dick for me to suck. He went hard and fast, grabbing me by my waist and shoulders and pulling me towards him, trying to go as deep as he could. He was soon dripping sweat all over, but his moans suddenly intensified as he grunted “Where do you want it?” “Right where you are is good,” I replied. That got one of the onlooker’s attention and he soon came close and pushed the guy I was sucking away, pulling a big thick veiny dick from his pants which he presented for me to suck, which I did, however, no sooner had I begun when the fucker in my ass was done, twitching and moaning as my ass squeezed every last drop of cum out of his dick. No sooner did he withdraw when the hung guy withdrew from my mouth, and gestured for me to turn around so he could aim his cock at my ass. He spat in the palm of his hand, lubed his cock head, and shoved himself in good. While my ass was admittedly sore, it was also wet with cum, so the cock slid in easily. Soon I felt the pleasure that comes as a consequence of having a big fat cock lodged in one's ass. This guy was more of a passionate fucker, and the setting wasn’t playing in our favor. In addition, some of the onlookers had started talking about sports or some other thing and it was kind of distracting, so he asked me to go down to a private cabin. On the floor below one available little cabin with just a chair was waiting for us. We entered, he stripped in two seconds and shoved his dick down my throat. I swallowed it whole but I needed to have that big meat's cum in my as soon as possible, so I got up, turned around and pushed it all the way in. He moaned and grabbed my whole body from behind, passing his hands all over my chest and belly, playing with my nipples and jerking me off. Having all of him in had me close to cumming, and that little touch made my dick start to ooze our cum that got onto my pants. Fuck. I turned half my body around without pulling his dick out and we started making out. I’d brought poppers so we both gave it a hit and it made him turn into a violent power top, sticking his fingers in my mouth and pulling me down towards him from my neck and teeth. It was intense. He started making a lot of noise, both from moaning and our skins clapping against each other, and I could feel my hole just letting it all go and welcoming the violence with pleasure, craving for that second load of cum. He started slowing down and just playing with the tip of his dick in my hole, in and out, in and out, until he suddenly said “That ass is fucking amazing, I’m about to fill it up with cum. You want it? Beg me for it.” "Fuck yes, I want it! Fuck yes I need your big dick to blow your seed deep in my hole," I answered. “Louder, cunt,” he demanded. “Préñame," I shouted, which roughly translates to into English as impregnate me, but it sounds slutty as fuck. He moaned loud and pushed me hard towards him, leaving his load as deep as possible and pushing that first guy’s cum into me as well. Fucking hot. We both got dressed and I left the venue. I took a cab to a downtown hotel that is known for being heavily patronized by gay men. As soon as I arrived I was contacted by a top wanted to come over - so he did. I didn’t even ask for pictures and was disappointed as he was neither hot, nor did he have a big dick. But then it's true, no load should be refused. He blew his load in no more than five minutes, which was fine by me as it raised my ROI of the night. He left, and I noticed a guy on Grindr with whom I've exchanged messages several times, although we had never hooked-up. And the guy was staying at the same hotel! He was about my height, 5’4”, heavier, tattooed and has an average dick. He sent me a very direct text which read 'What’s your room number? I wanna breed you'. I replied with my room number, and within five minutes his cock was down my throat. It turned out to be one of those lays where you know you’re driving the other guy crazy. He kept complimenting my head, was touching me all over, making me flex and playing with my nipple piercing, saying how we should’ve done this earlier. His dick was really hard and straight up, so I got on all fours to have it go all the way in. He fucked me hard and got tired fast, so we had take a couple of breaks. I gave him some poppers and after a few seconds I could feel his balls and dick beating as they got ready to breed my hole. He moaned, groaned and slapped my butt, depositing his seed with the other three I already had in my ass. His orgasm was quite long, and he fucked me afterwards for several minutes as I tried to squeeze every last drop of cum out of him. After that, he got dressed, gave me some more compliments and left. After a while, this guy that’s bred my hole in the bathhouse appeared to be close by on Grindr so we talked and he came over a few minutes later. Even though we met this past month we’ve already fucked over 5 times as he has a nice big dick that gets super fucking hard and he knows how to use it. He says my hole is amazing and that he loves how I look when he plows me, which I don't mind as a compliment. So when he arrived we talked for a bit while he undressed but he didn’t let me blow him this time. He got me on all fours and ate my ass out like it was dripping out some sweet juice, trying to suck out the loads he knew I had in me and make my hole all wet. I squeezed hard as those loads are mine but he stilled managed to get his dick really wet and shoved that big tool in me. He apparently had been fucking but hadn’t cum, so he was forceful, acrobatic and energetic, fucking me in the air, getting on his hands, making me turn with him still in me and finally, after dripping sweat all over me, leaving his load in me, while shoving his hand down my throat and spitting in my face. Fucking. Hot. He had to attend a birthday party, so he dressed and left. Back on Grindr, I resumed my search as I hadn’t yet cum, quickly locating two guys in the same hotel, two stories down, who were looking for a hole to breed. Fuck yes. I went down and they greeted me naked, not waiting for me to undress before pushing me down onto my knees and making me blow them. I can't say the sex was amazing, but it was hot being used by the both of them as a cumdump. The first guy filled my hole in five minutes and the other one jerked off. The second guy actually pushed the other guy out of the way so he could shoot his load into my hole. Seven loads in and I called it a night.
  2. It's been a week since I last got bred. That fact had been driving me crazy, but since last Thursday I've been at the beach and there aren't that many guys away from the city. Today I got back though and went straight downtown to the bathhouse to try and get some loads. I rented a private room as soon as I got there, got my hole cleaned up and went out to prowl the joint. This fit-as-fuck Venezuelan guy kept looking at me a soon as I got out so I approached him and we started making out. As I got there pretty early, around 4 PM, the place was almost empty and he wanted to set up a little show for the few guys that were around, so right in the middle of the steam room he pulled out his dick and drove my head towards it. I swallowed it whole, while two other guys watched and jerked off. The Venezuelan had some poppers, gave me some, took a hit himself and drove his shaft all the way in my throat, holding the back of my head as he fucked my face hard, not minding my gagging and coughing noises. "I'm gonna cum," he grunted, not, however, pausing in face-fucking me, which he continued doing until he shot his load down my throat. I got up, made out with him for a bit and without saying a word and trying to keep his cum from going down my throat, left for the bathroom. I got into a stall and gagged onto my hand until his cum came out. I crouched down and with the poppers still ringing in my head, relaxed my hole and got as much of the Venezuelan's cum into it as I could. I've never done anything like this before, but the need to have that hot guy's DNA in my body was to great to resist, so I didn't hesitate. I was gonna have that load in my ass, no matter what. I walked out of the stall and immediately saw an older, heavy guy, definitely not pretty, who was peeing. He also was doing a pretty lousy job of covering-up his beer can-thick dick. I checked his cock out, making sure he saw that I was craving dick and nothing more and he nodded me into getting back into one of the stalls. I did and he knocked a few seconds later. He stepped into the stall, which was somewhat ridiculous: the two of us could barely fit in together. Fortunately there was a bit more room at the floor level, so I knelt and blew him. That big piece of meat grew and grew and kept of growing, until, in spite of it already being all the way down my throat, its girth got too thick for me and it started to really hurt and I had to pull it out. I turned around, he stuck a finger into my hole and said "Nice, you're already wet." He got the tip of his dick next to it and started pushing in slowly, taking his time, for which I was grateful. I'm not a big guy, 5'4", and he looked to be over 6 feet, so with me standing on my tip toes and him somewhat crouching, getting his dick to slide into my hole took some work. And the girth didn't help. I scooped up the Venezuelan guy's cum from my cheeks and perineum, using it to lube up his big bear's dick, and I finally felt the *pop* that goes with getting a really thick dick into you. He slid the rest of the way in and, grabbing onto the stall, proceeded to relentlessly fuck me, holding onto my shoulders, pushing my body against his dick, getting his dirty fingers into my mouth and spitting in it - which I fucking loved. There's something special about being manhandled by a guy you know you're fucking just because his dick is big and it's gonna give you a load. It makes me feel like the cumdump I love being. I makes me feel like nothing else matter but the dick. He announced he would cum soon and I started squeezing and releasing my ass to the rhythm of his thrusts. That got him moaning even more and, with his big hand on top of my head pushing me down while pushing himself deeper, dropped a load into my guts that made all the meat on his body shake. I realized while he came that I'd managed to use this guy's cock to push the Venezuelan's cum into me while also getting another load in the process and that thought plus the feeling of that dick in me made me cum a little bit. After that he got his towel around him and left. I walked onto the little dark room by the terrace on the first floor and found it empty. I turned around to leave and saw that a couple of guys had followed me. They were a little taller than me, bodies that had clearly never been to the gym and faces I couldn't quite make out, but one of them had a HUGE bulge under his towel so I grabbed one of his nipples with one hand and his dick with the other, while the third guy took my towel off and started eating my ass. "Salty", was all he said while the hung guy sat down and I started blowing him, and the rimmer shoved his dick in me. I couldn't believe I was getting bare dick this easily on a weekday. I got fucked hard and fast and got another load in me without it being announced. His dick wasn't that big and I really wasn't paying much attention to the guy but for the occasional ass squeeze while he came. When he left it was just the hung guy and me in the dark room and I felt a hand making me turn around and a dick poking my leg. Yes, more bare dick and a really big one this time around. I sat on it and felt the joy that comes with being truly full of dick. The rush of not even having seen this guy's face, the thrill of just being a hole for him while him also being just a dick stirring the other three loads in me. I was grabbed by the waist and the fucking dude just stood up with him still inside of me. I was wet from sweat and slipped a little, which made his dick open my hole in a weird and painful way. I yelled that he was hurting me and he just turned around, said "Get on all fours and don't complain, whore", and put me against the place he was sitting in a second ago. He didn't wait for me to get comfortable, he didn't even wait for me to have all my limbs down before he started fucking me. "I'm gonna take a while", he said, and pushed his dick all the way it could go in. I could feel my second sphincter opening up, but it hurt like hell, my body was clenching up and my dick was oozing cum out of the excitement. Pain was bad, pleasure up there with it, and the continuous loud fucking was drawing some shadows into the little dark room. Soon this guy sat close to my head and pulled out a nice average dick. I sucked on it, not even trying to jerk myself off as all I could do was focus on being a good willing hole. The guy I was blowing took a little poppers bottle out out of nowhere and gave me a hit and that fucking did it. The hung top fucking me took the queue and shoved his dick all the way in and the pain gave way to pleasure as I could feel my fucking soul opening up at the same time my second sphincter did, letting him truly all the way in. "Give me some poppers," the top said and took the biggest hit ever. "I'm leaving it there, bitch", he said and fucked me hard, moaning and yelling, as some guys watched him wrecking my hole. With a big final plow he grunted "I'm cumming," at the same time blowing his load as far in as his dick would go, leaving me sore, leaving my balls emptied of cum, leaving my ass with four loads and leaving my head with the knowledge that I had them all the real way in. I got up, took my towel, thanked the guy for the load, showered and left, arriving at home some time later. Now, several hours later, I can barely sit. My underwear is wet from my hole dripping cum, but I'm trying to keep it squeezed as I worked hard to earn those loads. I'll be going out later tonight in the hope I can find more loads to take. I'll write about whatever happens.
  3. muscledpigbttm

    5 loads at hotel

    I had another one of those days when all you can think about is sex so I ended up coming to this hotel that’s known for being crowded with horny sleazy guys. I’ve gotten a room and so far I’ve had 3 dicks in me and I'm carrying around two loads. I talked to his hung top during the day so as to get bred and he told me we should come here. He ended up being an hour late so I got a room while I waited. This big bear type with an average dick was just relaxing in his room and wanted to breed my hole so I came over and dropped on my knees as soon as he opened the door. He was massive. Really big hairy bearded lots of man for me to have. As soon as I walked in he told me he was jerking off just before I got there so he wouldn't take long to finish. So a quick breeding as to warm up my hole and get it lubbed up? Perfect. I blew him, he kept sniffing poppers repeatedly and with intent and all of the sudden got up, ran to my hole and fucking shoved his dick in me, making me hurt and, while moaning a lot, said “I’m cumming! I’m filling you up!”, and all I could reply was that he'd please push it in deep. By the time I came out, the top I had talked to before coming here had arrived and we had some beers and fucked. He’s this tall 6’ guy, big cock that takes forever to cum. We fucked for about 40 min but my hole got sore and I figured I could use a break. He’s promised his load will go in me later tonight, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. After him I came back to my room and saw that this guy that had filled me up once before was nearby. We texted and he was too at the hotel. I walked up to his room, he had an apple filled with weed for me to smoke while he ate my ass, sucking the bear's cum out of me. “I’ll add another load to that hole, cunt”, he said, and I just got on all fours and felt him slide easily all the way in. He’s got a nice 7-8” dick and fucked me relentlessly. On all fours then standing up, then against the wall, then laying on my back, then laying on my stomach, then again carrying me but from the back (I’m 5’4”, so #prosoffuckingshortguys) and then again laying on my back. It was so fucking hot my cock started oozing out cum without me jerking off and once he saw that it drove him crazy. If he was fucking me hard, he made sure I’d remember him tomorrow by grabbing onto my shoulders and forcing his dick all the fucking way in with each shove. “I know you whore like it deep inside you so I’m leaving it there... now”, was all he said as he closed his eyes and nutted inside me, adding his DNA to the bear’s. I quickly got dressed, asked him if he wanted to smoke some more he should come down to my room and I’ve been writing this story ever since. I’ll update it as the night develops. As of this moment, though: 3D/2L —————————————- So I relaxed for a bit, smoked some pot and watched TV. Over Hornet this tall bald headed top talks to me, average dick, average body, handsome, looking for a hole to breed. Says he’s been fucking a guy but the bottom couldn’t take him any more and he didn’t cum. “Come on over”, I told him, “no reason for you to go bed carrying that load around”. He got here in 5 min and in ten was shoving his dick down my throat. It was soft but got hard fast, nice long shaft and big head cock. I could tell all he wanted was to cum, so I told him to lay in bed, I got his dick nice and wet with a mixture of my spit and cum from my hole and sat on it. He then began fucking me non-stop, grabbing my torso and making sure his cock went all the way in, not even letting me move. I was just his living and breathing cumhole and I loved it. He paused for a bit of poppers, let me have some and went back at it again, this time with his eyes closed, not even looking at me. His moans became louder fast, his body started jerking around and a big smile appeared on his face. “Consider yourself knocked up”, he said, and I thanked him for his load. He stayed a bit longer and left. 4D/3L —————————————- I had started writing the previous part when I heard a knock and figured the guy who had just left had forgotten something, so I went out naked and saw no one at he door. I peeked around and this guy was standing in the hall. I literally just shrugged and nodded him to come over. “You top? Looking for a load here”, I said, to which he replied “We’ve been talking on Grindr, man”. “Awesome”, I said, “so you know the drill”, and know it he did. He was naked in a minute and had his dick swirling around the three loads in my gut in 2. His dick was nice, perfect shape and felt soft as hell, which I can’t say is a word I use often to describe dicks. He fucked me hard and non-stop, grabbing me by the waist to make sure I didn’t move much. He put me on all fours but I soon got pushed down onto my stomach, shoving his dick all the way in. As usual I asked him to please leave his load there, as deep as he could. And as usual that drove him over the edge. He was soon making faces, jerking a bit and moaning as he let all his little guys lose deep inside me. My ass hurt but I took it and pushed back against his dick. After he finished he got dressed and left. He’s two rooms over and might get another top for later. While I wait here, though: 5D/4L —————————————- The last guy to breed me came back to leave another load. The sex was good, he fucked me really hard again and laid me on my stomach, shoving his dick deep inside me. After a while though it got repetitive and I could tell he was spacing out, wanting to give me cum out of knowing how badly I wanted it, but also not quite stimulating his dick just right. He pulled out and told me to get on all fours on the edge of the bed, ass looking at him. He played a bit with my hole, sticking a couple of fingers in while jerking off really hard, while I squeezed my ass as hard as I could and relaxed and squeezed again. He really liked that and his jerking off got stronger. "Please leave it in me", I said, to which he simply replied "Yes" and stuck his dick all the way in into the pool of four loads I still have inside of me, while at the same time grabbing me by the waist and throwing his head back, moaning loudly, but not pulling out, pushing deeper and deeper and then fucking me some more, fast and hard. I couldn't take it anymore and I shot the biggest load I've shot in the last few months. He pulled out, we talked for a bit, I thanked him again for his cum while he changed and left. It's been about 5 hours since I got here, and after posting this I'm getting ready and leaving. I'll have this 5 loads in me for as long as I can. 5D/5L
  4. muscledpigbttm

    Anonymous Loads at the Bathhouse

    Thank you man, that means an awful lot. I'll keep on posting any other crazy shit I find myself doing. hehe
  5. muscledpigbttm

    Anonymous Loads at the Bathhouse

    Hey man, I truly have no idea. I get a nice notification out of either of them, though!
  6. muscledpigbttm

    Anonymous Loads at the Bathhouse

    I haven’t written in a while as all my last several fucks have been relatively ordinary, which is to say one-on-one, or at most getting two different loads by the end of the night, but that all changed tonight. I was horny as fuck, drinking wine, and smoking a couple of joints with some friends when this thick veiny-dicked dude called me, saying he wanted to come over to breed my hole. He’s an older man, 48, hairy, well built and with those cocks that for some reason have a protruding lower vein like some misshaped fruit, making the dick hard to ride and kinda painful but once it gets going it's clear he'll wreck the hole he is fucking. True to his word he came right over, but sadly didn't take long to cum. Still I rode him for a while, squeezing my asshole to make sure he opened me well, and as planned, he soon blasted his load deep inside my guts. Afterwards we chatted a bit while I checked Grindr where I learned a friend from school was going to the bathhouse downtown so I reached-out to him, suggesting we go together. He readily agreed. The only day the bathhouse opens all night is on Saturday, until 8:00 AM Sunday morning, so as to catch all the horny party men on the way home. I was cautiously optimistic I'd get several loads without the necessity of fending off rubbers. We got there and my friend and I walked into the dry chamber and I started to blow him. He’s got a really thick and curved dick, so I swallowed it whole and was soon jumping on top of it as seven to nine guys gathered to watch. I counted them as I checked out their dicks, beckoning each one to come forward for a blow while I got fucked. While most of the guys were receptive to my invitation, there was one man who was playing shy most didn’t come over, but eventually he stepped forward and, after some effort, I had his exceptionally long, monster dick which I finally got down my throat, as the man's balls bounced against my chin. After several minutes of working monster dick, I decided to give my jaws a break, so I released the monster dick as I also slid off my friend's cock, and turning around, decided I'd finish off my friend with a blow job. The monster dick, however, was not so easily the discouraged as, without any preliminaries, the monster dick slid into my ass, giving me a vigorous fuck. The audience was getting bigger, and another guy approached us and took my hands towards his cock, which was thick, veiny, long, big - in short, a cock I'd be happy to breed me. “I’m about to cum. Where do you want it?” asked the monster dick in my ass. I couldn't effectively answer him as I was deep-throating my friend. Instead I reached behind myself, grabbed him about his waist, and did my best to hold him steady until he blew. Moaning and grunting, the man stood still until his balls released his sweet liquid in my guts. Two loads so far. Not a bad day. He withdrew and to my great pleasure, the thick, veiny, long cock I noticed earlier slid into my ass. It may have hurt like hell, but the idea of having a dick stirring the two loads inside me helped me take it like a man. He fucked me for a while and was soon announcing that he’d cum soon. “You want it? Beg me for it”, he commanded. Fuck, is attitude got me going. The're nothing like a man who recognizes another's need to be recognized as a cumwhore. “Breed that hole, man, leave that load deep and don’t pull out till every drop is in me”, I said, making sure I was heard. He groaned, moaned and was soon awarding me with my third load of the night, withdrawing only after I relaxed my ass muscles, releasing his cock to make its departure. After this I stood-up, stretched, retrieved my towel and walked straight into the little dark room that’s next to the first floor terrace, hoping as I did so, that some of the crowd would follow me. As soon as I got in a found his big bellied hairy guy just sitting there in the darkness with a really low hanging dick. I was soon on my knees deep-throating that soft meat, that sadly wouldn’t get hard for another while. Fortunately I saw a skinny shadow come towards me. The skinny guy thoughtfully guided my hand towards his crotch where, hot damn, I found more big dick. It was amazing. He turned me around, pushed my head down to continue sucking on the big bellied guy and shoved his dick in my ass. Fuck yes, another big dick was now stirring the three loads in my hole. He fucked me hard and fast, being really loud with the grunting and making sure our skins clapped against each other. A crowd formed in the darkness, and people kept trying to grab my chest and arms and hard dick. When the grunting and moaning got more intense and then quickly subsided I turned around with him still in me and asked “Did you fill that hole good?” “Fuck yes,” he replied, a note of satisfaction in his voice. Abruptly I heard someone moan in the darkness as one of the onlookers came. How the exchange between me and the top could get someone off in a dark room is beyond me, but who am I to judge? He pulled out and I felt something big open my ass. I couldn’t fucking believe I had another big dick mixing up his DNA with the other four loads I had inside. I sensed this guy was older, and his dick was something out of this world - one of those huge cocks that completely fills-up and stretches open a bottom's cavities. The guy leaned over, presenting me with some welcome poppers, giving me time to take several huffs before he proceeded to plow me hard, using a methodical, rhythmic pattern of thrusts that reduced me to a true fuck hole. It was fucking perfect. He asked me for the poppers back and took a hit, telling me he’d come soon. I said aloud “Please fill that hole, sir,” and he followed suit in perfect order. Now, five fucking loads one right after the other from five fucking big dicks don’t happen often where I live, so I had to cherish the moment. Another dick walked behind me and I felt someone lean on me and whisper my name, asking “How many loads to have there, you cunt?” I knew it was my buddy, who I had accompanied in this trip to the bathhouse. "Five," I replied, a smile on my lips. I sensed he was jerking himself off fast, and his cock head was colliding with my ass lips. “Get ready for the sixth,” he said, shoving his terribly thick dick in me. His cock was that which pushed me over the line: I went from spongy to rock hard in seconds, and a load blew out of my cock within a minute or so, leaving the room redolent with the smell of cum, sweat, poppers and ass juices. I turned around and we kissed, celebrating a very successful visit to the bathhouse. After that I got my towel, walked out of the little dark room, took a shower and called a taxi. I'm now heading to bed, the DNA of six different men swirling inside my ass. I can only hope not much will cum will show-up when I make my bathroom call tomorrow morning. Wish me luck.
  7. You always get my attention. 




  8. muscledpigbttm

    Birthday loads

    So I turned 29 last Thursday and I figured it'd be good luck to receive Wednesday's to Thursday's midnight full of cum. When I got out of work I called on a couple of friends and went over to get bred by both of them. On my way there one of them wanted us to meet an hour later while he got ready, so I opened up Grindr and saw that this hung professor from my school was somewhat near so I texted him and was told to come over. He's this older handsome guy with a short but really thick cock. He's made me bleed a couple of times when spit wasn't enough and my common sense wasn't particularly strong either, so I knew that this time I'd have to take it slow if I wanted to take on those two big dicks later on. I sucked my professor for a while, made sure I choked on it so as to have some spit and mucus in my mouth and use that to get my hole really wet. I pushed him onto the bed and sat on top of him, slowly pushing his head into my asshole, releasing and squeezing slowly as I got used to his girth. Once it was balls deep he started fucking me hard, grabbing me forcefully and pushing me onto his cock. He was soon to finish and I relished knowing I already had at least once load in me. We talked for a bit and I got dressed and left towards where the other two guys were waiting for me cocks hard. Once I got there they were really with their cocks out and hard, so I practically jumped onto my knees and deepthroated them both. I choked, coughed and choked some more of them both, taking a short break to admire the two hot dicks that would soon be stirring the load I already had in me. We moved over to the bed and on all fours I perked my ass up towards the curved dick while I deepthroated the other one. Pushing my ass out and squeezing it got a horny moan out of the top and he shoved his dick all the way to the base in one swift motion. I choked again on the dick I was sucking and that made by ass push a little on the dick it had inside, which made the top laugh. He then proceeded to fuck me really hard, resting his weight on top of my head making sure I wouldn't take the other dick out of my throat. I was told to turn around and soon had the other dick in me, switching between the tops I sucked and got fucked by. "Holy shit, this hole is fucking wet", the guy fucking me said, and grabbed onto my waist pushing me hard against his cock. I felt his balls twitch but didn't figured he'd be cumming so soon, but his moaning and groaning let me know I was being bred by the second time that night. Once he stopped moving and I'd finished milking his dick with my ass, I turned around and sucked his soft dick while the other guy ate my ass out. "Relax that hole, I wanna taste the cum", he said, to which I replied I wouldn't. "Why not?", he asked. "I've worked hard for those loads, I'm not letting them go that easy". "Loads, you say? So just not my friend's in there?", he asked with a grin. "Nah, figured I deserved more than two prior to my birthday", I replied, to which he said, while shoving his dick deep in me, "I'll leave you a present in there too in a sec". That made me chuckle and I started jerking off, timing my cumming to his, while resting my head right next to the other already fully soft dick. After a while of non-stop fucking I could feel him getting ready to cum so I squeezed my hole and got ready for his load. He shot it really deep, hurting me in the process but also making sure I was left with no cum in my balls. After that I cleaned his dick off with my mouth, thanked them both, got dressed and left. That was on Thursday, my last load since as I went to the beach during the whole weekend. Tomorrow after work I'll be hitting the bathhouse again, so another story coming soon.
  9. Looking forward to more of your adventures. I like your journey with your inner ?. Keep on developing. 

    1. muscledpigbttm


      Thanks man, glad you like!

  10. muscledpigbttm

    Three Loads Last Night

    A dead day at work led to a productive day on the apps so by the time I had to leave the office I had couple of big thick dicks waiting for me to ride. I figured one would flake (and did), and so I getting together with the hung Venezuelan who had bred me some time earlier. Entering his apartment, I found he was already naked and was quick to strip me of my backpack and push me down on my knees. (pic from old post) I serviced his dick good (any way to upload videos on here?), deepthroating it and making sure he saw me choking on it. I got it all nice and lubbed up, while I used some of the extra spit to have my hole ready. He moved onto the living room's couch, sat down and demanded I sat on it. I took some poppers as I wanted to shove it all the way in fast and without pain, and succeeded. I was soon riding it hard, jumping up and down, spreading my cheeks and having him go deeper each time. He got me on all fours and didn't care that I told him he was hurting me. He fucked and plowed and wrecked my hole, leaving his load as deep in me as possible. He may have heard me beg him for it. We talked for a bit, drank a beer and I left, hole sore but still hungry. I opened up Grindr and got a message from a guy saying I was invited to check out this new bathhouse they'd opened not so long ago. I figured it'd be empty it being a weekday but went anyway and told this hung bear I know that I'd been talking to during the day to meet me there. (curved downwards) Once I got there it was indeed empty but for a handful of guys. One of them was sitting of a couch naked so I went over and grabbed his dick. He didn't seem to mind so I went down on him while the other guys watched. I smelled some poppers in the room and saw a really big bear type jerking off and taking some hits so I asked for some. At that moment the guy I was blowing stood up and pulled me into the dry sauna. We fooled around a little bit more and he turned me around and started eating my ass. I clenched hard so as not to let any drop of the first guy's cum drip, and at that exact moment the guy I had called earlier walked into the room. He took a quick look, took his towel off and gave me his dick to suck. Riding a big cut dick that's hopefully adding precum to my cum-filled hole while deepthroating another cock with onlookers jerking off. Fucking amazing. (Through Grindr I got the cut guy's pic) The heat got bad fast though so we left and got into a private room. I got on all fours on the bed and was tag teamed by this two big cocks that had my hole lose and sloppy in no time. One of them was soon asking me were I wanted his load and I just reached back, grabbed onto his butt and made sure he wouldn't take his cock out no matter what. He moaned, groaned, bit my back and shot deep into my guts, mixing his DNA with that of the previous guy. Once he stopped twitching I pulled it out and turned around to suck it, while the bear shoved it into me and started pounding me hard. I heard one of the onlookers moan and announce his cumming, but he got it on his belly. The cut dick I was sucking was already soft but the other guy still hadn't cum. I took some poppers and offered him some, which he took. Soon you could just tell it was hitting him hard and he was loving it, grabbing onto my waist and mercilessly plowing his dick into my hole, in one intense and noisy flurry of deep shoves. He grabbed hard onto my shoulders and when I could feel his dick pulsing I started jerking off hard. It was nicely timed and I shot my load onto the bed at the same time I had another guy blast deep into my guts. I squeezed every last drop out of him and got up, thanked them both for the cum, went downstairs to dress and headed home. Today at work all that DNA finally came out. Thankfully it seemed I had already absorbed a good part.
  11. muscledpigbttm

    Hung Muscle Daddy's Cum Still Swirling in Me

    It really was, man. Now's the morning after and still have a sore hole and his cum in me. Taking it to work now!
  12. I had one of those days were productivity was seriously hindered by horniness. I found myself constantly browsing Grindr and Scruff, and was woofed on the latter by a huge muscled hairy older guy with a big dick looking for a hole to breed after work. Holy shit, I hadn't had a good lay in a while, so we agreed to meet. I got to his hotel right after work, using his bathroom to get prepped. The preparations took a little while, but when I stepped out of the bathroom, we immediately began an intense, wet make-out session. Thinking to myself 'He must like to spit', I extended my tongue and sure enough he gave me a couple of big drips from him - mid kiss. After a couple more slaps I went down to blow him. His dick was really nice, thick and veiny, with a big head. Oh, and it was really hard. I sucked it all the way to the base and he pulled it out and showed me how he was lubricating a lot. "Suck it," he ordered, which I did, deep-throating it again and again and again. I pulled off his cock, pressuring it from the base up to his head, and a big ass drop of pre-cum welled-out. Scooping the pre-cum with my index finger, I slid the slick cum into my hole. He gave me a sick horny look, forcing he to again choke on his big cock. I blew him for several minutes, and then gestured for him to lay back on his bed. When he was comfortable, I took a hit of poppers and went down on him some more, but blowing him was not enough. I needed more, so crouching over his cock, I centered his head on my hole, and allowed his cock to slide into my hole. His cock head entered my ass very slowly, as I worked my ass muscles, alternately giving it gentle squeezes, followed by relaxing and letting it go. Holy shit. Having all that man inside was the best feeling in the world. I rode his cock for a while while leaning on his huge hairy pecs, squeezing them hard, working to remember the details of the experience for future reminiscences. Initially we made out and I rode his cock, at which time I bounced up and down on his crotch, but at some point he took charge and fucked me as he wished: he lifted me with ease, positioned me on my back, and placing my legs on his shoulders, he unceremoniously slid into my hole. I had never before not have I since ever been fucked so hard. He didn't, however, maintain a regular tempo, but used a rough pounding in which the entire purpose seemed to be that of plowing his cock into my ass. I found myself groaning deeply, which seemed to motive him to intensify his thrusts. His hotel room had a couple of furniture pieces so we switched onto a big cushioned chair and, as I crouched on the chair on all fours, he drove his cock into my ass balls-deep, over and over. Returning to the bed, he positioned me on my stomach, and lay on top of me, pounding away, but this time his grunts and moans were deeper, louder and rougher. Sure enough, I could feel his shaft getting harder and harder, and when the loudest moan came I felt his stream push its way into my ass. He fucking came a lot as he lay on my back for several minutes, shot after shot of cum blowing into my ass, most definitely more than the average orgasm, shooting cum into me, moaning and groaning. I had also cum, but I focused on squeezing and releasing his dick, making sure every last fucking drop of cum was milked out of his balls and into my ass. After the last drop of cum had made its way into my ass, his cock softened and slid out of my hole, at which time he remarked "I cum a lot, boy." When I had caught my breath I thanked him for one of the best lays I had had in quite some time, dressed and left.
  13. muscledpigbttm

    Bathhouse on a Monday = 3 loads

    Fucking horny again today so went to the bathhouse. Not many people there but managed to squeeze out a few loads and give out a few. There's this short gymnast hairy type that has an amazing ass so he got one of my loads today. Shorter than me so he got manhandled good, but seeing him enjoy my cum so much made me fucking horny for dick. I walked onto the little dark room by the first floor terrace and was soon on my knees sucking two dicks. One of them had a rubber in his hand so I turned my back to the other one. He shoved it in, nice thick dick and plowed me hard while I blew some other guys. It's always been a problem for me the not seeing part of a dark room. I felt so clumsy touching legs and figuring out where the dicks were while trying to squeeze and release my butthole in sync with his plowing and giving head at the same time. Thankfully he came fast and was soon replaced by this really tiny dicked big bear. He fucked me for a while but all his dick was doing was making my ass sore so I told him thanks, but I needed a break. Two floors up in the porn room this older bearded tatted muscley guy was moving his dick under his towel while looking at the porn movie so I went ahead and grabbed it. When I was about to kneel to suck it he got up and ushered me into a private room. He had a beautiful uncut thick cock with big balls. He was about to unwrap a condom when I told him they made my ass sore and fainted leaving the room. He grabbed me by the wrist, pulled/pushed me onto the bed and said "So that's how it's gonna be, eh?". I turned around with my ass to the ceiling and in a mid-crouch he shoved that gorgeous cock of his inside of me balls deep. "Fuck, you feel so wet" was all he said before I started pushing my ass against his balls. Don't you just love when lowhanging balls bump again yours while you get fucked? Fucking hell, I was full of a real man plowing his dick balls-deep in me while stirring the anon cum from the dark room. Some poppers had me in heaven and I took that sir's dick like a good boy. He said he was close to cumming and asked me where I wanted it, to which I replied "Right where you are, sir, but as deep as possible". I could feel his balls getting ready to blow the load and all of the sudden he started pulling out. I panicked and grabbed onto his ass and pushed him back in, while I squeezed and pushed and squeezed and pushed with my ass to milk that dick dry. He groaned and moaned and those big balls contracted and released a big thick load inside of me. "Quite the whore, aren't you?". "I worked hard for that load, sir, you weren't gonna take that away from me". Got out and ran into some other bottoms I'd fucked before and got turned on by the idea of leaving my seed while having two inside of me, big fucking messy mix of DNAs. I went over the hottest one, we talked and went into a room pretty fast. Ass up, dick in, load blown. Not much details as I like to believe you're reading this because of my getting bred stories and not the other way around. I hope so anyway, haha. To relax and went into the dry steam chamber and blowed around 6-7 guys that kept on coming in and leaving. Two of them blew their loads in my mouth; one tasted like fucking syrup and the other was bitter as fuck. I've recently started getting off on sucking loads out of guys. Prefer them up my ass as with all the gastric juices the semen just gets broken down and there's no absorption in that (not that I know know that some gets absorbed in my ass, but don't burst my bubble please), but a load in is a load in at the end of the day and I'm a man with a calling in life. After a while this older skinny ugly dude with a mustache came in and sat next to me and pulled out this amazingly huge piece of meat that pretty much called my name as soon as it was out. I got on my knees and deepthroat it good. He moaned and gave some compliments while I choked and made it clear to the room that this slut was taking on a big one. I asked him if he wanted to stick it in, he said yes. "Rubber?", he asked. "Not for me", I said and looked at him as if asking "So, yes or no?". He pulled me around and I took that beautiful big dick all the way to the base. We fucked for a while while some people watched. Some poppers for me and I asked him if I kept jumping up and down on him he'd give me a load. He said yes and did just that. While looking at our audience look at me taking this massive cock, I jerked my dick hard and blew a load while squeezing his dick that got on top of one of the onlookers. He whispered "Fuck yeah" and grabbed me by the waist and started making me jump up and down really fast. I was a sweaty mess by then as this was still happening in the sauna but I endured. It got uncomfortable, my ass was begging for mercy and I could feel the other loads slushing around inside of me. I took some more poppers, no pleasure in jerking off as I had just came, but the poppers worked their magic and I became the hole that lives to the filled long enough for the ugly older hung guy to drop a big load in me. With those three in me I went into the showers and got cleaned up. Ubered my way home and I'm currently dripping my briefs with the earnings of the day. Quick jerk off and off to big. Thanks for reading, guys!
  14. muscledpigbttm

    4 loads, 6 dicks on a Sunday night

    That's one grim compliment, my friend, but I'll take it! Thanks!
  15. muscledpigbttm

    4 loads, 6 dicks on a Sunday night

    Wanted to write this one as soon as I got home. Kept thinking while I was on all fours with a dick up my ass and one down my throat that I'd write this one as soon as I could, still knocked up by the guys of the night. So it's summer here and most of everyone go down to the beach every weekend from Friday till Sunday. Sunday came and the quiet-and-stay-in kind of a weekend I'd decided to have on Thursday was driving me crazy. I called on a Colombian guy I know that has a really long cock, can get it real hard and loves to shove it in deep. He was available so I came over and rode that dick showing how badly I craved its cum. Playing with big ones is more fun as I can do the push-till-the-base-squeeze-to-the-top kind of movement with my ass and there's such so much dick to squeeze, release and push out that it drives everyone involved crazy. I was soon taking all his load, demanding that he'd leave it as deep as possible. After I'd left the apartment I opened up Grindr and found a party going on a couple of blocks away so I decided to check it out. When I got there there were 8 guys on a big ass bed, four of them fucking and the other four chatting; I guess the party had been going on for a while, which was perfect for me. There's nothing like the rush of being the fresh meat to a group of guys that have already fucked among themselves. One big dick came over and I got on my knees to service it. Choking on it with his balls on my chin I took a hit of poppers and raised my ass up. Someone slid in and started fucking me hard. Not too big but good to start. He fucked and fucked while I kept on deepthroating the other guy until he was close. "I'm close, where do you want it?". "Just keep on fucking me, man", and that got me load number two up my butt. I quickly turned around and drove that big dick I was sucking all the way in. The top moaned and I squeezed hard while taking another poppers hit. So. Fucking. Good. I know I'm a whore 'cause that's the exact moment I feel completely at ease: with a big dick all the way up my ass. We fucked for a while and he got my hole nice and lose. Some other guys were making a little line while I blew them and each took turns fucking me. There were 3 guys in line but only one of them came, and to finish it off the big dick I first sucked came around again and slid it in with no problem. "Was saving it for you", was all he said and fucking fucked me hard. I was being handled like a blow-up doll I guess by the way he treated me, which I don't mind at all. I'm fucking 5'4" so you better take advantage of the size difference if you're fucking me. But this guy really had this way. With my hole most certainly torn at this point, he finally came while completely carrying me, driving it deep and pushing me into his cock. I was so fucking turned on but had my ass felt so abused that I couldn't even get it up. Knowing that I needed to write this story first and jerk off afterwards has kept me hard up until this point, but gonna bust a nut now. Cheers. First pic: first load of the night. Sadly I don't have pics of the guys from the party. Second pic: me

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